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I used to do sleepovers at my cousin’s all the time. Our parents would leave town on vacations or long weekends together, and I would have to stay with my cousin who lived in the same city. Even though she was in college, Zoe still lived at home, so she was the designated babysitter. What my parents didn’t realize, was that Zoe was the last person on earth that they should have wanted to babysit me. Those weekends were filled with boys and beer and lots of good times.

There are probably a few stories worth writing here, but I’ll start with one of my favorites. You should know that my cousin, Zoe, is no nun. She smoked, drank and got along well with the boys. However, she was also super cool. Even though I was younger than her, she would still treat me like an adult, and we would spend all night talking and telling stories. Much of what I learned about boys, came from Zoe.

One weekend in particular, I had to stay with Zoe even though I was eighteen and a senior in high school because our parents were leaving town together for a weekend in Palm Springs. Everything was great, and we ended up watching movies and screwing around as usual. Zoe even had her friend, Becca, come over and hang with us. Movies turned into more movies and soon there was beer being pulled from the fridge. We all got silly, and then the night was coming to an end. I was starting to fall asleep on the couch about half way through some horror movie that was going from bad to worse, so I decided to check in and go upstairs to go to bed.

I’m not sure how much later it was, but I woke up with a nasty case of dry-mouth. I stumbled out of the guest room and went downstairs to get a glass of water. When I hit the bottom stair and turned the corner, I saw the familiar blue light of the tv still lighting up the family room. I figured Zoe and Becca had fallen asleep and left the tv on. Still a little light-headed, everything was still in sort of a fog, however, I soon realized that the tv was on some porn movie. The sound was super low, but there was definitely some soft porn action going on. I peered over the couch to see if the girls were sleeping or watching it, and that is when it happened — I caught my cousin having lesbian sex. It wasn’t like they were in any sixty-nine position or anything, but Becca was fully naked and stretched out on the couch and my cousin was on her knees on the floor next to her. Zoe had her mouth on Becca’s boob and had her hand buried between Becca’s thighs. Wow. She was really working her hand and getting Becca real close to a big O. No wonder they didn’t hear me coming down the stairs.

Still in a daze, I sort of just stood there and tried to take it all in. Yes, my cousin had her mouth on her best friend’s tit and had her hand on her pussy. A lot to take in. But at the same time, it was pretty damn hot. Here she was bringing another girl to orgasm right in front of me. As much as I wanted to stay and watch the climax, I knew it would cause some problems if I got caught, so I backed up and then went back upstairs. I tried to listen to Becca moan, but heard nothing. I then retreated back to my room, jumped under the covers and rubbed myself to a quick Niğde Escort but satisfying orgasm. I wondered what it would feel like to touch another girl’s pussy and bring her to orgasm. I wondered what it would feel like to have another girl suck on your boobs. The same as when a boy does? All these thoughts caused myself to get super wet, super fast. One orgasm led to two, and then I sort of passed out.

The next morning I was dying. I was super thirsty and had a headache. I finally got myself out of bed and slowly went down the stairs not knowing exactly how I should act or what I should say. Turns out that both Zoe and Becca were already up and were on Zoe’s laptop in the kitchen. They were eating bagels and acting as if nothing even happened. I was amazed, but felt relieved as well. Just pretend it didn’t happen, I guess.

We went to the beach that day with Becca and met another group of friends there. The beach had a good crowd, and it was an awesome day to say the least. When we got home at the end of the day, we were both super tired as well as salty and sandy. I asked Zoe what shower I should use (they have a bunch in their house), and she suggested that I just use hers when she was done because it had good shampoo and conditioner already in it. So I went back downstairs to get a Pepsi while Zoe took her shower. In a few minutes, she yelled down at me, so I got my stuff together and went back to her bathroom which is inside of her bedroom. She was wrapped in a towel and asked if it was ok if she stayed in the bathroom while I showered so she could do her makeup. No problem.

I took a pretty quick shower and, she was right, her shampoo and conditioner rocked. I looked through somewhat see-through shower curtain to see if she could see me, but she wasn’t even looking in my direction. I think that sort of let me down a bit. After what I had seen the night before, I was sort of thinking in the back of my mind that something might happen between me and Zoe. I even started to think about masturbating there in the shower and wondered if she would notice and maybe join in. Just as I was having these nasty and probably super wrong thoughts about my cousin, Zoe finished up and left the bathroom. Oh well. I was a little bummed but knew it was all a fantasy anyway. I finished up my shower, and then stepped out to dry off. Before drying off, I wanted to put on some lotion. After being in the sun all day, I like to moisturize. I didn’t see any lotion in the bathroom, so I opened the door to ask Zoe. Another big surprise.

Zoe was lying on her bed completely naked except for her shower towel which was wrapped on her head. Her legs were bent at the knee and spread wide open. She had one hand caressing her inner thigh and the other one caressing her lady bits. “Ah.” I literally shrieked out loud. Zoe’s eyes opened and stared right into mine. She didn’t stop or even look embarrassed. She just smiled. It was amazing. I went from being totally shocked and embarrassed myself, to being relaxed and immediately feeling her sensuality.

“Come lay next to me. All those hot guys at the beach got me pretty turned on, so I have to fix myself, if Niğde Escort Bayan you know what I mean. I saw you checking out some hotties, too, so I’m sure you got wound up too, didn’t you?”

What was I going to say? My cousin was asking me to lie on her bed and jill one out with her. Naked. All of this just minutes after I was thinking of doing myself in front of her while in the shower in order to maybe start something along these lines anyway. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew what I wanted to do. Before I could even debate it, it was walking over to the other side of her bed. I lied down while looking at Zoe’s face, I guess just looking for additional approval. She smiled, and that was all I needed. I didn’t even say one word. I lied down and then undid my towel, opening it up and revealing my naked body. I was extra tan from the sun that day, so my bikini area stood out almost as if it was glowing white. I glanced at Zoe and realized for the first time that she was tan even in her bikini area. I was thinking that she must tan in a tanning salon, but realized that I wasn’t just looking at her lack of tan lines, I was watching her hand caress herself. She was already making sloshing sounds with her wetness, and I knew that this wasn’t going to take me long to have an orgasm. After seeing what I saw last night, and then thinking about masturbating in the shower, my juices were ready to flow as well. I licked my fingers and brought them straight down to my pussy. I wanted to go inside just enough to pull out some real lubrication. There wasn’t much, but enough to make my finger slippery as I slid it outside of myself and then slowly up along my slit, parting my lips and coming up to my central alarm system. It was ready for me and already felt electric. I circled it a few times and then slid it back down to dip back inside of me for more wetness. I continued to do this, which was my favorite routine, a few times more before realizing again that I was next to Zoe who was doing the same thing.

I tried to look at her out of the corner of my eye as I didn’t want her to think I was checking her out. She still had both of her hands down between her legs, moving slowly but deliberately. I couldn’t actually see what her fingers were doing, but they were certainly doing the trick. The sound of her sloshing her fingers and lips along with the sound of her breathing which was starting to get erratic, was enough to put me into a higher gear. I brought my left fingers down and slid two of them inside myself while my right fingers rubbed circles around my clitoris. I did this until I could feel an orgasm in the making, and then I slowed down. I didn’t want to cum right away, but wanted to try to enjoy this experience a little more before climaxing. I pulled my fingers out, and they were much more wet than before. I thought about bringing them up to my mouth and tasting them, which I liked to do, but I didn’t want to freak out Zoe who was still going two-handed down on herself. So I brought my drenched fingers up to my nipple and rubbed my juices all over it, making it grow and harden instantly. I’ve always like my boobs and nipples played with, Escort Niğde so I granted myself my wish and squeezed them for a couple of minutes while my right hand was still doing business down below.

I could feel my orgasm building up steam, and I was torn on whether to succumb to the pleasures of a climax. Just then, Zoe picked up her pace and began fingering herself much faster. I could tell she was using her left fingers to penetrate herself as deeply as possible while the right one was working her clit. She was starting to arch her back a few times while breathing deeply and holding her breath. I knew that she was close, and I wanted to join her.

I returned my left hand down to join my right and went to town. I turned my head so I could watch Zoe, and as soon as I could focus on her hands pleasuring herself, my orgasm suddenly exploded, full speed and took over my entire body. I moaned out loud and couldn’t stop. The convulsions were rocking me as I held my butt up in the air, driving myself against my fingers. Rolling and rolling, my orgasm turned into a sort of double orgasm as my body continued to rock. “Oh shit!” I heard Zoe scream as she then hit the send button on her own orgasm. She, too, was loud and was banging her body up and down on the bed. I was glad I was done so I could focus on her beautiful body going through such a beautiful experience. Her orgasm lasted longer than mine did, and then she finally fell quiet on the bed. She rolled her head over toward me and flashed that same smile. I smiled back. That was awesome.

She asked me if I had ever done that before. I told her no, but that I was glad I did this time. She told me that she had heard me come down last night when she was on the couch with Becca, and the thought of it was making her horny all day. I didn’t deny it, but just laid there in post-orgasm bliss. I was super wet down there and again was thinking of bringing up some wet fingers in order to taste the result of my wonderful orgasm. Zoe must have been thinking the same thing, as she then told me that her orgasm was so strong, that she actually came liquid. I told her that I was wet too, and took the chance to bring up some super wet fingers up to my face. No, she said, her fingers weren’t wet, they actually had come on them. She said that if she had a super strong orgasm, once in a while she will discharge some thick liquid during her orgasm. She brought her fingers up so that we could both see them. They were literally dripping with sticky girl-cum. Wow, I hadn’t seen anything like it before. She brought it to her mouth and licked two of her fingers. “It’s sweet,” she said. “Do you want to taste it?” she asked as she brought her hand over to my face with one of her fingers still covered in her come. I told her that it was ok, I had some of my own that I liked to taste as well. With that, I French-kissed my own fingers while Zoe sucked on hers. The entire time I was tasting the warmth and flavor of my own juices, I was pretending it was Zoe’s. That is weird, I know, but I couldn’t avoid it. I have done that many time since, and with to this day that I had tasted her real girl-cum that evening.

We ended up getting dressed, and believe it or not, nothing seemed weird that night. We made dinner and just hung out and watched TV and some movies. I went home the next day, and we told each other that we looked forward to the next time we could “do that again.” And I know for sure, I can’t wait.

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