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Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 02

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Chapter 02

Dangerous sex

Later that morning we pulled out of our drive and rumbled down the road, at 19 a trip out with Dad was good.

“I hope you brought all your swimwear with you,” mocked Dad.

“OK, OK I know, the thing with Alec this morning, but that was fun as much as anything,” I replied.

As we drifted down the highway towards the lake I put my hand on his thigh and squeezed it gently.

A quick look at his pants showed it was having the desired effect. A nice expansion within them looked very promising.

I slid along the front bench seat and twisted my body so that I could get my right hand on his bulge. I tugged at the waistband of his pants so that I could release his zipper and then undid the single button at the top of his jeans. Pulling the two flaps back to reveal his white boxers, almost splitting with the pressure from his rock hard magnificent cock.

My left hand clutched at the elastic waistband and my right hand eased them down to reveal his gorgeous pole. He had some precum on it and I circled it, spreading over his end which was getting redder every moment. The thick blue vein on the top thickened as I looked at it and his cock stood away from his hairy body as I massaged it with short slow strokes.

He was squirming in the seat as I played with him and he begged me to get on with it and blow him

I didn’t.

I sat back up in the seat and stared across at his pulsing cock which waited anxiously to be finished off.

“For Gods sake do me,” he begged.

“Nope,” I replied “Your gonna get the full treatment today and that’s the truth.”

“You little bitch,” he replied.

At that point he put his fist round his cock and started to yank at it franticly. I wrenched his hand away and held it off his cock for what seemed like an hour.

“You little bitch,” he repeated.

“I warned you, your cock is going to boil today and in some strange places too,” I said.

I leant over again and tugged it with just my fingertips at the very end, just for a second or two and then let go. A mile or so down the road I leant over again and gave it a longer and more forceful series of yanks and got him totally stiff again. His cock was all shiny and glistening with precum at the very end and it almost sparkled in the morning sun.

“Ok pull over there,” I shouted “……..No, there by the entrance to the field”.

He pulled the car into a farm field gate entrance right next to a small wood. I yanked at his cock and told him to slide one leg onto the seat. As he did I lowered my body and slipped my mouth round his cock end and gave him lots of tongue and sucking right on his mushroom head. I could see his shaft was starting to tense ready to unload and stopped and sat up.

“Oh shit, don’t stop now, I’ll end up with blue balls and hell ….” He rasped.

“Just you ……. Let me ….. suck this ……..monster …. the way I want to,” I said.

As I felt him getting close to coming I stopped.

“Get out of the car and follow me,” I said.

“But what about …….. this?” he replied, pointing to his cock.

“Bring it with you,” I laughed.

I climbed over the gate and walked towards the small wood. I turned, just to check he was following, which indeed he was.

He caught up with me in the edge of the wood and I knelt and tugged off his pants and boxers, leaving him naked below the waist. I gently sucked at his cock licking and circling the ridge on his huge mushroom head.

The dappled light shining through the leaves played on his body as he removed his sweatshirt top.

I looked up at him as I played with his shaft and sucked the tip and ring. His head was crooked back as he strained every fibre in his body, his hairy chest with small beads of sweat running through it. He tensed his legs and his thigh and calf muscles were standing hard and taught. I gently stroked the lower half of his cock and ran my fingers round the base and then on to his balls, as I licked and frantically sucked at the tip. There were now lots of precum and it tasted wonderful, salty yet sweet.

My right hand made it through his legs and I hooked my middle finger ready to bursa eskort bayan plunge it deep into his ass. As I stroked his balls and base I found his hole and in a single movement buried my finger right up to the knuckle into his hot and gripping ass.

He gasped, tensed some more and as my head came off his cock, it started to jet streams of cum over my face, neck, chest and arms. I retained a firm hold on the base of his cock, and I could feel each rope of spunk rising up his cock as it came streaming out of the tip.

I eased my hold on it and yet more started to come out. I laid back on the forest floor on the grass and watched as he stood there, now holding this huge 9inch cock, throbbing out its load and his head was back and his eyes still closed.

Finally when his cock just started to wilt his head came forward and looked down, first at his cock and then at me. I had no idea what he was going to do next.

He dropped to his knees and settled in between my outstretched legs. He undid the buckle on my belt, my single jeans button, my zipper and he tugged them down along with my boxers, towards my knees.

His huge cock had only slightly wilted and it seemed to get a new lease of life as he looked at my solid hard tight cock throbbing away before him.

He was covered from head to toe in sweat, little beads running down his face, his chest and his abdomen. He shuffled up my legs on his knees and laid his cock on my cock and started to rub the two together.

No one had ever done that before and it felt so good, my cock seemed to have a life and mind of its own. As he rubbed back and forth, his body upright, I pulled off my sweatshirt top and he immediately grasped both my nipples in between his thumb and first finger on both hands. Twisting them and rubbing them had the effect of translating pain into hardness on my cock.

He lowered the top half of his body, lowering it towards my face and he moved his hands so that his elbows were either side of my body, his stiff cock still rubbing hard on mine , but now his face was approaching mine.

In a move I just didn’t expect, his face came straight towards mine and he planted a huge wet kiss on my lips. He held the kiss there for what seemed like an age as his tongue darted in and out of my wet mouth as he pounded my cock with his own solid cock.

Without any prompting my hands went round the back of his shoulders and I pulled him close, riding his thrusts and in seconds I started pumping creamy cum out of my cock.

I moaned and groaned as his lips and tongue searched every crevice of my mouth and his cock still rock hard, continued grinding away at me, in the now sticky sweet pool of cum.

In another minute he shot his load over me and he gasped as he stretched upwards his body arching as the cum left his cock head and it pumped out for what seemed like, forever.

For several minutes we lay there, him on top of me panting and straining until we had both fully unloaded.

He rolled over onto his back and we both lay there looking up at the blue sky through the foliage lit by the sparkling sunlight. My hand went down to my wilting cock and I rubbed the sticky mixture into my cock hair and up my abdomen. It was sticky warm and formed itself into globules sticking to my fingers as well as my body.

I tasted it and it tasted salty yet sweet and not in any way unpleasant, he grabbed my hand and put two fingers of my hand in his mouth and sucked and licked at them.

My cock started to rise again and his hand went down to my cock. He sat half up and half across me and with his right hand took my cock and started to rub it. He had mastered my likes and dislikes, the position of his hand, the movement of his fingers. He rubbed at it and stroked and stretched the skin over my throbbing mushroom head. It felt absolutely great as he stroked it slightly faster with every second.

My arm drooped over his back as he thrashed it and my hot sticky cock started yet again to tense, expand and finally shoot a single string of cum 18 inches into the air as I unloaded for yet another magnificent cum.

My leg muscles were completely gone, they ached from the stretching and bursa otele gelen eskort bayan tensing of all the muscles and I gasped and relaxed, almost lifeless on the grass. His head fell across my chest and my arm, already round him, gripped him close to me.

We both fell asleep under the warm sunlight straining through the leaves.

An hour or so later I felt his body move off mine and my eyes opened. He was taking a leak in the bushes and I walked over to where he was and started to do the same.

His cock was still semi hard and long, but the activity we had given it had made it dark red and the mushroom head was still a very dark red. He stroked the last drops off the end and continued stroking it.

His hand movement quickened and my own cock was soon rising to the view my eyes were taking in. I knelt before him and popped the whole mushroom head into my mouth and sucked and licked it for all I was worth.

He yanked it out of my mouth and waved it temptingly in front of my face.

“I’ll make you wait for it now my little bitch,” he said and laughed.

He pulled on his jeans and threw his T shirt top over his shoulder, striding off towards the car.

I did the same and made my way to the car, where he had already started the motor.

We backed out of the gateway and trundled off down the road.

He looked over at me and with his right hand stroked the outside of his jeans, producing a bulge in the front.

I leaned over again and took his hand away as I rubbed at the same spot. His thick stiff meat lay just underneath and I rubbed at it harder and harder.

I was going to unzip him but we had to swerve as a car overtook us.

Dad shouted out at the driver as they passed but of course he never heard, he flashed the lights and shook his fist.

The car started to slow down and came to a stop on the side of the road.

A young guy with straight black hair stepped out of the car. As he got out we could both see that his zipper was down and his white underpants were clearly visible.

“Hey sorry you guys I got carried away there and my hand slipped on the wheel,” he said, kind of apologetically.

“Your left hand or your right hand?” dad said.

“My left hand,” he replied in a curious tone.

“So that makes you a right handed jerker then,” Dad said and laughed.

The young guy coloured slightly and looked down at his pants. He now spotted the open zipper and both his hands dropped and started to fumble with the zipper.

Dad’s left hand went out of the open window, straight to the guys open zipper and straight in to the front of his black boxer shorts. He gripped the guy’s semi limp cock and squeezed it gently.

“Come into the car and me and the boy here will do you real good,” said Dad.

He opened the door and slid out of the bench seat, ushering the young guy into the middle of the seat. Without protesting at all he slid in and Dad slid back in and shut the door.

Before there could be any words spoken we both took hold of the guy and undid his belt and single button and wrenched the jeans and boxers to his knees.

He had an absolutely enormous cock, it was all of 10 inches and getting harder every second. I grabbed the base and Dad grabbed the tip and we rubbed and stroked it for all we were worth. The guy was wriggling and twisting on the seat and in no time at all he yelped as he came a thick gushing stream of come all over our hands and arms. We rubbed him and tugged him until we had every drop of come out of him.

“Wow that was real good, you guys,” he said as he tried to straighten up on the seat.

I still had his hot meat in my hands and I gripped some more at the base of it and tried to keep it hard. Without warning dad’s mouth dropped gently over the end of his meat and started to suck. He turned to me and planted a kiss on my lips and poked his tongue all round the inside of my mouth.

He was hot, getting harder by the second and ready for much more, his ass bucking and squirming on the seat as his cock got the full treatment. He pressed back into the seat, trying hard to watch dads mouth round his cock end, bursa eve gelen escort sucking the hot spunk out of him. His eyes squeezed tight shut and he started to unload some more, he was gasping and moaning as each glob of spunk leaked out of his cock end.

“Want some more fun right now?” dad asked him.

“Sure do,” he said.

“Get back into your car and follow us,” dad said.

“OK,” he replied.

“I think I’ll join him in his car, just to keep him company,” I said as I winked.

I got out of our car and made my way over to his car.

I was then in total shock as there knelt down on the passenger side fully naked was another guy about the same age.

“Hey, you guys were sucking eh?” I asked.

“You bet we were,” replied the naked guy.

He beckoned me into the car and as we started to gently pull away from the kerb edge he was already trying to get my now stiff cock out of my pants.

The first guy had not done up his zipper and had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it good. The guy on the floor succeeded with a little help from me to pull my cock out and he started to yank at it.

“Wo .. wo… hang on there man, nice and gentle or I’ll have no meat left for later,” and laughed.

He knelt further up and started to suck my growing cock and as he did I lowered my head over the driver’s stiff meat and gobbled him up, sucking and slurping my lips all over his cock.

The sight and smells of hot sex, sweat, stiff cock and the noises just blew me away and I came almost instantly pumping a nice creamy load into this guys mouth.

My lips then tightened round the drivers cock and he was there too. The guy on the floor was yanking at his own cock and soon he too came, spilling spunk onto the car floor.

The driver followed Dads car to the local marina where we had a small day boat for fishing. We stopped on the car park area and I said to get out and follow me to our boat. Dad was already ahead of us and we stepped into the boat as its engines started up. I cast off the lines and we gently went out of the marina.

Both guys had wet patches on their jeans and to anyone looking at them they would look as though they had wet themselves.

I stripped off my shirt and jeans to reveal my tight abs and strong arms, dad had already done the same and we then took off our shoes and socks.

The two guys started to do the same and I had some fun with the driver who was called Chuck, by helping him with his buttons and zipper, but only serving to allow me to touch him continually whilst he tried to undress. The other guy who turned out to be Chucks younger cousin Dave, watch us as he undressed down to his boxers.

I slid off both mine and Chucks boxers and stroke his semi limp cock and took him to the aft locker seating area.

“Why don’t you help the skipper to remove the rest of his clothes,” I shouted to Dave over the noise of the engine.

“Dave turned to dad and said, “Can I?”

“Go right ahead,” said dad smiling.

Dave slid his hand down the front of dad’s boxers and toyed with his cock before slipping his boxers all the way down.

He gently slid his hands over the 9 inch pole as it tightened and throbbed. Chuck and I watched mesmerised as Dave stared intently at dads pulsing cock. He gently stroked it and moved the outer skin up and down the shaft as it grew ever bigger.

I had been neglecting Chucks cock but I shouldn’t have worried as it too was growing bigger and bigger. Now this was a serious cock if ever I had seen one, a good, and I mean good 10 inches. It was uncircumcised and had the same thickness from the base to the very tip. The foreskin slid back easily with the precum and spunk lubricating it over a rock hard mushroom head. I got my face real close to it and started to stroke it in a steady rhythm.

My tongue darted out and flicked it from time to time and Chuck was already moaning and arching his back as I gripped the shaft with one hand and stroked it more quickly. He unloaded yet another thick stream of sweet cum over my face this time and I licked at his slit as it refilled with yet more cum. Where was all this cum coming from, well I didn’t have to look too far to see, there hanging below were two enormous balls bursting with sticky come still yet to be released, these balls were huge and hanging low

I glanced over to see Dave dropping to his knees in front of dad and gobbling his monster meat sucking and licking it for all he was worth.

This was going to be a good trip.

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