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About a year ago, I knew this girl named Hajera. The following is a story about her peculiar interest in me.

The first time I really met Hajera was at her cousin’s wedding events. While I had seen her before, and we even exchanged a few words when her cousin introduced me to her, it wasn’t until the wedding that I really talked to her. There was a party a few days before the wedding, and it was there we really talked in depth. She told me about how she was temporarily living with her cousin’s family and going to school part time. It was brief but it was a start to something that would be special.

The next time I saw her it was the actual wedding day. We exchanged numbers that day and sometimes we would text each other. Eventually, we finally hung out together, since her school was only a mere 15 minutes from my house. It was through those few times out together I began to learn about the person she was. While I wouldn’t say she was a free spirit, she was no where as religious as her cousins. She also was a bit lost when it came to her future for herself, which I could relate to, since I was too.

We were to lost souls who drifted from the ideas and goals predetermined by our families. We both had experimented with drugs and seemed to both going against the tide. We also had many of the same interest in music and lots of things in common, like our liberal views and our desire to be unique and different.

Eventually, we would hang out every week or so, usually with me picking her up after she was done with class and I was off from work. I would take her out to lunch or dinner, or we would cruise the mall, but these were all backgrounds for us to get to know each other and chat. And like any two people of the opposite sex who spend enough time with each other, feelings began to brew.

While we never ended up dating or anything, we both had feelings for each other. While I believe I liked her more than she liked me, we never really talked about us. It just happened one night. I was dropping her off to her cousin’s place and when she approached the front door and noticed no one was home, she invited me in. While we just sat on the couch and watched TV for a bit, one thing led to another, and Hajera leaned in to me. I responded in turn, and kissed her lips. I then caressed her shoulders and arms as we continued to kiss.

Nothing more happened that night, but it was our first intimate moment with each other. While the next time we saw each other things seemed a little off, eventually we both got comfortable with each yet again, and we made out a few escort sultangazi times. We would never go any further than lip locking, but sometimes I would fondle her breasts through her shirt as we kissed, and in kind, she would rub my crotch through my pants.

One late afternoon, I picked her up from outside her school, just like normal, and we decided to drive around. After a while, we ended up not doing much so I figured I’d just drive her home. Yet she made it clear that she didn’t want to go back just yet, and so we drove to a nearby man made lake. We parked near a rather isolated part of the lake and chilled.

We were just trading jokes and small talk back and forth when it began to get a little hot in my car. Hajera then took off the sweatshirt she was wearing, and while I didn’t even care the slightest at the time, when I saw that underneath was just a light blue tank top, my eyebrows raised just a bit.

It would be a good time now to describe Hajera to you. She was a half Pakistani half Indian girl. She had dark hair, a coffee bean brown that went well with her olive toned skin. It was jaggedly cut an part to the left, slightly cover her eye. She would sometimes wear black framed glasses but mostly she had her contacts in. Now Hajera was a petite girl, probably on 5’3” with a slender frame. Her breast were modest and her behind was standard but cute. Her best features were her nose and lips. I don’t know what liked more, the nose piercing that gleamed in the sunlight or that long smile she had, with her upper lip curling ever so slightly.

Back on the lake, I looked at Hajera, her hair slightly messed by her sweatshirt coming over her head. Because we were sitting right next to each other, I could see slightly down her top, but I caught myself soon after I stared. And so did Hajera. She looked over at me with a wry smile saying “I don’t mind, so don’t worry about it”. All I could respond with was to make a silly excuse. Hajera laughed it off, and the next thing she did was what really caught me by surprise, She then lifted up her tank top and pulled it off, revealing the white satin bra she had underneath. She glanced at me, saying “here is a better view”.

I just stood their, almost in shock. I didn’t even more but one part of my body did respond. Suddenly, I noticed a bulge growing in my jeans, and I prayed Hajera didn’t notice. Yet she was a perceptive one, catching it before I could make a move at hiding my sudden growth. She motioned to me with her eyes, but since I have always had trouble interpreting signals, escort bahçeşehir I responded with a only a look of bewilderment. Seeing my confusion, she said only three words “show and tell”.

I knew what that meant, but not wanting to seem forward, asked “do you wanna me to take it out”. She answered with a jubilant smile and a few nodes of her head. I then unzipped my pants, and the tent pole in my boxers was now clear and present. Hajera then asked “may I?” to which I responded “of course”. She then reached over with her left hand, and pulled my penis out of my boxers. It was rather hard now, with the veins clearly visible. She didn’t say anything, just looked at it transfixed.

Now I’m not well endowed or anything. I’m not gonna pretend here and lie to you. I’m average size with a decent girth. Nothing special but I’ve never had any complaints and I’m not embarrassed of the fact I’m not hung like a porn star.

Hajera now had her hand around my shaft, and doing what comes naturally, she began to move her hand up and down it. While she began rather slowly, she began to increase her speed in jerking my cock. Meanwhile, half of my mind was clouded by her jacking me off and the other half was furiously looking around to see if the coast was all clear. Luckily it was, as I had picked a good spot. A very good spot.

After a while of jerking me, Hajera stopped. She kept her hand around my shaft but then began to speak. “When was the last time you had a blow job?” she asked to me, which I responded with an unenthusiastic shrug of my shoulders. She snickered, saying “well, if you don’t remember, it’s been too long”. She then put her hands behind her back and unlatched her bra. Off dropped her bra, revealing her perky tits. Her nipples were obviously erected, as she was now getting aroused. Her nipples were small but dark and pointed like arrows right at me.

“Lean your seat back” she said, to which I pulled the lever to lean it almost to the point it was flat. “Relax” were the next words she said as she lowered her head towards my penis. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, so I put one hand on her back and the other to my side. She then slowly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick. She then took it in her mouth going down on it a inch or two before coming up completely. My penis was oozing pre-cum and she licked the tip of it, She then licked the sides of my dick until I was all wet with her saliva.

She then took me back in her mouth and began to go down deeper on me. Pretty soon she was able to fit all escort beşiktaş but an inch of me into her throat. She sucked me, coming up for air ever so slightly, then licking the top of my penis to use her saliva as lubricant. Meanwhile, I rubbed her back as she blew me. My eyes flickered like channels back and fourth from her smooth lips around my penis to her breasts, swaying ever so slightly.

After she had been blowing me for nearly 10 minutes, she paused for a moment. Her eyes looked into mine and she asked “are you going to cum yet? I wanna taste you”. I responded “I don’t know, I think soon with how great you are sucking”. She smiled and chuckled a light “thanks”.

She then began to suck me tighter, so tight that I could slightly feel her teeth graze against the skin of my penis. She also began to rub me up and down furiously with her hand, her grip tightening. I now had one hand groping her left breast, feeling her nipples through my fingers and touching my palm.

A minute later, I began to feel my heartbeat increase, and I knew I was climaxing. I whispered into the air “I’m going to cum”. She responded by continuing to suck me, but her hand was now rigorously jacking me off or cupping my testicles. I then began to cum into her mouth. She stopped moving up and down, instead, closing her eyes and taking all the cum into her jaw. With every spurt, I clung onto her breast, taking nearly all of her tit in my hand. With my last shot into her, I let go of her chest and sat back, slightly exhausted, my chest heaving.

I zoned out for a mere second before I felt a tapping on my hand. Hajera had leaned up on me and her face was now right by my chest. She had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, even with her mouth open. She had her lower jaw jutting out, allowing me to see all the cum I had produced inside her mouth. Before I could say anything, she closed her mouth, and swallowed it all. My eyes almost bulged out of their sockets, as she stuck out her pink tongue, nearly clean of all the cum but a few sticky white strands around the sides of her inner cheek.

Hajera then put her bra and blue top back on, while I caught my breathe. After she was done changing, we looked at each others direction and couldn’t help but let out a bit of a laugh. Hajera then told me “now I’m ready to go home”, and I drove her back.

After we arrived, Hajera got out of the car, but lowered her head, looking into the passenger window. “What do you normally eat?” she asked me, to which I responded with a mere “why do you ask?”. She smiled at me saying “because you taste so sweet”. She then waived goodbye. I drove off, not really understanding what she meant, only for it to finally hit me while I was driving on the freeway.

Little did I know that slight comment would lead Hajera and me into a relationship that would be something truly unique.

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