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Crossdressing Brother Ch. 02

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Chapter Two – Me, My Brother and my best friend.

It had been a couple of weeks since I caught Greg dressed in my underwear, on my bed, and playing with himself. Things were getting to become very interesting.

It was the weekend, and I was tucked up in my bed, with my best friend Kim. We arrived home at 3 in the morning, and with the amount of alcohol that we had consumed during the course of the night, we very drunk, laughing and giggling at each other. We got to my front door, still giggling, I pinned Kim against the front door, and lightly kissed her on the lips. She didn’t pull away, instead she wanted more. We went inside and up to my bedroom. I managed to get Kim interested into coming to bed with me. So we crawled into bed, after taking each others clothes off, and we cuddled up together in our underwear and drifted off to sleep.

It was roughly 2 in the afternoon, as I woke with a huge hangover from the night before. I gently eased out of Kim’s arms, and made my way to the bathroom. I turned the shower on and waited for the water to warm up, before stepping inside. I unclasped my bra and threw it into the corner, then pushed my panties down to my feet, before stepping out of them and in to the shower. A few minutes under the water was refreshing to my hangover. The sound of the door closing roused me from my soak. I pushed my hair back and opened my eyes, and greeted by a feminine figure standing outside of the shower door. She then unsnapped her bra, exposing her young pale breasts, and then she pushed her knickers down, and walked in.

She was a beautiful woman. She stood approximately 5’3, with long blonde hair, firm round breasts and shapely legs. She walked in with authority and assurance and never seemed timid or shy. Kim moved up behind me, I could feel the heat from her body as she moved closer and I suppressed a shiver as her hands touched my neck. She moved closer and I could feel her breasts pressing against my back, her nipples were hard against my skin. The hot water continued to cascade over us as I leaned back into her massaging hands. Slowly her hands moved down my back, massaging all the way. I could feel the excitement building inside me and struggled to control my breathing. Her finger tips lightly touched the sides of my waist escort bayan and stomach. Slowly her hands began to move up until she was level with my breasts. Turning me around slowly, her pressed her lips to mine. Kissing a woman is some how softer than slower, more sensuous. Our tongues danced with each other and she pulled me closer to her.

I sank to the floor of the shower, as I explored her body. I made my way slowly down her body to her belly. I reached her belly and then shifted my attentions to her thighs. As my searching tongue made its way closer to her pussy, her breathing became faster and harder. Her moans turned to whimpers as I moved in and lightly touched my tongue to her throbbing clit. Flicking gently at first I tested out the feel of her juices on my tongue.

Lifting her legs, to allow my further access, I covered her pussy with my mouth, licking out the juices there and tonguing her now hard nub. Her body shock as I explored, alternating between aggressive, thrusting type licks to soft, sensuous ones. I slowly inserted a finger inside her hot pussy, feeling her muscles contact slightly against my finger. I inserted another and began to move them in and out in slow motions; instinctively she began to rock her body against my hand. Her body began to shake and her moans began groans and whimpers all mixed in to one, as her climax built. She reached against me; I grabbed her cheeks and held her pussy to my lips and tongue as she began to cum. Her muscles contracted and began to spill her juices on my face. I eagerly ate licked them off and held her until she subsided with a sigh.

Slowly lowering her body to the floor, I held my face up to the water and let it run over me. Savouring for one moment the feel of my tongue against her clit. Moving out of the water, I looked into her eye…and smiled. She smiled back and stood up and rinsed off.

“Shall we continue our fun?” I asked Kim as I dried her luscious body. “I’m up for it,” she said and planted a kiss on my lips. We ran down the hall giggling like little school girls. I closed the door behind me, and we sat on my bed. My head started to move closer to hers. My lips touched hers. We started kissing, and soon the kissing became very passionate. I started to caress her body, altıparmak escort bayan and she began to caress mine. She then took off the towel she was wearing. We were still kissing and caressing each other as I pressed my warm body against hers. I was grabbed a hold of her firm buttocks. She removed the towel and it fell to the floor. That tingling sensation grew greater and greater. “OOHHH it felt sooo good” I mumbled under my breath. She was lying on top of me she put her mouth on one of my breast while she was rubbing my pussy with her hand. That was the most magnificent felling.

She started to lick it. It felt good. I slowly spread my legs and guided my friend’s hand into my glistening slit. She continued to finger me. I was moaning, “UUUHHH! OOOHHH! YES! YES! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” I was about to cum, when the door of my room suddenly opened and Greg, my brother fell over on the floor.

“What the fuck!” I said, as Kim didn’t even stop fingering me as Greg burst in. “You can watch, sit in that chair” Kim said to him, and he did as he was told. She stroked my neck and slowly lowered her hands to my breasts, making circles around my fully aroused nipples. She reached over and kissed me with those luscious full lips and we started teasing each other with our tongues. Kim’s mouth covered mine and her tongue plunged deeply into my mouth. I never thought I could be so turned on by another woman’s kiss and touch.

I reached down and stroked her long, shapely leg, going higher and higher. I found that her pussy was already wet. I touched her moist pubic hair lightly, and then opened up her willing lips with the tips of my fingers. She gasped as I touched her enlarged clit which was hard and aching to be stroked. My fingers circled her hot box and then found their way inside of her. I finger fucked her as her breath quickened and her hips slowly rotated. She leaned over and started sucking on my erect nipples which sent electrical charges between my legs. I spread my legs willingly as her hand found my twat which was aching for attention.

She teased my hard clit with the tips of her fingers, pinching it then massaging it gently. I knew that Jack was probably enjoying this and as I looked over to the other side of nilüfer eskort the room, I saw that Jack had removed his clothes and was stroking his huge bulging hardness. “Poor baby…we had all the fun and all you got to do was watch…wanna play now? I bet you are aching to cum in our pussies” I said.

Kim and I walked over to him, shoved our pussies into his face and asked him if he was ready to join the action. He panted that he was and grabbed our hands and pulled us toward the bed.

Greg laid on the bed and I positioned my dripping honey pot above his face. Kim started tonguing Greg’s hard cock, licking up one side then down the other and sucking lightly on the head which I knew would drive him wild. Greg’s tongue found my love button which was now as hard as his cock deep within Kim’s mouth. I reached back and was able to squeeze one of Kim’s breasts while Greg’s tongue plunged deeper inside of me. His tongue teased my swollen clit, touching it lightly then licking all around it. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My pussy began convulsing as my orgasm the sheets of liquid silk cascaded down from my twat and blanket, to my brother with its warm honey. My come surrounded Greg. It travelled down my thighs, covering them like ribbons of fine lace.

Kim was fingering herself, and sucking hard on Greg’s cock. I wanted that hard shaft in my mouth too, so I positioned myself next to Kim and we both took turns licking, sucking and deep throating it. Greg grabbed Kim and guided her dripping pussy onto his face sixty-nine style, gobbling and licking at her clit. Greg was ready to explode with both of us still taking turns licking and sucking on his cock. We couldn’t get enough of that beautiful hardness in our mouths. Kim was still straddling Greg’s face and I could tell she was close to orgasm.

I let go of Greg’s cock motioning for Kim to do the same. I needed that thing inside my quivering pussy, so I positioned myself over Greg and guided him in. Kim and I faced each other with Greg inside of me, Kim’s pussy still in Greg’s mouth. We started kissing, grabbing at each other’s breasts, pinching and squeezing while my hips moved furiously burying Greg deeper and deeper inside of me. Kim reached down and rubbed my clit and I knew I was ready to explode again. I could tell Greg was ready, too, and as I arched my body in orgasm, I could feel his hot cum shooting inside of me. Kim screamed, pushed herself into Greg’s face reaching her climax as Greg tongue fucked her pussy. We collapsed in heap of withering bodies, and soon fell in a deep slumbering sleep.

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