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Cougars and Lions

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He awoke a sleeping giant in me. For the longest time, after my very painful divorce, I never thought that I would become sexually, mentally and visually stimulated by anyone. Before I get ahead of myself and tell you why I am currently sitting at my desk, with my bullet on HIGH, buzzing hard on my already aroused clit, let me tell you HOW I got to this point.

My name is Kalinda Brandywine, and I am a 45 year old divorcee. I am the type of woman who goes after what she wants in life, career, and DEFINITELY when it comes to my sexual appetite. My marriage to my former husband lasted about ten years, and I spent the last five virtually on ice when it came to men. Sex with my husband was a chore, the kind of movement and action that would have most ladies looking up at the ceiling thinking about their next hair appointment. He was a great provider, but I needed my pussy licked on a regular, my back banged out till I screamed, creamed his name all over his dick. Much like the airless deflated balloon our bedroom antics eventually went flaccid and we parted ways after ten years. I had no problem turning heads, and getting dates after my divorce. With my 5’9 frame, 160lbs body I was blessed to have the curves show up in the right places. My 38DD breast stayed pert which often got the male coworkers sneaking a glance at my blouse during board meetings. I always kept my curly shoulder length chestnut colored hair in an upsweep, which showed the length of my neck. My creamy chocolate complexion features complimented by many women in the office emanated due to the heritage of my African mother and American father.

Being the head of Impending Bliss Publications, kept me busy around the clock, I was constantly on the go with company meetings, editors, networking parties. I would often times find myself sneaking into the bathroom, pulling a bullet out of my purse as I’m getting into a stall to bust a juicy wet nut to take the edge off. One time I came so hard Güngören escort in the stall imagining myself riding on a hard dick that when I finally did climax, there was someone banging on the outer door thinking I was in trouble in the ladies room. Today was that day. Sitting in the office with the door closed imagining what it would be like to use the sexy full lips of our recent on board intern got my pussy so wet; I began to leak down my lips, onto my already damp panties. I wanted his tongue on my aching clit to sooth the fire that was building in the pit of my stomach.

Sliding my two fingers into my slit, I bore the weight of my body down on the palm of my hand intensifying the buzzing vibrations of my bullet against my clit. Forgetting where I was, intense sound of pleasure escaped my lips, causing me to lick them. Dammit I wanted to suck a dick! I wanted very badly to have my mouth filled while squirting all over the place as I was being brought to pleasure. Picturing what he must taste like, the length of his dick brought me to the intense orgasm I needed. I wanted him, BADLY and somehow, someway I intended to have him: even if it meant breaking all the rules!

Opening my eyes, looking around in the office, I realized that it smelled like sweaty sex. Knowing I was to meet Damian Longfellow for his first meeting here in less than 30 min, I had to clean up and look like the professional I was. First impressions are everything when you are head of your own company. Fortunately for me I kept a spare outfit in a closet adjacent to the office bathroom. Feeling rather frisky still from that explosive orgasm, I felt the need to be exposed under my suit. Opting not to wear any underwear during our interview, I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could remain poised during my introductory discussion with Damian. Opening up my office window to the Philadelphia skyline, the fresh air washed out everything and invigorated İnnovia escort bayan me. I was now ready to meet Damian.

There was just enough time to sit down and review his file again. It was a pretty impressive background. An aspiring writer, since 2007, he had a few online blogs featuring budding writers who could contribute their own work for promotion. Currently working on his second installment of “A Poet’s Heart” it would seem he is looking to get a more hands on approach. The thought of him being “hands on” made me smile. His minor is in music and making independent tracts. Perhaps while he interns here he will get the chance to go to a few new artist parties while working here. Looking at his picture along with his portfolio, he was an impressive 6’0 dark-skinned male with a welcoming smile. It was the eyes that caught my attention. Staring for a few seconds longer I wondered what was hidden behind those brown eyes. Hearing a knock at the door, my assistant alerted me that my 2:30 appointment was waiting for me in the sitting area. Punctual, I like that: it means he is eager to handle business!

Straightening my smoky gray Vera Wang skirt and adjusting my cream colored blouse I was ready to meet the man I had read so much about. Walking out to the hallway as to meet Damian I stopped just short of coming into full view to get a closer look at what he looked like. I had done this a thousand times, but at that very moment I felt a girlish nervousness in the pit of my stomach. There he was sitting on our plush leather couch in our waiting area. Having one for detail I took notice of his cleanly polished Steve Madden shoes, followed by that very stylish crisply pressed navy blue suit. He too paid attention to detail because his light grey long sleeve shirt was crisply pressed with a matching tie to go with his suit. My assistant and longtime friend Neka alerted Damian that I would be out in a minute to speak Escort Kağıthane with him. Watching him rise up off the couch to put his jacket on, I started creaming on myself again from seeing how well dressed this man looked.! My inner cougar wanted to take him on the couch right then and there!

Remaining calm, and determined to remain in a professional and businesslike manner, I walked with a strong stride and a winning smile. “Mr Longfellow thank you for meeting with me today I am Kalinda Brandywine, extending my hand. Once Damian stepped closer to meet me, it was the eyes again that almost made me stop in my tracts for a second. I was wondering what it was earlier about the eyes that caught my attention that most. Now I knew what it was: hidden seductive trouble! Damian looked up and smiled when he saw me. It was those lips that I had envisioned earlier that gave me the most sinfully explosive orgasm a few hours before.

“Ms. Brandywine, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am delighted that you were able to set up this meeting today so that I can start my internship” His eyes roamed over my entire body with an approved look. I thought for just a second that he had a quick smirk on his face while he continued to stare at me. Crimson color rose in my cheeks, and my pussy started throbbing ungodly. Switching my weight from one side to the other I inwardly begged my girl to calm down while I had to make it through this meeting. “Mr. Longfellow my office is this way around that wall first door on your left I will be right there in a second.” He smiled, turned and began a confident stride towards my office. DAMN, this man had a confident step about him! I looked over at my assistant and she gave the “Oh Damn” nod of approval. Taking a quick second to gather myself together and to get my focus back in order I grabbed the intern forms off Nika’s desk and quickly walked to my office.

Just before I entered back into my office, I happen to catch a cross wind smell of his cologne, which had my skin all tingly with excitement. What did this man do , read in my personal journal or something about how I like for my men to be? If his bedroom skills are HALF as on point as his physical appearance and writing talents I am going to be in for one HELL of a ride!

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