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Cullen Ch. 06

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Cullen gradually woke up the next morning. He peeled himself out of bed and took a shower. He got dressed and at a piece of cold pizza. He then turned his attention to the computer. It was a new day and he needed some new cock or some new ass. His romp with Ty hit the spot, but he needed more. He didn’t feel bad about cumming in him or forcing him to do the same to him. He fired up his computer and pulled out his penis. He stroked it gently while looking on craigslist.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

He put his penis away and looked outside. It was a beautiful day out. The sun was shining and there appeared to be a light breeze blowing. Maybe he needed to stop using craigslist and give the whole meeting men a real shot in the real world. He made himself a quick breakfast and got dressed. He took a small bottle of lube with him. He got into his car and drove to the park. But not just any park. He went to Harvey Milk Memorial Park, a park named after the gay activist. And like any park named after a homosexual crusader it was known for cruising and other gay debauchery. It had been a while since he’d been there. A lot of gay couples were there the last time he was there and it made him uncomfortable. And this time it was the same thing. He saw several gay couples holding hands and a few walking dogs. He walked around for a few minutes before finding a seat on an empty bench. He pulled out his phone and checked his e-mail. Nothing of any importance, just a newsletter from some restaurant he liked and something from Redbox. He looked up for a moment and saw a younger man looking at him. Cullen shot him a smile. He started walking towards him.

“Hey,” the young guy smiled as he waved his hand.

“Hey,” Cullen replied.

“Mind if I sit down,” he asked.

“Go ahead,” Cullen replied.

The young man sat down at the other end of the bench.

“You can sit closer,” Cullen laughed.

“Oh,” the young man laughed as he slid down the bench.

“I’m Cullen.”

“Kieran,” the young man replied as he stretched out his hand.

“Nice to meet you,” Cullen laughed as he grasped his hand.

“So what brings you here,” Kieran asked.

“I don’t know,” Cullen started, “you know whatever. Nice day out.”

“Same here,” Kieran laughed, “haven’t had any luck.”

“With what,” Cullen asked.

“I mean have you had any luck,” Kieran asked.

“Luck with what,” Cullen asked.

“You know,” Kieran replied.

“First time here in a while,” Cullen replied.

“Oh,” Kieran replied.

“I use Craigslist a lot,” Cullen laughed, “but thought I’d get out in the real world again. Met a guy at the mall the other day.”

“How was that?”

“Good,” Cullen replied, “feels good meeting people; organically.”

“You want to go somewhere,” Kieran offered.

Cullen looked him over. He was good looking had a few freckles to go with his red hair. He wasn’t overly ginger. He looked a bit different than a twink, had a bit of fat on him.

“Yeah,” Cullen shot back as he grabbed Kieran’s hand.

They stood up. Kieran interlocked his fingers into Cullen’s. Kieran lead the way. They made a short trip to one of the park’s bathrooms. Kieran opened the door and let Cullen in.

“Here we are,” Kieran laughed as he shut the door.

“This is nice,” Cullen laughed.

“The park really keeps it up,’ Kieran replied.

Cullen was surprised at the size of the bathroom and the fact that the door had a deadbolt on the inside. It didn’t smell too bad, most public gaziantep escort restrooms do. The last time he had been a sexual encounter in one it smelled terrible. He was on a business trip and had given a trucker a blowjob.

“So,” Kieran started.

“So,” Cullen laughed.

“You a top or bottom?”

“Versatile,” Cullen shot back.

“So am I,” Kieran replied.

“How should we decide,” Cullen asked.

“Rock, paper, scissors,” Kieran laughed, “whoever wins gets to top.”

“How about whoever wins chooses the positions,” Cullen laughed, “I’m down for both.”

“Okay,” Kieran laughed.

They looked at each other and got their hands ready.

“On three,” Kieran laughed.

Cullen nodded and they both raised their fists. They pounded them into their hands once. They both let out quick smiles. A second time, and finally the third time, they finally lifted their hands up and shot out their selections simultaneously. Cullen shot out scissors and Kieran had chosen paper.

“Shit,” Kieran let out.

“Best two out of three,” Cullen laughed.

“Perfect,” Kieran replied.

They went at it again. This time Kieran chose a bit better. Cullen shot out rock and Kieran wisely stuck with paper again.

“One and one,” Cullen laughed.

“It all comes down to this,” Kieran laughed.

They did it again. Both slammed their fists into their open palms three times and on the fourth their selections were shot out. Cullen kept rock as Kieran chose scissors.

“Shit,” Kieran said in a defeated tone.

“Looks like I’m the winner,” Cullen laughed.

“I know,” Kieran shot back, “what do you want to do?”

“I pitch, you catch,” Cullen said in a snide tone.

“Fuck,” Kieran replied, “I really wanted to top.”

“You made the rules,” Cullen laughed.

“Yeah,” Kieran laughed, “let’s do this.”

Cullen laughed for a few seconds as they stripped off their clothing. Cullen pulled out his bottle or lube and put it on the paper towel dispenser. They both attempted to fold their clothes and put them in different sinks. For obvious reasons they both kept their shoes on. They looked over each other’s naked bodies. Kieran was pleased with what he saw. Cullen’s penis was a good seven inches erect. Kieran by contrast was only about four. Maybe it was a good thing that Cullen was the top.

“Shit,” Kieran let out.

“What,” Cullen asked.

“I don’t have a condom,” Kieran said in a serious voice.

“Neither do I,” Cullen replied

“Just want to suck each other off,” Kieran offered.

“No,” Cullen replied, “I came here to fuck. And besides I never use condoms.”

Kieran contemplated leaving but he needed this. It had been a while since he’d been fucked. And he couldn’t risk bringing men home. His parents didn’t like guests. And he liked to play it safe. But something about Cullen said he could trust him. He knew Cullen wouldn’t do anything stupid.

“Since you don’t have a condom,” Kieran laughed, “I’ll have to lay down some ground rules.”

“What’s that,” Cullen replied.

“You can do whatever you want,” he let out, “but you can’t cum in my asshole. I’ll swallow your shit, but I don’t want it in my ass. Got it.”

“Got it,” Cullen replied in a less than serious tone.

“I fucking mean it,” Kieran shot back, “do not fucking cum in me!”

“Got it,” Cullen said in a tone that seemed more appropriate.

“Good,” Kieran laughed, “let’s do it.”

Kieran quickly dropped to his knees and engulfed Cullen’s penis in his mouth.

“Fuck,” Cullen let out.

Kieran sucked him good for a few minutes. Cullen liked the way we was sucking but he wanted to get down to business. He wanted to fuck!

“Let me eat your ass,” Cullen said as Kieran gripped his balls.

“Yeah,” Kieran replied as he took Cullen’s penis out of his mouth.

Kieran bent over the toilet. Cullen walked behind him and knelt down. He reached forward and pulled his butt cheeks apart revealing his hole. Cullen reached forward and took a deep whiff of his asshole. It smelled horrible! Kieran had probably been walking around the park for some time that’s why it was so wretched. It was probably one of the worst he’d smelled. But that never stopped him before. He felt it was his duty to clean it for him. Cullen pushed his tongue deep into his asshole. The taste of sweat and feces quickly invaded his mouth. But he pushed past the taste and kept probing his asshole. Kieran sighed and moaned with every push. Cullen pulled away from his asshole for a second and spit on it. He leaned in again and continued to eat away.

“Fuck,” Kieran moaned as Cullen flicked his tongue up and down.

Cullen looked back for a moment and grabbed the lube on the sink. He poured some into his hand and began to get his penis ready. He stroked it a few times while keeping his mouth on Kieran’s asshole.

“Fuck me,” Kieran laughed.

“Let’s do it,” Cullen shot back.

Cullen pulled Kieran’s cheeks apart for a moment to see how his hole looked. It was nice and open. Cullen slid a wet finger quickly. Kieran gripped the sink as Cullen probed and inspected his asshole.

“It’s ready,” Cullen laughed.

Cullen pulled his finger out and gripped his penis. He slid it into Kieran’s asshole quickly.

“Oh,” Kieran moaned as Cullen’s hips pressed against his.

“Feels so fucking good,” Cullen exhaled.

He nearly pulled out of Kieran and slammed back into him. He thrust a few more times getting a good pace going. Cullen looked in the mirror and smiled at himself. He could see Kieran’s face contorted with pleasure. Kieran screamed out a few times as Cullen fucked him.

“Quiet,” Cullen whispered.

“Sorry,” Kieran shot back as a bead of sweat fell off his nose.

“Take it faggot,” Cullen whispered.

“What,” Kieran exhaled as Cullen continued to slam into him.

“Take it,” Cullen let out, “take it.”

Cullen slammed into him a few more times. For some reason he wanted to end it rather quickly, a park bathroom is probably not a good place to be having sex for a long period of time. He suddenly lost control.

“I’m gonna cum,” Cullen exhaled.

“Shit,” Kieran replied as Cullen’s hips collided with his.

Cullen pulled him close to him and didn’t want to let go. Kieran could feel Cullen’s nails dig into his hips as he pressed deep into him. Cullen desperately wanted to spill his seed into him. It would assert his dominance and prove that he was superior to him, or at least he thought it would.

“Don’t,” Kieran shot out.

Cullen attempted to keep his penis inside of him but Kieran kept pushing back on him.

“I need this,” Cullen strained, “please….”

“Stop,” Kieran yelled.

“Okay,” Cullen complied as he bit his lip.

Cullen slowly pulled out of him and gripped his penis. Kieran looked over Cullen for a second. He looked weak and kind of out of it. Cullen had a strong grip on his dick. Kieran then dropped to his knees in front of him. Cullen couldn’t contain his seed. The first surge of sperm flew out onto Kieran’s face and part of it got in his eye. He shrugged it off and wrapped his mouth around Cullen’s penis. Cullen gripped his hair and his sperm surged into his mouth. Even with the awful taste of his bitter sperm Kieran kept it in his mouth as Cullen’s penis emptied its contents. Cullen slowly pulled his penis out of Kieran’s mouth. A bit of the sperm fell out. But Kieran like a good boy swallowed the remainder and put out his hand quickly and caught the spilling contents. He licked it off his hand and swallowed it. Cullen leaned against the sink and breathed heavily. Kieran wiped the remaining sperm off his face and swallowed it. Kieran still had an erection and like Cullen just did, it needed a release. Kieran pulled himself up and looked over the toilet and wiped it off. He put the seat protector down and sat on in. Cullen looked him over and smiled. Kieran motioned with his finger and smiled. Cullen walked up to him and got on his knees. It was now his turn to return the favor. He tried to keep his knees from touching the dirty floor. But it was pointless. He had to if he wanted to maintain a good balance. He quickly wrapped his mouth around his penis and began to suck it. Kieran moaned as Cullen worked his way up and down his penis. Kieran enjoyed the way Cullen was sucking. He didn’t want it to end. Cullen kept up a good pace of sucking his dick. Kieran could tell Cullen was getting frustrated with sucking him. Cullen wanted to taste his cum badly. He wanted his seed. Kieran stood up and Cullen moved with him. Keeping his penis in his mouth. Cullen quickly jammed a finger in Kieran’s asshole. Cullen was surprised that didn’t force him to cum. Kieran winced as Cullen’s finger was stuck in his asshole. Cullen finally began to move his finger up and down. His pace quickened and he furiously began to finger fuck his asshole. Kieran’s body began to buckle and contract. Cullen jammed a second finger in him and thrust them up and down a few more times. Kieran let out a few groans and then it happened. The warm salty essence of life spilled into Cullen’s mouth. He pulled his fingers out as the liquid filled his mouth. Cullen contained it in his mouth as he pulled the penis out of his mouth. He swallowed it in one big gulp. Kieran sat back down on the toilet. Cullen licked his fingers savoring the taste of Kieran’s asshole. He stood up and walked to Kieran, who stood up as well. Cullen planted a deep kiss on him. They could both taste their respective seeds during the kiss, Kieran could even taste his asshole. Kieran pulled away first.

“Fuck,” Kieran laughed.

“You liked that,” Cullen asked.

“Yeah,” Kieran replied.

They both grabbed their clothes and got dressed. When they were fully clothed Kieran gave him a hug. Cullen held him tightly for a few seconds before Kieran pulled away. Cullen heard something drop as Kieran began to walk to the door.

“You dropped something,” Cullen let out as Kieran walked out.

Cullen didn’t notice what it was and just stuck his head out of the bathroom and looked around for his friend. He scanned the park. He wasn’t there.

“Shit,” Cullen whispered as he walked back into the bathroom.

He looked down and noticed the item he had dropped. It was a small bag filled with a white powder. He picked it up and held it in his hand for a second. He opened it and took a quick whiff of it.

“Tina,” he whispered.

He reached into the bag with his little finger and scooped a bit of the powder out of the bag. He brought it to his nose and sniffed it quickly.

“Yes,” Cullen exhaled.

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