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Disclaimer: This file contains depictions of sexual acts with a preteens boy and should not be read by minors or by anyone where it is prohibited by the laws of their state or country. 

I love getting feedback. If you have any thoughts on this story please send them to: samtheham2235 _at_ ail  

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Crimson Day

                                                by Sam The Ham



I have over 30 clocks in my house. Many of them are waiting for a buyer. That said, only one of them chimes on the hour. It”s a nice ding for every hour of the day. I listen to the sound before I finish reading the paragraph and put the book aside. One thing I appreciate about James was his punctuality. Well, at least when it came to sex. He had briefly stopped by mostly to chat. But I could tell he wanted to ask something. He wanted to know what was going to happen, but I pretended to be dumb and just played along with the small chat.

Of course, James always did have a choice. It was with the use of his safety words, if nothing else. Today I had added another layer to that, depending on his mood. He had a choice between putting some green paint on, yellow paint or red paint. Of course, those last two colors would require him to be naked. As far as I was concerned, no matter what, it was going to be a good day.

I heard the front door opening and smiled. My penis began to push against the fabric of my underwear and my jeans, engorging with anticipation. I almost felt like a kid again. “I”m in the library,” I called out, my voice echoing through the house, sounding louder in the silence. I heard nothing back.

James could be as quiet as a mouse. He appeared in the doorway hesitating only a second before coming into the room, a red smear across his chest. I found myself sitting up in the chair, taking in the beauty. He had a fantastic body. His beauty was magnified by the way he presented himself. The way he walked in, it made me feel like a sultan who had summoned his favorite boy toy. I briefly tried to picture him in a belly dancers” outfit or maybe just a skimpy loincloth. That was a fantasy for later.

Pointing down, he understood and dropped to his knees. We stared at each other for several seconds. Still holding on to my book, I carefully placed it on the table next to me and then spread my legs, pointing towards my crotch. He understood, his eyes went there. His hands came forward and started to undo my pants” buttons, opening them up before his hand fearlessly went into my underwear, rubbing the shaft and pulling it free. His fingertips played along my rod.

Leaning forward, he took the tip of my cock into his mouth. I felt the warmth around it, and then his tongue pressing, sliding from one side to the other before he raised his eyes up at me. I watched as he turned his head and moved back until my dick head slipped from between his lips. His tongue shot out, licking the tip of my erection until his eyes went back down, and his tongue moved along the length of the shaft.

I could feel his nose touch my shaft as his fingers moved along. He was jerking me off, his tongue shooting out, licking here and there. When he finally made his way back to the tip, he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out. I could feel the tip of it against the side of the head pushing into the little slit, before he moved his mouth over it again. Then he let his tongue continue to play with the tip as his hand continued to jerk me off. His moved up and down. I felt my stuff start to leak, feeling his tongue brush it away. There was no attempt to hold back; I let the feeling come. I shot into his mouth. Tilting my head towards the heavens, my cock spurted out dollops and dollops of cum on his tongue.

It took me a moment or two to look back down at him, my erection shriveling in his hand. He was looking back up at me. Cum had gathered at the corner of his mouth and over his lip. Reaching down, I used my thumb to gather everything to his lips. Pushing ümitköy escort the substance into his mouth, I felt him suck on my thumb as he swallowed.

“Well, I guess you still want your surprises.”

“Yes, sir.”

Under the circumstances, I didn”t mind the `Sir”. I stood up, making James get back on his knees before closing my pants. I didn”t say anything, merely snapping my fingers for him to follow. We headed upstairs, where I had laid out everything in anticipation.

We had used the block and tackle before, but only to keep his hand suspended over his head and one time to raise his feet as I gave him a spanking.

“On your knees,” I said, gesturing to the spot just under the equipment. He did so without hesitation. The first thing I did was reach for the blindfold, and I placed it over his eyes. He giggled a little like this. Then I reached for the handcuffs and secured his wrists in front of him. “No touching yourself.”

“Okay, what are we doing?” He asked excitedly, but I could tell he was also a little nervous.

“You”ll have to trust me.” I said, using my foot to spread his legs a little.

Nervous laughter escaped his lips. “You”ve been keeping me in the dark. I”ve been thinking about it since you told me.”

I reached for some rope; it was about as thick as my thumb and ran it between his legs. “Maybe I have a friend up here,” I said teasingly. “He doesn”t want you to see him. Would you like to be double-teamed?” There was no immediate answer. I hesitated only a second curious about what he was going to say.

“It would be hot. I could fantasize about it, but not in RL, not with a stranger.”

“What if it wasn”t a stranger, what if it was your history teacher?”

James chuckled. “He is so not my type.”

“You have a type?” I asked as I brought the rope up to the block and tackle running it through one of the grooves before bringing it back down, trying not to let the rope touch him just yet. “Who would you like it to be?”

“I don”t know. I mean, besides you, I don”t think about adults all that much. Maybe like if it was Chris … Chris, who”s the guy who plays Thor? Him maybe, but I think I would be thinking of him as Thor.”

I knew who he was talking about, but the man”s name was escaping me too. I never try to remember the actors” names. It was kind of funny, though, since I was probably the exact opposite of him in most ways.

“So, not another adult then. What about some classmates? Maybe on your baseball team?” I said, remembering one of his fantasies from earlier.

“That would be something. You would have to tie up and gag every one of them to keep them quiet this long, though.”

I snorted as I brought the rope under him again. “True, maybe it”s some girls, though. They can be quiet.”

“Only if you intend to have them cheering us on.” James said dismissively.

As I brought the rope up, I had to make it tight. I watched from the front making sure the rope went on either side of James” balls. “A cheerleading squad? Suck that dick! Swallow that cum! Thrust! Thrust! Thrust!” I tried to pitch my voice a bit higher as I brought the rope up.

James started laughing at my improvised cheerleading. That laughter turned a bit high-pitched as the ropes tightened on either side of him. “What are you doing?!”

“Still a secret.” I said, chuckling a little at his response. Reaching down, I picked up his wrist and used a separate smaller piece of rope to secure his wrists on either side. This had the bonus benefit of removing the temptation of James using his hands.

“You are mean! I”m going to tell my daddy on you.”

I opened my mouth to continue the teasing but hesitated as I played it out in my head. If he pushed, I would explain what I was doing, but I changed the subject.

“How”s school going? Did you ever talk to that one kid? The dancer.”

“Yeah, he”s nice. I mean he”s cute but says he”s dating one of the girls in his dance group thing. Well, he”s dating two of them at the same time. avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort Apparently, spending a lot of time with girls makes them want to date you. Sadly, this tactic doesn”t seem to work with boys.”

While he talked, I worked with some other ropes, wrapping a few around James”s chest and stomach. I made sure one was right under his nipples before I tightened it. “If that secret ever becomes widely known, I imagine there”ll be a lot fewer circle jerks in the world.”

“Well, we can”t have that!” James snorted. “I”ve been hanging out with some new kids. I think I”m going to go out for the basketball team. I mean, I think it”s either going to be that or volleyball, and I”ve never really played volleyball.”

“I don”t see you play that much basketball either. I rarely see you shooting hoops.” I said as I placed my arms under his armpits. I helped him to stand up before placing my hands on his shoulders and having him squat down.

“I do, during the summer, at least. Usually, when you”re at work.” Even though I was standing behind him now, I heard the smirk in his voice. “How long have you noticed me?”

There was a teasing tone to his voice, but it was a legitimate question. “Until you started helping me out, I probably could have picked you out of a crowd, but not all that much. I wasn”t even sure of your name when you came by the first time. I know your dad better, though.” As I was talking, I was wrapping the rope around one of his ankles several times. From there, I wrapped it around once around his knees before securing that rope to the one around his stomach. I secured the other leg in a similar fashion.

“Ready?” I asked.

“For what?” James was no stranger to being tied up, but this was a little different.

“This,” I said, pulling on the main rope. James pitched forward slightly as his feet left the floor. That was only for a second. With his thighs as high as they were, he flopped backward, swinging a little. The laughter that came from him at this unexpected turn of events was music to my ears.

“Oh, this is weird, really weird. I kind of like it.”

I kept raising him until he was at about my hip level. From there, I pushed one of the curtains so I could tie him off to the screw eye bolt there. He had stopped swinging, but as I came closer, I gave him a little push. The rope was now digging into his skin, making his balls and crotch appear bigger, almost swollen in appearance.


“Yeah, I think so. I can feel everything.” James said.

I smiled to myself. It has been a while since I had gone full suspension. “Let”s make sure.” Reaching out, I tickled the bottom of his left foot, which he could only move slightly up and down.

“Stop that!” He said, trying to swap my fingers away.

This request only made me go after the other foot and then his stomach and his armpits and any other place I know he was ticklish. Confident that no blood was being cut off to anything important, I looked to the second to last step for today.

“Well, you gave me a great blowjob with this morning, but if you want to earn my dick, you”re going to have to pass another test.”

The slight shift to my tongue was picked up by James because his smile faded to only a hint. “I”ll do anything to earn that privilege.”

He was one in a million. The ropes and blindfold had been left out in the open, but I had left one thing concealed underneath a pillow. I took my time retrieving it. It doesn”t look like much of anything. It was a green dildo that had a little remote control. I placed the tip of it by his erection and ran it on its entire length to give him a feel of how big it was. “This is going to go into your butt. There you will have to hold it for ten minutes. If it falls out, I will start the timer again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir. I will prove myself worthy.”

Well, nothing else really needed to be said. The toy was smaller than my erection. With a little lubrication, it went urfa escort in relatively easy. Of course, I didn”t start the timer until the remote was in my hand, and I turned it on. With no warning, James jerked. I started it on a low setting but started to increase it after thirty seconds. I eventually let it go from almost off to full-blown.

The first minute or so was easy. Even though James was bound, between the vibration and his little movement, he swayed gently back and forth. Around three minutes, he started sweating, and I could see him leaking. A little after five minutes, he erupted, his cum shooting onto his belly. It also caused his muscles to tense up and the dildo flew out of him.

“Well, you barely made it halfway.” I commented.

“Put it back in!” James demanded.

Who was I to argue? Resetting the timer, I put it back in. The first time, he had enjoyed the sensation. His failure had brought out his competitive side. This time his lips were pressed together, fingers and toes curling with concentration. Of course, I had to leave it on its highest setting. Despite his best efforts, the vibrating toy was slowly sliding out. It was about a quarter of the way out at the four-minute mark. I dialed the vibration back a little giving him a bit of a break until the six-minute mark when I increased the vibration again for another minute.

I think he had another orgasm. I could see more shooting out, but he was more prepared this time. The toy didn”t shoot out. Usually, he had at least two orgasms and that he would go soft. I would have sworn something came out from his erection, but he remained hard. Maybe it was the continuous stimulation.

James didn”t lose any ground until the nine-minute mark. I could see he was getting tired and dialed it back a little. His toes were alternately curling and uncurling. He was sweating profusely now. I looked down at my watch, 9 minutes and 20 seconds. I looked back at him. The dildo was sliding out even further down, and I very quietly leaned forward to put my finger at the base of the dildo feeling the vibration and keeping it in place for the next forty seconds.

“Time!” I said, pulling my hand back. I heard a grunt of relief as the dildo clattered to the floor.

“Oh, damn.” James said, breathing heavily. “Damn!”

That was the closest I had ever heard him come to swearing. I could tell James was completely relaxed in the ropes his head tilting backward. I could also see the mess on his belly. He had had more than one orgasm for sure. Now he was starting to shrivel up. 

Walking over to the wall, I slowly started to lower him to the floor. I took the handcuffs off, leaving them still tied to the rope. I let James catch his breath as I slowly undid the rest of the ropes. The ropes left little traces here and there with skin indentations. I rubbed my fingers over a few of them, but they looked okay.

“I did it.” James said, still breathing heavily.

I looked up from my examination of his body. “Are you still horny?”

“I earned it. I want it.”

“You”re insatiable.” I said, shaking my head, but I was hard. How could I not be? Gathering him up in my arms, I carried him over to the bed, laying him onto his stomach. His back door was still open. I undressed. Laying down on top of him, I slid myself in with the help of a little lubrication feeling his passage around my cock. My thrusts were slow at first, but he was twelve, young, and horny. Quickly I found him pushing up against me. My thrusts got faster after that, making sure to keep him down, his chest against the bed.

My second climax of the day produced a smaller load, but it was delivered deep inside of him. When I felt my climax coming, I just pushed as deep as I could. That made him arch his back. I stayed on top of him and until my orgasms ebbed away, and then I roll to the side. We both stayed like that panting for some time. James was the one that moved a closer resting his head on my shoulder.

“That was amazing, Sir. I don”t think I want to do it again, but it was amazing.”

I looked into his eyes, staring at something there. We weren”t lovers. We were sex buddies. We were something else. Using my free hand, I brushed away some of his long hair away from his eyes and ran a finger down his cheek.

“It”s Chris Jamie. Just call me Chris.”


The End.Comments are welcomed at: samtheham2235 _at_ ail

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