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Curious No More Ch. 06

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Big Dick

Sorry for the delay again! Keep the feedback coming — good or bad and I almost always write back to anyone who sends me feedback – eventually.

Don’t forget, these are based on my real experiences.

We have a lot of catching up to do…


The rest of the afternoon continued on in a very hot fashion. I took turns sucking their dicks and letting them fuck my ass. It was a blast just getting high and having fun. As the day came to a finish, I rode Dan slowly as Sean jerked off in the corner watching us. It was a totally different fuck in that it was slow and almost like watching a porn video. Sean kept making eye contact with me, telling me what a good fag I was and he would occasionally come over and let me suck his cock or play with mine while rubbing my chest or holding my head as I deep throated him. We had all shot so much cum that day that there was no hurry now and Dan just enjoyed my ass. I would feel Dan start to get close and then I would stop, lean down and kiss him deeply. We were into a nice high from the dope we had been smoking and this slow ride just felt right. My cock rested on Dan’s stomach, semi hard, leaking from his cock pressing on my prostate. My hands rested on his shoulders as he grabbed my ass, pulling me down and grinding my hips while massaging and pulling apart my ass cheeks. I felt like such a girl.

“Don’t stop, man.” Dan said. “You feel so good. I want to unload in you one more time. I want my boys swimming in you. I’m getting close.”

I just nodded, slack jawed again as I could start to feel his cock grow. My semi-firm dick reacted by lifting itself from Dan’s stomach and becoming hard as a diamond. I swear that my erections got firmer each time we had sex. My breathing picked up and so did his.

“I want you to cum in me babe,” I said as I looked in his eyes and as if there was any doubt he was going to cum anywhere else.

“You want my load, baby?”

“Yesss. So bad…” My voice trailed off as I was lost in this slow fuck. “Unhhhh. Give me your load. Cum in me.” This was a totally different fuck from our earlier sex. This was much more tender and mellower, probably from all the pot we had smoked. Even our dirty talk changed.

“I want your load in me…I want to feel it leaking out…” I just kept grinding on him, my cock waving each time I wiggled my hips on him. “Cum in me babe…I need it…I’m gonna cum soon too.” My words became urgent and louder as I was completely lost in the moment, focused solely on the sensations in my ass.

Dan must have been feeling the same things but he still knew what to say, “Fuck, you feel so good. Your pussy is taking it so nicely. You’re my pussy, aren’t you?”

“Yesssssss. Your pussy. Your hole, Sir.” I leaned down and kissed him deeply and we moaned as we kissed. He grabbed the back of my head and bit and kissed my neck.

“Ohhh fuck. Don’t stop,” I breathed. “Cum! I want you to cum! In me…now…please!”

Dan started to increase the rhythm of his strokes, trying to fuck me harder, grabbing my hips, grinding and using me to get his cock off. Once again I could feel his cock swell and then unload deep in my ass. Dan grunted as he pushed up into my hips and I ground down onto him. It felt amazing, feeling him cum in me again, feeling his boys swim deep in me. It didn’t make me cum but it got me so close. I started riding him even more rigorously, grabbing his hand, putting it on my cock and telling him to make me cum. I could feel his hot load in my ass making our connection even my slimy and thus more easily rubbing my prostate. The buildup seemed to last forever. I was growling as I could feel it cumming, starting slowly and ever so slowly building like a wave. This was the best part about having sex while high – it just made the sensations more intense while making them last longer.

I could hear my ass making a sloppy noise as I rode him, full of lube and his hot load. His hand gripped me tightly as he rubbed the precum leaking out of my cock all over my crown. My ass made a slapping noise as I bounced on his cock. I swear, it felt like I was in a porno video with Sean still jerking off beside us and Dan and I were the main show. Finally, the buildup became too much and I blasted another load on Dan, the first spurt landing just below his belly button and the rest of it, dribbling out all over his hand, our pubes and my cock. It was such a different orgasm – again, probably owing to how high I was – less intense but longer. Dan kept rubbing my cock, milking every last drop out of me and then rubbing my creamy load all over my cock. A lot of times after I cum , I am too sensitive and can barely stand to have my cock touched but I just let Dan keep squeezing and milking me, rubbing it all over my tool, lost in how good it felt, my head swimming, asking him to not stop.

Sean brought us both back to reality though as he announced he was about to cum too. “I’m gonna cum, man. Where do you want it?” I gaziantep escort simply answered, “Mouth.” I leaned forward and took him into my mouth, right above Dan’s face, giving him a perfect view of the cocksucker I had become. Sean continued to jerk it as I kissed his cock and opened up to feel him blast another beautiful load into my willing mouth. I wasn’t able to deep throat in this position so I grabbed his cock and tried to jerk more into my mouth. He let go of his cock and let me take over as he rubbed my back and held my head gently. When he finally came, I let the load build up a bit in my mouth before swallowing it loudly so Dan could enjoy the show even more. His cock was still in my ass but was slipping out as I was leaning forward and he started to soften but he still had his hand wrapped around my cock. I straightened up and took my mouth off of Sean’s cock, working the last bit of his seed out with my hand, before I scooped it up and worked it into my creamy load that Dan was still working onto my cock. Our hands intertwined as we mixed Sean’s and my loads all over my cock. It felt fucking fantastic.

We smoked another cigarette and cleaned up, each taking turns in the shower. By this point, we were all tired and basically satisfied and satiated. We talked about how hot the experience was and when we could probably do it again. I told Dan I would love to get together with just him if he wanted. Sean eagerly agreed that was a great idea. After all that, when it finally came time to leave, I went to shake hands with Dan but he just grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss. They laughed, “Shaking hands after all that? Don’t forget who owns your ass. Right?” I laughed back, “Yes, sir!” It was a long deep kiss with much tongue. He firmly grabbed my ass before handing me over to Sean who did the same thing. I was exhausted but energized. It was exactly how you should feel after great sex.


After those experiences, that day brought about a change in me. I went back to my girlfriend but some unexpected things happened. I took a look at what I wanted and sexually I felt I had a very, very liberating experience. It wasn’t that I just wanted just guys or just girls; I now wanted to explore and see what sex held for me. My girlfriend was a great girl but things had been going bland for a while especially after the new world that had opened up to me. I wanted freedom. After a couple of months, I decided I needed true freedom and I broke up with her. I was afraid of her finding out and what those repercussions might be and also hurting her if she did find out. She was upset but she agreed things had been changing and we had a fairly amicable break up. I was free to get whatever I wanted now.

I found a new level of confidence and that resulted in me having sex with women a lot more, but I seemed to be wanting other “things”. I met Sean and Dan a few more times, sometimes together, sometimes separately and had hot times with them although nothing seemed to match the excitement of those first times though. After a few months, Sean moved farther away and I lost touch with Dan so hooking up with them didn’t happen anymore. One thing always seemed to be on my mind though – a craving for cock. Feeling it in my mouth. That spongy feel and taste. Licking it from base to head. Feeling it expand. Feeling that hot cream shoot. Feeling a nice dick spread me open and take me. I just needed to have it and Sean and Dan filled that desire a lot for me in person and in my fantasies. Now I would have to go looking for it again.

I had my dildo and often used it on my ass when I jerked off. I bought another one that suction cupped to a wall or floor so I could ride it in the shower or on the floor. I came often with barely touching my dick and my hole became a lot better accustomed taking a pounding without as much soreness the next day although I often only used it by riding it slowly until my dick would explode. I also became more aware of picking up signals from other guys but still didn’t feel comfortable acting out on them. For me, the internet was still the best place to find cock but as anyone who has looked for sex on the internet, there are so many flakes and fakes. I finally had a new experience at the urging of Sean though, who I still emailed and kept in touch with. I posted an ad on craigslist and after sorting through them, I finally found a guy, Allan, who was patient and looked sexy. He and I emailed back and forth and also did some sexy chat. I kept Sean updated on it and eventually felt comfortable enough to go. As always with my schedule, although it is flexible, sometimes it is also quite demanding but we were finally able to set it up. I wasn’t sure if I’d let him fuck me but I really needed to suck some cock. I went over to his apartment and buzzed up. From his photos and stats, he looked pretty good, but as soon as he opened the door, I realized he wasn’t my type – just too short for me and not as sexy as I had imagined. Still, I had come all this way and was super horny.

We had talked about how it would go down in our chats; I would walk in, he would deep kiss me, I would strip naked and he would make me get down and suck his cock after I had pulled it out of his underwear. From there, he would grab my cock and lead me by my dick into his bedroom where I would take his sweet load down my throat. I was very nervous meeting a guy from my city, but my horniness took over when he opened the door and the next thing I knew, I was naked and had dropped to my knees, pulled out his cock and started making it hard with my mouth just as I wanted. It felt so good. So natural. It was so fucking tasty to have a new cock in my cocksucking mouth.

As much as he wasn’t my type, he did have a great cock though; About 7 inches long and fairly thick with it being thicker at the head and a great set of balls. I started working that cock and pulling on his ass, deep-throating him as quickly as I could. I had told him I like it really verbal with lots of dirty talk telling me what a good cocksucker I am but he barely even moaned. Finally he told me to get up and led me to his room, but not by my cock as I wanted, and where he had put on some hot bareback porn as I had requested before in our chats. He told me to get on all fours so he could eat my ass and I eagerly bent over. I absolutely loved getting rimmed and he did an amazing job, tonguing and licking me until I begged him to finger my ass. I was ass up and head down on the bed, begging him to not stop. As much as he wasn’t my type, he had me out of my mind. I was clutching at the sheets, pushing back at him, trying to get that tongue deeper in me. It felt like I was on the verge of cumming so many times and almost overloaded on pleasure. I finally flipped over and swallowed his cock. Instantly he went to moaning which was a turn on but just as soon as he moaned, he started repeatedly saying, “You’re my boy,” and trying to say it in a really deep voice. All I wanted was to swallow his load and leave. Sean and Dan had spoiled me. I guess the fact that he was shorter than me and not dominant enough was just not doing it for me, but being the good cocksucker that I now was, I needed that load. I started bobbing my head and working his cock with my hand. I could feel him start to tense up and he finally creamed down my throat, giving me that prize I was learning to love, more and more.

“You’re a great cocksucker,” he finally said, “Let me take care of that nice cock of yours.” As much as I wanted to get out of there, I was pretty chubbed up and got very hard as soon as he grabbed my cock. He told me to flip over so he could rim me some more. I instantly flipped over and lifted my ass up with my chest down as I reached back and spread my ass cheeks for him. I felt very vulnerable but so turned on at the same time. I was definitely a sub when it came to sex with guys. The thought of being dominated and entered made me insatiable. He rubbed my ass, fingering me before I felt his stubble against my ass. His tongue hit my hole and my dick went even harder. He went to town on my hole causing me to moan as he worked my cock with one hand while spreading my ass open with the other to put his tongue deeper.

“Don’t stop! Oh my god, that’s so fucking good! You’re gonna make me cum!! Don’t fucking stop!”

Allan just kept at it until my dick swelled and blasted a big load all over his sheets. He never stopped milking my cock until I was a shivering overheated mess and my load was smothered all over his hand and my cock. Allan was now spreading my ass cheeks while kissing and licking my ass and its puckering hole. It felt great but then I felt a bit awkward though and had that feeling of just wanting to get out of there, almost like a “straight guilt” or when you don’t want your friends to find out that you banged a fat chick. He was a nice guy but just not my type. I definitely didn’t want to go for a second round and told him I should clean up. After coming out of the bathroom, I got dressed and thanked him, “That was hot. You can definitely eat some ass.” He responded with “Anytime”, and stepped towards me for a kiss but I stepped back and said I had to go.

When I got out to my car, I was a bit confused. While I decidedly enjoyed eating some cock, I was certain that I wouldn’t hook up with him again – Not my type and a letdown in terms of connection. I thought about it for a few days and came to the conclusion that I would need to be pickier. I was hornier than ever and basically, all Alan had done was inflame the itch that I needed scratched. Luckily, just a few weeks later I would get that itch taken care of to a whole new level.


After trying out craigslist for a few more weeks and not finding anything that interested me and after not responding to Allan’s emails, I finally met a guy the old fashioned way. I was on my way down to my car in the elevator when two good looking guys got in. I was pretty sure that one of them was gay but unsure of the other. They didn’t act as a couple and this was the first time I had seen them. When we got down to the underground parking, they let me go first and I was pretty sure they were checking me out. I said “thanks” and carried on. I got in my car and felt instantly turned on.

It took about another week before I saw one of them again. It was the guy whom I wasn’t sure was gay or not. He was taller than me, about the same age and very handsome. I was leaving my building with a date as he was coming into the foyer and again he held the door open. I thanked him and he replied with a smirk, “Anytime…” I almost blushed before I fumbled my way out and my cock started to chub. I was definitely going to have some material for tonight’s jerk off session if I didn’t get any from my date and which turned out to be the case. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait a week before I ran into him again. A few days later I was down in the lobby checking for mail when he came out of the elevator. He was also checking for mail and I wasn’t going to miss my chance to talk to him and find out a bit more. At the very least, I wanted a name for the guy that was now filling my sweet ass every night in my masturbation fantasies.

“How’s it going?” I asked. “Good, ” he smiled, ” Just getting ready to head out for a few drinks tonight. What’s going on with you?”

I could tell he was checking me out and I responded by flirting back a bit. “Drinks on a Wednesday night? That’s starting the weekend quite early.” He smiled and held out his hand, “It’s hump day and it makes the week go faster. I’m Sam.”

I held out my hand, “I’m Matt. I’m just on the 8th floor.” Not sure why I was volunteering that information without it seeming like an invitation almost. I stood closer and it seemed that he also liked to enjoy the green as I could smell marijuana on him. “Lucky guy, you are also in the totally right frame of mind to go out tonight too, aren’t you?” He laughed and said he doesn’t leave home without it. I admitted that I was totally dry and would have to wait a few days. Sam’s eyes lit up “Come up to my place tomorrow. I have a huge bag and totally down to share.”

“That would be awesome. I’ll definitely try to stop by. Are you sure?” I wasn’t completely sure he was gay but I definitely needed some bud. He gave me his apartment number and a time to come by the next day and I was very eager to see how things would turn out. After our conversation, I went up to my place, found some gay porn and edged myself without cumming for an hour. If anything was going to happen tomorrow, I wanted a big load for him.

I could barely sleep that night as I was very anxious at what possibly awaited me and the day moved slowly. I still wasn’t sure if he was gay or not but part of me was hoping to find out very much. My horniness was overtaking me and I needed relief – relief by another man. I needed that itch scratched! I went up about 7:30 and knocked on his door. I was very nervous for a few reasons; one I was buying drugs from a guy I had basically just met which is usually a horrible idea and two, I still wasn’t sure if he was into me and even if he was gay. He answered the door wearing baggy gym shorts and a t-shirt and invited me in. He definitely took care of himself and was well built. He had a couple of joints rolled out on the table and two bags of pot – one big one and one little one, and asked if I was ready to try a sample. I couldn’t wait. He had on some cool chill music and we fired up the joints while talking about where we worked, where we were originally from, just normal everyday things. As much as I was tense from the sexual tension (in my mind at least), the dope we smoked was very mellow and totally put me at ease. I remarked as we passed the smoke back and forth that he was a traditionalist instead of using a pipe or bong. He laughed, “I have a bong but I save it for the right crowd. It can make some people uncomfortable.”

“Uncomfortable?” I responded, “How?”

“It’s an odd shape,” he laughed again.

“I have to see it now!” I laughed back as he had piqued my curiosity.

“You seem like a cool guy so you better not be offended.” Sam got up and went into his room. When he came out he was carrying a medium sized bong about 12 inches long shaped like a cock! At the base where the balls were, was the bowl and the top of the bong had a fat cock head. I started laughing and with the pot starting to kick in, I couldn’t stop laughing. Sam acted mildly offended. “You can’t laugh at my dong!”

“Never! I’m jealous that your cock probably gets passed around more than I ever have!”

“If you don’t stop laughing, I’m going to make you smoke my dong bong!” Sam seemed to be daring me and seeing where he could take this. I was in the perfect frame of mind to let him take me almost anywhere, “Fire it up, then!”

Sam packed the bowl and handed it over to me. “All yours, big boy.”

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