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Could It Happen Like This

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Big Dick

In November a few years ago I almost died, or at least that is what my doctor told me. While I was recovering, I realized that there are some things I want to do before I die so I decided to create my very own “Bucket List.”

I have several things listed and I have done some of them.

The most notable on my list are golfing at Pebble Beach in California, St. Andrews in Scotland and Augusta National, home of the Masters in Georgia.

Another is to be standing at the very eastern part of Newfoundland one fine summer day with a bottle of wine or fine cognac and a Cuban cigar to toast the rising Sun. Knowing that on that particular day, I will be the first person in North America to see the Sun.

I would love a tour of the White House by a sitting President.

I would like to see a killer whale breech the water and to see him splash back into the water, not in Marineland, but out in the ocean.

I have golfed at Pebble Beach and been in Newfoundland to toast the sunrise, but on that morning it was cloudy and rainy so all I got was wet and a little drunk as I still had a cigar and the cognac.

Another notable thing I have written on my Bucket List, is to suck a large, thick cock. That one is still waiting to be checked off my list.

I really don’t care whether you are white, black or brown as long as you are discreet, clean and above all….well hung. I don’t care if you are married or if you have a girlfriend as long as you are….well hung. If you are married or have a girlfriend and if she is willing, she can join us so that she can show me the proper way to suck your cock. I also don’t care if you are a feminine looking She-male. Some of the She-males that I have seen on various porn sites are in a word, beautiful. Just as long as you are, you guessed it….well hung.

I often wonder how it would unfold if it were to happen. So, after giving it some thought, I have come up with this story, for your reading pleasure.

After initially finding each other we exchange discreet e-mails at first. Then after we talk on the phone a couple times, we agree on some basic ground rules. Like, I have no interest in kissing a man on the mouth, a sexy She-male maybe, but definitely but not a man. I know what you are thinking, a She-male is technically a man, but for some reason, in my mind they are different. So, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a kissing a She-male if “she” offered. I am also not interested in any form of anal sex with a man. The thought of a man putting anything in my ass or me putting anything in a man’s ass is a complete turn off and is not appealing to me in any way. I would also like to know that you are comfortable with the knowledge that at any time and for any reason I may change my mind about sucking your cock. Who knows, I might get too nervous, even if you are….well hung.

Also, I have no desire of maintaining a relationship with anyone that I may meet. I will not rule out the possibility of maintaining contact with you for some future cock sucking opportunities. Basically, I just want to keep everything very casual.

So after all that we agree to meet at a local coffee shop to see if there is some mutual interest.

As I wait for you to arrive, I have a coffee and start to read a newspaper. I nervously check everyone that comes in to see if I can match them to your description. I hope that you are as you describe yourself and not some exaggeration. You will probably but younger than me, and hopefully as tall.

When you do finally arrive, my first impression of you is positive, because you are pretty well as you described yourself. About six feet tall with dark fairly short hair with a hint of gray and clean shaven. You also appear to be in fairly good shape for a guy in his early forty’s. I recall you also saying that you have and I quote “a nice sized cock”. I also look down to your crotch to see if I can see anything obvious going on down there.

I really hate when people over exaggerate when they describe themselves. Especially if you are planning on meeting them. Why say you are tall and good looking when you are not tall and have a big wart with hair growing out of it on your cheek.

I wait till you get what appears to be a cup of tea before I wave you over. When you get close to my table, I stand up and you offer your right hand and we shake hands like old friends. Your grip is firm and your hand is dry. Right away when you sit down I notice your eyes. You did not mention that your eyes are a particularly unusual shade of blue. They are such an unusual shade of blue that I wonder for a moment if you are wearing contacts. We sit at a section that is somewhat away from everyone else so that we can talk freely. Over coffee we make idle conversation and based on a mutual attraction, we both agree that we want this to happen. As my wife is out shopping with her girl friends this afternoon we decide to go back to my house.

When inside, I take your coat and ask you to take off your shoes. I show you to the living Şirinevler escort room and offer you a drink while you take a look around my place before sitting down on the couch. You comment on the many photographs I have on the wall and I assure you that they are all taken by me over the years. (Yes, some are from Pebble Beach and from Newfoundland). I try to calm my nerves by making idle conversation with you while making the drinks.

After handing you your drink I turn on the stereo for some background music and before I change my mind I kneel in front of you. I notice right away that your socks are clean and that your feet don’t stink. Smelly feet could have been a deal breaker, no matter how well hung are may have been. You see, cleanliness is very, very important to me. I have always thought that if a person can’t keep your own feet clean or if you have bad breath, how clean do they keep the rest of yourself.

While looking you in the eye, I place my hands just above your knees and I slowly run them up and over your thighs. While my hands move up over your thighs I wonder if you wear your pants to the left or right.

As my hands near your crotch, I am still looking up at you when the tips of my fingers on my right hand nudge your cock. You are also watching me when I touch you for the first time. The bulge in your pants is considerable. I think to myself, so far, so good. While I touch you for the first time with both hands I close my eyes, I try to get a better feel as to what is what by cupping as much of you as I can through your pants. Rubbing your crotch with both hands, I feel your cock grow. When I first touched you, you where just a bulge in your pants, now I can feel the difference between your shaft, your cock head and your balls. After a few moments, I open my eyes and look down. I see and watch my hands rubbing your crotch, cupping your balls, feeling your cock grow in your pants and I can hardly believe that it really is my hands doing it, making you to get a nice big hard-on. I really am playing another man’s cock and soon I am going to suck a cock for the first time.

Again, you are as you described your self and for that I am very glad. And you definitely wear your pants to the left.

I look up at your face and I see you are still watching me stroke you. You notice that my hands are trembling and you tell me to relax because I am doing a good job. Nervously, I smile. It’s good to know that you are enjoying my touch.

I continue to rub you, amazed that I am making your cock get even bigger. Reluctantly, I move my hands down to your knees, nudging them a bit with the hope that you’ll spread your legs for me. When you do, I move closer to you. I can clearly feel the head of your cock with my hands through your trousers. While feeling you, I lean closer and trace the outline of your dickhead with my lips and close my eyes again. After a moment I move back so that you can stand up. When you do, I look up to your eyes and start unbuckling your belt.

When I looked up to your face, I notice that you are watching me. I wonder if you were watching me from the start.

As you stand over me, I wonder what we look like in the mirror. Me kneeling before you, you with slight wet spot on your pants where my mouth just was. Your pants bulging with an obvious erection.

With a slight tremble in my hands I work the buckle on your belt. Then the top button of your pants. I am aware that my hands and wrists keep bumping up against your bulge as I work to take off your pants. Am I doing that on purpose or does it happen all the time when removing a gentleman’s trousers.

Just before I lower your zipper, I wonder what type of underwear you are wearing, boxers or briefs. They say boxers are healthier or briefs that keep everything all in one place, so to speak. I wonder what colour they might be, whether or not they have some cool design on them. Then, all of a sudden, it occurs to me that you may not be wearing underwear at all and that your very large cock is going to bonk me right on my forehead when I lower your zipper. (On a personal note, I wear briefs. Unless of course it’s Friday. I have proclaimed Fridays to be No Underwear Friday’s or NUF Day. Don’t ask me why). When I finally work up the courage to slide the zipper down, I get the answer right away. Your briefs are white and your cock is straining against the fabric of your briefs.

As I start to pull your pants down over your ass, I ask you to sit back down. I don’t want you tripping over yourself or me as I take off your pants the rest of the way. As you sit back down, I notice that you are hooking your thumbs into the waist band of your underwear to pull them off. I put my hands over yours to stop you. I quickly explain to you that I want your underwear on, for now. You smile and nod your agreement and you take your hands and put them at your side.

While taking off your pants I stand up so that I can place your pants on another chair. Standing up also allows my to get some Ataköy escort circulation back into my legs and to adjust myself as I am getting quit excited because of what has happened and because of what is about to happen. While standing before you, I feel your hand cupping my cock. While you caress me, I look down at you and I can clearly see the outline of your cock against the material of your briefs. I take a moment and enjoy the feeling of your touch, but it’s time to get back to the very pleasurable task in hand.

Again, I kneel in front of you, this time your legs are spread. Also I notice your cock while still very impressive has lost some of it’s erection. I also notice a small wet spot has formed by the head of your cock. I run my hands up your legs, never taking my eyes off of your bulge. I take you in my hands through your briefs and feel the heft of you. Then I begin to move my hand up and down your shaft.

I marvel at the heat I feel coming off you, the firmness of your shaft and head and the size. I make a mental note of the size of my own cock and determine that you are in fact bigger than me. I run my hand along the length of it and squeeze slightly just below the head. I am very pleased to see the wet spot I noticed on your briefs before get bigger. I know that I must be doing a good job because the same thing happens to me when I get excited. I reach down and rub my own cock. I am sure there is a wet spot on my briefs as well so I know that you are enjoying yourself too.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I lower my head and take your cock head in my mouth while I keep rubbing your shaft. While I suck you into my mouth I also taste your wetness through your briefs. Then I realize that it is my first taste of another man’s pre-come, and it’s not bad. I also realize that this is the first time I’ve had the scent of another man’s crotch so close to my nose and lips. Your particular scent is slightly sweaty, however not at all unpleasant and strangely familiar. It’s how I smell sometimes. Your pre-come also has a familiar scent, and a familiar taste, though I think you’re a little bit sweeter than mine. With your still cover cock is in my mouth, I look to your face. I am pleased to see your eyes are closed this time and you have a slight smile.

After a few moments of caressing and sucking you through your briefs, it’s time for me to claim my prize.

I shift back so that you can stand up again. I admire the now very large wet-spot on your briefs, realizing that the wetness is a combination of my saliva and your juices. I reach up with both hands and slide my fingers just inside the tops of your underwear. As I pull it away from your body your cock finally makes it’s appearance. I admire it for a moment as I take lower your underwear around your ankles. It is quite impressive standing erect, inches from my face at eye level. I probably giggle like a school girl as I watch it bobbing up and down slightly before me. I also notice your balls tight against your cock full of the cum I am looking forward to tasting.

While you sit back down, with out me standing up this time, I finish taking your briefs off and I toss them off to the side and then it hits me. No not your cock! It hits me that I am actually in the presence of my very first hard cock….other than my own of course and not one on some porn video.

While you sit back down, I realize that we are well past the point of no return and I am very pleased with myself for having had the courage to take it this far.

Again, I admire your cock standing straight up. I take a sip of my drink and I recall how you described yourself to me when we first made contact with each other. You are extremely well hung. You told me you were about seven inches hard. That was modest of you. You’ve got eight if not more. And very thick too, just what I ordered. I watch your cock pulse for a moment again while I reach up to unbutton your shirt. I don’t want anything but bare skin before me we go any further. I admire your tight abs and the trail of dark hair that starts at your chest and ends just about three inches below your belly button. Then I notice that your tan line ends about two inches below your navel. I am not sure why I didn’t notice before that your cock and balls are almost completely shaved.

Anyway, time to get back to that thick cock.

When wrap my hands around your cock, I feel the strength of it. But I also marvel at how soft it feels in my hand. I move your cock to the left and then to the right so that I can see every square inch of you before I take my first taste. I notice the large veins crawling along the sides. The colour of your mushroom head is a dark purplish shade. It almost looks like the head of your cock is going to explode before me. Your cock head swells as I squeeze your shaft around the base with one hand, while I massage your balls in the other hand. When I loosen my grip at the base of your cock and move my hand up your shaft I watch some fresh pre-cum swell up from Bakırköy escort the tip of your cock. Reluctantly, I let go of your balls and while I keep stroking your shaft with my one hand, my free hand can now smear some of the fresh pre-cum around your cock head causing it to glisten. When I finish coating your cock head and I take my fingers away, a trail of pre-cum sticks to them causing a spider web-like thread. I lick the fluid from my fingers and keep them in my mouth for a few seconds, savoring the taste before I swallow it. But I want to taste more, so I lick your cock from the base to the tip like a Popsicle. Then without really thinking about it, my tongue swirls around your head a couple times and take you into my mouth.

It is like nothing I have every experienced before. I remember practicing on bananas but this is so different. I take as much of you into my mouth as I can, while being careful not to scrap my teeth against you. I pop the head out and lick up and down the sides of your cock while holding the base gently but firmly with my hand. I reach down with my other hand and cup your balls again. Your balls remind me of when I go golfing and have a couple golf balls in my pocket and I play with them while I wait for my turn to hit. It is a very strange feeling, holding balls that aren’t mine, though I guess it’s no stranger than holding a cock that isn’t mine either. As I slide my tongue back down your shaft, I think ‘what the fuck’ and start to tongue your balls. When I pop a ball in my mouth I hear you moan. Surprisingly, it is like music to my ears, so I keep sucking, alternating from one ball to the other, while stroking your cock with my hand.

I feel you getting dry in my hand so I leave your balls for a moment and moisten your shaft with some more licks. Again, I try to get as much of you into my mouth as I possibly can. You reach the back of my mouth and try to take in even more. When I practiced on the banana, I was able to open my throat and take it in and manage to control the gag reflex. But you are much bigger than a banana so I shouldn’t be disappointed, right? I keep moving up and down on you and start to feel you get a bit harder and you start to move your hips to match my sucking. I know you are close but I don’t want you to come right now. I take you out of my mouth and circle my hand around the base of your cock and squeeze.

This slows you down a bit and you look down at me with those big, beautiful eyes. What a sight we must be! You without pants, shirt unbuttoned with your legs spread, me fully dressed pumping your hard cock with both hands.

I ask you if everything is okay. You just nod your head ‘yes.’ I ask you if you need another drink. You just shake your head ‘no.’ Finally, I ask the question that I’ve been building up the courage to ask. I ask you if you want to come? Your answer was a smile. You can say a lot with just a smile.

I take your cock in my mouth again and while looking up at you and I start to move my mouth up and down your shaft. After pumping your cock with one hand and caressing your balls with the other I feel you getting close again. I move my hands away from your cock and balls and move them up over your stomach. My only contact with your cock is my mouth. My hands move up over your chest and I playfully caress your nipples. I know I love my nipples being played with and I hope you do too. I increase the speed of my mouth, and your balls tighten further. Your hips start to move again in tandem with my sucking. I take you as deep into my mouth as I can and then I try to take you down my throat. I feel it open a little bit, but you are just too big to take. Maybe with a little practice it will happen someday, but I don’t think it will be this time. You start to moan louder and I know you are about to come.

When I feel the increase of pre-come I bring one hand down and start to stroke you in time with my sucking. You start to moan again, but louder then the last time. After a couple moans your cock starts to spasm.

On your third spasm of your orgasm, you shoot a thick load of cum into my mouth. I can hardly take all of your first blast of cum. I want to see you cum, not just taste it, so I take my mouth off you. I keep pumping up and down your shaft with my hand and see the second squirt as it lands on my face close to my lips and chin, as does the third and finally the last.

I again savor your cum in my mouth before I swallow. I lick my lips clean and whatever I could reach with my tongue. I rub your softening cock over my face, some of your cum sticks to your shaft and put you in my mouth again and gently start sucking again while I pump your shaft. I coax a few more drops of cum from your softening cock and I greedily suck that up as well. Your cum tastes similar to mine but different.

Your cock, still impressive as it begins to soften. I notice that your balls sac has lowered away from your cock, presumably they are empty now as it hangs quite low.

I stand up and that is when I notice that my knees have stiffened and my right foot is asleep. I reach for my drink and take a sip while the circulation returns to my foot. I look down at you with your legs spread and your cock resting on your thigh and I smile with the knowledge that I can scratch one more think off my “Bucket List”.

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