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Cyber Situation

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Big Tits

Lauren and Paul had met in a cyber chat room. In spite of the basic desire that motivated their individual explorations, both ached for a partner with some above-average literacy; and partners of that sort were rare in this medium.

On the first evening, they chatted for more than two hours, almost entirely about non-sexual matters. Paul was surprised to find Lauren and spent the two hours content to learn more about her. The “venue” wasn’t lost on him entirely, and occasionally he had to remind himself that he had encountered her in a sex chat room.

The conversation concluded with pleasant farewells and the promise to meet again soon – same time, same place. In the twenty-four hours that followed, Paul’s thoughts were preoccupied with the previous evening’s conversation and the promise that it might hold for the future. He wondered if Lauren was thinking any of the same thoughts.

At 7:45 the next evening, Paul directed his browser to the same chat room where they had met and was both relieved and delighted to find Lauren there, apparently waiting for him.

“Hi, handsome,” she speculated.

“Hi, gorgeous,” seemed the appropriate reply.

“You’re right on time. Are you always so punctual?”

Paul grinned and replied, “I wish. But there was no way I was going to be late for this meeting.”

The conversation continued in that pattern for about 10 minutes, until Lauren broke the ice by asking if they should go to a private room. Paul quickly agreed, and within a very few minutes, they were engaged in exploratory cyber sex. Paul moved cautiously, never quite sure what limits might apply, but Lauren progressively relieved his concern. She was enthusiastic and creative, and her language was peppered with “dirty talk”. Paul had a hardon in seconds, which he released from his jeans and stroked as they gradually escalated the conversation.

“Are you stroking your cock, Paul?”

“Yes. Are you playing with your pussy?”

“Mmmmm, yes. I’m rubbing my clit and fingering myself.”

“Are you wearing a bra?”

“I was; but its’ off now.”

“Nipples hard?”

“Oh yeah. They’re standing up good and hard.”

“What size is your bra, Lauren?”

“You won’t believe me.”

“Sure I will. What size?”


“Are you serious?”

“I’m serious, baby. Do you like big tits?”

Within minutes they had both experienced an orgasm. Lauren fought to be responsive at the keyboard as the waves of the orgasm washed over her from head to toe – or at least from nipples to pussy.

Paul talked her through a second orgasm, and they parted again, promising to meet two nights later – same time, same place.

Chapter Two

Paul’s thoughts returned to this recent conversation constantly during the following day; and as before, he wondered if she were having similar thoughts. He couldn’t believe his good fortune. Lauren was an engineer for a hi-tech company, but she defied all of the “engineer stereotypes.” She was articulate, well-read, and expressively passionate.

They began “meeting” at the usual time and place on a regular basis – three or four times a week when schedules permitted. Paul cautiously “raised the ante” in the conversations, isveçbahis using increasingly suggestive and dirty language. Lauren always responded in kind, giving him back more of the same and often raising the bet.

Their “chats” were often an hour or two in length, but they sometimes had to be content with ten or fifteen minutes when one or the other’s schedule imposed. They learned to be very candid, properly setting expectations and minimizing disappointment.

“There will be a surprise for you in your mailbox tomorrow, lover,” Lauren teased.

“What surprise?”

“Well, that wouldn’t make it much of a surprise if I told you, now would it?”

“Lauren, you can be such an insufferable tease!”

“And you love it! Just be patient and check your mailbox.”

They concluded the call with the usual affectionate adieus and the promise to be in touch soon.

The following day Paul began checking his mailbox every 15 minutes or so, anxious to learn what the surprise would be. As creative as his imagination could be, there was no way he could have anticipated what he was going to find.

At 2:00 p.m. he made another quick check from his office computer. There was an e-mail from Lauren in his private and anonymous mailbox. It included an attachment – a very large attachment. He sat for several minutes repeatedly re-reading Lauren’s brief note: “Hope you enjoy, baby.” He looked at his wristwatch and made up his mind. He stood and walked quickly to the door of his office, stepping outside briefly to speak with the secretary he shared with two co-workers.

“Angie, I’m going to be on an important conference call. It may last as long as an hour. Would you take any calls and see that I’m not disturbed?”

“Sure, Paul.”

He walked back into the office, quietly turning the lock on the door and taking four long strides to his desk. He called up the promising e-mail message and began downloading the attachment. Inspired, suddenly, he picked up the phone and called the answering machine on his home phone. When the machine answered, he placed the call on hold and returned to the computer screen.

The attachment required another three minutes to complete the download. He double-clicked the file name (“lfh.mvi”) and literally suppressed a gasp as the screen lit up. Lauren, whom he had never seen before, was sitting on her bed smiling at him (or at a webcam). She wore only a bra.

“Hi, baby. I thought you might enjoy this.”

He grinned and leaned back in his chair.

“I’ve been thinking about you, lover – you and your hard, hard cock – and my wet, wet pussy – and I just had to “take care of matters”, if you know what I mean.”

She grinned a very slightly evil grin and reached to pick up a dildo. It was big – and long – and purple, fashioned from a soft, flesh-like rubber. A knob at the base implied vibrating capacity. She turned the knob and pressed the tip of the cock-like head to the slit of her pussy.

“I’ve been thinking about you rubbing the tip of your cock up and down my slit, Paul – sliding it over my clit – like this. Ohhh, baby, it feels so, so good.”

With the fingers of her left hand, she spread wide the lips of her pussy; while her isveçbahis giriş right hand held the huge dildo and rubbed it up and down her slit. She pressed the tip to her clit and moved her hips rhythmically as it the vibrator hummed.

Paul reached to pull his zipper down, relieving some of the pressure that was building inside his pants. Lauren thrust her pelvis up and back with increasing intensity.

“Ohhh, baby, it feels so good! So fucking good! It’s going to make me cum! It’s going to make me fucking cum!”

Paul’s lower lip was held firmly between his teeth.

“Oh, yes! Fuck yes! Ohhhhhhhh, baby! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Lauren thrust her pelvis in abrupt, staccato-like movements as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Paul’s cock, still inside his pants, ached.

She lay quietly for a few seconds, then opened her eyes and smiled.

“Did you like that, baby? Well, I’m not finished.”

She pulled her calves back and rose on her knees, reaching behind herself to unfasten her bra. Her magnificent tits cascaded out of the bra, and she smiled into the camera again.

“I’m going to fuck your cock, Paul. Do you want to see me fuck your cock?”

She positioned the vibrating dildo between her knees, and spreading her knees slowly outward, she settled down onto the dildo. Paul stared as the very large, rubber cock slowly spread her pussy open and disappeared inside her. Paul reached inside his fly and fished his swollen cock out of his boxers and began lightly stroking it.

“I want that big fuck meat of yours deep in my cunt, Paul! I’m going to fuck it hard and deep! Oh, god this feels good! Give me that big fucker, Paul! Pound it into my cunt! Fuck me hard! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!”

Lauren thrust the purple dildo into her pussy with zeal. Her large, buoyant tits bounced as she rode up and down on the dildo. Paul stroked the shaft of his cock with increasing speed, although he had no intention of cumming in his office.

“Suck my tits, baby! You love these big tits, don’t you? Suck ’em dry!”

She grabbed her left tit with her free hand, squeezing it as she rode the dildo – tugging outward on the nipple and suspending the mass of her tit, letting it bounce.

“You’re gonna make me cum, baby! Fucking that big hard cock meat into my hot little cunt! Oh, fuck yes! It feels so fucking good! Oh, baby! Ohhhhhhhh, Paul! Fuck me hard! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssss!”

She fell back onto the bed as the orgasm swept over her – eyes shut, breathing hard. After a minute or two, she slowly opened her eyes and smiled into the camera.

“Did you enjoy, lover? I sure hope so. I did.”

She reached for the camera and the video came to a close. Paul sat there, his pulse and respiration both elevated, his cock gripped in his right hand. “Oh, man,” he thought, “I can’t wait to get home.”

Chapter Three

Paul was not a clock-watcher, but the next three hours were agony for him. He glanced up at the clock on a bookshelf or at his wristwatch every minute or so. Though he often worked until eight or after, he gathered up his things and headed out the door at 6:30. The drive home took less than 20 minutes.

Once inside the door, Paul isveçbahis yeni giriş quickly undertook his plan. Beside the overstuffed reclining chair in the TV room, he sat an end table. He placed his laptop computer on the table and took almost 10 minutes to position his web cam at just the right angle. Throughout this process he kicked off his shoes and began to shed his clothing. He was soon naked, and his cock – a third of the way toward full erection – bobbed as he hurried to finish the preparations.

Finally he settled into the chair. The leather was cool and felt good against his naked body. He reached for the mouse to start Lauren’s video and sat watching it from beginning to end as he light stroked his cock. His cock quickly reached full erection, the tip of the head reaching to his navel when he pressed the shaft against his belly.

Reaching for the mouse again, he re-started Lauren’s video and the web cam. The camera angle took in his body from eyes to knees. He settled into the chair and looked into the lens.

“Do you want to watch me jack off this big cock, Lauren, while I watch your video for the third time today?”

He wrapped the fingers of his right hand around the shaft of his cock, beginning a slow stroke from base to tip. At the top of each stroke, his index finger rubbed lightly beneath the head.

“Oh, fuck, Lauren – this feels so good, baby.” The sound of Lauren’s monologue was quiet in the background. “Do you see how big you’ve made this fuck meat? I need to use both hands on it – don’t you think?”

Paul slid the fingers of his left hand around his shaft near the base, while his right hand stroked the upper half of the shaft and the head. He lightly caressed his balls with the fingertips of his left hand.

“I’m jacking this big fucker off, just for you, baby. Do you like watching me jerk it off?”

He began raising and lowering his hips from the seat of the chair, forcing his cock through the fingers of both hands. He moved his left hand down to cup his balls, while he continued to stroke up and down the shaft with his right hand. Lauren’s video reached the point where she took off her bra and began to ride the dildo.

“Oh, you little bitch! You hot little bitch! I want to fuck this raging fucker into your hot little cunt! I want to fuck you all night! Ride that dildo, Lauren. Make those beautiful tits bounce for me! Those fucking nipples are so big and hard – I want to suck ’em while I fuck you, baby!”

Paul began moving his hips almost violently as he stroked his hand up and down over his cock. The head of his cock was becoming more and more red – almost purple – when suddenly he arched his torso and held it rigid. A large burst of cum shot up the length of his cock and spurted in an arc, landing high on his chest. He continued to stroke his shaft, and a second and third burst of cum spurted out onto his belly. He sank slowly into the chair, smiling broadly as the cum continued to leak from his cock and onto his belly.

“Did you like that, baby? Do you like watching me jerk it off? Huh?”

Chapter Four

After washing up quickly, Paul slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and moved the laptop to his cable modem. He quickly found the usual chat room and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Lauren’s avatar.

“Hi, baby. Did you get the video I sent you?”

“I got it, lover, and I’m sending a response to you right now. Check your mailbox.”

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