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Dad, I Have a Question Ch. 04

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This is part four of my long-neglected story, “Dad, I Have a Question.” It isn’t absolutely necessary to read the earlier chapters to understand this one, but, like I said before, it can’t hurt.

PLEASE NOTE: This is part of a completely fictional series about a single father, his daughter, and her friends. No actual virgins were harmed in the making of this story.

Brief synopsis of events so far: Jamie, teenage daughter of single parent Bill, asked him a question about sex. One thing led to another. When this chapter begins, Bill and his daughter have been having wild and satisfying sex almost daily for a few weeks. Jamie’s best friend, Kiersten, who is spending the weekend at Bill and Jamie’s house, has discovered their incestuous relationship.


“Daddy Bill,” Kiersten said, her gaze flickering from my eyes to my swollen manhood, “I need you to teach me stuff.”

The last shred of my morality was gone. “Let’s go to my room,” I said.

Jamie led the way, naked Kiersten was next, and my cock followed behind them. When my daughter walked into my room, she turned on the light and took off her shirt. Two beautiful young women were naked in front of me.

My cock bobbed in rhythm with my pulse. “Kiersten,…” I began.

She stepped to me and pulled off my robe. Then she unsnapped the waistband of my pajama pants, letting them fall around my feet. “I want you to teach me everything you taught your daughter. Please.”

“Do you know what you’re asking, Kiersten? I’ve masturbated Jamie to orgasm, and she’s done the same for me. We’ve had oral sex, and I’ve cum in her mouth. I’ve taken her virginity. I’ve ejaculated inside her. Is this really what you want?”

Kiersten moved against me, forcing my cock to slide up along her abdomen. Her large breasts pressed against me, the nipples firm on my chest. She put her arms around my neck. Just before she kissed me, she said, “Yes.”

“I had never done any of this stuff,” Jamie said, watching her best friend’s tongue play with mine.

“I haven’t done much,” Kiersten admitted when we paused for air. “I’ve kissed before, and I let a guy feel me up once, but I was afraid to do anything else.”

“Didn’t you like it?” Jamie asked.

“Not as much as I thought I should,” Kiersten said, moving slightly to grind my cock on her belly. “He was kinda rough. I don’t think he knew what he was doing.”

“Dad does.”

“I always thought an older guy should be my first. Bill, what should I do?”

“Nothing you’re not comfortable with,” I answered.

“You should be comfortable enough to play with his cock,” Jamie said. “You did that before.”

“He was asleep.”

“No he wasn’t,” Jamie giggled. “Were you Dad?”


Kiersten blushed visibly. “You knew I was touching you?”


“Oh…. Should I do that again?”

“Why don’t we lie down so we can touch each other?”

Jamie took my hand and led me to my bed. She had me lie on my back in the middle, and she got on her knees next to me. “Come here, Kiersten.”

She knelt opposite my daughter, her legs slightly spread. There was moisture on her bare slit. She put her hand on my hard penis and stroked it timidly, just like before.

“Watch,” Jamie said, pushing her friend’s hand away. She fondled my manhood, the way she had when this all started. Stroking me gently but firmly with one hand, she lightly caressed my glans with the fingers of her other. “Dad says it feels real good when you run a finger around this ridge here. See this little triangle thingy?” she asked, bending my cock up toward my belly. “Dad likes it when you tickle that. You try it.”

Kiersten replaced Jamie’s hands with her own, imitating the motions she had been shown.

“Does that feel good, Dad?” Jamie asked.

“Uh huh.”

“Lie down next to him, Kiersten. Let him make you feel good, too.”

When I first held Kiersten’s round breast in my hand, I stopped worrying about the consequences of what we were doing. Until I had touched Jamie that way, I had forgotten how amazing a teenage boob feels, how warm, how soft but firm at the same time, and how arousing. Kiersten’s nipple was as hard in my hand as my cock was in hers.

She knew how to kiss. Every time I switched from fondling one sumptuous breast to the other, she moaned as we crushed our mouths together.

“Has anyone ever sucked your nipples?” I asked.

“Just me.”

“Would you like me to show you how I do it?”

“I’m so turned on already,” she whimpered. “Yes, please.”

I pushed her hair aside and whispered into her ear, “Sweetheart, I’ll do everything I can to make you feel good. If you like something, tell me. If something makes you uncomfortable, I’ll stop.” I inched my hand down from her breast and across her belly. She gasped when I ran my fingers over her mound, enjoying her soft skin. I didn’t go any lower. It wasn’t time for that yet. I trailed kisses from behind her ear and onto her throat. She arched her neck, and my tongue found the hollow below her larynx and began to play.

“Oh, bursa otele gelen eskort God,” she hissed.

I massaged her puffy mound just hard enough to pull at the tender skin around her clit. My kisses went lower, into her cleavage. By this time, her nipples were straining for the ceiling, begging to be sucked. When I licked one, she jolted slightly, and I smelled fresh, hot pussy.

“You’re making me wet,” she whimpered.

“Really?” I hardened my tongue, and flicked her proud nipple back and forth.

Jamie moved on the bed so she was lying across our legs. I could feel her warm breath on the hair on my thighs. She giggled softly. “Kiersten, that’s making my dad drip pre-cum.”

“What’s pre-cum?” Kiersten gasped as I devoured her lovely breasts.

“This.” Jamie crawled over to Kiersten’s side of the bed and took her friend’s hand in her own. She rubbed the head of my dick with the girl’s finger, and then raised it to Kiersten’s mouth. “Taste it. Feel it on your tongue.”

“Is that what his cock tastes like?”

“Kinda,” Jamie answered. “I like it. I like giving and getting oral sex, at least with him. Dad, why don’t you lick her now?”

“Good idea.” I moved down and placed a small kiss on Kiersten’s warm mound where my fingers had been.

She was already trembling before my tongue first touched her. Her smooth pink skin was shiny with leaked fluids. She smelled sweet and hot, a little different from Jamie, but still pure, fresh, and ripe. I meant to start slowly, nuzzling her with my nose, kissing her thighs and her lips, trailing my tongue softly over all her exposed goodness before plunging it into her little hole, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to taste her.

“Ooooh,” Kiersten gasped, clenching thigh and belly muscles. “Ooh. Oh, God!”

“Wait’ll he gets warmed up,” Jamie snickered.

She didn’t have to wait long. I alternated between soft caresses of my lips on her lower ones, and deep thrusts of my tongue against her wet opening. Her legs never relaxed, but they spread wider as I licked her, until finally, her knees were against the bed. That was when Jamie took my cock in her mouth. That was also when Kiersten whined, “I’m gonna cum.”

I pushed a finger a little way into her opening and sucked on her clit.

“Oh shit! Cumming!” she moaned. Each spasm of her tight channel on my finger brought a fresh drop of moisture. Jamie kept slowly tonguing and sucking me, so it was difficult to concentrate, but I did what I could to lick Kiersten clean.

As she recovered, she propped herself up on her elbows. “Daddy Bill, that was so awesome. I’ve never cum like tha… Oh my God, Jamie! You’re sucking your dad’s cock!”

“Mm-hmm,” Jamie murmured, never pulling her mouth off me.

“Wow,” Kiersten whispered. “That’s so hot.”

Jamie released me and took slow licks from base to glans. “Wanna try it?”

“After what he did, hell yeah! I like watching videos on the web, but I don’t really know what to do.”

“Get down here and I’ll show you.”

Grateful Dead’s “Hell in a Bucket” flashed through my head when I rolled on my back. There was no denying I was enjoying the ride. Jamie’s pretty breasts hardly bounced as she bobbed up and down. Kiersten stretched out on her belly on my other side, her short, wavy hair allowing me to appreciate the perfection of the skin of her back as it curved down to her magnificent ass. She propped herself up on her elbows, eyes wide, gumdrop nipples against my thigh.

“Here’s what you do,” Jamie said, stroking my spit-wet member in her hand. “Hold him by the shaft at first. Run your tongue all around the top of it, like this.” She demonstrated. “Your turn.”

Kiersten grasped my cock gently around the base and extended her tongue. As soon as her wet tip touched mine, a drop of my clear fluid leaked out.

“Is that what his cum will taste like?” she asked.

“Kinda. Do you like it?”

“I think so.” She licked all around the head of my dick, like Jamie had shown her.

“Lick the whole thing. Make it wet with your spit before you put it in your mouth. He likes that.”

Kiersten ran her tongue all over me, kissing, rubbing it back and forth over her lips.

“That’s really good!” Jamie exclaimed. “Isn’t it, Dad?”

“Yeah,” I gasped.

“Here’s what you do next,” she said, her forehead against Kiersten’s. “Excuse me.” Jamie lowered her mouth onto me, taking about half my length, bobbing up and down a few times, and then sucking hard, lips smacking when I popped free. “Don’t let your teeth touch him. Let’s see you do it.”

Kiersten fondled my erection, smiled, and kissed the tip of it. “Will he cum if I suck him?”

“Yeah,” Jamie and I said in unison.

Kiersten licked all around the head of my cock again. “A lot?”

Jamie looked at me and giggled. “Probably.”

“Cool!” Kiersten again mimicked my daughter’s actions by taking me into her mouth. She moved slowly at first, taking me as deep as she could and then withdrawing so that only my bursa eve gelen escort bayan crown was between her lips. She bobbed rapidly a few times, finally stopping and rubbing my cock on her tongue. “How’s that?”

“Keep that up and he’ll cum, Kiersten.”

“Will you, Daddy Bill?”

“Thinking about it,” I groaned.

“Let me help you guys,” Jamie said. She took my cock from her best friend, held it up, and started licking it. “C’mere, Kiersten, there’s enough here for you, too.”

Jamie sucked hard on the head of my cock while Kiersten licked my shaft. After a while, she nudged my daughter out of the way and took me into her mouth herself. They swapped me back and forth like that until I started to spurt. The first part of my load went in Jamie’s mouth, but she pulled off and jerked the rest of it onto her friend’s waiting tongue.

“Now swallow it,” Jamie gurgled. Kiersten got to her knees, an errant dollop hanging from her chin as she swallowed, licked her lips, and swallowed again.

“Wow,” was all she said.

“Congratulations, you gave your first blowjob, but you’re a messy eater,” Jamie giggled. Kiersten knelt motionless beside me, looking a little stunned, a grin on her face, a glob of my product on her chin, and a splatter on her one big tit.


“There’s cum on your chin!”

“Where?” Kiersten asked, extending her tongue to search for it.

“Right here,” Jamie said, leaning over to wipe it off her friend’s face. “See?” she held up her messy finger.

“You know what I saw once online?” Kiersten asked. She pulled my daughter’s cum-smeared finger to her lips, and wiped them with it. Still holding it against her mouth, Kiersten leaned toward her friend until the finger was touching them both. Kiersten extended her tongue and delicately licked her side of it.

Jamie copied her actions, and inevitably, their tongues touched. They kissed like that for a while, almost innocently. Or as innocent as it can be when two naked teenagers, my daughter and her best friend, are licking cum-taste off each other’s lips and tongues. My cum-taste.

Kiersten said, “Remember when you asked me if I had done anything with my sister?”

“You have?” Jamie grinned.

“No, but I’ve thought about it, maybe more than I like to admit. Sometimes when I watch stuff online, I think I look at the girls as much as the guys. Does that make me a lesbian?” Kiersten asked.

“We just made Dad cum in your mouth, so I don’t think so. Did you like it?”

“Doing that with him? Yeah!” Kiersten giggled.

“Look,” my daughter said, pointing at the smear of semen on her perky breast. “I got that off your big boobies when we were kissing.”

“I like your breasts better, Jamie. They fit your body so well, not like my big knockers.”

“Are you kidding? Every girl in our class would kill to have boobs like yours! Why do you think we teased you back when we were kids? We saw how the guys looked at you, and then they’d look at us and smirk. Like, ‘When are you gonna grow some tits?’ We were all jealous.”

“Do yours feel different than mine?” Kiersten asked.

“I don’t know. Do they, Dad?”

“Hers are bigger, but maybe you should come here so I can compare,” I said, motioning to the girls to lie down next to me. We played and explored for a while, a naked teen on either side of me, a damp pussy rubbing each of my thighs.

“You’re hard again,” Kiersten said, running her fingers up and down my shaft.

“What do you expect?” Jamie laughed. “You’re playing with his dick!”

“I know, but it’s so cool.”

Jamie said, “I’ve been fascinated with his penis for a while, since it’s the only adult one I’ve seen, but now that I’ve done stuff with it, all I have to do is look at it and I start dripping. It’s like when your mouth waters when you smell your favorite food cooking.”

“You’re that wet too?” Kiersten asked.

“Pretty wet,” Jamie giggled, sitting up cross-legged on the bed. Her little petals glistened with moisture. “How wet do you get?”

“Soaked. See?” She spread her puffy lips apart to reveal an interior awash with juices. My tongue and cock battled in my brain for it, but my tongue won.

Jamie had her head between her friend’s knees before I did. “Can I look at it up close? It’s impossible to hold a mirror and get the light just right and all. Please?”

“I know what you mean. I’ve tried often enough,” Kiersten said.

As I watched, Jamie studied her friend’s wet virgin pussy. “Can I touch it?”

“I,.. I guess so.”

Jamie spread Kiersten’s puffy outer lips to look inside. “That’s so awesome,” she murmured, her breath making her friend grip the sheets. “Dad, does she taste like me?”

“You’re both delicious, sort of a blend of honey and lemon and fresh cream. I can’t describe it better.”

“I know what I taste like,” my daughter said.

“How?” Kiersten asked.

“From my fingers when I play with myself, or kissing Dad after he eats me or sucking his cock after it was in my bayan eskort bursa pussy. I do that sometimes if I’m too worn out to take any more, but I think he can go again.”

Kiersten sighed, “I can’t believe how good it felt getting my pussy licked. My sister talks about it all the time, and the girls on those websites always seem to like it. Now I know why. Bill, will you do that again?”

“No, Dad, help me figure out how to do it.”

“Jamie?” Kiersten and I both exclaimed.

“Why not? I know how good it feels, and I like doing oral on you, Dad, so why not on my best friend? I want to see what it is about licking a girl that you like so much. Now, get me started.”

I knew that tone of voice. There would be no denying Jamie on this. Plus, I had to admit, the thought of my lusty daughter licking the pussy of a teenage beauty who wanted me to fuck her was a pretty big turn-on. “I’m not sure how much I can instruct you, honey. You know what I do. You know what you like.”

“Okay, Dad. Are you all right with this, Kiersten?”

She looked at Jamie, her face inches from her sex. “Do it. Maybe I’ll learn something I can use later.”

Jamie grinned and placed a small kiss on her friend’s inner left thigh. Kiersten’s legs immediately parted, and my daughter began raining ever more frantic kisses over the girl’s thighs and mound, licking and sucking, even nibbling, on everything but her pussy itself.

“Daddy Bill?”

“Yes, Kiersten?”

“I like looking at your penis. Do you want me or is it Jamie that has you so turned on?”

Jamie started to giggle from between her friend’s legs. “If you’re smart, you won’t answer that,” she said.

“Does it matter what I say? This whole thing is so wrong it isn’t funny.”

“Are you going to start that ‘fathers and daughters do don’t this kind of thing’ rant of yours again? I can imagine what you’ll say about fathers and daughters and friends,” Jamie said, pausing from her licking. “You’re so funny, and I love you so much.” She pushed a finger inside Kiersten and began probing her.

“Oh, God,” Kiersten hissed. We made eye contact, and she reached out and grabbed my cock, rubbing her one fat nipple with it. “I think I’m ready for you, Bill.”

“I want him first,” Jamie said. “He’s my dad, after all. I’ll keep playing with you, okay, Kiersten? Dad, I want you behind me.”

I moved into place and rubbed my drooling cock over Jamie’s already wet labia. Lining up, I pushed slowly inside.

“Don’t cum in me. Save that for Kiersten, but make me feel good first.”

Don’t cum? Easier said than done. I was balls-deep in my daughter’s tight, juicy tunnel, holding her creamy little asscheeks in my hands, watching her do an amazingly good job of devouring her best friend’s meaty cunt.

I couldn’t resist moving. I had done this with her enough by now to know the power she needed to build to a strong orgasm, and the pace I could maintain without, hopefully, going off right away. With Jamie moving to help me, Kiersten’s big boobs started rolling with our rhythm. I pushed deep inside my daughter and held her still, my hands wrapped around her pelvis so that my fingertips could play around her clit. “Oh, God, Dad!” she wailed, and then she buried her face in Kiersten and worked her harder than ever.

Kiersten was still cumming when I pulled out of Jamie. She was still shuddering when Jamie, finished with her own climax, rolled over on her side. “Take over, Dad,” she giggled, wiping her chin.

Two fresh teen pussies, my daughter’s gaping slightly from the treatment my cock had given it, and the one I was going to de-flower, wet with a mixture of girl cum and saliva. Could it get more depraved than this? “Are you ready? Do you still want to do this?” I asked.

“You’ll love it, maybe not at first, but I promise you’ll love it,” Jamie said.

“Hush, sweetie. I’m talking to your friend, not you.”

“How much will it hurt, Bill?”

“I don’t know. Jamie said it hurt a lot. I’ve heard other women say it wasn’t too bad.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Kiersten said, her hand reaching for my wet cock.

“You’re right.” I wiped my straining hardness over her juicy slit, up and down, from behind her opening to her clit. Each time, I used more pressure, until I was notched in her entrance. “You’re sure?”


I pushed gently until she parted to admit me. As soon as she surrounded my head, I stopped. “Are you okay?”

She smiled and pulled me down for a kiss. “I’m glad you’re my first, Bill.”

I moved in until I felt her resistance. She winced a little and gave me a weak grin. “I’m nervous.”

I kissed her again, gently at first, her face rather than her mouth. Every time I found a new place to kiss, I moved out a fraction of an inch and then back in, angling differently each time, slowly stretching her outer area. “Do you want me to warn you, or should I just do it?” I leaned down to suckle on her breast and wait for an answer.

“You’ve warned me enough. I’ll be ready when you think it’s the right time.”

I pushed in against her hymen again, waiting for her to wince. When she did, I pulled back. Nibbling on her other nipple, I pushed my hand between us to play with her clit as I stroked in and out of her outer passage. I found the depth, just barely bumping her hymen as I stimulated her, and when she started crying out her orgasm, I broke through and stopped.

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