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Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 14

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This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen. Special thanks to my editor.


“What? Why?”

“Dave, I can’t see you this weekend. My Mom needs me right now. Ellen too; she’s totally unglued,” Megan argued, trying to control her emotions.

“What about you? I’d like to be there for you,” I objected.

“That would be nice, but we have so many plans to make and relatives coming into town. It won’t be much fun.”

“Well, how can I help? You need me to pick up people at the airport, or at least drive you there?”

“That’s sweet of you, but I just don’t know anything yet. We’re still recovering from the shock,” she said, her voice breaking as she fought back more tears.

“Babe…let me see you, please. I want to hold you and be there for you.”

“I’ll let you know, sweetie, but I’ve got to go now. Too much to do, and I need to get back to Ellen and Mom.”

“I’m coming home. I just want you to know I’m there for you,” I said.

“Ok, babe…thanks,” Megan agreed.

I hung up with Megan, but felt lost. She seemed to be pushing me away and all I wanted to do was hold her.

Chris and I left as planned after classes. We met with Jennifer in Phillipsburg and she kissed me on the cheek as we greeted. She gave me a sympathy card for Megan before she left with Chris.

I wanted to go directly to Megan to give her the card and see her, but thought better. Under the circumstances, I didn’t want to arrive unannounced. Instead, I headed home and planned to call Megan to see if I could come by. Darci and Katie were already at our house and eating a late lunch. They apparently had just beaten me home.

After hugs and kisses hello, Darci said, “Hey, mom went shopping with her car. Can you give us a ride to Ellen’s?”

“Sure, but they don’t want to be disturbed. They have relatives coming into town and…”

“Fuck that,” Darci exclaimed. “We talked to Ellen and insisted we come see her. We’re going.”

“Ok, but I’m only telling you what Megan told me.”

“Ellen is our dear friend, “Katie declared.

“She needs us now,” Darci insisted.

“Well, when do you want to go?”

“Give us ten minutes to finish and clean up,” Darci replied.

I unpacked for the weekend and said hello to my Dad, who was working in the basement on a house project. Then I checked on Pete and Zach to see who was home. Pete was, but not Zach. I was still on the phone planning a get together with Pete when Darci called to let me know they were ready to go.

Darci got in the front seat with me and Katie sat behind her. When I turned around to back out Katie winked at me and blew me a kiss. I almost drove off the driveway looking at her.

“David…what the hell are you doing?” Darci asked.


For the rest of the drive to Megan’s house, I managed to drive safely. All the way Darci tried to convince me to come to the door with them, but I refused until I could speak to Megan and get her okay. I pulled in front of the house and did get out of the car as Darci and Katie walked up the stairs. I just leaned against the front fender of my car as they rang the doorbell. Megan answered it.

“Hi, Katie and Darci,” Megan said and spotted me behind them on the street.

“Hi…Where’s Ellen?” Darci asked.

“Up in her room, but she is taking my dad’s death hard,” Megan stated.

“We know, that’s why we came to console her,” Darci said, as she actually stepped around Megan, into the house. Katie followed her, leaving Megan turning to look in consternation. She seemed about to say something, but Darci and Katie were already charging upstairs. She turned to me and our eyes met. I stood up off the fender, but just looked.

Megan jumped down the steps and ran to me. I just got a few steps forward when she was in my arms. Her tears were already flowing and she sobbed uncontrollably against my neck as we hugged. I could feel the trembles in her lithe body as we embraced. We stayed that way for what seemed a long time.

Eventually, Megan stopped crying and leaned back to look at my face. Her face was streaked with make-up and drying tears. She kissed me before speaking.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t call you to come over,” she cried.

“I understand, and I’m so sorry about your dad.”

“It’s the worst pain I hope I ever feel.”

“I’m sure it is. I can’t even imagine it.”

“Thanks,” Megan whispered. “Come on in, please.”


I followed Megan into her house and up to her room. As we entered her room and closed the door, I could hear voices from Ellen’s room, but couldn’t make out the words. Megan lay down on her bed and indicated for me to join her. The TV in her room was on and we just leaned back against the headboard and watched. Megan reached for and held my hand.

We stayed that way for about an hour with little conversation. Megan snuggled against me with my hand in her lap. Occasionally, I’d turn and kiss her cheek or hair. She’d snuggle closer and tighten her grip on my hand. It was getting dark outside when Megan’s Malatya Escort mom knocked on her door. Megan answered it and her mom wanted to know if she wanted pizza for dinner. Darci and Katie were staying and I was welcome too.

We agreed and her mom left. I felt bad about not saying anything to her mother and told Megan so.

“That’s ok,” Megan said. “There’ll be plenty of time and opportunities later.”

The evening stayed like that, very somber, with little laughter. We all ate together, which gave me a chance to see Ellen and tell her and her mom how sorry I was. I called Pete to beg off for another day, and Megan and I went for a drive after dinner. We drove around for a while and eventually ended up in the parking lot at the nearby city park where we’d had sex once before. This was not the night for sex, though, and Megan just sat with her back to me, but leaning against me. With my arms around her, I listened to her talk and cry while I held her tight.

I dropped Megan back home before ten. Darci and Katie had already gone; Ellen’s mom had driven them home. When I arrived back home I said hi to my mom and went straight to Darci’s room.

“How’s Ellen?” I asked.

“Bad,” Darci said, “but I think we helped her. What about Megan?”

“Maybe slightly better than Ellen, but she’s still very vulnerable right now. We just mostly hugged and talked.”

“Just wait for her, David. She’ll find her way through this tragedy and come back to you. It’s just going to take time.”

“I know. I can wait.”


“Hey…things have been so crazy; you and I haven’t had time to catch up. How’re things back at school?”

“Excellent,” she smiled. “I met a new guy.”

“You did? Already?”

“Yeah…and he’s so cute, and tall too.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“He’s like six-two so I can still wear decent heels and still look him in the eye,” Darci exclaimed gleefully.

“I’m glad to hear it,” I said.

“And I’m not as horny as I was over the summer,” she added with a cute giggle.

“Really…that’s good,” I chuckled along with her.

Darci pulled her cellphone off the end table by the bed and navigated to her saved pictures. She found what she wanted and handed me the phone. Looking at the picture, I saw her in the arms of a handsome guy with dark hair. She had held the phone away from her to take the picture. The smiles on their faces were heartwarming.

“Nice,” I said.

“He’s a cutie pie,” Darci claimed.

“I’m glad for you and he looks like a nice guy.”

“He is…you’ll like him.”

“I don’t doubt it.”

I kissed her on the cheek and left for bed. I was exhausted after driving home and going through everything afterward. The emotions of the day with Megan and her family were sad and difficult. Even as exhausted as I was, it took me a little while to fall asleep.

The weekend was more of the same. I saw Megan on Saturday and Sunday, but each time was strictly to help where I could with plans for the next weekend. The funeral would be on Friday, and they planned a small get-together for the relatives and close friends on Saturday. I’d be coming back and offered to help with transportation of the elderly and some other minor details. Megan and I spent time together where possible, but it was subdued and tender. We just held each other.

I picked up Chris in Phillipsburg Sunday afternoon. I told Jennifer that Megan thanked her for the sweet card and wanted us all to get together sometime over the holidays. Jennifer agreed that would be a great idea. I filled Chris in on the events of the weekend, but we otherwise said little on the ride back to school. He said he would talk with Jennifer about making the funeral.

The week was quiet, with mostly just work. School was getting tough with exams and papers coming due. I called and spoke with Megan on Wednesday. She seemed less emotional, but the funeral still lay ahead. Relatives were beginning to arrive from other parts of the country and events were beginning to start. We hung up after going over timelines and saying we loved each other. The tragedy of her father’s loss had made it somehow easier for us to declare our love.

The week dragged until Friday, and then everything became a whirlwind. This time Jennifer drove from York to meet Chris and me at my house. They would be staying with us. Amazingly, my mom and dad let them stay together in the guest room. I envied them as it was getting to be a good two weeks since Megan and I had been together other than in sadness.

If funerals can be well done and fulfilling, this one was. There were tears and emotional hugs and moments, but the whole day went efficiently. The emotional drain on Megan and her family was intense and I felt it too. Darci and Katie had come as well and they got to meet Chris and Jennifer. At the end of the day, all of us except Megan ended up back in our basement sipping beers. I was getting to know Jennifer better and she seemed great. I was envious of them when they excused themselves to head upstairs. Katie Malatya Escort Bayan had been quietly teasing me when we were alone. We both knew it was only talk, but it still reminded me of that incredible body.

The following day was mostly work, setting up for the party and chauffeuring people from place to place. Megan and I picked up elderly relatives from hotels and ran for last minute food needs. By the time the party was over all of us were exhausted and ready for quiet time. Chris and Jennifer got a ride back to the house with Darci in Mom’s car. Megan and I finally found a chance to get away late Saturday and went to our normal spot in the park. It was getting cold at nights and we were both bundled against the weather as I held her again.

“Jennifer and Chris are great,” Megan commented.

“They are,” I agreed.

“They look so much in love.”

“I think they are.”

“They remind me of us,” Megan said.

“Me too.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been able to be much of a girlfriend these past weeks.”

“You’ve been all the girlfriend I want.”

“Hold me tight, please. Tonight I just want to be with you and be close. Tomorrow, let’s find time to be somewhere that we can be one,” Megan offered.

“That sounds good to me.”

The next day turned into a confusion of how we’d get everyone back to college. It was finally decided that we’d drive to Penn in Philly separately and meet for lunch. That way Megan would be back at school, Jennifer could leave from there and Chris and I could drive back together to Cornell. I feared Megan and I wouldn’t get time together until she came up with the idea of leaving early. We left Chris and Jennifer to get breakfast by themselves and headed out early for Philly.

I’d not been to Megan’s dorm room since that first trip and was surprised to see how well decorated the room was and how organized she and her roommate were. Her roommate was in when we got there about ten. Megan introduced me to Gwen and we talked briefly, but soon she was leaving and saying goodbye. I’d gone to the bathroom and apparently Megan had managed her departure in my absence.

As soon as Gwen left, Megan looked at me and smiled. She walked to the door and threw the lock. I was sitting on her bed and she walked to me pulling her shirt over her head. Her jeans followed and she came into my arms in just her black bra and panties. My cock responded almost immediately to seeing her nearly naked body. I was worried I’d cum like a virgin I was so horny and in need of her.

Megan acted like she felt the same way as she sat in my lap and kissed me with passion. Her tongue was in my mouth and her fingers worked open the buttons on my shirt. We kissed hungrily and battled tongues. My hands caressed her naked back and I opened her bra. She shrugged it off her arms giving me time to peel off my shirt and tee shirt. As our bodies came together I glanced at those cute pert tits and nipples I loved so much. We kissed and I felt her hard eraser nipples poke me in the chest.

Megan rose out of my lap after a few minutes and dropped to her knees before me. She wanted me to stand; my cock needed some freedom, too. I helped her drop my pants and boxers to the floor and kicked them away. My cock stuck out like a sturdy branch from a tree, with pre-cum already wetting its tip. Megan smiled and looked at me.

“For me?” Megan joked with a huge grin.

“I’m afraid he’s more than ready,” I confessed.

“We have another hour,” Megan reminded me. “He’ll be fine.”

“Looking at you has him super-charged,” I groaned.

“My pussy is so wet for him too,” Megan agreed, “but first lean back. I owe him some fast relief.”

She leaned forward and gently pushed on my shoulders. I reclined back on my elbows, causing my cock to poke straight up. Megan’s eyes dropped from mine to my cock and her hands crept up my thighs to caress my already tight balls and steel-stiff cock. She squeezed the shaft of my manhood and brought a clear drop of pre-cum out of the slit at the tip. She leaned in and licked the very tip of her tongue across the nerve-endings below the head. It felt incredible and erotic as she looked hungrily into my eyes.

“Oh, god,” I moaned.

Then the feeling was so intense, I had to throw my head back and groan. Megan took my cockhead into her warm wet mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She almost made me cum and she backed off with my second intense moan. She let me cool down with tender kisses along my shaft and down to my balls. Then she held my testicles up to swab with her tongue before sucking on them one at a time.

“Oh, babe, that’s so incredible.”

“You’re close, huh?”


“Want to cum or should I tease you for a while?”

“You decide.”

“I want you in me soon,” she declared.

Megan went back to work on my cock, taking the head back in her mouth. Her tongue licked and she sucked on the head as her hands went to work. It didn’t take long for my pleasure level to rise again. It felt so good, I reached Escort Malatya for her head and held her to me. I didn’t mean to keep her from moving, but it just felt so incredible.

Megan sucked harder and her hands seemed to draw the cum from my balls. She bobbed on my cock and her tongue lashed away at the sensitive underside. The cum boiled in my balls until my dick was ready to explode. I groaned loudly to warn her, but she didn’t seem to care or notice.


The first eruption was like a nuclear detonation to my brain. My hands slipped from Megan’s soft hair as the second explosion jetted into her mouth. I wanted to look, but the climax was so intense I couldn’t bring myself to sit up. Several more spurts and my cock settled into just pulsing in Megan’s mouth. The bliss was so wonderful my body just totally relaxed.

Megan stayed with my cock until the last of the spasms. She suckled gently before pulling off of me with a tiny pop. I became aware that she had moved and finally looked down to see her looking at me. Her mouth appeared full and she looked into my eyes. I watched as she leaned forward over my stomach and opened her mouth. My cum flooded from her mouth like a waterfall of milk. Some of it collected in my bellybutton.

“Shit, Megan,” I said.

“That was a lot of cum. Too much to swallow,” she gasped.

“You filled my bellybutton,” I complained, but with a grin.

“I can fix that,” she said, as she leaned down to place her lips over the small hole.

She sucked the contents back into her mouth and showed it to me. She then swallowed and showed me it was gone. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“My turn,” she said, jumping onto the bed next to me peeling off her panties before spreading her legs.

I grabbed a few tissues to wipe my stomach and slid to the floor to get between her legs. For the moment, my cock was hanging down between my legs. A drop of remaining cum fell to the carpet below. I smiled at the wanton look on Megan’s face. Glancing down, I could see how glistening wet she was; her lips looked swollen with need. I ran a finger gently along her beautiful slit. She’d shaved her pussy completely for me. My mouth literally watered to get at her.

I parted Megan’s lips with my fingers and opened her hole to me. There was a tiny pool of wetness filling the small opening. I hadn’t been in her for two weeks and her pussy looked so small and tight. I poked my tongue into her moist opening and wiggled it around catching her sweet taste on my tongue. Megan groaned as I swirled my tongue about, getting deeper into her cunt.

“Oh, Dave…Mmm…fuck, you’re driving me crazy.”

My cock was already starting to recover and I decided to attack her cunt and get her to cum at least once. I wanted so badly to fuck her, and I knew she wanted it too. Not wanting to waste any more time, I moved to her clit and sucked the sensitive little nub into my mouth. At the same time, I pushed a finger inside her.

“Oh, fuck,” Megan howled. “That’s so good.”

I licked her clit while still holding the tiny bud in my mouth. My finger found her g-spot and rubbed against her rough surface. Megan bucked against my mouth and she held my head firmly to her sex with her hands. She moaned constantly and gasped as I added a second finger to the first.

“Make me cum, babe,” Megan growled. “I need it so bad.”

The second finger worked her g-spot with the first, and that was all it took to make Megan climax. Her scream of release was probably too loud for the active dorm. Her pussy immediately flooded with her cum as she ground her sex hard against my face. Her firm ass pushed off the bed as if to get my whole head inside her. She thrashed around on the bed until her orgasm finally waned. My soaked fingers continued to move inside her until I felt her slump back exhausted onto the bed.

Usually, I’d try to get her off twice with my mouth. I knew she loved to cum two times orally, and the second climax was usually huge for her, but I couldn’t wait to get inside her. My cock was like a divining rod seeking a moist home.

Being tall is a disadvantage in most situations and a benefit only occasionally. This was one of those good times; I could kneel on the carpet and still align my cock directly with her cunt on the bed. I entered her in one swift move. Megan groaned aloud as I pushed to the back of her hole. Her pussy was soaked from her orgasm, giving aid to my penetration. She was still wonderfully tight, though.

“Oh, god, Dave. You feel so good inside me.”

My cock felt like an iron bar as I fucked into Megan. I held her hips at the juncture of her legs as I pumped into her. By holding her this way, with her legs pushed back almost to her tits, her pussy couldn’t get away from the assault from my cock. I probed deeply into her, drawing moans and groans.

“Oh, god, that’s so good,” Megan urged. “Ah…ah…ah…fuck me.”

Sweat began to form on both our bodies as my dick felt like it could fuck her forever. I was pounding Megan so hard her little tits were wiggling back and forth. The nipples were like two stiff cherries on sweet, soft pools of Jell-O. I loved the erotic look of her tits and they matched the thrusts of my cock. Megan started to thrust against me even harder, trying to bring on another orgasm.

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