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Cuckold Curiosity Ch. 01

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A regular cuckold situation would never work for my husband and I. My husband is large, masculine, and prefers to dominate me.

Although my mind is full of sexual desires and fantasies, my own image problems of myself prevent me from being as assertive and sexual as I would like to be.

I am happy with my husband and mine’s sex life. My husband has a larger than average cock, both in length and thickness. He fills me up well, he lasts long, he drives deep. He, in every definition, is a MAN and I love it.

However, all this aside, I am not always able to orgasm during sex. When my husband and I met I was a meek 18 year old aspiring model. He was 26 and still enjoying his college buddies. Why he settled on me I will never know!

It was definitely a wake up call for me. I was used to the older teenage and frat boys that were following me around like lost puppy dogs, ready to hump my leg at any given opportunity. Moving from that to my husband, who rarely drops a compliment and who’s idea of foreplay is smacking my ass and asking me to come play with his cock is a different world.

I have no urge to cheat on my husband, I have no urge to divorce my husband. I love him and I love how much of a man he is. But I will admit, during my few times when I am alone and dont have to worry about my image issues and I can take the time to love at my own body and pleasure myself, I often think about the boys that nearly worshiped me.

Generally my fantasies start with a small seed that quickly blooms. just a quick passing thought and then it evolves into a story that floods and occupies the majority of my mind. This has been the most recent.

We have done it before and i have no doubt we will do it again. Placing a casual encounters ad. Nothing has really come of it yet. We talk to a few people here and there, but they always end up flaking out on us. But all well, the attention is nice while it lasts!

This time around, it doesnt just end though. This time we placed an ad for something a little different. a cuckold style relationship, but not with my husband. Instead of me having my husband in a cuckold, we want a boy toy that we can use in one instead.

Christian is exactly what I have been looking for. He is younger than both my husband and I at 22, he is short for a man, scrawny, baby faced, glasses and extremely shy.

When he comes over for the first time he barely talks. He sips at his drink and sits on the couch adjacent from us. He answers questions when we try and converses politely, but for the most part, he keeps to himself.

My husband is not a voyeur or an exhibitionist. he is hands on and could not possibly care less when it comes to watching people or having people watch us. He merely humors me because he knows that I enjoy it.

Christian wants to be here, we know that much. We have exchanged enough emails, but we have also made it clear that he is not to be aggressive, he is not to touch me, and this is not meant to be a threesome. I have my husband’s cock, i really dont want another in me. But I do like to see them.

My husband starts in with his usually casual game, pulling my head down to rest in his lap and then sticking his hands down my tank top to start flicking at my nipples. This is another way he humors me. He is an ass man. He likes the look of my tits when I am riding him, but for the most part he just wants to bend me over and concentrate on my ass, my boobs are just a bonus. However, he knows its the quickest way to get me going, so he starts to play.

My thoughts are racing. Fear, excitement, guilt, shame. It’s all rolled together with a pounding heart beat. I try to watch tv, I try to relax, I try to concentrate on ANYTHING but the shy boy across from us.

My curiosity gets the best of me and I glance at Christian. He quickly looks away. He is obviously equally as curious, but also as scared and slightly ashamed as I am. I roll over a bit more so I am flat on my back with my head in hubby’s lap, my legs stretched out, my simple loose cotton skirt around my knees.

Hubby takes the cue just as I knew he would. He knows the things I want, but I will always be too shy and ashamed to request. He hooks a thumb into my tank top and pulls it down, letting my breasts pop out of it and into the welcoming air.

My breasts are by no mean large. I am a light C cup. But, they are round with small pink areolas and quick to respond hard nipples. Having kids has left them stretched marked, but I have tried my damnedest to keep them as firm and perky as Escort İstanbul I possibly can for my husband.

I look back at Christian again. He is looking longingly and intently at my breasts and then feels me looking. He looks up at me with wide eyes and then quickly looks away again, blushing faintly. I close my eyes and let my husbands palms sweep across my nipples, let him grip at my tits and let myself get aroused. I tune out sound and concentrate on my breathing, relaxing, every stroke and press, letting it ripple through me.

My husband grabs at my arms again and pulls me up, stripping my shirt from me in one quick movement and then pulling me too him to straddle him. He licks at my nipples for a second, looks me in eye and bites gently at one. He knows I love watching him and he is putting on a show for me. He grabs my hands and shoves them on to his crotch.

My husband is not hard yet. Of course not! my husband has had his fair share of women. He has had me for years now, just touching my tits is not going to have him erect. So I go to work, rubbing his thighs and tracing my fingers over the outline of his limp cock against his shorts.

I lean forward and begin to kiss him deeply, shoving my tongue into his mouth, biting at his lips. This is my one thing that I know always turns him on, its my one weapon that gives me the upper hand. I press his hands away from my tits and then press my tits into his chest. Rubbing them against him while we make out, all the while feeling Christian’s eyes on my curved back.

I take a break from kissing my husband and look him in the eyes. He smiles and runs his hands down my curvy sides to my hips, pulling me forward to feel how hard he has become. No matter how many times I feel my husband get hard, it always gives me a power trip and his size always seems to surprise me.

I quickly unzip my husbands fly and pull apart the button and start to fumble inside his boxers for his cock. I pull it out and spend a moment marveling at it as I have time and time again. The coloring of it, the smoothness of the skin, how I can just fit my thumb and middle finger around it. It is literally like me was made just for me.

I move off my husband and onto the floor, making sure to place myself to the side of my husbands knee instead of between them. I want Christian to get a good long look at my husband’s size and to see how masculine he is. I take a peak back to see that Christian is indeed looking, his head hung softly, trying not to look, but unable to look away. There is a noticeable tent pitched in his pants, but his hands remain at his sides.

I lower my mouth onto my husband pole and slowly sink down until it hits the back of my throat. Grabbing at his balls I slowly slide my mouth back up again, pressing my tongue to him and feeling every detail.

I turn my eyes toward Christian again, looking him straight in the eye while I slide my mouth back down and grip with the other hand.

Christian raises his hands to adjust himself, and then drops them right back down to his sides. I know that he must be absolutely throbbing, he HAS to be in pain, and yet, he wont touch himself without someone giving him the go ahead first.

My husband puts his head back, sighs and enjoys my mouth, reaching up here and there to rub my shoulders or grab a handful of hair to push me down deeper. I suck and slurp as hard as I can, pulling off here and there to catch my breath and stroke my hand quickly up and down.

I stand up and slip my little skirt down, kick it away and drop back to my knees between my husbands legs. this time right between them so I can look up at my husband, sticking my ass out so Christian can get a good view of me in my thong.

I can feel his eyes all over me and its making me more aroused than I thought it would. Part of it is fear and adrenaline, I always worry about my mommy body. but he isnt leaving, so that has to be worth something.

I also have something that Christian has a extreme fetish for, but I am going to hide for a little while longer.

I look up into my husband’s eyes as I deep throat him and he looks down into mine with the adorable half smile that I fell in love with. I know this isnt his thing, but he is not about to turn down a blow job with as much vigor as I am putting in! He is doing this for me, and I love him for it!

I can feel the moisture between my lips growing, I can feel my lips start to swell and throb, my clit is becoming erect, although still hidden under my hood. It wont be long before İstanbul Escort Bayan I need a little stimulation of my own.

My husband can sense what is going on and he scoops me up and lays me down on the couch. He also knows my fears, but also Christian’s fetish. He is just as eager to keep him waiting as I am.

Slowly my husband kisses across my tits, down my belly, stopping right at my panty line. He moves down farther, kissing up from my knees to my inner thighs.

Hubby LOVES to keep me begging, knowing that I will never actually ask for what I really want from him. He knows that I am grateful for whatever attention that I get, and oral sex is not at a common one.

He kisses around my panty line a little more, obviously finding it humorous when I tilt my hips to try to get his mouth near my clit.

He puts his mouth on my clit through my panties for just a moment and hums. I cant help but gasp and buck my hips. He stops there and sits up.

He can see my pout, but he wants me to come to him, not the other way around. I look again to Christian who is flushed, his pants tented to a comedic extreme. He adjusts again and puts his hands back down at his side, he face grimaces for a second, his pain is apparent.

I stand up to come straddle my husband and he turns me around to face Christian. He runs his hands slowly down my sides, down my hips and legs. He reaches up and grips my tits, then runs them down again and hooks his thumbs into my panties at my hips.

“Well Christian, is this what you are wanting?”

Christian blushes badly and looks down to his lap.

“Hey, we can stop now if you want?”

Christian shakes his head vigorously back and forth, still looking at his lap, and probably thinking about the hard-on he is sporting.

“Tell us what you want to see?” I say softly.

I cant believe I have found my own voice. I have never been one to dominate, talk dirty, request things, etc. NOTHING like that. But knowing his fetish is making me feel more confident.

“Can I see your lips?”

He asks shyly, still looking down at his lap.

“Look at me.”

I say louder this time.

He looks up at me, sweat standing out on his brow, his cheeks fully flushed.

“Do you want to see them?”

He nods his head and breathes,

“Yes, please.”

With that soft response, my husband strips me of my thong.

My husband sits me down on his lap, his own erection fading and begins to fondle my puffed up lips for Christian.

Something that I have always seen as a major flaw in my body and something I have always been very ashamed of happens to be something that Christian finds to be insanely erotic.

He has a fetish for women with large labia and is willing to put himself through this torture just to see some up close and personal.

My husband slips a finger down low and collects some of my juice that has seeped out and excruciating slow he runs his finger up my labia, parting them until he reaches my clit and gives it a soft flick.

I squirm in his lap and start to close my legs out of habit. My husband is quick to put his hands between my thighs and to force them back open.

“Show him your stuff, baby.”

“Look at me Christian.”

Christian looks up into my face flustered.

I smile at him,

“That’s not where I meant.”

I slide a hand over my pussy, slipping my fingers between and spreading apart my lips with my fingers like I always do. I rub my clit for just a moment and then pull my hood back to let Christian see how my petals look when they are wide open. He is breathing deeply and gripping at his thighs.

This is the first time I have ever had anyone admire my pussy and it feels wonderful. To have something you always enjoyed solo, but were always ashamed to let anyone see for fear of ridicule out in the open is an adrenaline rush like no other.

I squeeze my lips back together again and pull them slightly, letting Christian see how much I can stretch them and how thick and meaty they are when they are pressed together before slipping a fingers between and opening them up again.

Christian is practically panting and his eyes seem to not even blink behind his glasses.

I reach passed my own pussy to my husbands now limp cock and begin to play with him again. He is quick to respond this time. I stroke him gently, teasing his cock head against my labia and then stroking him outward toward Christian.

“Does it hurt?” I ask him.

Christian’s Anadolu Yakası Escort eyes are wide and he doesnt respond.


He looks up at me sharply.

“Does your cock hurt? you have been hard for awhile.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“How badly?”

“Very badly.”

“Do you want to let it out?”

“Yes,” he replies, reaching for his pant fly.

“Not yet.” I say.

Christian stops, looks at me with a wounded expression and drops his hands back to his side.

“Come sit on the floor.”

He moves to the floor and sits awkwardly in front of us, trying to find a way to accommodate his erection.

“Do you like what you see?”

I ask, using one hand to stroke my husband and the other to toy with my lips again.

“Yes ma’am”

he breathes deep, adjusting himself again.

“Tell me. I have always been so ashamed of it. tell me what you think?”

“I think you’re beautiful.” He whispers. “exactly what I was hoping to see.”

I feel amazing. Its rare for me to get compliments at all, but to get compliments over my pussy has never happened at all and it is making me feel so much better.

I softly slip some fingers between and get them good and wet and go to work rubbing on my clit.

I have gotten my husband nice and hard again and press his tip to my cunt opening. He eagerly pushes himself inside and I moan softly as he fills me up.

“Ok Christian. You have permission. Go ahead and take care of yourself.”

Christian quickly reaches down and unbuttons and unzips his pants. Reaching inside and releasing an average sized penis that is a little more on the thin side but with a surprisingly large head.

He smoothes his hand over the top and down to the base and grips tightly, making his head even larger or a moment.

My husband thrusts deep and I lean back to him and moan deeply, all the while probing at my clit with my middle finger.

Christian slides himself out of his shorts and boxers and kneels in front of us, spitting into one hand and greasing up his penis.

My husband begins thrusting away from underneath and I continue flicking away. Generally an orgasm is beyond my reach, but this time I can feel it quickly approaching. I rub away furiously at my clit, feeling my lips gripping around my husbands thrusting cock and my g-spot swelling by the second.

I look back to Christian, his thighs firm and tense, his balls hanging and swaying with my motion of his stroking. His jaw is clenched and his eyes never leave my filled pussy. He moves his hand up and down his shaft, not just stroking, but cupping his hand over his bulging head for a moment before moving back down again.

Watching a man masturbate is one of my absolute biggest turn ons. I am on sensory overload with my clitoral rubbing, my husbands thrusting, and Christian masturbating in front of me. my nipples are erect, my thighs start to burn and my breathing is coming in deep and rapid breaths.

My orgasm suddenly rips through me with an insane intensity. I scream through it, clenching my fists, my eyes shut while my husband plows away at me with even harder thrusts.

My husband knows my body well, so he knows that after a clitoral orgasm, my g-spot is on the verge of sending me to orgasm also. My husband pushes me side ways off of him and onto to the couch and climbs down onto his knees.

“If you want to see more, then you better move, dude.”

He calls to Christian as he thrusts me into his favorite position when the couch is involved, slinging my legs over his arms and having me half hanging and half supported on the couch edge.

Christian moves to the side and watches as my husband throws himself into me and pulls me back into him at the same time.

The pleasure is more intense than I could believe, and I have no choice but to yelp and moan with each thrust. The guys are sweating and eager, both of their sacks tight, showing me that their own orgasms are on edge.

My husband is the first to let go, and as usual, with how deep he plunges and the feeling of him pulsing and unloading his cum inside me sends me into my second orgasm.

As soon as I begin to moan I hear a deeper grunt from my side and look over to see Christian unloading thick ropes of semen over his hands where it cascades over his fingers and onto the carpet.

“Good boy Christian.”

I say admiring my little boy toy as his stroking slows.

“Thank you, honey.”

I say to my husband while he leans over me, dripping sweat on to my breasts and belly.

He leans down and kisses me,

“No problem. I love you. Did you enjoy?”


I murmur softly and nodding to him, my embarrassment starting to settle back in. But embarrassment or not. I DEFINITELY want this to happen again!

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