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Crystal Pegs Ch. 02

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Big Dick

I never thought that he would like it the way that he has. But he loves the strap on more than he loves me. I’ll never forget the night I bought it and first used it on him. I dominated him with such power, he must’ve thought I was a real dominatrix; he enjoyed being my little faggot. And I enjoyed it too. He was already submissive, the strap on added to that dimension. The joy of reversing roles, I was the man and he was the woman. When I had a bad day I would just take it out on his faghole, as I affectionately call it. But soon he wanted more and more and more. I had to keep buying more anal toys! I began to go to the adult bookstore at least twice a week looking for bigger dildos and other anal toys. They began to know me there. I would hardly leave the toy section and I’d more than always buy something. One night the manager gave me a discount, which I couldn’t believe. It was then I realized I had to put an end to the strap on play.

The next night I decided to make it very special for him so that he would never forget his last anal fucking. I went back to the adult bookstore right before work and bought the largest dildo available for a strap on, which was nine inches. I paid for it and hid it in the trunk of my car.

After I got to work, I got settled into my desk, and completed the work that I needed to get done. Luckily it was easy and fortunately it was also Friday. I get off early on Fridays so I decided to re-plan a few things before I fucked my boyfriend. The second I got off work I called my fag boyfriend.

“This is Tyler,” he says in his whining voice as he answers his work phone

“Hey it’s me Crystal,” I reply.

“Hey baby what’s up,” he says in his increasingly annoying voice

“Um,” I stutter, “I wanna have a little fun tonight. I have a surprise for you!”

“Really,” he says with his voice getting louder.

“Just meet me at home around nine,” I demand.

“That’s kind of late,” he whines.

“Look Demetevler Escort you little faggot,” I start, “you’ll do as I fucking say! Find something to do until then!”

“Yes, ma’am,” he says almost breaking down.

“Now look,” I start, “I’ll take care of everything, just get home at nine r else it’s off, okay!”

“Yes,” he says, “I’ll be there when you say so.”

“I better get going,” I say.

“Okay,” he replies, “I lo”

I cut him off before he can tell me that he loves me. I can’t stand that word. There is no love between us. There hasn’t been there since the night I fucked him in the ass. But, I can’t break up with him yet; we still have five months left on our lease. God did that sound bad? Refusing to break up over a lease. I bet it did!

I find my car in the parking lot and drive to a florist. I’m able to buy some rose petals and decide to make a path for him to follow to our bedroom. He should know what’s up when he sees the trail. I go back to the adult bookstore and buy more lube. The clerk flirts with me and gives me another discount. I don’t give him my number. I then go grab some sushi at this place that I like downtown. The bartender flirts with me and gives me a free drink. I can’t take this incessant flirting. The way things are going; I’m going to give into one of their advances. Maybe I should, or not.

I make it home all right. I have a few hours to get ready. Luckily my faggot boyfriend isn’t home. If he were, I’d break up with him. I don’t care about the lease. He can have this place I don’t care about this place. I think I might try to break up with him but not the lease. I know I keep contradicting myself. But I have to end this our relationship is over, it’s been over for a while now.

I take a quick shower and douche. I dry off and curl my hair. I realize that it’s getting close to nine. I lay out the rose petals so that the Otele gelen escort faggot knows where to go. I put on some make up. I find my garter and put it on. I strap them to a pair of thigh high nylons. God I look like a cheap whore! I then put on my thigh high patent leather boots. And finally I put on my strap on corset harness. I slide the new nine-inch dildo with this my costume is now complete. I look in the mirror. I pinch at my nipples to make the harder. I’m now ready for anything. Except for what happens next, I begin to cry.

I slump on the bed and cry. All I can think about is breaking up with Tyler. We’ve been together for three years. But he is in love with an inanimate object. What can I do? It has to end. No more of this hollow relationship. I collect myself and re-do my make up and do one last look in the mirror. I am ready for this! Tonight I break up with Tyler, I mean the faggot. I hear his car pull into the garage. I get ready for him in the room. I stand straight up and wait for him at the door.

“Good evening,” he says while opening the door, “I love the rose petals.”

“I bet you do,” I smirk.

I walk up to him and pull him towards me. I start to caress him; I give him a false hope of this being a tender and intimate night. I then violently throw him on the bed.

“Get undressed you faggot,” I yell.

He complies and quickly gets undressed. I reach into the nightstand and find the lube and desensitizing spray. I lube up his faghole with my fingers, and quickly spray some of the desensitizer. I then lube up the dildo.

“You ready you piece of shit,” I ask almost yelling.

“Yes,” he groans.

“Yes what,” I yell.

“Yes ma’am,” he moans.

I turn him over on his stomach and slowly insert the dildo. He lets out a very orgasmic moan. It makes me sick. I feel the entire dildo go into him. I begin to thrust slowly as not Balgat Escort to hurt him. But I need to teach him a lesson. As he gets used to the slow thrusts I begin to violently pound away. I can hear him moan in both pleasure and pain. I think he lets out a couple of tears. Good I hope he’s in pain. I keep violently pounding away.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum,” I demand.

“Yes ma’am,” he yells out in pain.

I keep thrusting away. I forget about any kind of pain that I might be inflicting. All I can think about is making his life miserable. I slap his ass a few times for good measure, as well as pulling on his short hair.

“You gonna cum, faggot,” I yell.

“Not yet,” he gasps in pain.

“I want your cum faggot,” I scream.

I keep going, I hate to say it but he’s become used to being fucked in the ass. He won’t cum easily. But I don’t want to help him by jerking him off. The thought of me touching his penis, before he cums, is disgusting. I touch it quickly though.

“I’m gonna cum,” he exhales.

I grab his penis and make a cup with my hand to catch his cum. It shoots out in three quick bursts. It’s warm and feels nasty on my hand. I’m able to keep it in my hand as I pull out of his faghole.

“On your knees,” I demand, “facing me you piece of shit!”

He complies and looks up at me. I take the hand with the cum and force it in his mouth. He barely has time to eat it, when I slap him hard across he face. The sperm is spread out over his face. Now is the time. I grab his chin in my cum hand spreading it out even more.

“Listen to me you faggot,” I yell, “we are fucking through! You love this piece of plastic more than me. I don’t want to ever see you again!!!!!”

I storm off and walk quickly to the guest room. I don’t even wash my hand or take the dildo off. I slump to the ground on the floor and begin to cry. I can’t take it! I can’t believe what I did. As quick as I left him he comes in the room. I try to push him off of me but I can’t. I just begin to cry even more in his arms.

“I’m sorry,” I barely say as tears stream down my face.

“It’s okay,” he says almost crying.

He kisses me with his cum stained mouth. I feel horrible telling him what I did.

“I love you,” I cry, “I love you so much.”

To be continued…

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