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Crystal’s little drunk night

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On Saturday evening in may we were sitting out on the porch and Crystal asked me “what are we gonna do tonight?” ” I don’t know. I thought we would just hang out at the house and watch tv and have a few drinks.” It wasn’t long before the sunset and we went inside and picked out a movie. Now let me tell ya a little about Crystal and myself also our relationship. Crystal and I both are 25 at this time and roommates due to slow down at work I had to save money and move in with her. She is about 5’11 and has some amazing curves not the biggest breast in the world but they have to be the perkiest I had ever seen. They must have been small c’s. She had long sandy blonde hair that when straightened she could turn heads anywhere. Myself I’m 5’11 with what I refer to as a stocky build I have a few extra pounds but wouldn’t go as far as saying fat. I have never been called hot or anything of such but on the same note never had any problems getting women. I’ve always been clean cut and tried my hardest to always be a gentleman. Myself and Crystal had messed around a few times after wild nights at the bar. But never went anywhere with it relationship wise.
A few nights ago I was reading some stories on this site, I assume I fell asleep with my computer in my lab cause when I woke up she was shaking me. “Wake up and go to bed its late” I went to bed not thinking about leaving my laptop on in the living room. The next morning I got up and powered up my laptop to print a few things off and there was something that blew my mind. There was a icon that read “my dog and me” I opened it and briefly read threw it. It was gross but for some reason I was getting hard thinking about Crystal reading it. I thought to myself “what a freak” I was kinda in a hurry so I put my laptop up and finished getting ready and headed off to work.
That night was almost the same as the night before I got home late and after dinner, paperwork, and a shower. I turned on the computer and started reading another story. Crystal finished washing dishes took a shower. While she was in there I sat it up to catch her reading another gross and nasty story. I left my laptop laying on the coffee table and went to bed. The next morning I couldn’t wait to see what stories she had read. The first one I came across in the history was “Susan and I at the farm” I was floored at how she had to be attracted to this kinda thing. I found several more she had read “Jennifer and a woman’s best friend” “the Neighbor’s bull dog” Oh my god she is wild. All of these stories were very long so she must have stayed up late reading them. As I was going threw them just catching the high points of them. I noticed a towel underneath the end table. I picked it not knowing what it was doing in here I could see something dried on it. I pulled it up to my nose. I could smell the sent of a woman. She must have had a lot of fun reading these stories. I really wanted to confront her about this but how. It was Wednesday always a long day for her and I knew it would be a short one for me. The only thing I could think of is catching her in the act. But how I knew she would wait till well after I went to sleep before she acted on it and read her stories. Then it clicked “my laptop has a fixed webcam”. She isn’t a computer nerd by no means she would never think about it. If I could just get the little light off she would never notice it. So I took my computer to work and had the lab techs disconnect it for me. I got home that evening and patiently waited till 7:30 when she got home from work. We had pizza and had a few drinks and she showered and came out all nice and clean had me rub some lotion on her and set down to watch some tv she was wearing a pink nighty that matched her skin perfect. She was a pale skinned woman. It was about 10 when I mentioned my good night and turned in. I couldn’t sleep all night waiting with excitement to see what all she done. I finally fell asleep around 2 or so and when my alarm went off at 6 I wasn’t tired at all I was just interested in watching the footage of her playing with herself. I don’t know what it is about a woman playing with there self that gets me going but it’s the ultimate turn on to me. I got up and straight to the living room to get the laptop. I pulled up the webcam and rewound it till I could see her sitting in front of the computer I had to fast forward it a lot cause of the little amount of time I had before work. It took her probably 20 min to finally start to massage her breast. Seeing her touch herself with such passion gave me an instant hard on. I started rubbing it as I watched on another 20 minutes and she had set the laptop on the coffee table and was rubbing her clit as she read. In no time I could see her arching her back and closing her eyes. I’m sure she was in la la land by this time. And bam the screen went dark. She must have finished or realized what she was doing. I finished wacking off and hurried my ass to work. All day I couldn’t wait to see her do it again. Thursday night we had company her sister and her boyfriend so there was no funny buisness.
Friday night after dinner, showers, and a few beers I set my laptop up on the coffee table and went to bed early and just laid there till about midnight and got up and snuck into the kitchen to see if I could peek in the living room to catch her. Sure enough I caught her right in the middle of it except tonight she had a toy to play with a huge purple dildo and I could see that she had most of it in her pussy I didn’t understand how she could take it now I’m not huge by no means maybe 8 inches and fairly thick but this thing was at darıca escort least 12 inches and really thick. And she was pounding her pussy with it. I had had sex with her several times and knew that she was tight with my cock and now she has the beast of a dildo in her tight hole. I couldn’t help but get my cock out and start stroking it. I must have closed my eyes cause I heard the laptop slam shut and she was starring right at me. “what are you doing freak?” she manages to get out. Looking at her blotchy red face I could tell she must have been close. I replied back with a lot of nerve “What are you doing and what are you doing with my laptop?” “NOTHING!” she said back with a blank look on her face. The whole time she was trying to hide her rubber cock in the crack of the couch. I walked over to her and opened the computer to see the bottom of a story I scrolled up to see the title “Debra’s husband’s hound dog” she started trying to explain herself saying “its not what it looks like” “please don’t tell anyone about this I’ll do anything” here was my chance to watch her masturbate close up. “go back to what you were doing with that big dildo”
“how long have you been looking in on me?”
“4 nights now. Some how or another”
“you pervert!”
“I’m the pervert you’re the one reading nasty dog sex stories and playing with a huge dildo and now I’m the pervert” I said smiling and teasing back at her.
“okay maybe your right I am sick and I’ll keep doing it but if you tell anyone your ass will be kicked out.”
“okay okay I got ya this is just between us!”
She continued as she was. Only this time I was sitting between her legs just caught up in all the action. Watching her slowly work that huge rubber dick in and out of her pussy. It took a while to get her rhythm back up to the hard pounding action that I had seen earlier but before I knew it she was back to arching her back and enjoying having her pussy stretched by this huge beast. She began to moan and then the animal instinct took over she began to franticly pound her pussy hard and deep. You could hear her pussy sloshing with its juices. I started rubbing her leg and ease my hand down her thigh as I crossed the inner part of her thigh I just kept going trying not to distract her. Right across her vaginal area to here stomach. Her skin was as smooth as silk sheets . I made my way to her perky breast firmly massaging them. One at a time squeezing them causing all the blood to come to her nipples making them hard as ice. By this time she was screaming “ah ah ah ah ah Oh my! God! This feels so good.” and with in a minute later she was shaking all over. She pulled the big monster out it was glistering with her juices. She took it to her mouth and licked it. Then setting it down on the floor. She reached down and ran her finger threw her slit and stuck her fingers in my mouth her juices were amazingly tasty. As sweet as sugar its self with a very little musky taste. It was amazing all I could think as I want more. I leaned down and slowly kissing ever inch of her thigh down to the treat in the middle. Just brushing it with my goatee and to the other side kissing up her thigh and all the way up to her feet. Her legs were amazingly smooth her feet were perfect . Having the softest feet I’d ever felt topped off with hot pink toe nail polish. I began kissing my way back to the sweet spot. I made my way down her thigh feeling shivers run threw her body. I finally rewarded her with the treat I began licking her clit that was swollen with all the attention she had given it in the last few nights. It wasn’t long till I could feel pressure on my ears from her legs clamping down on me. She grabbed my hair and was violently pushing my face into her love hole. I managed to get her off with in no time.
I stood up with my hard on sticking straight out she grabbed it and squeezed it and then yanked my boxers off. “let me taste you now” she said with the sexiest voice I’d ever heard. With that she wrapped her big beautiful cock sucking lips around my swollen head. She took no time to get things started she just started gagging on my cock. Almost bringing tears to her eyes. ( I had never seen her have so much sexual tension) she had giving me blow jobs before but never with such skill she was taking my whole cock deep in her mouth. Before she had barely managed to get 3/4 of it in her mouth and now she was forcing it down her throat. After watching her and seeing her now gag on my cock it wasn’t long till I was filling her mouth with cum. She had always pulled off before I blew my load in the past but today she seemed hungry for it. When we finished I sat beside her and put the computer in my lap and looked at the stories she had been reading and started quizzing her on all the dirty stuff this woman had been reading. She was really into this. But was she into it enough to follow threw with it?
“would you ever do what these women in the stories are doing?”I asked
“no” she said with quirky grin on her face telling me she really would.
“have you ever done anything like this?”
“but if you had a chance and knew no one would find out you would wouldn’t you?”
“well maybe ” she said ducking her head down being ashamed at her bestiality thoughts.
“what if I could set it up for you?”
“no I just like reading the stories for now. ” “maybe someday though” she said smiling.
I knew it was just a matter of time before I would see this little innocent girl taking a dogs dick.
We laid there and talked about sex and her dirty thoughts of dogs and maybe even horses tell about 3 am . We finally called it izmit otele gelen escort a night and hit the sack in her bed I held her and kissed her back and neck until she rolled over and asked me to give her some loving we had amazing sex. To my surprise her pussy wasn’t stretched from the huge dildo earlier but rather swollen and tighter than ever. The next day we kissed each other bye and she went to work.
Okay your all caught up till Saturday night sitting here watching a movie. She had picked out a chick flick which I didn’t mind. For some reason I had always liked movies with a good story behind them even if it was a chick flick. We watched the first one without anything sexual just her laying her head in my lap and drinking a few drinks. I was drinking beer and she was drinking whiskey and sprite witch I knew that all ways made her horny. We had just finished the first movie when she mentioned we should take a drive. We done this often. I guess it’s a small town thing there is nothing else to do in a one horse town and plenty of dirt roads to keep us off the highways and taking the risk of getting in trouble with the law. We left town me with a 6 pack and her with a 44 ounce cup of whiskey and sprite and a 20 ounce of spite and another filled with whiskey. We made it about 5 miles out of town out by her sisters house . She asked me to stop and say hi. Which I knew that wouldn’t be just hi. I knew we would be there for most of the night. Witch we were she had drank all her cup, what she had brought to refill her cup with, and mixed her a jack and coke with just a couple of drops of coke it looked like. We stayed there till about 1am she was getting really wasted her sister caught me in the other coming out of the bathroom and said I could just leave her there if I was ready to go home. She mentioned that she would be a mess to get back home and in bed. I couldn’t even think for a second about leaving her there with her being drunk I knew that I could get her to do anything I wanted her to. It wasn’t long before I told her we had better go home before I had to carry her. Her being drunk she blurted out “we’re going home to fuck” now let me tell you a little more about Crystal she was a nurse and very respected person of the community she didn’t talk like this and especially not around her sister. I laughed at it grabbed her by the arm and helped her to the truck. It was all I could do to get her drunk ass loaded up in my truck.
We made it back to her house and with lots of falling down and stumbling I got her in the house. The first thing out of her mouth was “I want you to fuck me” of course I knew she was really drunk but I wanted more of what we had last night. We started kissing and rubbing and getting a lot of sexual tension built up when she broke the kiss and says” go get your hunting dog”
I almost fainted when she said that. “what”
“you heard me go get ace I want him to lick me with his big long tongue. Like I read in those stories.”
“are you sure you want to do this I know your drunk but you might regret this in the morning”
“yes I’m sure ever since the other night when I started reading those dirty stories I haven’t been able to get him out of my mind. And now that I have the liquor in me I can do it”
I didn’t know what to do I had never thought much about a woman and a dog but for some reason the idea was getting me worked up. So I went out to the back yard and yelled at him. He came running I’m sure thinking I was taking him hunting. But for his surprise he wasn’t hunting coon tonight he was gonna be hunting beaver. I leashed his collar and pulled him in the house you could tell he was a little nervous about being in the house by the way he was trying to run and hide I brought him in the living room and over to Crystal who was already naked and rubbing her slit. She had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face like she had just won the lottery or something. I brought Ace over to her. He must have smelled her from outside cause he needed no coaching to lick her pussy like she wanted.
I just starred and watched my dick was trying its best to work its way out of my shorts. But I didn’t have time to worry bout me I just wanted to see this little sex pot have her dream come true. In no time she was grabbing his head trying to pull him back I assume she had already cummed at least once and her clit was tender to his touch. She got her legs closed and set up and got a drink and caught her breath and said something that floored me. “hold him I want to see how big his dick is.”
I tighted up on the leash and petted him on the head while Crystal got on her hands and knees under him and petted him up and down his body getting closer and closer to his sheath. And then she touched it her and him both flinched at the touch. She just looked me in the eyes and smiled and grabbed his sheath without flinching or anything this time started rubbing back and fourth rubbing her breast down his back and all down the side of his body. It wasn’t long till I could see his bright red head sneaking out of its sheath. Once she got most of it out she took her other hand and touch the cock its self. He turned and snapped at her. I yanked him back as she jumped back. “I can’t believe he did that I figured he wanted me to touch him” she said with a shaky voice. “I think because your hand is dry it hurt him” I explained to her” I guess she agreed cause she bend down farther and stuck her tongue to it nothing happen so I guess I was right. She licked it up and down then slowly started trying izmit merkez escort to put the length of it in her mouth. He started trying to hump her. She didn’t seem to mind it she just kept taking more and more till this big ball came out of the sheath. “what the hell is that” I asked “its his knot. That’s what holds his sperm in his bitch.” “Oh” hell I never messed with a dogs dick how was I expected to know this. I guess she read about it in a story or something. She was taking almost all of his dick all the way to the knot. She appeared to be doing a good job by the way he was humping her mouth . Then her cheeks expanded like she had a jawbreaker in each cheek she pulled her head back and dog cum sprayed every where. “god he had a lot of cum for you crystal” she didn’t seem to think it was so nice she grabbed her shirt and was trying to whip her mouth off while Ace was licking himself.
She got her mouth cleaned up and chased what cum she had swallowed down with some more whiskey. And said “is this turning you on?” as she ran her hand across my swollen cock . “a little I guess” “by looking at that bulge in your shorts it looks like more than alittle” she pulled my zipper down and he seemed to jump out on his own. She wasted no time in getting her lips around it. She was now drunk and really really horny. Taking all my cock in instantly as she had the night before. I must have been all caught up in the action and dropped the leash cause out of nowhere she bit my cock. Instantly I raised my head up. “what the hell” when I opened my eyes I knew why she bit my cock. Ace was now mounting her. She was now his bitch. She began digging her nails in my legs as he pounded her pussy with speeds that no man had ever gotten close to I could see the knot getting close to the gate to here pussy. Between moaning she was still sucking on my cock. It wasn’t but maybe a minute before she squeezed my legs hard enough I knew her nails were breaking skin. She had to be cumming with that she pulled her head off my cock and screamed “OH fuck I’m cumming! ” OH fuck you feel so good!” she laid her head in my lap to catch her breath but Ace wasn’t done yet he was still pounding away with his huge tennis ball size knot pounding against her hole I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he had that huge thing inside of her. Before I could say that to myself Crystal screamed “holy fucking shit he is tearing my pussy.” what could I do she wanted this and now she had it. Once he had that huge thing in her he just stopped with his hips buckled forward. And started howling and appeared to be shaking. I guess he was cumming cause. It was all Crystal could do to keep from fainting her body started trembling with pleasure. She was shaking from head to toe I could see a clear fluid leaking out of her but just barely I knew he must have had her sealed off with that big dog knot. Once she got her composure back she tried to pull away but they were stuck. Ace was now turned around ass to ass with Crystal. I couldn’t believe how long this was lasting. She looked up at me and said “oh my god he is an amazing lover” “but how long will he stay hooked up with me?” “I don’t know sweety!” I got behind her and tried to pull him out of her but he was locked. I couldn’t believe how this worked. He tried a time or two to leave but he was dragging her with her pussy being so sore from his knot she had to go where he did. He ended up dragging her around the room a time or two. I asked her ” is his dick still hard?” she smiled back at me “yes very” and with that she started pushing back at him trying to get off again she motioned for me to bring my dick over to her mouth. She sucked on it just enough to get it wet with her saliva and then said something that still to this day amazes me ” stick your dick in my ass” what she had never let me do this before and now she wants it while her pussy is totally filled with a huge dog dick and dog knot. But what the hell I had always been a ass man anyways so I straddled Ace. Spit on her little ass hole and stuck the head of my dick to it and started trying to poke it in with a little force the head popped in and then I slowly started sliding the length of it in I could feel the huge lump just inside pushing up threw the thin skin. I figured It would gross me out but for some reason making this woman my bitch and my dogs bitch made me a mad man. I didn’t even let her get ust to my cock I just started pounding her ass I knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum with all that I had seen her due and the fact that I had now had a hard on for well over a hour. I was just about to blow my load when I felt extra space as Ace’s dick slipped out along with a huge amount of dog cum landing on the floor. With about 2 more deep strokes I filled Crystal’s ass with my cum.
This little sex pot had now had all 3 holes filled with cum. She looked terrible but sexy to I would say. Her hair was a mess. What make up she had been wearing was smeared and her skin was blotchy everywhere. She looked up at me and said “I feel so dirty but so sexually filled” and kissed me. She laid back on the floor and was out. I got Ace back outside and picked her up and carried her to bed and got her tucked in. And went to bed alone. The next morning I woke up and cooked breakfast and took it to her in bed. When I woke her up at almost noon she had to have me help her to the bathroom she was walking bow legged and could barely do that. She stayed in bed most of the day finally got the energy to take a bath. And thanked me for being there to take care of her and said that we should do this again some time but not for a while. She showed me her pussy it was swelled and you could see tears all over it. I helped her put some antibiotic cream on it and we went to bed to recover for another work week. She said that one of her friends was coming in that she went to school with next weekend that she would try and get her to do it as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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