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Cum Sluts Sophie and Mel

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Big Dicks

**All characters over 18**

I wasn’t sure why I was at the party. I am more of a stoner than a drinker, and I was clearly the only one around who fit that category. The music was throbbing, loud, and the house was littered with spilled drinks and dixie cups amongst other miscellaneous garbage.

I carried my cup of coke to the door, and carefully walked around the patio where a number of people were dancing, sitting beside the pool on the other side of them.

Bored, I began to watch the dancers. I saw my friend Warrick, who’d invited me, dancing with his girlfriend. There were a number of couples dancing near them, along with a number of sexy girls dancing with each other or the odd alpha male who’d jump in to test the waters.

My eyes caught on a girl who, like most people here, I didn’t know. She was dancing with three other girls who I presumed were her friends. She had a captivating figure with modest but shapely breasts, a thin waist and a booming ass which had me sold in an instant. She wore a tight black dress which had thin shoulder-straps and an open back, the bottom coming down to just beneath the curve of her ass. Her skin was tanned dark, and her long dark, curling hair, was held up loosely, with some strands hanging over her shoulder.

She saw me watching and looked away, quickly, smirking. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it, but I felt like she turned slightly to give me a better view of her ass as she danced. I saw her say something and her friends all looked over, so I looked away hastily.

We played a game for a while, she and I, catching each other casting glances until her and another girl from the group wandered off.

I looked down into my cup before swallowing the last gulp, deciding to go get something else to drink.

Walking into the house, through the living room and into the kitchen I saw the two of them coming down the stairs in the lounge room, I guess from the bathroom. As I opened the fridge and evaluated my options, they came in, giggling, and went to get cups from the counter-top. I got out the same bottle of coke and carried it to where I’d left my cup on the counter.

Looking over, I Manisa Escort caught the girls staring at me and they burst out laughing.

“My friend wants to know if you have a girlfriend,” said the pretty girl in the black dress.

Her friend was not as skinny, but looked sexy, very busty, with similar tan skin and dark hair.

“Wh-Uh-N-no,” I replied, far less smoothly than I would have liked, taken aback by the question.

The two girls were giggling again, but they were both looking at me still.

“Well, in that case, my friend would like to know if you like naughty girls,” continued the first girl.

More prepared this time, and slightly more composed, “yeah…”

Damnit! Was that the best I had!?

Now the friend approached me, slowly, until she was pressing the front of her body into mine, pushing me back to the counter. She leaned right forward, putting her mouth next to my ear, putting a hand on my neck as she breathily said “I want your cum.”

Smiling at my stunned look as she leaned back, she took me by the hand and lead me out of the kitchen, through the lounge, up the stairs and into the bathroom at the top of them. The first girl entered behind me and locked the door before they both pressed against me. In front of me, the busty girl rubbed her hands over my chest through my shirt and kissed me as the other girl pressed into my back, wrapping her arms around me to reach for my dick which was now hard in my pants.

I soon felt my belt being unfastened as the girl in front of me broke our kiss to lift my shirt over my head.

When it was off I reached for her breasts, squeezing them through her top as she bit her lower lip and began to drop to her knees.

The girl behind me helped me off with my shoes and my pants as the busty girl wrapped the fingers of one hand around my cock and the other around my balls, tentatively licking the head of my dick, looking up, enjoying my shocked and consenting expression.


walked around me to kneel next to her friend who was sliding the head of my dick in and out of her mouth. Looking up at me she said “by the way, my name’s Mel, Manisa Escort Bayan and my friend here, with your dick in her mouth, her name is Sophie.”

“Oh, hi, my name’s Dave,” I answered.

Sophie moaned a hello as I felt myself pressing against her throat, her lips sliding further and further down my shaft.

Mel reached an arm around Sophie and pulled her strapless dress down over her large tits, squeezing them and rubbing the nipples. She then took one of my hands and laid it on the back of her friend’s head, pushing down firmly. I had to grab the sink with my other hand as I almost lost my balance, feeling my dick slide entirely into Sophie’s hungry mouth as she looked up at me, lust in her eyes.

After a moment Mel released her grip and Sophie came up for air at which point Mel slid her hand up and down my dick, now slick with Sophie’s saliva. Pulling the head towards her, she slid me into her mouth.

Mel grabbed my hand and put it on the back of her own head, encouraging me to fuck her face, which I gladly proceeded to do. Sophie was rubbing one of her tits and fingering herself while watching.

“Will you cum on me? I want you to cum all over me,” she said as she was rubbing herself. “I love cum so much!”

At this point Mel, whose lips were wrapped around the base of my dick, came up for a breath, saying “mm, me too, and your dick tastes so good! I can’t wait to taste your cum!”

I didn’t really know what to say, I was sort of in shock.

“Are you going to give us your cum?” Asked Sophie, looking up at me, pouting.

“Yes, yes of course!” I answered, more eagerly than I would have liked.

“Mmm,” moaned Mel, her hand jacking me off as Sophie leaned forward to suck my balls, “do you want to fuck me? Do you want to feel your dick inside my tight, slutty, body?”

“Y-yes” was all I could say, but she felt the way my cock jumped in her hand.

She stood next to me and bit her lip as she lifted her dress over hear head, dropping it on the floor next to her. She stood next to me, placing her hands on the sink, smirking at the way I was staring at her tits. Poking her Escort Manisa ass out and looking over her shoulder as she wiggled it, she looked back at me, pouting now, and said “please, I want your big dick deep in my asshole.”

Sophie grabbed my dick as I was almost too happy to respond. She led me around to stand behind Mel and spat on my dick before positioning the head of it against Mel’s puckered rosebud as she looked back at me sexily, over her shoulder.

I put my hands on her ass and began to push forwards, suddenly popping in beyond her sphincter and quickly sliding further in as she gasped sharply.

I stopped but she looked down and nodded at Sophie who put her hand on my ass and pushed me forward until I could feel my trimmed pubes against Mel’s gorgeous bubble butt.

“Fuck me!” Mel moaned loudly.

I did just that, fucking her ass as hard and deep as I could as she moaned and writhed and ground back onto my dick.

Mel moaned loudly, “Oh, my god! That feels so good! I can feel your cock so far inside my ass, oh, fuck me like a slut!”

The feeling was so intense I was soon on the verge of cumming, which I announced with a bead of sweat running down my face and chest.

Sophie immediately stopped me and Mel straightened up, pulling herself off my dick, dropping down to her knees in front of me, next to her friend.

They stuck their tongues out and I’d watched enough porn to know that now it was my turn to do the work as I grabbed my dick and began to jerk myself off, cumming almost straight away.

The first spurt went diagonally across Mel’s face, not quite wetting her hair before I shot another jet straight into Sophie’s hungry mouth.

The subsequent three or four bursts hit them in the neck, chin and chest as both of them began collecting cum on their fingers and licking it off again.

Mel leaned forward and sucked the head of my dick fiercely, draining me of everything I had in me before turning to Sophie. They embraced, sliding their cum-soaked tits against each other’s as Mel let the cum drip from her mouth into Sophie’s, who slurped at it hungrily before drooling it down onto her chest where they both ran their fingers through it before licking them clean again and swallowing, giving me a look into their empty mouths.

“Your cum is really good,” Sophie said to me.

“Yeah,” said Mel, “and you fucked my ass so deep and good! How about we give you our numbers?”

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