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Curious Victoria Peeks Inside

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Victoria Busch had lived in the aging farmhouse on Neversink Road all her adult life, and even though it was a large place that seemed larger after the passing of her husband a few years back she was determined to stay for as long as she could. The house closest to hers had been empty for quite a while but a couple months ago a single gentleman by the name of William Greene moved in.

Victoria was happy to see the house being moved into, especially since it wasn’t a big family with screaming kids running amok, and Victoria took a chance and made some cookies, walking through the yards to the man’s back door as sort of a welcome wagon. The 59 year old widow was nervous about what the man’s reaction would be but to her delight not only was Mr. Greene receptive to her visit, he began to pay visits to her whenever he saw Victoria outside.

Victoria thought Mr. Greene was much younger than she was but in fact was 61, a very well preserved 61 the widow noted, his tall and lean body seeming quite fit and his bald head handsome in a Yul Brenner way. When the recently retired Mr. Greene would visit he was so polite and well-mannered that Mrs. Busch knew he must have been a real ladies man in his time, and truth be told in her mind he still had it.

Maybe that was what helped cause a incident that humiliated Victoria Busch one pleasant June evening. What Victoria did was certainly not in her nature and left the lady very rattled and distraught, but as for the gentlemanly William Greene, not only was the older gentleman not bothered, in fact he was delighted. Very delighted indeed.


As was his custom, after he got bored with watching TV and darkness fell he took a shower, the warm spray soothing his aching bones. He hadn’t done much that day besides reinforcing the bolts on his mailbox, and the highlight of the afternoon had been when he saw his neighbor Victoria putting some wash on her line, the squeaking of the pulley getting his attention as it always did.

Victoria was really growing on him, William had to admit. Victoria had short reddish-brown hair, and the silver strands that she was letting in made it sparkle in the sun. The senior had a slim figure, small on top which was fine by him, and she had nice toned arms with a few freckles around her shoulders. Her smile grew as he approached and after briskly walking across the yard he had gotten to enjoy the last couple of towels being clipped to the line.

Victoria favored simple floral print house dresses, either sleeveless or with little caps over the ends of her shoulders. As they chatted William tried not to be obvious as Victoria pushed the line along, his eyes gravitating to the modest sprays of hair under her arms which were exposed by her raised limbs, something he was not ashamed to admit he enjoyed. Whether the lady was an aging hippie or just didn’t bother with razors any longer, William neither knew nor cared.

The conversation was light but never forced, and as usual William made a point to leave before he overstayed his welcome, although to him it seemed like Victoria was enjoying his visits as much as he did. It was Victoria that William thought about as he showered, and he was proud of himself for resisting the urge to pleasure himself as he often did this days.

Grabbing the towel he went to his bedroom to escape the steam of the bathroom, and after he got there the cool breeze coming through the window was refreshing, the curtains gently billowing open. Out in the yard William heard the soft rattling of treats in a can, an indication that Victoria’s cat Figaro was on the loose again. The rattling stopped as William buffed his bald skull, and although the senior was well away from the window that faced the Busch home, when he looked out he was startled to see his neighbor a few yards from the house looking in.

While never a shy fellow, the older man’s first inclination was to stand back a bit out of sight but after he did that he saw that Victoria had moved as well so she could still see. She must have thought that in the dark out there she couldn’t be seen out there but William could see the gal quite clearly in the moonlight as she clenched her robe together in her fist, and so he decided to give her something to look at so he kept drying his already dry head and upper torso vigorously.

William tried not to laugh when he glanced at his reflection in the dresser mirror, with his amusing sight of his semi-flaccid penis flopping wildly from side to side, and the whites in Victoria’s eyes were visible as his little show went on. The problem became that William was already somewhat aroused before this started and the way things were going he was going to have a full-blown erection before long.

His intention was to stick his head out the window and invite the widow in like the rascal he used to be, but after he walked around the bed and bent over to look out, Victoria gasped as her eyes bulged. Before he could say anything the still agile gal turned around away into Güngören escort bayan the darkness towards her house.

“Victoria – wait!” he called out but she was gone although it sounded like she might have fallen on the way.

“Damn!” William muttered as he contemplated going over to talk to the lady but in the end he decided to wait since Victoria was obviously embarrassed.

Tomorrow, the senior mused as he casually pulled on his flaccid hose. Tomorrow he would go next door and tell the woman that what happened was alright and he knew she was no pervert, not that in his mind there was anything wrong with that either.


Two days later William had grown tired of watching for Victoria to appear in her backyard and waiting in vain for the squeaking pulley of the clothesline to trumpet her appearance outside, so after retrieving the canister of cat treats that the lady had dropped in her haste to flee, William moseyed over and tapped on the back door.

When he continued to knock for a minute or so and it became obvious he wasn’t leaving, the door opened slowly and a very sheepish Victoria Busch appeared in the doorway, her eyes unable to meet her neighbor’s until William shook the can of cat treats. A hint of a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth as he handed back the container and said, “I think you lost these the other night. I don’t want Figaro missing his goodies.”

“Thank you Mr. Greene,” Victoria replied in a weak voice. “I wondered where I had lost that.”

“I’m Mr. Greene again?” William asked, reminding the widow that they had agreed to use each other’s first names.

“Sorry. I meant William.”

“That’s better. I hadn’t seen you out here in a couple of days and began to get worried,” he admitted. “I hope it wasn’t because of what happened the other evening because I understand completely. What with the television shows as mundane as they are, one is tempted to look for something amusing.”

“No you don’t understand at all,” Victoria responded, and then after hesitating briefly held the door open and asked her neighbor to come inside.

William entered the very quaint kitchen with appliances that were as ancient as the woman who owned them, and after Victoria offered him a cup of coffee that he declined, she had him sit down kitty-corner to her at the table.

“About the other night,” she began as she toyed with the corner of a place mat. “That was very embarrassing, you seeing me out on the yard.”

“I heard you trying to find Figaro. If anybody is to blame it was me, leaving my curtains open like that. It’s just that without air conditioning it gets a little stifling in there,” William interrupted, but Victoria cut him off.

“No – that’s not it. Let me explain,” Victoria said. “You see, when you first moved in I was quite taken by you, and when you began to come over most days I started to think that you might – well – anyway, when you didn’t show any interest besides being friendly I kind of lost hope.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I was waiting – hoping you would make a move on me – do they still say things like that? In the meantime – I’m sure you realize you’re a creature of habit, don’t you William?” Victoria asked and didn’t wait for a response. “You do things around the same time most every day, and one thing I noticed was that you turn in each evening about the same time. This got more noticeable when the weather got warm, as you opened your window at night and you would take a shower before bed.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“So I happened to peek in one evening and saw that you – let’s just say that you aren’t the modest type. Not that you have any reason to be, that much was obvious,” she chuckled nervously. “After I saw you once I began to go there every night weather permitting. I’m not much for TV these days and I found you more interesting anyway. I brought the can of cat treats as sort of my excuse for being out there.”

“You mean he wasn’t loose?”

“Heavens no. In his old age Figaro’s afraid of the dark and most of the time likes dozing in the corner of the sofa.”

“You mean that you are sort of a…”

“Peeping Tom? I’m afraid so. Maybe a Peeping Victoria. I won’t be doing that anymore.”

“Wait, Victoria. I’m not mad. In fact, if you tell me which window is your bedroom and you leave the curtains open not only will I look in, I might just pull up a chair and make myself comfortable. I would have shown my true interest in you right away but you seemed to be the religious type and I didn’t want to come on too strong,” the senior explained.

“I go to church but I’m not a prude. I go to church for the bingo and originally hoped I would meet a man my age with the energy by late husband used to have, but I learned that in this community I would have to settle for bingo.”

That got William to laugh and that eased any of the tension that had remained in the room.

“My husband would laugh his butt off Escort İnnovia if he heard you refer to me as religious,” she continued. “Henry used to laugh and say how shocked the ladies in the bingo circle would be if they knew what a slut I was behind closed doors. Henry was a man with an overwhelming sexual drive, and while I was an absolute innocent when we met I soon found that I was much like him.”


“I was completely submissive to Henry, happy to do whatever he wanted to please him, and it helped that everything he made me do gave me pleasure as well,” Victoria confessed. “I had a dear friend who I trusted enough confide in, and one day we were chatting and I told her about the things Henry had me do to him and with him. I had assumed that this was what all married people did but the more I told Rebecca, the wider her eyes got and the more horrified her expression got. Sadly we drifted apart after that conversation, and I learned to keep my business to myself after that – until now. Something about you makes me feel you wouldn’t judge me. harshly, and maybe you would forgive my randy peeking.”

“Of course not,” William sighed as he looked at the blushing petite gal in a different way. “If I knew you were out there I would have put on a better show.”

“Oh. Well, the show I saw was exciting enough. I haven’t had experience with many men you see, but when video tapes first came out Henry would rent the adult ones from time to time,” Victoria admitted. “He used to accuse me of being especially interested in the ones that had that John Holmes fellow in them and I admit that actor got my attention but I figured that he was some sort of oddity until I saw you. Not that it matters, of course, but while my Henry was nicely endowed he was not like you seem to be.”

“Me? I don’t think that…”

“When I saw you standing there drying off naked – do you know what I did?” she asked as she stood up, and then the prim and proper widow stood up and after taking a deep breath pulled up her house dress, revealing she wore nothing underneath.

“I would look at that incredible penis of yours,” Victoria confessed as she brought her other hand up between her legs, working her fingers through her wide mostly burnt orange bush which was definitely not trimmed. “I would wonder what it would look like hard, and what it would feel like inside of me.”

“You understand why my husband thought I was a slut?” she mumbled as she fingered herself.

“I think I do,” William chuckled as he stood up and after deftly undoing his belt let his baggy trousers fall to the linoleum. “You are a nasty woman aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, and it feels like the older I get the wore inflamed I’ve become, as my peeking into your bedroom would attest. Do you know what a wanton woman like me deserves?” Victoria choked as she watched her neighbor drop his boxers and take his long flaccid member in hand, stretching the rubbery hose as he watched the widow frigging herself.

“Oh, that’s it William. Pull on it. I was going to ask if you were still able to – you know – but look! You’re getting hard already. I can’t take it any more…”

Instead of dropping to her knees on the linoleum Victoria yanked the chair beneath her as she sat, and her hands reached out to take her neighbor’s cock in her fists, yanking savagely a few times on the still mostly rubbery hose before taking him into her mouth. Her left hand kneaded the senior’s low-hanging balls while her right hand grabbed the shaft and pumped what her lips could not reach, and when she looked up at William he grinned.

“You are the kinky widow, aren’t you?” he cackled, making Victoria wink while still sucking, the slurping sounds filling the room. “Been a while since anything but my fist has been where your lips are.”

“That seems like such a waste,” Victoria opined after pulling her lips back and examining the long vein-riddled organ that glistened with her saliva, and as she held the throbbing tool she added, “I might be able to do a better job in a more comfortable place.”

“In that case, my dear, lead the way,” William said as he rose from his chair and then helped his neighbor up, and as he followed Victoria down the hall with his erection bobbing along in front of him.

“I hope you’ll take into account what the years and gravity have done to me,” the widow declared before she lifted her house dress up and off her.

“I think the jury has reached a verdict on that, dear Victoria,” William quipped as he made his erection bob up and down, and although he noticed the slight belly and the way the woman’s pear-sized breasts had begun to sag, the fact was that for a gal nearly 60 she still had it.

It was with that in mind that the senior came up to the widow and eased her against the wall, the stately lady’s height making him only stoop a little to kiss her, and as their lips meshed her hands were busy moving down the row of buttons. Victoria worked the shirt off Kağıthane escort William’s frame and smiled as she raked her fingers through the mostly silver fur on his chest.

“Nice,” she sighed as she pinched his nipples. “I recall seeing how the hair on your chest peeked up in the neckline of your shirt. Made me randy.”

“I’m the observant type too, my dear,” he grinned as he took her left wrist and raised it high above her head, pressing the back of her hand against the wall as he leaned down and buried his face in the deep pocket of her underarm, smothering the lightly scented spray of light brown hairs with nibbles and kisses. When the old fellow’s tongue began to slide up and down the hollow Victoria’s knees buckled while she grabbed the back of William’s head.

“Oh my word ,” she gasped, happy that deciding not to shave for this meeting was the right one, and William hungrily devoured her other armpit as well before leaning back from her. “That was a pleasant surprise.”

“I’m kinky but harmless,” William said with a shrug.

“Don’t be too harmless,” his hostess cautioned as they went over to the bed, and after placing the widow on her back he spread her slender legs apart and knelt between them.

“Beautiful,” he sighed as he looked at the wide untrimmed triangle of untrimmed pubic hair, enjoying the way her bush grew well up between her legs, and as he buried his face in the furry delta he savored the feel of the hair on his cheeks.

Even the press of the widow’s lightly freckled thighs against his ears did not prevent William from hearing Victoria’s frantic reaction to her tongue dancing inside of her, but even if it had the clutching of the bedding and her shaking legs gave it away. When he could wait no longer William lifted his face from the pungent sex and inched up with his long probe in hand.

“Oh – oh – oh!” Victoria cried out and William slipped his member into her tight opening and eased himself deep into her with an almost painful slowness, all the while the lithe widow contorted and writhed in the sheets.

Beginning slowly, William slid in and out of Victoria, who was clutching at his arms with a wide-eyed expression, and as he increased the tempo and force of his thrusts her reactions increased. The bed, not used to being used like this lately, protested loudly but the two of them grunting and groaning drowned that out. Initially gentle. William found himself slamming into the widow when he felt her throwing herself back at his with equal force.

Victoria tried to tell him she was coming but the force of her orgasm killed her voice her pussy savagely contracted around the long probe, and when the body finally stopped shaking she looked up at her neighbor holding himself up over her with his arms.

“Oh William, that was so wonderful. I’d forgotten. – oh my word!” Victoria almost yelled when the senior began slowly thrusting his weapon in and out of her, having only taken a short break to watch her.

“You cum so gloriously,” William said as droplets of sweat began to rain down on her from his forehead. “I want to see that again.”

“Don’t know if I can,” Victoria gasped, but a couple minutes later she found herself writhing and howling under the effect of a second, although a bit milder orgasm, and after it washed over her she looked at William who was looking down at her again.

“Please tell me you came,” Victoria almost begged, and William laughed as he rolled off to her side.

“Had to make that last because I suspect at my age, I’ve probably become a one and done lover,” he admitted.

“Good,” Victoria chuckled as she got on her side and reached over to grab the senior’s flaccid hose, flopping it around as if to make sure it was dead. “Not used to anything going on down there, so if you don’t see me walking around the yard for a few days, you’ll know why.”

“Same with me and my back,” William admitted as he slid his heels up towards his butt, and as he reached down and grabbed his bony knees he added, “that and these aching things.”

“Quite a pair we are,” Victoria mused aloud. “Although we just turned the clock back quite well.”


“And if you care to make a house call again tomorrow,” she added as she took his long wrinkled scrotum in hand and gently rolled the eggs in her palm. “If we aren’t up to it quite yet, there are other things we can do to pass the time.”

“I’d like that,” William replied, but when he started to say more his words caught in his throat and were replaced by a moan.

“Like this for example,” the perky widow said with a wink as her index finger slid into her neighbor’s anus, and as her index finger went in to the hilt she spun it around. “Like to have your temperature taken?”

“Yes,” William managed to choke out.

“And just so you don’t think you’re the kinkiest one here, let’s just say that there’s another way of taking your temperature,” she advised with a devilish look. “A naughty way, but you’ll have to come back for that if that’s not too kinky for you.”

“No,” the red-faced senior wheezed, his bald head glistening with sweat as he clutched at Victoria’s arm. “It’s not.”

“That’s nice to hear,” she laughed, but when she looked down at above where her hand was working she looked a little shocked.

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