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Cousins Adventure

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This story was told to me by my girlfriend, Carol, who has since become my wife. I’d sort of forgotten about it — or it had at least slipped my mind for a while, until she mentioned it while we were having a drink one night, just before she before she was about to get screwed. It’s not a long story but it’s always turned me on.

Carol had gotten an early start with sexual relationships and had some experience with guys before this occurred but, in comparison, this was waayyy off the charts for her. She’d always been close to her cousin Suzy and, after High School, when they had an opportunity to fly back east to stay with relatives and see the sites, they jumped at the idea.

As relatively naive Idaho girls, they’d traveled back east together, gone to wild concerts, rode a bus down to Oklahoma and Georgia to visit relatives and had a few little flings with boys along the way; nothing serious, just mild make out sessions. Still, they were from conservative church going families and their parents would not have condoned even minor make-out sessions. They were both 18 but growing up in rural Idaho had not prepared them for their coming encounters. In fact, NOTHING would have prepared them for what was in store for them.

During the first part of their trip, they stayed with an Aunt and Uncle in the NE for a while. They went to some real rock concerts and a couple of parties, saw the sites and all in all they just enjoyed their newfound freedom and the opportunity to see new things. They were just girls, away from their families for the first time and enjoying life.

After a couple of weeks, they wound up their trip by riding a bus south to visit other relatives and ended up their trip staying a couple nights at a house in Georgia, that belonged to a shirt-tail relative, who happened to be out of town. This wasn’t in the big city but it sure as hell wasn’t a small rural town.

She and her cousin met a couple of boys on the day they arrived — just nice, local boys, they thought. They’d gone to the movies with them and hung around together for a couple of days, but hadn’t actually been on real dates. There’d bahis siteleri been a few relatively mild make-out sessions but nothing remotely serious had happened.

On their last night in Georgia, just before they were scheduled to fly home, they decided to have their cousins over for dinner, along with the boys they’d met. As it turned out, only one cousin showed up, along with her boyfriend. Being semi-rural Georgia, the boys they’d met had managed to lay their hands on some “shine.”

Apparently, throughout many parts of the south, it’s still fairly common for locals to brew up a little “shine” in their basements or sheds on the property. So, even though they weren’t of legal drinking age it wasn’t a big problem for the boys to snag a jug of the “powerful stuff.”

The night started out with everyone laughing and having fun while the girls made spaghetti and garlic bread. If you’ve never had home-brewed grain alcohol it is really harsh straight out of the bottle — at least that’s been my experience with it. But when it’s mixed with Coke or another soda, it can go down pretty easy and it sneaks up on you — seriously!

According to her story they all had a few drinks while they finished making dinner and, by that time, they were all feeling no pain. The upshot was, nobody really had much of an appetite for dinner and everyone wound up drinking on relatively empty stomachs. Carol and Suzy, being from rural Idaho, had drank at few parties during their junior and senior years in high school – probably more of it and more often than they should have, but nothing excessive. So, they weren’t babes in the woods with regard to drinking.

As the night wore on, they all wound up watching a movie that Carol described as a “Hard-R”, which I interpreted to mean a “tits and ass movie” just shy of “X” rated. At some point the boys who’d brought the Shine produced a joint. It was good, strong stuff — not “ditch-weed” which grows wild in ditches along some rural roads in the south.

One thing led to another and soon everyone was making out — still nothing heavy. Everyone had their clothes on. As my girlfriend canlı bahis siteleri told me, her shirt-tail cousin from Georgia was not comfortable with the whole situation and when the make-out session and the movie got a little too real for her she demanded that her boyfriend take her home.

An argument ensued and she stormed out of the house and walked home. So now it was two girls and three guys — all of whom had been drinking, smoking pot, and watching a soft-core porn video. When the first video was over one of the boys found a small stash of actual X-rated videos. A third cousin and her live-in boyfriend usually inhabited the house they were staying in, so the stash was theirs.

She told me they watched one of the hard-core videos “for a short while” but when the boys started making lewd comments and the girls felt like things were getting out of hand, especially considering there were three boys and just the two girl cousins, they made them turn the video off.

Instead, they went outside and made a fire. Having lived in the country my whole life, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been to a house that didn’t have some sort of fire-ring or fire-pit. It’s a very common way to spend evenings, especially when you have friends over. Hell, my wife and I have fires outside at least a couple times a week, even during winter; we heat the inside with wood too — such is life in rural Idaho!

By this time, everyone was feeling the full effects of the Shine and another joint was passed around the fire. Carol told me that she really doesn’t remember how or when it happened but she and her “boyfriend” and her cousin Suzi and her “boyfriend” wound up back in the house, in the room where they had been watching the movies.

They were paired off and sitting on opposite ends of a large, semi-ratty couch. At this point things progressed into a full-fledged make out session. She told me that, at some point, both she and her cousin had somehow lost their tops and the boys had gotten pretty insistent about getting into their pants. The girls got annoyed and put a stop to it. At that point, nobody knew what had happened canlı bahis to the other guy. The last they’d seen of him, he was out by the fire, alone.

Carol told me they were all very drunk but hopes to hell she didn’t get some sort of STD from a guy she barely knew.

She tells me she feels like shit. Her head hurts, she’s got the spins from being drunk and stoned and she’s got cum on her face and in her hair and on her chest and it’s still leaking out of her mouth and out of her pussy and she feels like a REAL SLUT! — Which, she is not, but on that night she certainly was used like one.

When she woke up in the morning Suzy was asleep next to her. They get up later, make coffee and start trying to piece together the events of the night. Turns out that before the guys had gotten to Carol, they had cornered Suzy in the room where they’d been watching TV. She told Carol that she didn’t really try to fight them off but she tried to resist. But, like Carol, Suzy was still naked from their little pussy eating escapades. She heard the TV playing and wandered in to turn it off and get a drink of water and discovered the two guys, who were watching an X-rated movie.

The third guy wandered in from the kitchen and pulled her down between the other two on the couch and immediately started pawing at her. Next thing she remembered was one of them stood up, dropped his pants, kneeled next to her on the couch and immediately started feeding her his cock. Then, they wound up on the floor, with her on her knees getting fucked from behind while she sucked the other guy. Like with Carol, the third guy appeared, fucked her mouth with his big cock and then got behind her and immediately started fucking her HARD.

She told Carol that She’d taken at least two loads of cum down her throat and probably two loads in her pussy AND Suzy’s ass was sore as hell and she has no idea what happened but is pretty damn sure that at some point the guy with the big cock fucked in the ass! Then, when the guys were through with Suzy, she watched them as they went over, woke Carol up and started in on her.

The girls flew home the next day. They were both terribly hung over and unbelievably ashamed and embarrassed by what had happened. They promised each other they’d never tell anybody what happened that night. At least one of them failed to keep that promise.

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