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Cuntress’ surprise

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It had been a long day of preparation and I was almost ready for Cuntress’ arrival. She had given me quite a lot of things to do, starting with saving my cum for a week using a very rigorous masturbation schedule with some humiliation and sissy porn and instructions on how to train my hole. The day included shaving my genital area including my ass crack and then I was to cage myself to ensure I was very horny and easily submitted. I had to give myself 4 enemas, 45 minutes apart while trying to take the full 1.5 liter of water and hold it for at least 15 minutes each time. She really wanted my boypussy to be clean! In between cleaning I was to remain plugged, to ensure I was stretched, and prepare the room.

She was to arrive in the next 20 minutes so I put on the sissy skirt, the phallic gag, unlocked the door, put on the hood and tied myself on all fours across the bed as she had instructed. Lastly, I put on the pair of headphones with some sissy hypnosis she had sent me. There, immobilized, I started to be nervous, anxiously awaiting her arrival to find out what she had in the books for tonight.

I couldn’t hear much given the humiliation and sex noises from the hypnosis but I think I overheard some noise coming from the hallway. My heart increased and I was hoping she would be satisfied with what she would find. I am sure that I was leaking quite a lot from being so horny and from the large plug pushing up against my prostate.

All of the sudden, I felt the sharp sting of the riding crop on my exposed balls which made me jolt forward. Cuntress had arrived and I would be used and abused for as long as she saw fit and however she would like. She worked with the crop to make me nice and tender, and mixed with the hypno, I released a lot of pre cum. I felt her hand pick it up from the cage and likely the sheets, pull the plug off and she shoved some of her coated fingers deep in my mouth. She liked to feed her little slut with her own juices. She then started spanking my ass, likely because I was a dirty slut and I counted and thanked her every single time. After 20, she moved back to continue working on my vulnerable testicules.

While she was behind me, I felt another pair of hands on my face and fingers sliding in my mouth. Who the hell was with her!?!? I couldn’t do anything since I was tied up and I had no idea who it was since I was blinded and listening to the sissification instructions. I assumed it was a man as he tasted like pre cum. Whoever it was, he was turned on and had likely masturbated while watching her give me CBT. He opened my mouth with his fingers and I noticed that Cuntress had changed the audio to some cock sucking hypnosis: what she wanted me to do was very obvious at this point.

I opened my mouth and felt the tip of a warm cock slide inside of it. The salty pre cum turned me on, and Cuntress’ constant mistreatment of my genitals made me release even more pre cum. The man was entering and I wondered if I could take his entire fat cock in my virgin mouth. He started exiting and entering and I knew that he wanted to face fuck me so I closed my lips and tried to make Cuntress proud. He started going faster and since he was huge, it was making me gag. I think that mistress was laughing as he picked up the pace and I felt my eyes water up.

While the man was pounding my throat and sometimes sliding out so that I could lick his amazing shaft, I felt Cuntress take out the butt plug from my ass. I couldn’t şişli escort feel her for a bit but then the bed shook and I felt some lub slide down my crack to my boypussy. She then used the syringe to push something, likely the week’s cum that I had saved, inside my ass as lubricant. The man slowed down and then I felt the tip of a large dildo enter my sissy hole. I stretched me out, despite having prepared most of the day. Thankfully Cuntress is an expert and she manufactured it balls deep in a loving and caring fashion, making sure not to break her little fag.

It then started! She started moving in a slow and steady motion, in sync with the man using my mouth. I felt so full and so slutty, my holes being used up like some worthless whore, pleasuring my queen and her friend. She increased the pace and the motion squeezed me between the wonderful members on both ends. The man took out his cock, made me clean the pre-cum and then made me lick his balls. They were very nice and heavy, full of cum which I was excited about swallowing to make Cuntress proud of her boi.

I then felt another cock, different from the first one since this one was uncut. How many people did Cuntress invite over?!?! He slipped in and I started working himl, making sure he gave me as much juice as possible which would mean I was doing a good job. The two men took turns and used my mouth while Cuntress was ramming my cunt with passion and energy.

After a good 20 minutes of hard pounding, Cuntress stopped and the men moved away. I felt the bed shake and then hands on my ass. She pulled off the headphones.

-Are you ready to become a real fag, sissy? She said standing in front of me.

-Yes, I said, I was born ready Cuntress. Please make me a fag!

– Beg for it sissy, say that you want them to use you until they are ready to fill your whore mouth with their filthy cum, she said.

– Please Sirs, please fill me up with your big cocks and fuck me like the slut I am until you are ready to feed me your alpha seed! I yelled with conviction.

– You see guys, I told you she was a cock whore!

– She sure is, said one.

– What a fucking little bitch, said the other which was behind me. I’m going to destroy her pussy!

– Go ahead, she said, pop her sissy cherry.

He pushed his cock in, in a single motion and I felt his balls slap my ass. He was nice and thick, stretching me nicely and pushing on my prostate which made me spew a lot of liquid through the cage.

– That little whore seems to like it, she said, she is leaking like a bitch in heat. There you go little slut, taste your sissy juices.

She fed me my own pre cum, and there was a lot. The other man moved in and face slapped me with his cock before shoving it down my throat. The guy behind was picking up the pace, and as shameful as it is, I was really liking it. I felt like a little slut, taking a big hard cock in my tight cunt, ass up, mouth filled and getting pounded. I started moaning as the cock in my ass was stretching my boypussy and driving me wild with lust. I could hear Cuntress laughing and I was proud to have made her happy. I heard the sound of pictures being taken but I wasn’t sure who was taking them. I didn’t care at that point anyway, I was enjoying the cocks way too much.

The man behind stopped and I think he was getting close. The bed shook, and I think the other one took his place. While he was longer, he was not as thick, sadly, but he seemed stronger and manlier in the way he grabbed me and rammed me like a fuck doll. The other man took off his condom but before he could start using my mouth, Cuntress slid in front of me and pushed her pussy right into my face. I had never felt her so wet and she yelled:

– Eat me you fag, make me cum hard or I make him stop pounding your cunt!

I obeyed my Cuntress and ate her pussy as hard as I could as I didn’t want the fucking to stop. She started squirting and gushed all over my face and I continued. The bed was getting soaked, and all the sudden she moved off very quickly and the man took her place. I heard a loud grunting behind me and at the same time felt the cock inside my mouth start pulsating: they were both cuming at the same time! I felt a lot of cum flow out of his large head, filling my mouth with delicious salty alpha seed. Cuntress yelled at me not to swallow any yet. I could feel the cock in my ass pulsating hard as the guy pulled out of my mouth and I could only imagine how much cum was in the condom. I felt him come out and he walked around as Cuntress shoved the plug back in my hole to keep it nice and ready.

Cuntress moved closer and to my surprise French kissed me. I was shocked but I liked her kiss that, I assume, was meant as a reward for being a good slut. She spat all the cum back into my mouth and told me to flip my head backwards which I did. Then she opened my mouth and I felt more cum being poured into it: she was emptying the condom!

– Since you’re now really a fag, you must swallow all alpha male cum. That’s what sissies do.

She removed my restraints and got me to kneel on the floor. I felt her use the key and unlock the cage from which my cock sprung.

– Wow! That little bitch was hard the whole time! What a fucking fag, said one of the guys.

– Yeah, she is quite a submissive little slut who likes to do as Cuntress says, aren’t you sissy? She said.

– Mhm mmmhm, I answered with my mouth still full of warm cum.

She told me to keep my eyes down and to stare at the cocks that had used me and took off the blindfold. There I was, fully expose, my boypussy loose with my cock hard and mouth full of yummy cum, looking straight at the two nice cocks that had just made me my Cuntress’ fag.

– I want you to stare at the cock and not swallow while you masturbate your silly little clitty and fill this glass, Cuntress said as she put a little glass down in front of my very hard dick.

I started jerking off as the men and Cuntress kept insulting me.

– What a faggot you are, having cum inside your mouth make you hard you sissy!

– You pathetic fucking whore, you have been wanting that forever I bet!

– No wonder you like to get fucked, with a small dick like that it’s the only thing you are good for!

– Work your pathetic little clitty you fag! Show us how much getting fucked turned you on!

– I bet she has been watching gay porn for a long time!

I couldn’t take it anymore: the insults, the degradation and staring at the beautiful cocks while all of them stared at me, I exploded into the little cup and filled it with a lot of sissy juices.

– Good girl! Exclaimed Cuntress. Now open wide!

She poured it in my mouth and told me to swallow it all. It was a lot of cum but it made me feel like such a dirty little whore. I smiled for a second and returned to looking at the cocks which I now noticed were slowly getting erect again.

– You thought you were done? Said Cuntress. Silly whore, these guys liked your mouth and they want some more! Come with me!

She led me to the couch, where she got me to kneel down. The two men sat down and I was able to finally see the studs that had fucked me. Cuntress indeed had some taste in men: they were both tall, about as tall as me, with muscular build and beards. Both around 40, they looked dominant and confident, the types that you would look up to and not hesitate to follow: ones that would easily pick you up in a bar and have you do all sorts of nasty stuff without hesitating. As they sat down, I knew what I had to do. I took the larger cock in my mouth and started slowly bobbing up and down the shaft while jerking off the other one.

– What a size queen, she said, I knew you’d go for the big cock first.

I took the cock out and went down to lick the balls. They were sweaty and still felt very heavy as I sucked on them. I switched my attention to the other guy and started by licking him from the balls all the way to the head, flicking my tongue under it to make it feel nice. He still tasted like cum and condom and was moaning as I worked on him. I looked up as Cuntressed had taught me to do while pleasing a cock and he smiled at me. I switched back and forth, jerking one while sucking the other when all of the sudden, Cuntress took the plug out and put a large dildo under my cunt.

– I want you to ride this while they get serviced, to show them that you can work more than just 2 cocks at once and maybe we can make that happen, she said.

It was very hard to focus but I think I did very well for a new sissy. In no time, the men were panting and grunting and you could tell they were getting close. Cuntress made them stand up and position themselves on each side of my face. She sat on the couch and started masturbating as she looked at me right in the eyes. The men started to grunt loudly and one started spraying my face with cum. Seeing this made Cuntress come hard a squirt all over me.

– There you go fag, take my seed in your face! He yelled as shots after shots of cum painted my slutty face.

The second one didn’t take much longer and started to shoot but grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat, forcing me to swallow it all. When he stopped cumming, he faced fucked me a bit and then got out.

– Now, stop riding, impale yourself to the balls and clean your face up sissy, said Cuntress.

I lowered myself all the way down the dildo and took one finger to scoop the cum from my face. I then licked it clean and continued until I had eaten all of the warm sperm.

– Now listen sissy, she said, Steve and Kevin are a gay couple I met through friends and they are both tops. This means, they need a hole to fuck when they get horny so I told them I had a little slut I could loan to them and offered them a test drive. Since they seem happy, they will now text you anytime they need someone to work their cocks.

I looked at Cuntress in disbelief but the grin on her face told me that I didn’t have any choice. I looked at the men that would now use my ass regularly and told myself that it wasn’t so bad.

– There is no need to disagree, she said, we both know you want to make your Cuntress happy don’t we? Don’t worry though, they will let you eat your own cummies if you do a good job. Hell, they may even share you with their friends from time to time!

– Thank you Cuntress, I said, accepting my faith. They all started laughing at how pathetic I was.

The end for now…

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