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The clock ticked quietly in the stuffy silence of Dr. Masha’s office. To Tina it seemed loud, out of place. She also thought that the office was humid even though she could feel the cool conditioned air brush past her body. She’d been coming to Dr. Masha for a year but she still felt a tension when coming to his office for a therapy appointment.

Dr. Masha was sitting in his usual chair, mostly behind Tina and the couch she was laying on. Although she couldn’t really see him, she knew the doctor was making some notations in his journal as the session began. Her eyes glanced around the office spotting the same things as every other session with Masha: the stuffed monkey, the panoramic photograph of Rio de Janeiro, the plants which never seemed to grow.

Neither spoke for several minutes. Tina finally gave in.

“I had the dream again this week.”

Masha was silent, waiting.

“It was the train again, most likely a subway or a train in a tunnel, it wasn’t clear…”

“Describe it as if it were happening to you,” interrupted Masha, reminding her of his ground rules.

She swallowed. “I board and have nothing with me. I know that I am expected somewhere and that makes me a little anxious.” She had to stop her fingers from twisting the hem of her blouse.

“It is only after the train began moving that I realize that not only is it pretty packed with people, I am the only woman.”

Dr. Masha made a small sound and Tina paused, straining her ears to see if he was going to say more. After a few moments, she continued.

“I look around and I know these are powerful men, handsome men, rich men. I see cell phones and business suits but some are wearing only board shorts, showing off their muscles.” Tina swallowed, very aware of how powerful these images were to her and how much the retelling was affecting her.

In ways, telling someone, anyone, about the vivid dreams she was having felt like drinking water to quench her thirst but that her thirst didn’t diminish. She had to let it out. Keeping it locked away was difficult, invading her dreams at night or in the day. Still, she couldn’t help feeling ashamed that Kartal Escort Dr. Masha was seeing her every insecurity and dirty impulse.

“Go on,” he said in his low voice. Tina frowned at the chill his voice gave her at that moment.

“Next I start catching their stares. In moments they are all staring at me.”

“How do you feel?”

“I am wet, I mean in my dream I was wet. I felt as aroused as I do when I’m.. well.. wet.”


“So, I step up to one man and kiss him. I feel like electricity leap between us and straight to my nipples and my… um…”

“Your clitoris.”

“Yes, there. So I feel more than wet. I feel light-headed. They are getting naked. In a blink only I have clothes on.”

“What are you wearing?”

“Is… is that important?”

“Anything in a dream may carry vital significance to the dreamer and help us unlock the message.”

Tina took a drink of water. Just telling Dr. Masha, recalling the details was getting her more and more aroused. Her legs shifted on their own, making her feel the tingling and heat of her pussy.

“Well, I…” she began and then looked down herself. “Well, just normal stuff. Like I’m wearing today.” She frowned. Her outfit was a definitely racier than she would ever wear to work: a mid-thigh skirt, thigh high stockings that would show bows at their tops if she didn’t keep her skirt pulled down, high heels, and a blouse that showed some cleavage. She could see she was wearing red hot satin underwear. She didn’t really remember dressing that way that morning. She leaned back and ignored it. The pressure to keep telling the dream was urging her onward.

“I kneel down on the floor of the train car and see that all the men were erect. There are too many cocks to count, their hands smoothly stroking them. I watch their strong hands gripping and pulling them, making the cocks grow and throb.”

For a moment, she sort of lost herself in the memories, visualizing the cocks and men from her vantage point on her knees. She jerked back to awareness when she felt her hand pulling her nipples through her blouse and bra. She moved Tuzla Escort the hand back down to her side.

The clock ticked but it sounded more like a pulse now, a throbbing in the office.

“What do you notice about the cocks?” His voice… did Dr. Masha sound different?

“Um, they are beautiful and big and have translucent pre-come oozing out.” She licked her lips at the thought of it and gave up trying to stop herself.

“What do you do next?”

“I don’t do anything. I kneel there and I… I guess I submit to them. I feel their hands on my head, my shoulders. I feel them holding my wrists behind me. I want them to touch my sex, to give me some release but they don’t.”

“What do they do to you,” urged Masha, speaking up quickly.

“Just like my other dreams… they begin to cum. I can hear them grunt and then thrust out and then cum flies, hitting me on my lips, my face, my shoulders, and my breasts. First one, then another, then two at once, until I lose count of all the cocks and the oozing heat of their cum soaking me… covering… making my clothes a mess…”

“Do you like that? Do you like being cummed on?” pressed Masha, his voice low and gravelly.

“Yes, I want all their cum. I want to feel it on me, in my mouth, in my tummy, sliding down my skin…”

“Is that what you like, Tina? You like getting covered in cum?”

Tina’s mind was whirling. Retelling the dream had never been this powerful, this erotic before. Her pussy was aching for cock and she just wanted to get out of her clothes. Her hand had slipped under her skirt, pulling it up to get there. She felt very flushed and aroused.

“Yes, I love cum, I want cum all the time,” she moaned and felt the dream being left behind. When her hand slid into her panties to stroke her clit, she didn’t stop it. Her other hand slipped inside her blouse to grab and pull on her swollen nipples.

“You’re a cum-slut, Tina,” grunted Masha.

“Unh, yes, yes I am… I want cum from every man I meet. Fill me with cum and cover me with it,” she moaned, fingers moving fast.

She heard him get up from his chair. He Anadolu Yakası Escort stepped in front of her, his own cock big and fat in his stroking hand, sticking out of the fly of his expensive slacks. “I’m going to splash my cum on your face.”

She felt a thrill. Her hand stroked her lips and clit in tight fast circles. She bit her lip, nodding eagerly, her eyes fixed on his cock. Her free hand pulled her blouse open and pulled her bra up to expose her breasts.

Masha’s eyes were half-closed as he moved his cock inches from her face.

“Suck it!” he commanded and Tina quickly leaned up to take the fat head into her mouth. His cock tasted wonderful, full of sex, and coated by precum. Tina sucked and licked desperately until Masha was starting to thrust into her mouth, fucking her. She began moaning and whining in her need to cum.

Masha finally pulled out of her mouth and jerked his shaft rapidly. Tina’s hands worked herself firm and fast, edging her so close to her own explosion. She just needed him to send her over.

When Masha froze, she knew he was about to give her his cum. He aimed his cock well and held it close to her. The first stream shot out and into her mouth. She closed her lips and the second blob came a second later, hitting and coating her lips and nose. As the cum burst all over her face, she pinched her clit and came so hard her body was rocking. She cried out and more cum landed in her mouth.

More cum drizzled out over her cleavage, bra, and blouse as she writhed on the couch. When she started to recover herself after the waves of pleasure, she felt his cock gently wiping all over her face and then slipping in her mouth to be cleaned.

She swallowed the cum in her mouth and licked his cock free of any more. He stepped back and worked to get his cock back in his pants. Tina laid back and let herself focus on his pleasure, the ripples of mini-orgasms, and the sensitivity of her clit to her gentle fingers. Her skirt, panties, blouse, and bra askew and with cum glazing her, she laid there perfectly contented.

“I think we need to explore your dreams further,” said Masha in barely composed tones as he sat back down. “I’m recommending daily sessions with you for the foreseeable future.”

Tina smiled. She wiped up cum from her breast and lazily slurped it from her fingers.

“If you want to bring in some colleagues consult with you on my problem, I fully approve.”

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