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Curiousity Ch. 10-13

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Part 10: Intrusion

The massage had been wonderful she thought as she lay there, towel covering just her bottom, tits down pressed into the warm soft pad on the massage table. Jade had taken extra care to point out and rub the 9 pressure points on her spine, shoulders and lower back that led to arousal. After the initial rub down and acupressure, Jade had disappeared into another room and returned with a small bucket.

“Party favors?” Curiosity purred, sniffing, smelling and poring over the small metal container with the steaming white towel draped over the top. Jade pushed her head back down into the face cushion gently. She hadn’t spoken for at least ten minutes and Curiosity had begun to wonder if this had shifted from an educational session to a carnal one. The sounds Jade made as she carefully moved across the room were all the more exhilarating, in the absence of sight, her most natural sense. Sound was all that was feeding her imagination. Jade carefully opened drawers, pawed through various glass vials and other containers, clearly searching for something specific. At last when Jade’s feet appeared in the small window in the head cushion (Curiosity had scrunched down that just her nose and eyes were over the hole) she knew she’d found what she was looking for. Jades hands were warm on her neck, repositioning her head that her eyes were once again pressed into the pad and mouth and nose in the cutout. She rubbed at the base of Curiosity’s neck for just a moment before the first of the bucket’s contents were put to use.

The first hot stone was placed between her shoulders. It was warm enough to illicit a little moan, but just cool enough to not seer her flesh. She imagined the stone was smooth and gray somehow, even though in the position it was in, she couldn’t be sure even about its size much less color or texture. The stone melted through her shoulders, she’d swear on a stack of bibles. It must have been placed on some nerve or bundle of muscle controlling vertebrae – she could nary move much less try and move the stone. The second stone was placed on her lower back to the left of her spine just above the buttocks, the next similarly but on the opposite side. As Jade placed hot stones, she began using her free hand to rub the sides of Curiosity-the soft flesh between her ribs and her hip, moving her hand beneath her still lying body, rubbing her breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples as she worked her flaccid body. “God, I don’t need a job…I need a membership,” Curiosity finally said, the apprehension in her voice gone, the tension relieved. Who could worry about what some fucking pervert who wasn’t even man enough to show his face, was going to do…watch a couple of videos of her and jerk off his own dick? “I hope he liked the show…it’s all his bitch ass is ever going to get,” she thought, the smile dragging across her face in the little window in the face cushion.

Jade finally spoke, satisfied that her work was done. “So that the basic massage,” she started flatly, all emotion running out of her voice again. “Anything else, you can use your imagination.” Curiosity wasn’t about to let this be the end, she could hear Jade start to gather the tiny vials of lotion and incense she’d spread out during the massage. She lifted the first stone from her lower back.

“Oh, that can’t be it,” Curiosity smiled as she said it, never moving her head, but instead using her free hand to move between Jade’s legs, sliding it slowly up between her thighs. Jade gasped at Curiosity’s first touch. It was gentle, but her fingers had slipped between her tight, thin little labia and inside of her. She watched as Jade’s toes curled. Jade moved around the table so that her feet were both in Curiosity’s field of vision. Curiosity wondered if she would tell her to stop. Moments passed and another smile cut across her face when she saw Jade move her feet apart further. Curiosity moved both hands up now grasping Jade’s hips, letting her fingers rest on her firm little ass, her thumbs pressing into the hard muscle between the hip bone, below the belly button, nearly at the tuft of hair. One hand trailed down. Her fingers danced and played at Jades slick slit. She could feel the bulge of her clitoris. It was hot, her hips were moving. She’d moved two fingers inside, between the lips. Jade reciprocated, moving her hips forward and back across Curiosity’s fingers. She was fucking her hand.

The phone rang in some distant office. Jade sighed annoyed. “On sec baby…I be right back and we finish this.”

“Sure thing.” She watched Jade’s feet disappear from the little vantage window..

“Oh yeah, before I go…let me put these handcuff on you. See if you can figure out how to get out.” Jade said absently, as if she’d forgotten about the training program all together. It was obvious to Curiosity that Jade just didn’t want her to go anywhere, but the thought of being indisposed, tied up and naked on this table waiting for her hot Asian lesbian lover türbanlı escort to return was too tasty to resist. “If you must, ” she started, “but I warn you, I’m not too mechanically inclined, you’ll just have to figure out if you want to take advantage of me all tied up.” she purred.

What was this? This wasn’t her. Just hours ago she’d justified all this as trying to not fuck up her marriage, not put her husband through any more drama. The last year had been too filled with it to bear. And that’s when the memories hit….first his job basically dissolving unless he took this ridiculous, stress-filled “promotion”, then his sister arrested for a DUI…and then the news that they couldn’t have a baby. “A baby, are you actually thinking that you should still have a baby?” She thought to herself, the wit and tone of the thought resembled what she thought some nun might use while scolding her. It was true; before the move, they had been trying, and hard for a baby. Maybe that’s where the fire had cooled for them. Sex was (early in their marriage) very hot, three or four times a night when they could stand it. After months and months, the elephant in the room had been “why aren’t we pregnant yet?” It was a question which was never asked between the two of them, but she had received an answer with an impromptu trip to the gynecologist. She went without him, and without telling him, and certainly never shared the answer she got after all of the exhaustive tests, all the poking and prodding, the fisting she’d get every time someone needed an answer about her cervix. And then it was on a piece of paper for all the world to see: “MOTHER: NORMAL; FATHER: UNKNOWN”. It hadn’t been her after all, it was him…he was the reason they weren’t having a little bundle of joy. Lying on the massage table, naked, soaking wet from the waist down because some Asian bath house girl had rubbed her the right way, she realized a terrible truth. It hadn’t been the nearly vocational attitude they’d both adopted about their sex life; the ovulation tests, internal thermometer readings, the accuracy in which they’d tried to conceive. It hadn’t been the hours of testing and prodding into her insides to find out she was perfectly normal and likely fertile as the Nile delta – she hated her husband, just a little bit, because he was not.

“Oh God, I’m an awful person,” she thought as the first handcuff snapped closed, the sound of the inner gears working into a symphony of imprisonment, the cold steel across her left wrist. The second cuff went into place similarly, ratched into place with a cacophonous click. She felt the pull on her muscles as her hands were moved down to be locked to the anchors on the table, straight down from the shoulder, totally incapacitating her. She didn’t think she could even lift her head as tight as her shoulders were pulled to the table. The realization that here she was, handcuffed to a table by someone about to violate her so elegantly, she’d actually enjoy it, was complementing her guilt. “Maybe this is what whores who don’t love their husband’s get,” she thought.

There was a knock at the door and Jade’s feet disappeared. “Okay, she’s ready,” Jade said in her matter of fact tone. Curiosity suddenly came to; she’d been lost in her thoughts for way too long, she’d left herself too vulnerable, been too trusting with Jade. This had been the plan all along, and in a sudden stomach twisting, sweaty feverish struggle to get lose from the handcuffs, it became all too clear.

“Now, that’s nice, ” A gravely low voice said from somewhere behind her. It was him, there was no doubt, that certain difference in a persons voice to what they actually sounded like didn’t apply here…it was unmistakably him.

“Oh God,” she thought, naked strapped to the table, ass up, only a towel separating him from her deepest and darkest places. She didn’t have any options, there were no choices here.

“Is this what you wanted from me?” She said in a small voice, trembling and panting like some child running from a monster in her closet.

“What I want from you?” The voice hissed. “Haven’t we determined that what I want from you is far less important that what you want for yourself?” He finished, his voice certain, the tone condescending.

“And what is it I want?” She said, the fear and anger taking over. There was a moment of jerking against the handcuffs and strapped shoulders, when she thought she might be able to get her face off the pad, but his hand, his dark and hard, warm and strong hand on the back of her neck negated the notion.

“Now, that we can’t have,” he leaned in close and whispered in her ear. She could see his feet, the big black boots covered in mud, the bottoms of his jeans caked in soil or dried blood – she couldn’t tell. It was the first confirmation that he was real-up to now, this could have all just been some phantom, some evil deity in her head.

“God help me,” she thought. tüyap escort And think she did. Her mind raced. She pleaded with God to be sent back to her husband. He was warm and kind, and though he couldn’t do his duty to impregnate her, surely he’d be kinder than her mysterious admirer, even if confronted with the evidence of her experimentation.

“Besides,” he continued, his voice lower now, more deliberate, “You like me like this, just out of sight, gnawing at you invisibly from just the right vantage point so that you can convince yourself that I might not really be there.” His hand moved from the back of her neck down the length of her back. His hands were calloused and they felt dirty, and rough. His palm turned and fingers were now darting across her bottom, down between the cheeks, first dancing across her butt, then down over her pink and wet opening.

“I don’t like being-” was all she could get out before two fingers moved inside her. He’d moved his body without her feeling it, his free hand on her shoulder. He moved his fingers all the way inside, down to the base of his big meaty hand. In and out he moved his fingers. At first the sensation was painful, but mixed with her zealous juices from her excursion with Jade, she found herself getting wetter and wetter, each thrust getting easier and easier for her to tolerate. She grunted, she panted. “Fuck you, get the fuck…”she started.

“Oh no my dear,” he almost whispered, leaning in close. She could feel his whole body pressed against her, the three fingers making up a fist clenched tight and pounding against her mound as he fucked her with his two free digits. “It’s us that will be doing the fucking today,” he finished. Her eyes widened.

“Us?…Who the fuck is…” she started, but it was too late. The anxiety, the friction, the time with Jade had proven too much. His fingers darted in and out of her quickly, hard, harder and harder, and in seconds, she came all over his hand. She felt the orgasm happen, it didn’t creep up on her as most do, it had occurred at the word “Us.” She had exploded everywhere, she could feel it, her juices running down her inner thighs and onto the table. There was a puddle forming as he pulled his two fingers out of her.

“And you still think this is about what I want?” He said. She couldn’t see his face, but she knew he was smiling through blackened teeth and dark red eyes. Certainly his horns would be there to offset his cherry red skin. This man was the devil…and he was here to fuck the Hell out of her.

The door clicked open, and she heard another pair of footsteps, these heavier than his somehow. He paused, then said “Shut the door, she’s ready.”

Part 11: External Climax/Internal Conflict?

It didn’t take long for her to regain her senses. She’d managed to push her head down enough so that she could see, though her mouth was covered by the face pad on the massage table again. He’d taken her silence as an invitation and began going about his plans. He’d positioned what she could only guess was a pillow under her stomach. Her ass now jutted up in the air and another set of hands gripped her thighs just below the butt cheek.

“So you want to see what’s in store for you?” he growled, clearly understanding why her head was pushed down the way it was. The table was up in the air. He had moved a chair beneath where her face was and sat down. He took careful measure to conceal all of the identify that he could and only a pair of gloved hands appeared in her field of view. What came next was him carefully unzipping his pants, pulling his cock, still not fully erect, out of his pants. It was a big cock, she was used to that. Her husband had a big cock, even if it was altogether useless for one of the two purposes for which it had been formed. She could handle it, she thought. I can manage. He snapped her head back into the correct position, her nose an mouth both over the hole. She could breathe more easily in this position but she was completely blind once again.

“Oh God,” she screamed as the man standing behind her slid his cock into her pussy. It was bigger, bigger than her mystery man. It felt huge, like he was going to split her open and it took all she could just to breath through the first couple of thrusts. His cock was dry, long, thick. She felt the head first parting her outer lips, then pushing her inner ones aside with one giant thrust. The first couple of penetrations grew steadily deeper until she could swear that his cock was buried up to her ribs. It hurt, not like someone hitting her in the face, but like the first time she’d taken a dick. It was summer and the boy who lived next door had convinced her to play doctor, despite being at least 8-years too old to get away with a cheese ball line like that. His cock had been long and smooth, not thick, but with a bulbous purple head. The first time he pushed that thing inside her, she’d nearly cried. The breaking of her little tuzla escort hymen, there had thankfully not been that much blood. She remembered lying there, being fucked by this boy, wondering if this was how sex felt forever, wondering why any woman would ever want to do it, if that was the case. She’d gotten over the pain just as he pulled out and shot his load all over her, the way only a teenage boy could muster. The boy’s load had been hot and plentiful, and she giggled as she wiped it all over her tits. But this cock was nothing like that boys, he hadn’t been accidentally too rough. He was fucking her hard and intentionally.

“You like that cock? It was the biggest I could find,” The gravely voice came again, now closer to her. His penis was starting to fill with blood – she could feel it against her face. He pushed his hips up and the cock was in her mouth. She was being fucked in the mouth and from behind by strangers and suddenly she came at the thought of what it must look like. Her orgasm caused her to shudder, and the man behind had to reposition and hold her ass firmly as he shoved his big dirty cock back inside. The cock in her mouth was dripping precome. She thought that she might choke if he wasn’t careful

“Just fuck me, just do whatever your going to do…don’t” She started and was cut off. A finger slid in her asshole, the giant man with the giant cock must have wanted her to shut up. His hands were strong and hard, if not very large. She imagined him as some skinny little guy with the huge cock that all of her girlfriends had always mentioned like an urban legend. Her asshole was thankfully wet from all of the activity, but it was tight and sore, and he wasn’t being very kind. He went on fucking her for another two minutes, thumb buried in her tight little anus. She could feel both appendages independently as they moved in and out of her.

“God, fuck me…just fuck me,” She said, clearly chewing on her words as they came out. The cock in her mouth shut down the voice. She was gurgling and muffling even her breath as she was fucked in all of her holes at once.

“Oh we are. We just haven’t figured out when to stop,” The gravely voice continued. He pulled her head back from his cock. She could see again; he’d somehow moved her head back down into the viewing position. She watched as his cock disappeared from the chair.

“My turn,” he said. The large man’s cock pulled out of her and she felt a wave of come pour out of her. She couldn’t feel her pussy the way she was used to; she knew it was stretched out, gaping open. There was no muscle control, she was incapable of it. The other man’s pelvis appeared in the little window. His hands were similarly gloved, but the cock was visible, large and dark, the head was pink, but the shaft was darker in color. Had she just been fucked by a black man? She didn’t know, though, it appeared that she had been right when she had envisioned his physique; his frame was small, smaller than should have been able to hold that huge prick which was now bobbing back and forth, wanting to be swallowed. The new person in the chair similarly positioned her head and she was blind again. She felt the huge cock enter her mouth, and it was all she could do to get the head between her jaws. It was a huge cock, and she’d never sucked, let alone fucked anything like it before. Unlike the previous dick, this one was solid, it didn’t leach juice, it was harder….it was better.

She felt “Unknown” behind her, the gravely voiced man now spreading her ass cheeks, pushing his entire weight onto her body. She felt him hard inside her. She was surprised how much better his cock felt; it wasn’t the imposing, stretching, wrenching and wretched feeling she had being impaled by her darker skinned friend, now furiously fucking her mouth. It was more subtle, more tolerable, and she nearly came in contrast. The man at her back pumped away furiously, all the while asking her how she felt. She closed her eyes shut hard against the cushion.

“It feels good, it feels good you fucker….just fuck me,” she panted, mumbled, around the cock stuffed in her mouth.

The voice came again, “And now for what you really want, what you’ve always wanted.” She felt him push harder, harder, fuck her faster and faster and his body tensed against hers.

“Oh God, no don’t come in me-” she screamed, spitting out the big cock enough to get half the sentence out. But it was too late; she could feel the warm explosion inside of her. His cock spurted and spurted, oozed and poured come inside of her.

“Jesus Christ,” she screamed again. The sensation was too much to manage; she was filled with his hot spunk, and she came again, this time harder. She could feel the muscles inside squeeze his hard member and suck the last of his hot juice up into her body.

“You fucking asshole!” She started.

“Fuck your asshole?” The voice was still low, still somber, still gravely, but panting now, obviously worn on from his orgasm. “What a wonderful idea? Come my friend, you heard the lady.”

“Oh no, not that cock…it’s too big, you’ll rip me in half,” she protested. The cock pulled away and out of sight. Where had it gone, where was the big black cock? Surely he wasn’t going to try and fit that monster in her tiny little butt hole.

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