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Cousin Vonda’s Wonderful Visit

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Tim entered the front door of his parent’s place wondering what all the cars were doing out front, and when he saw the crowd of people in the back yard, he remembered they were having a small family reunion that Saturday. At 22, he was not really up to smiling for all the aunts and bearing their comments about how much he had grown. He did enjoy all the food though, so headed for the backyard after grabbing a beer from the fridge.

About 1 hour into the party, after the usual chit chat with all the relatives, he was sitting at the patio table when he felt small cool hands on his face from behind his chair, and a pretty voice saying, “Hi Tim, guess who?” Cousin Vonda then stepped out in front of him. She greeted him with a big smile and a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Cuz!”, he said and smiled backed. “Where did you come from?” His eyes took in her petite frame, the tiny white shorts and cutoff pink top she was wearing, showing a sexy flat tummy. She was now 19 and he felt okay ogling his now very attractive grown-up cousin.

“I was just upstairs unpacking my things.” she said. “I will be right next to you in your sister’s room.” Tim remembered that his sister was out of town for another few weeks in Europe. Vonda then said, “It is great to see you again, and we will be visiting for a whole two weeks!”

They spent most of the evening hanging out together and talking. Often she was sitting in a patio chair right in front of Tim as they chatted and Tim could not help noticing the her creamy legs, and when she lifted one leg up to her chest, on occasion, he could see the inside of her thigh just scant millimeters from her private nether region. He had to concentrate hard that evening so as not to be walking around with tented shorts from his recurring hard-on.

Around midnight, when the party was wrapping up, Tim headed to his bedroom. He had one thing on his mind and that was to satisfy the recurring erection that kept popping up. He sat in front of his computer, and loaded up his favourite girl’s underwear web site with the best looking models he had ever seen, who were especially sexy in g-strings. He did not really go for the typical porn that most of his friends liked as it had no imagination. He then slipped off his running shorts and start rubbing his hardening cock.

About the same time, in the next room, Vonda had stripped down to her G-string underwear and was walking around the room enjoying the cool air on her skin, coming from the open 2nd floor bedroom window. She loved the feeling of being nearly naked with the goose bumps rising on her skin and smiled at the thought of how people would be shocked at such extravagant behaviour for a quiet unassuming young woman like herself. She looked at her figure in the mirror and admired her trim feminine body. As the same time, she ran one hand over her breast, now with a very erect nipple, and squeezed it gently with her fingers. Her breasts were not overly large but she was very happy with the nice feminine curve they added to her body. Her touch sent a pleasant chill over her body. She got a thrill at imagining Tim walking in right now to say goodnight, görükle escort bayan and then being shocked at her brazen behaviour.

Feeling giddy she walked over and opened the window fully and was about to lean out to feel the night breeze on her naked torso when she thought that a neighbor might be still be up and around, as it was only a bit after midnight, so she better turn off the light first. This done she then went and leaned out the window resting her arms on the wide ledge of this old 19th century home, feeling the summer breeze on her bare shoulders and chest As the window protruded from a portion of the roof, she could easily reach beside the window and touch the rough shingled surface. She had always loved old houses with all their strange designs and crannies.

At that moment, she realized that with the angle the two rooms were on, she could actually see into Tim’s room and there, sitting near the window, was Tim in front of his computer. Thinking Tim had seen her, she stayed frozen, like a deer in the headlights and just as naked, but then realized he was not looking at her but was staring at the screen. He must not be able to see her through the reflection on his side of the window caused by the light from his monitor. She then noticed him doing something, and realized, “My god, he is playing with his penis!”

It fascinated her to see this thing protruding from his body and the way he was rubbing it gently reminded her of how she liked to rub her naked breasts. She then found herself wanting to get an even closer look, so she slipped on her night shirt and slipped out on the ledge. It was perfectly safe being about 4 feet wide. She continued to watch and from this vantage point she could now see his testicles hanging below his erect penis. She then started rubbing her own body as she watched him, squeezing her breasts and feeling down her stomach to the spot between her legs.

Back inside, Tim was finding the lifeless images of models on the screen were not doing it for him tonight. He found his mind drifting back to Vonda and the sexy little outfit she was wearing. As he reached over and turned off the monitor he closed his eyes to imagine her there in front of him and continued masturbating. When he opened his eyes a few moments later, he was shocked to find Vonda, just outside his window staring in at him with his erect penis in his hand. He was about to cover himself and then thought what the heck, she clearly saw his penis in full view and was into watching him. He then did the only thing he could.

He stepped over to the window and opened it up and said “Want to come in?” It was a gutsy move, and his mouth fell open as Vonda climbed in wearing only a small tee and a red G-string. He started to say “I guess you think I am…” when she cut him off and said “You can keep doing that if you want and maybe let me watch?” Tim could not believe his ears, but in his surprise he still immediately agreed, then sat in the arm chair in the corner of his bedroom. He started stroking his still erect penis, and watched her walk over to him, she did a slow spin to give him a full view of altıparmak eskort her scantily clad body and petite firm ass, displayed beautifully by the G-string underwear.

She clearly seemed comfortable being with him with almost no clothes on. She then surprised him by kneeling down in front of him and resting her arms on his legs. She said, “I have never really seen a live penis before and I want to see it up close.” He continued to jack-off and could not believe this. He was masturbating with his 19 year old cousin’s face just a few inches from his rock hard penis. He then said, “Why don’t you take off your shirt?”

She answered, “But you have your’s on”. She quickly realized her mistake as he peeled his off. She then slowly removed her own shirt and Tim stared at her luscious breasts, like two small melons on her chests, so nicely formed. She then started to reach towards his penis and said, “Can I touch it?”

He nodded and removed his own hand, and Vonda began touching it gingerly. She was surprised at how soft the skin was and how the head of the penis was so much bigger than the shaft. It did look like a helmet and she now understood why one erotic story she had read called it that. She ran her thumb over it slowly rubbing around the rim and then touching the tip. She heard Tim say “Yeah, keeping touching it like that” as he moaned with pleasure, which made her pleased at the effect her hand was having on him. She remembered the girls in the locke room talking about giving BJs and suddenly she had the erotic desire to try this out. She was surprised at how strong the urge was to give him a blow job.

She looked up at Tim and said, “Can I lick it?” Tim said, “Oh yes!”, so she leaned in and started slowing licking up the shaft. Vonda found this very erotic and was getting quite wet between her legs. She found Tim really liked it when she started from the base of his cock and licked slowly up to the tip. He would moan loudly each time as she finished with the tip of her tongue in the tip of his cock. She then took his whole cock in her mouth and started trying different movements. Tim liked them all but especially when she sucked on it like a popsicle, rubbing her tongue under the helmet. He also really liked it when she had just the head in her mouth and sucked on it.

He was groaning even more frequently as she focused on the head of his cock with short sucking movements. Suddenly, his cock started to spasm and he started jerking, and nothing could have prepared her for what happened next. Hot thick fluid started pumping from his cock into her mouth. With her mouth wrapped tightly around the shaft she could feel the sperm coursing through the underside of the shaft of his cock on its way past her lips. She knew what was happening, as he was now breathing the words, “Oh god, I’m cumming”. Vonda did not know what else to do so she simply start swallowing his salty semen. It kept pumping, so she just kept sucking and swallowing. Tim was now saying, “Oh yeah, suck me dry”, and she did her best to do just that.

She felt so dirty after doing this and at the same nilüfer escort time so turned on. As she stood up, Tim leaned forward and hooked a thumb in each side of her G-string and pulled her in close. His face was now very close to her breasts. He kissed her between her breasts and then asked her “Can I lick your breasts?”. She nodded and he slowing ran his tongue along her soft skin on the curve of her right breast and then worked his way to the center and then took her nipple in his mouth. He started sucking or her erect nipple. “This is wonderful!” he thought, as he sucked and licked his way over to her other breast. Vonda was moaning, enjoying the feel of his hot mouth on her cool chest.

Tim then said, “Let me return the treat you gave me” and eased her over to his bed. As he lied on his back he lifted her naked body onto his chest so she was now straddling him. He said “Now slide down and straddle my face.” Vonda was turned on and shocked at the same time. She had never had sex with a man and now her cousin wanted her to bring her G-string clad pussy up to his face! She was not sure she was brave enough for that. He grabbed both of her bare ass cheeks with his hands and started sliding her towards his waiting mouth. She thought this was too much but could not seem to stop herself from pliantly agreeing to his desire to lick her. As her pussy reached his mouth his tongue came out and slid easily past her G-string right into her pussy.

From Tim’s view it was wonderful have this beautiful girl on his chest clad only in a G-string! He was wildly turned on with the thought of licking his cousin’s pussy. As he pulled her in toward his face he used his finger to pull aside her G-string to see the fine blond hairs just above the folds of her pussy. He slid his tongue in right away and heard a sudden squeak of shock from above but as he started probing and licking, he could hear moaning and knew he should continue. She was wet with juices that now soaked his face and also gave him another rock hard erection. He continued licking all around and then made his way to the clitoris, which his previous girlfriend has instructed him on. As he delicately starting licking it, he was surprised to feel Vonda start writhing on top of him and grinding her pussy into his mouth.

Vonda had masturbated a number of times in her young life but it never felt this good. When his warm wet tongue started circling and touching her clitoris it made her crazy! It was like a tidal wave hitting a wall in her body. She could barely think or speak and felt herself pushing her pussy into him to get more and more. Tim just kept licking and licking around her clitoris and the pressure kept building and building and building. “Tim, that … is … so …good … ” It reached a point where it had to explode and that is what it did. She bit down on a scream of pleasure and tightened up her legs like a vice around Tim’s head as the waters rolled over her in a long orgasm. Tim just kept licking as she arched her back and fell back bringing Tim up to a sitting position with his head still in between her legs and her back resting against his newly erect penis. If she had known it would be this good, she would have started sex sooner.

As Vonda came down from the heights of pleasure, she squeezed his erection in her hand, then looked at Tim and said, with a devilish smile, “Look, it is excited again. I guess we will have to do something about it.”

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