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Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 04

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A little note here: we did have dessert that night, about an hour and a half’s worth of dessert. I highly recommend dessert of this nature; it burns calories rather than adds them and you are so very satisfied when you are done.

So, it’s been almost five weeks since Jena appeared on my front step. Five weeks of fucking like a mad man. Throw in a rough case at work and some days I wonder how the hell I keep up the pace.

The last case of busting the bad guys ended at two a.m. last night. When we got it all said and done the paper work awaited. I was praying Sully would dive into it and I’d get sent home.

“You’re elected McNeil.”

I leaned back in my chair confused. “Huh?”

“Sully begged off. He’s got a sick wife and kid at home. Paperwork’s all your. On my desk by ten tomorrow morning.” Cap slapped my back and said ‘enjoy’.

Fuck! Not only do I hate paperwork, but having Sully pick it up all the time left me out of practice. I got some coffee from the break room that would eat the balls off a brass monkey and dug in.

At almost four a.m. I printed, closed out the file and slapped it on my slave drivers desk. On the drive home I kept repeating, don’t let Jena want any cock tonight…or rather this morning. I was so tired I didn’t get the idea till I got in the house and was walking down the hall. Brilliant idea, I’d sleep in Mac’s room.

I awoke with a hand wrapped around my cock, two hard nips pressed into my back and warm lips on my neck.

“Avoiding me Daddy?” The moist whisper in my ear gave me a shiver.

“Ah, yeah. I was dead when I came in and didn’t want to wake you.” I stretch out and rolled onto my back.

“Didn’t want to wake me or didn’t want to fuck me? Feels like your awake now.” Jena pulled on my hard cock, squeezing it as she kissed my ear.

“What time is it?” My dick jerked in her hand like a trained dog jumping for a treat.

“Little past ten”; she slid down my body kissing and licking as she went. I lay still trying to figure out if I was up for what she wanted.

When her hot wet mouth covered my cock head Rize Escort I kind of thought it’d be fine, I’d just let her do the work. I put my hand on her head pressing down.

“You’re gonna have to earn this one baby girl, Daddy’s a little groggy.”

“Mmmm, that’s good by me” she muttered between licks and sucks. “You’ve been gone way too much this week. Baby’s pussy missed her Daddy’s sweet treats.”

I relaxed and told her to take what she wanted. I had both hands on her head now pushing her mouth down on my cock. I’d missed our two and three times a day fucks too.

Jena pushed my legs open and crawled between them, sucking my dick further down her throat. Her hands caressed my inner thighs moving up to cup and massage my balls.

“Damn baby, that feels good. Suck hard honey, real hard.”

One thing about Jena, she followed directions! My legs reflexively pulled back, knees bent. That raised my ass and never one to pass up an opportunity Jena pushed a finger to my asshole.

“Give it to me baby.” I pulled at her hand, taking her middle finger to my mouth wetting it good. “Okay, now you can finger fuck my ass.”

She did that is spades. Meanwhile she’d done that famous head nodding, gagged once and my entire prick was down her throat. Her one hand worked my balls while the other finger fucked my asshole and her throat worked my cock like a pro.

“If your pussy really needs me you might think twice about swallowing this load.” I knew I was gonna shoot fast.

Jena kept working me over and I let nature take its course. I had both hands full of hair, pumping my hips to fuck her throat while working her head up and down.

My balls started to tighten and pull up. I was gritting my teeth trying to hold back, enjoying all the sensations too much to let my prick shoot her full of Daddy cum. It was a losing battle and it started pumping. With each shot my back arched and I pushed her head down hard. I’d let up as the next load rose, then push down again.

My whole fucking body was on fire when I curled my back and wrapped my ankles inside her Rize Escort Bayan thighs. My body felt as taut as my cock ever had.

After the last shot out I collapsed onto the bed sweating and panting like I’d run a marathon. I could feel her throat work as she swallowed that last shot. She sucked her way off my cock, slowly removing the finger she’d fucked my ass with and letting my tender balls loose.

When she’d cleaned off my cock head with little licks and tender sucking she slipped off the bed and I closed me eyes, body totally lax.

Some minutes later she lay back down by me, tucking herself under my arm.

“Case over?”


“Mmmm, good.” Her cool fingers ran up and down my prick.

I was too relaxed and drained to protest. Besides, I was 95 percent sure it wouldn’t respond to her.

She lay with her head on my chest playing with my limp dick. I could feel her breath on my stomach and her breasts pressed into my side. I ran my hand up and down her arm.

“This is the way to wake up, and the way to celebrate the end of a case. What I’d do without you I’ve no idea. How I ever did without you I don’t know. I love you Jena, with every part of my being.” It must have been fatigue and the draining of my bodily fluids that caused me to talk like this.

“I love you too Daddy.” I could hear a break in her voice.

She pulled her head up and kissed me, slow and sweet. I pulled her on top of me, increasing the kiss to a deep lovers kiss with open mouth and lots of tongue.

“You didn’t get any relief before. Maybe Daddy should give you some now.” I was wide awake and thinking a little pussy might make a nice hors d’oeuvre for breakfast.

“Know what I’d really like Daddy?”

“Tell me baby girl.” I could feel my cock starting to respond. I should know better than to think my best friend would let me down.

“I’d just love to ride you cowgirl style.”

Okay, now my cock was on full alert. What made her make this request I didn’t have a clue but damned if I’d turn her down.

“Suck that fucker hard and Escort Rize he’s all yours baby doll.”

She smiled that big sunshine smile of hers, kissed me quick and moved down to suck me. I grabbed a hand full of ass, rubbing and squeezing. I ran a finger to her tight little hole and probed some.

My cock was as hard as he was gonna get and she swung a leg over me like mounting a horse. I grabbed my dick and pulled it up straight, she pulled open her wet cunt, getting the hole aligned with my cock head.

As she sunk down on me she moaned dropping her head back her mane of blonde locks falling down her back.

“Oh Daddy, it goes so fucking deep like this. I love it.”

Mental note give it to her like this more often.

At first she had her legs folded under her and bounced up and down on my dick like a fucking yo-yo. She wrapped her arms around my raised knees and leaned forward.

“God, it feels like it’s up past my belly button, like it’s straining to come out of it.” She started pounding harder and harder.

“Ah, fuck Daddy. It’s so damn good. I love being full of you. Your prick is amazing.”

“That’s good baby girl. Daddy loves it when you tell me how your cunt feels. You are my little girl, right baby?” It was a hint for her to use her little girl voice, it drove both of us crazy when she did.

“Yeah Daddy I am your baby girl. I love my Daddy. I love to sit on his lap and cuddle up to my big strong Daddy.” There it was, she sounded so little and cute and hot.

With that she wrapped her legs around my ass, leaning further forward so her ass was aimed at my face.

She humped harder and faster.

“Daddy, you are making me feel so loved, so happy. My little cunny is all juicy and feels so funny inside. I think my cunny is shivering inside.”

“Cum on the Daddy cock little girl. Cum on Daddy, juice his prick.”

We both exploded at the same moment. If the neighbors didn’t hear the growling and screaming it was a miracle. I pulled her hips back so her soaked cunt was over my mouth. I ate every drop of our mixed juices out of her, licking and sucking pushing my tongue in deep to get it all.

When she finally rolled off me she had my dick and balls clean of all cum. We were both panting and smiling.

“You are fucking amazing baby.”

Sleep came easily for both of us.

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