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Crash Course Sex: Lesson 02

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“Dude, it’s your stop! Kyle!”

Although he had been gazing out of the window the whole ride, Kyle Eldridge suddenly realized the familiar corner of 126th and Abbey Road was right before him. He quickly grabbed his backpack, muttered a “thanks” to his vigilant friend, Wally, and ran outside. As the bus roared away into the distance, Kyle could hardly believe he was already home.

He had mindlessly floated through the whole school day. Be it chemistry, English, or gym, Kyle just couldn’t focus. Even the usually enjoyable lunch hour he’d spend with Susie Grey fought to hold his attention. The boy just couldn’t forget what had happened last night.

It had begun at midnight, when his loving mother had offered to give him a crash course in sex for his date with Susie on Sunday. In the next hour or so, Kyle had two of the most powerful orgasms in his life thus far. The first was an accident in his mother’s hands after she’d put a condom on him. The second was inexcusably deliberate, occurring in the basement as mother and son mutually masturbated to each other, both complicit in a considerable transgression.

While he had wordlessly retired to bed soon afterwards, sleep did not come easily. In the morning, exhausted, Kyle woke up just in time for a mad dash to the bus. He wished he had time to speak to his mother; right now, he had no idea how she felt about the situation. Was she upset? Was she afraid?

“I’m home!” Kyle announced as usual when he got home. He walked into the kitchen.

“Hi, honey.”

The beautiful matron currently faced the stove. Still sensitized from their previous encounter, Kyle couldn’t help but stare with carnal intent as his mother’s jeans perfectly contoured her wide hips and ample buttocks. The teen’s shorts tented and he was smothered by a lust similar to the one that overrode his senses the previous night. Although still sweaty from gym class and completely unsure of his mother’s feelings, the boy couldn’t help but walk up and give her one of his usual hugs from behind.

“Hey mom.”

Julie gasped. Although this was an embrace she’d encountered countless times before, there was something different about the immovable, male presence behind her. Had his grip always been so assured? Had his chest always been so firm? She felt her knees go weak.

Kyle pressed his nose into the nape of her neck and inhaled her sweet, familiar fragrance, while his arms nestled against her soft, warm breasts. Through his shorts, his rigid baton pressed into the pillow-like cheeks of her ass. The sensations inflamed the most primitive centers of his brain and his hips began moving almost imperceptibly. All his reservations evaporated – there was something about this ravishing woman that even Susie didn’t stir in him.

The 38-year old groaned, her head swimming from the musky essence of the sweaty, virile adolescent behind her. The hard slab massaging her soft buttocks refreshed her memory of the beautiful and indefatigable phallus she had recently accommodated. Almost involuntarily, her hips began responding to his rhythmic motion. Shivering, she choked out, “Hey… sweetie… how was… your day?”

“Mmm… gooooood,” Kyle moaned, his embrace and thrusting now more pronounced. “I thought about you all day,” he admitted.

Julie’s heart soared. She reached back and began running her hand through his hair. “Me too, sweetie.”

The boy grew even harder at his mother’s loving caress. “I was worried that you were mad at me… for last night.”

“Aw… honey. Your mommy could never be mad at you. In fact, I wasn’t sure how you felt.”

While Kyle had been in school, Julie had spent a large chunk of the day obsessing about the previous night’s events. Between chores, plans and scenarios filled her mind, as she wondered how she’d approach her son after last night. She hadn’t predicted that the ultimate scenario would involve grinding her ass against her flesh and blood like a randy schoolgirl.

“I… I’m just… grateful.” The boy placed a kiss on his mother’s bare shoulder, the warm, wet gesture coaxing fluids from her innermost glands.

“I love you, mom.”

“I… I love you too, baby.” The bizarre combination of feelings and the now intolerable ache between her legs ravaged Julie’s mind. She needed relief now.

“Kyle… darling… I need to… uh… I need to go,” She moaned restlessly.

The teen was familiar with this ruse. Remembering what he saw in the basement, Kyle slid his right hand down to the crotch of her jeans and began massaging.

“What are you doing??!” Although shocked, Julie couldn’t help but involuntarily buck into her son’s hand.

“I know what you need, mom,” the boy declared.

Julie found herself turned on by her son’s confidence. Unfortunately, It made fighting him all that more difficult. She panted, “Kyle… we can’t… it’s not… ohhhhhhhhh.”

The teen began kissing and caressing the nape of her neck with his lips and continued stroking. He whispered, “It’s ok. Think görükle escort of it as part of my training. Besides, you made me feel good yesterday… it’s only fair I give back”

Even amidst the torrent of confusing emotions, Julie felt a glimpse of pride in her son. He was growing up to be a selfless lover!

“If… if you say so. Ok… sweetheart, make sure you maintain pressure and move with me. Also, I really… like what you’re doing with your lips… but keep on experimenting. T-try nibbling on my ear.” she gasped.

Like the good boy he was, Kyle obliged, winning a moan of contentment from his teacher. For an indeterminable time, the two Eldridges continued humping wordlessly, the room silent except for a boy’s labored breathing and his mother’s moans and frantic panting.

Julie was first to break the silence.

“Pumpkin!!! I’m going to come!!!” One of her hands gripped the kitchen counter, while the other bunched up Kyle’s hair.

Kyle nudged away his mother’s shoulder-length hair and licked the salty sweat rolling onto her flushed, taut neck. This drove Julie over the edge.

“OHHHHH GODDD!!!!” Julie frantically rocked against her son’s hand, yelling and grunting. Kyle maintained firm contact with the soaked denim as he watched his elegant matron shake and scream through the waves of her paroxysm. A pleasurable rush soared through him as he made the strong, caring woman he’d never disobeyed in his life whimper like a schoolgirl. His shorts were soaked from pre-cum and normally he’d have climaxed, but the kegels he’d learned about last night and practiced nonstop really did the trick.

Satisfied and sweaty, Julie nearly went limp afterwards – fortunately, the powerful stud behind her maintained a firm grip. She smiled and caressed his matted hair, “Oh my god sweetie that was wonderful. You’re a natural. A plus!”

He pecked her on her warm, flushed right cheek. “I

have a great teacher.”

Julie turned around and beamed at her son. As the petite lady gazed up at the Adonis towering over her 5′ 2” frame, she realized just how much her sweet baby boy had grown. Her heart fluttered and she quivered – while she still thought of him as her son, the 38-year old was clearly falling for the young man.

She needed to kiss him. Brushing aside the guilt she felt for betraying her spouse, Julie indulged her ulterior motives, “So, uh, Kyle… part of pleasing a woman is knowing how to kiss her. Do you know how?”

“I think so,” the teen answered tentatively. The kisses he’d get from Susie were some of his fondest memories.

“Show me.”

“Oh… uh ok.”

Although surprised, the teen was determined to prove himself. He bent down and pecked his mother on the lips.

Julie laughed, “I said kiss, goofball!”

“But Susie and I-“

She interrupted him, “Let me show you how.”

Wrapping her hands around his neck, Julie brought her lips to her son’s, loving that she had to stand on her toes to reach him. Her soft lips worked their magic as her fingers dug into his hair. Kyle was overwhelmed by the delicate wetness of her touch; the peppermint quality of her breath; and the savory taste of her lip balm. His arms grasped the tiny woman before him and brought her close, his hands stroking her back. The housewife’s large breasts squashed against the teen’s firm chest, further arousing the young boy.

Julie moaned as son’s yet unsatisfied penis grew and prodded her soft belly, and she darted her tongue into his mouth. A quick learner, Kyle responded with his own, and their tongues danced. As if they had a mind of their own, his hands ventured lower and lower, ultimately digging their digits into a pliable, plump ass.

The clearly transgressive touch from her son reactivated the itch deep within Julie. Her efforts intensified and soon the odd couple were all but making out. Only the risk of passing out from suffocation caused them to break their embrace.

“Holy shit,” Kyle exclaimed, gasping for air.

Julie smiled, pleased with herself, “That’s how it’s done!”

“Wow…I had no idea. Is it always this intense?”

“I wouldn’t know, sweetheart. Your dad… he’s … not the biggest fan of foreplay,” reluctantly admitted.

“Seriously? Dad’s such an idiot!”

“Kyle Eldridge! Don’t talk about your father that way!” Julie playfully reproached him.

“I’m sorry mom. You’re just… so amazing,” he said sheepishly.

“Aww honey… you’re too kind,” she smiled, lovingly caressing his face.

“It’s true! In fact…” The boy cocked an eyebrow,

“Wait, how did you get so good at kissing if not with dad?”

Julie blushed – the kid had caught her red-handed. “Uh… it’s a little embarrassing…”

Now more interested than ever, Kyle pleaded with her, “I promise I won’t tell! Tell me!”

“Ok, ok! Relax, buster! I… uh practiced it… with… Mrs. Brooks.”


She giggled at his surprise, “Yeah… I was at her house one day. We’d been talking eskort bayan about… relations with our husbands and the wine was particularly strong. We both wanted to try something fresh, and uh… we decided to practice with each other.”

Kyle was flabbergasted and incredibly turned on. He imagined Mrs. Brooks, a ravishing blonde from the cul-de-sac, nervously locking lips with his pretty mother, their faces flushed from the alcohol and their bosoms heaving from the excitement. His cock throbbed, a fact not lost on Julie, who again unsuccessfully fought the lurid thoughts in her mind.

Suddenly, the clock beeped the arrival of 5:00, rudely shaking Julie out of her idyll.

“Oh god, look at the time – your father will be here within the hour! He can’t see us like this! We both need to wash up! There’s no time with only one shower! How could I have done this with my own son?” A medley of panic, fear, and guilt drove the housewife into a frantic stir.

Perhaps it was the urgency of the situation, his mother’s distress, or the events that had transpired, but a cool reserve overtook Kyle. He decided to take charge, “Mom, it’s ok… Mom, listen!” He grabbed her by the shoulder, and looked her straight in the eye. Julie stared back, helpless in the hands of the six-foot tall stud.

“First of all, you’re not doing anything wrong – you’re just helping me out. There’s no reason for you to feel guilty. And don’t worry… there’s plenty of time before dad comes home. Follow me.”

He grasped her hand, leading her up the stairs and into the small bathroom; Julie followed without resistance. Who was this calm and resolute man? Where was her goofy, childish son?

Kyle closed the bathroom door. “Look, it might be a bit strange, but if we shower together, I think we can be clean in time. Since we’re right above the garage door, I’ll run out with our dirty clothes as soon as I hear dad come back. That way, you can come out of the shower in a towel, and I’ll just be in my room.”

Still shaken, Julie offered a weak rebuttal, “But sweetheart… we can’t…”

“Given what we’ve already been through, I think it’ll be ok.” Kyle’s quiet, firm retort silenced the dissenting voices in her head. Wrong or not, the kid had an irresistible confidence.

The boy began shedding his clothes. Julie watched as the divestment revealed a tan, sinewy body covered in sweat that shone in the bathroom light. Her eyes devoured the impressive results of his workout regime: broad shoulders, muscular arms, firm chest, and set of lats that tapered down, highlighting the washboard abdomen between.

Kyle noticed that his mother stood motionless, her jaw agape and her eyes glazed over. “Mom! What are you doing? We have to hurry!”

The housewife snapped out of her lull, swallowing hard, “Oh… uh… yeah, sorry honey…”

She absent-mindedly undid her jeans as the teen’s shorts dropped, revealing a pair of sweat and pre-cum soaked boxers that fought to restrain the enormous lead pipe underneath. Just as she finished removing her shirt, her boy had finished denuding himself. The 38-year-old’s pussy moistened and ached as she gazed upon the semi-flaccid, yet still sizeable rod of flesh that hung between two well-defined pair of quadriceps. There was nothing even remotely motherly about the way she current looked at the boy.

Meanwhile, Kyle realized that his mother was now in her underwear; he now fully understood why people often referred to the female form as “an hourglass”. The shapely beauty before him sported nothing but a white bra that did little to hide a substantial pair of pale, curved breasts and white panties whose straps stretched across wide, fertile hips. While the boy had never been with a girl, he’d seen enough online to know that the specimen in front of him was quite impressive. The teen’s eyes were glued to a bead of sweat that rolled down his mother’s abyssal cleavage, his cock thickening and rising with periodic throbs.

Pleased at the effect she was having on her son, but still embarrassed, Julie blushed and smiled demurely. Looking down, she clasped her hands together and whispered, “What are you looking at?”

As if in a trance, Kyle replied, “You. You’re so beautiful, mom.”

The tinge in Julie’s face turned even redder. She slowly looked up, only to find her son still staring, slack-jawed. The man who had led her up the stairs was gone – the awestruck, nervous boy in front of her was definitely her son. She chuckled humbly, “You’re just being nice, honey. I’m too old – I can’t possibly hold a candle to those teen girls at your school.”

Almost indignant, the boy blurted out, “You’re wrong! You’re way sexier than those skinny girls! Even Susie…” Kyle stopped, realizing what he was about to say. He almost admitted that he preferred his mother’s body to his girlfriend’s. Pangs of guilt overtook him as he hung his head in shame.

Although greatly pleased, Julie felt bad for the well-meaning kid and stepped forward altıparmak escort to comfort him. She lifted his chin and looked into his eyes, “Thank you, sweetheart. I understand what you’re trying to say – don’t feel bad. I know you mean well.”

Reluctantly, the loving mother decided to refocus on Suzie to make her son feel better, “In fact, speaking of Suzie, you should learn how to unhook a bra. Try… me.”

As Julie stepped closer, Kyle nervously wrapped his arms around her, feeling for the piece of metal. At this distance, her aroma, a tantalizing mix of sweat, womanhood, and perfume, drove steel into the throbbing penis only inches away from the object of its desire. When he found the clasp, the teen closed his eyes to better visualize the task at hand, and to keep from staring at the fantastic tits so close to him. While she waited for him to succeed, Julie gawked at his broad babymaker, its rhythmic bobbing a promise of youthful vigor.

“There!”, Kyle exclaimed happily at his success. With Julie’s help, he slowly removed the straps from her shoulders, and removed the garment.

Somewhat embarrassed but proud, Julie smiled at her son, “Good job, dear!”

Kyle, however, was busy staring at the three-inch-wide, pink areolae that capped two beautiful mammaries worthy of a fertility goddess. He struggled with an inexplicable urge to suck on them.

Julie giggled at his reaction, “That’s right buster. You’re not the only… big one… in this family. Ok, let’s clean up before your father gets home.”

Somewhat surprised at his mother’s prurient comment, Kyle watched as the middle-aged Venus in front of him, turned around, and quickly shucked her panties. His eyes grew wide as her heart-shaped, alabaster ass sashayed into the shower. Hearing the water turn on, the teen followed wordlessly, his stiff appendage a divining rod, and closed the glass shower door.

In the small enclosure, the two Eldridges stood but a foot apart. Julie faced the shower, closing her eyes, and applied soap all over her body, the white bar leaving a trail of bubbles on her wet, shiny skin. Kyle watched as the water dissolved the mascara around her eyes before it ran down her high cheekbones and plump, crimson lips. It continued its journey down the tendons of her neck, over her prominent collarbone, and through the fertile valley between her breasts, its various tributaries rolling off her vast, sloping mounds. He realized just how uncommonly beautiful his mother was, and he felt like he was about to pass out from his increasingly voluminous erection.

“Your turn,” Julie opened her eyes and handed him the soap. Still staring at her body, he began his application, the bar of soap highlighting the islands of muscle that made up his 8-pack. He moaned as the bar glanced his genitals; Julie gawked at the aroused phallus, brick hard and bobbing, and felt that familiar desire to be filled again. God, were all teenage boys this irresistible?

“Does … does it hurt?” she inquired, quietly, noting the dark purple color of the fat glans.

From the way she gawked at his crotch, Kyle knew exactly what his mother was asking: “Uh… it’s not painful, but it’d be nice to… well, you know. I’ve been practicing those exercises like you taught me… guess they’re maybe too effective.”

So, he had been practicing, and the results showed. Yesterday, he had exploded in her hands within seconds – today he had survived a long session of desperate frottage. She wondered if she could chart his progress, morbidly remembering the pleasure she had felt recording his height or his improving grades. The powerful combination of curiosity, nostalgia, and arousal brought a naughty idea to her mind.

“Yeah? Well it’s time for a pop quiz. Show me what you’ve learned, my pupil,” she smiled, devilishly. She grabbed the soap.

Kyle’s heart began accelerating at the unprecedented and highly sexy look his mother had just shot him. He watched in silence as she lathered her hands, stepped forward, and wrapped her left hand around his pulsating shaft. The shiny knob produced a considerable amount of lubricant, imploring her to begin.

Kyle groaned, “Ohhh godd… b-but what about d-dad com- coming home early?”

The housewife realized that in her lust, she had completely forgotten about her husband’s impending arrival. She found herself strangely unaffected and smiled at him, stroking his chest with her free hand, in reassurance, “Don’t worry, baby… like you said, we’ll stop as soon as we hear the garage door.”

Her hand began administering the test, wiping away all of his reservations. For the next five minutes, Julie slowly worked her fist up and down the monstrous appendage, making sure to stimulate every sensitive inch. She was surprised to find that the same boy that had exploded in her hand within seconds the previous night was, despite his very arousing vocalizations, in total control.

“Wow, honey… you really have improved.”

Lost in the pleasure of his very first hand job,

Kyle managed to mutter, “Thanks, mom.”

“However, we have to get you read for the real thing. Usually, you’ll be doing most of the work, but even if you’re not driving the action, you need to meet your partner’s strokes. Thrust into my hand,” Julie commanded.

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