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Corrupting Vanessa Ch. 01

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When I first met Vanessa she was working for the same company I did, as the personal assistant to one of the managers. (I worked in the mail room.) I was struck by her the moment I saw her. She was a gorgeous girl with wavy, light brown hair which she usually wore tied back, pale skin, blue eyes and full red lips. She was always immaculately made up and perfumed, favouring feminine, modest and expensive looking clothes – cashmere sweaters, knee-length woolen skirts and the like, all of them concealing a curvaceous body. In fact, she was so drop dead lovely I was a bit in awe of her. What hope did a rough, cheeky bastard like me have with a girl like this? But my job took me past her desk every day, and I soon discovered that Vanessa was one of those people who have been useful to me all my life – the ones I can make laugh. I began to spend more time standing by her desk making jokes and gossiping about the other staff..

In no time we were meeting for lunch, then going out to dinner, and before you know it I was congratulating myself on having a beautiful girlfriend. But to say that she was different to the girls I’d been out with before is an understatement. I was part of a real gang of party animals, the girls mostly extroverts who drank and talked as much as the guys, and everyone fucked everyone else with great abandon. Vanessa, it seemed, had never even been to a party – or at least not what I considered a party. She had grown up in a religious family (her parents, both from England, were members of some strict Christian sect). They had been well off, and she’d gone to an exclusive girls-only school. She had, in short, lived a very sheltered life and was completely naïve about everything related to sex. She had, she told me, only had two previous boyfriends. (She was, incidentally, 22 when I met her – four years younger than me.)

Vanessa let me kiss her on our first actual date, and a couple of nights later, while we were sitting in the front of my car outside her flat, I was allowed to fondle her breasts through her clothing. When I asked if I could come in, however, she said it wouldn’t be a good idea. I asked her, jokingly, if she was a virgin. She told me quite matter-of-factly that she was, and not only that but she had promised herself she would not have sex until after marriage.

Well, that put a cramp in my style. I’d been fobbed off by numerous girls in my time and taken it philosophically, but I’d never tried it on a girl like Vanessa before. Of course her refusal to let me fuck her only made me more desperate to do it.

But it seemed there was only one way I was going to have any chance of accomplishing this. I went through a few more tortuous dates, then I gave in. I asked Vanessa to marry me, and somewhat to my surprise she said yes. When they heard, most of my friends thought I had gone crazy, but my best friend, Seb, said, “She’s fucking gorgeous! Go for it!”

The wedding we planned was a simple registry one, mainly because Vanessa’s parents had hated me on sight and refused to come to it (I think they were waiting for a doctor or lawyer to snap her up). Vanessa had in fact been in the middle of a major row with them when I proposed, which may have influenced her decision. As we were preparing for the wedding, Vanessa remained adamant that she would not have sex till we were married. A week before the ceremony however I managed to break down her resolve.

We’d been out to dinner and come back to my house to watch television. We started to kiss on the couch and I begged her to let me make love to her. I said that couples should always have sex before they married to make sure they were compatible. Eventually I just wore her down I guess, and she agreed that, just once before the wedding, we could have sex.

I could hardly believe I was going to get what I’d waited for so long. I began to kiss her and run my hands over her body, but then I stopped myself.

I have, on several occasions, while in the middle of something, stopped like this and said to myself “This is remarkable. This you must remember.” I did it now, sitting back for a moment and gazing at Vanessa, making a sort of mental snapshot of the scene. She was half-sitting, half-lying on the couch, against on arm of it, her normally neat hair dishevelled and her cheeks flushed. She wore an olive green, sleeveless silk blouse with flowers elaborately embroidered on it, which had become partly untucked from her tartan skirt; white stockings and shiny black shoes. There was a small gold cross on a chain around her neck, and several gold bangles on her left wrist. One of the buttons of her blouse had come undone and I caught a glimpse of cream-coloured bra. She looked at me, wide-eyed.

“I’m about to undress Vanessa, and see her naked, and fuck her,” I said to myself, hardly able to believe it..

My hands were trembling a bit as I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. I hooked my fingers into her bra straps, and found the material was so soft that I could easily pull the cups down, exposing taksim esc her breasts. They were plump and pear shaped, the nipples pink and upturned, and I kissed one then the other reverently. “God, you’ve got perfect breasts,” I said.

As I kissed and sucked on Vanessa’s tits, I slid one hand beneath her skirt and felt her pussy – through her panties – for the first time. I knelt on the floor between her legs, which I spread wide, and pushed her skirt up to her waist. She wore white satin panties with a lace trim and a little blue bow on the waistband, and her stockings were held up by a matching garter belt.

I kissed her legs, my lips brushing against the rough material of her stockings, pressed my face into her crotch and breathed in the smell of her. Then, slipping one finger into her panties, I pulled the gusset aside and finally gazed at her glorious cunt. I looked up at Vanessa’s face – her cheeks were flushed – then back down to her cunt. “You’re mine,” I thought.

I stood up – my cock was hard in my pants – and led Vanessa into the bedroom. She sat on the bed, her blouse open and her tits still poking out of her bra. I pushed her back onto the bed and, finding a zipper on the side of her skirt, undid it and pulled it off, then pulled her panties down too. I examined her cunt, which was as pink as her nipples and topped by a modest bush of flossy, light brown hair. As I inspected her genitals Vanessa had her face turned away from me.

Parting the pink labia, I began to lick the glistening inside of Vanessa’s vagina, enjoying its taste. I felt her body stiffen as I did this, and I could hear her whispering “Oh, God, oh, God.” When I had her good and wet I stood up and unzippered my pants. Vanessa stared at my cock.

“You look like you’ve never seen one before,” I said, half jokingly.

“Not like that,” she said, touching the head of my erect dick with one finger, then running it experimentally along the shaft. Finally her fingers closed around it and squeezed it. I could have cum right then and there.

I couldn’t wait any longer and, straddling her, I pushed my cock against her virgin cunt – she was tight and it took a few thrusts before I was all the way in. I’d like to report that it felt different fucking a virgin, that I felt her hymen break and I saw blood on the sheets afterwards, but none of this happened. (Later, I surmised that, as she’d been a mad keen horserider when she was a child, her hymen might have broken then). I decided it was, nevertheless, the best fuck I’d ever had.

After that I couldn’t wait for our wedding night. The thought that I would have this gorgeous, shy, innocent girl to do what I wanted with was thrilling.

Anyway, the wedding day came around, and a good time was had by all. We retired to a hotel on that first night. I was pretty drunk, but I did manage to fuck Vanessa in her wedding dress, with me on top, then doggy style, before I passed out.

I woke up next morning with a raging erection and a most beautiful wife lying next to me. I kissed her on the cheek and she woke up and smiled at me, her face all creased from the pillow. I took her hand and placed it on my hard cock, which was sticky from last night’s fucking. Then I slid up the bed until my groin was level with Vanessa’s face, my cock pointing at her mouth. “Suck it, darling.” I said.

She looked up at me a little uncertainly, then, holding onto the base of my dick, put her red lips tentatively around the head of it. I pushed it further into her mouth. “Suck it around the middle,” I whispered. “And squeeze it. Harder.” Vanessa did as she was told, and the sight of my penis between her lips was exquisite.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I warned her. Vanessa looked up, worried. “Keep sucking, just a bit more.” She tried to pull away but I was holding onto her head and keeping my prick in her mouth. I began to ejaculate into it. She started to gag, but then she managed to swallow it. She fell back onto the pillow, a little drip of sperm on her bottom lip. I gave her a kiss on the forehead. “That was nice,” I said.

That morning we left for our honeymoon. We were staying a couple of weeks at a beach resort on the north coast. It took us five hours to drive there, and after checking into our hotel, we donned our swimming costumes and headed for the beach.

Vanessa was wearing a new, pale green bikini which I had helped her choose – she was used to wearing a one-piece – and she looked superb in it. We had a swim, then lay on our towels, taking in the sun. I pointed out to Vanessa how many of the other girls on the beach were topless, and said she should take her top off too, but she said she was far too self-conscious for that.

With her pale skin, Vanessa burned easily. That night she was very red and sore. When we got back to our hotel she took off all her clothes and lay on the bed. She asked if I would rub some moisturiser onto her. I got the jar out of the bathroom and began to rub it gently over the front of her – she was particularly kağıthane esc sore where the burned skin met the triangular white marks left on her breasts and crotch by her bikini. When I had finished her front she rolled over, but instead of lying on her belly she positioned herself on all fours, her bum in the air.

I found myself giving her arse a thorough examination for the first time. Her pubic hair, I saw, was quite sparse around the base of her pussy, and her perinium and the area around her anus were almost hairless. I began to rub moisturiser on her back but the sight of her little pink, creased arsehole was mesmerising. I couldn’t help myself – I pressed my face between her buttocks and sniffed it, picking up a faint, musty scent from it. Then I began to lick it.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

I stopped. “I’m licking your arse,” I said.

“But – but, that’s dirty!”

“Of course it isn’t. Your arse is beautiful. All of your body’s beautiful. Why, don’t you like it? Doesn’t it feel nice?” I give her bumhole another lick.

“Well, I…suppose so,” she said. I continued to lick her, pushing my tongue as deeply into her rectum as I could. I was desperate to fuck her in the arse too, but with her sunburnt I thought tonight wasn’t the right time to introduce her to that particular pleasure. Not to worry. There was plenty of time.

I had begun to question Vanessa about her childhood and especially her sexual history. I found that her ignorance of sex was not really based on prudery, or religious beliefs, it’s just that sex had never really loomed large in her life. Vanessa was the sort of girl who read romance books and cried in movies. Both of the boyfriends she’d had were, it seemed, Christians and very shy themselves, and they had done nothing but a little petting. She was clearly a little embarrassed talking about sex, but she didn’t hold anything back from me. She admitted she sometimes masturbated, and when I asked her what she thought about when she did this, she considered the question for a moment and said, “Actors.”

That night, when we were lying naked in bed watching TV, I asked Vanessa if she would masturbate while I watched. She was reluctant to at first, but then she agreed. She sat against the bedhead and, spreading her legs, began to touch herself, massaging her clit with the tips of her fingers.

I knelt on the bed in front of her and, taking hold of my cock, began to masturbate as well. I watched, fascinated, as Vanessa threw her head back, her face going red, as she rubbed herself more rapidly. She began to moan louder and louder, and cried out as she managed to make herself cum.

It had been a lovely sight. Standing up on the bed, leaning against the wall behind Vanessa with one hand, I continued to pump my cock with the other, holding it close to her face, until with a groan I ejaculated, my sperm landing on her forehead and dripping down her cheek.

I thought I had discovered just about all there was to know about Vanessa’s sexual experiences, but then I happened to ask her, while we were sitting in a beach-side café one morning and a particularly hot girl had walked past us, whether she had ever been attracted to a woman. I saw immediately from the expression on her face that I had struck a chord. She hung her head coyly. “Yes,” she said quietly.

“Who with?” I asked, intrigued.

“A girl called Laura I used to go to school with. I had a crush on her. I thought she was amazing.”

“Wow. Tell me all about her. What did she look like?”

“She was blonde and a year above me, and she was really smart, one of the personalities in the school. And I was really shy, but we became friends.” She looked up at me. “I was in love with her.”

“So, what happened? Did you ever…did anything physical happen between you?”

“Just once. She came to stay at my house for the weekend, and she was sleeping on a mattress on the floor in my bedroom. We were talking until 3 am or something. And then she got into my bed. She was lying facing me, and…”

“What? I want to hear every detail.”

“And I could feel her boobs – she had really big boobs – were rubbing against mine – I hardly had any then – and we started to kiss, and I, I’d never felt like that before. And then I could feel her touching me between my legs…”

“Did you touch her too? You touched her pussy?”

She nodded.

“What did it feel like?”

“It was wet.”

“God,” I said. “Did you cum?”

She was blushing. “Yes.”

“And what happened after that?”

“She went to live in London,” Vanessa said. “And she got married there and had a baby. I haven’t seen her since.”

The image of Vanessa in bed with another girl, the two of them fingering each other’s pussies, thrilled me. That night, after Vanessa had gone to sleep, I masturbated, trying to imagine the scene. I thought how wonderful it would be to get Vanessa into bed with another girl.

The next morning I was standing in the çapa esc bathroom, brushing my teeth. I was just out of the shower and still naked. Vanessa rushed in, a blue towel wrapped around her. “I need to go to the loo,” she said, sitting on the toilet.

“Can I watch?” I said.

“What?” She looked shocked.

“I love watching girls pee. Go on.” I knelt in front of her.

She was blushing. “I couldn’t…I don’t think I could do it with you watching.”

“Of course you can. Just relax. Please, I really want to see it.”

She looked at me as if I was very weird indeed, but pulled the towel off and reluctantly parted her legs. A look of great concentration appeared on her face, and then a saw the first little trickle of urine spurt from her urethra. I grabbed my cock and began to wank. As I watched, the trickle became a thick stream which splashed noisily into the toilet bowl. At one point I put my fingers in the stream, enjoying the feeling of the hot liquid running over them.

When she had finished she reached for the toilet paper but I said, “No, I’ll wipe you.” I tore off a few sheets and wiped her pussy, then raised the paper to my mouth and sucked it, getting the astringent taste of her urine. Vanessa looked shocked.

That night, as we lay in bed, I had Vanessa’s legs spread open and was playing with her cunt when I had an idea. “I want to do something,” I said to her. “I want to shave you.”

“Shave me?” she said, puzzled.

“Yes, this,” I said, running my fingers through her pubes.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because it’ll look sexier. Come on.”

She looked a little dubious but I led her into the bathroom and got her to sit on the toilet. With a pair of nail scissors I trimmed her pubes, then rubbed some soap onto the bristles and carefully shaved them off with my razor until her crotch was completely smooth. When I was finished I filled a glass with water and poured it over her, rinsing away the last of the soap. “Stand up,” I said.

I was pleased with the result. Vanessa’s mons was plump and prominent and a little reddened from the shaving. Her labia major, freed from the obscuring hair, were pink and puffy and, even with her standing like this with her legs together, they protruded a little from her slit, looking a bit like a tiny penis.

There was a full-length mirror on the wall, and I turned Vanessa round so she was facing it, with me behind her. She looked at herself, and giggled. “I look like a little girl,” she said.

“You look wonderful,” I whispered in her ear. “Promise me you’ll keep it like that.”

As she continued to examine herself, I reached around her waist and cupped her bare pubis in my hands – it felt cool and clammy like a peeled apple – then pushed my hard dick into her slit from behind. She leant against the mirror as I fucked her, clouding it with her breath.

The next day we were driving back from a trip to a village a few miles from our resort. I saw we were coming up to the turn-off to a beach which I had read, in one of the tourist brochures at our hotel, was a nudist one. On an impulse I drove down the turn-off towards it. “Do you fancy a swim?” I asked Vanessa. “There’s a beach down here.” She said of course.

As we approached the beach we passed a large sign which proclaimed it to be ‘clothing optional’. “Oh, this is a nudist beach!” said Vanessa. “We can’t go here.”

“Why not?”

“Because, well, I’d be embarrassed.”

“Don’t be silly. What’s wrong with nudity? It’s just people naked like God made them. Anyway, you can keep your bikini on if you want. You don’t have to go nude.”

After parking the car we stripped off our clothes – we had our swimming costumes on beneath them – threw these into the car, and with towels over our shoulders walked towards the beach.

As we approached it I could see between fifteen and twenty people, mostly lying on towels, on the beach. There were few men by themselves, one middle-aged and very fat couple, and a group of three very tanned women who looked to be in their thirties. A younger man and woman were in the water, waist deep, and throwing a ball back and forth to each other. All but two women, who had bikini bottoms on, were nude.

As soon as we hit the sand I stopped and pulled my swimming trunks down. Vanessa looked back and saw me and looked horrified. “Oh, my goodness,” she said.

“What’s wrong?” I said, walking up to her. “It’s just a dick. I don’t care who sees it.”

I led us along the beach, and stopped a few feet from the nearest other sunbather, a skinny, sun-bronzed, middle-aged woman with small tits and a thick black bush of pubic hair, who was lying on her back. I lay my towel out, and Vanessa laid hers next to it. I sat down on my towel with my legs spread, the sea breeze feeling lovely on my cock and balls. Vanessa sat on her towel, her legs drawn up to her chin and her arms wrapped protectively around them, and stared at the sand in front of her. She looked very uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter?” I said. “All of these people here, nudity doesn’t mean anything to them. And what have you got to be ashamed of? You’ve got an amazing body. Anyway, you look more conspicuous with your bikini on. You should take it off.”

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