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Corrupting the Bradley’s – Anja

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Corrupting the Bradley’s – Anja

A The Theft of Our Lives Side-Story

By Tug Coxwell

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This is a multi-part story containing various sex acts between adults, including incest, anal, oral, coercion, corruption, and cuckolding. In real life, all non-consensual sex is immoral, illegal, and not condoned by the author. All characters are 18-years old or older. All rights reserved.

Author’s Note: I’ve taken a hiatus from writing new material. This is a previously unposted side-story to the Theft of Our Lives series, normally found in the Non-Consent category. It’s written in two parts. It helps if you’re familiar with the back story, but it’s not essential to following this chapter. New material will be forthcoming soon.


It was just daybreak when Emma entered Kellen’s room.

“Kel, honey, time to wake up,” she prodded our snoring son, setting her broad panty-clad ass on the edge of the mattress while reaching for his shoulder and gently shaking him to consciousness.

As was becoming common, my formerly modest wife dispensed with wearing outer clothing around the house. She didn’t go out of her way to traipse around in her underwear, or even less, but she also didn’t bother dressing decently when completing such a mundane morning task as waking an 18-year-old guy for school.

On this morning, Emma wore powder blue bikini panties and a light, loose cream-tone chemise against the warm late spring weather, with her chestnut brown hair tied in her usual ponytail. She was braless, of course, as she never slept with the uncomfortable constraints of a bra even in her more respectable days.

Kellen lay on his side, a sheet covering the lower half of his body, but otherwise naked as was now also the norm.

“C’mon, sleepyhead, you’ve got class today,” his caring mother scolded lightly, shaking his arm vigorously jarring him to a dazed semi-consciousness while rolling his recumbent body onto his back.

Uncovered, the display of his muscular build – powerful arms, broad shoulders, carved pecs, and trimmed abdomen from his variety of athletic pursuits sent a palpable flutter through my stirred wife and she shuddered realizing the inappropriate effect our young ballplayer’s body had on her sexually.

“Oh, still dreaming, I see,” Emma commented, recognizing the stiff bulge pressing the front of the percale sheet, knowing exactly what she was seeing and understanding a morning hard-on was a trait common to virile young men.

“Ahh, mom, in a minute,” Kellen complained in typical teenager fashion, his eyes half-open and groggily lolling his head in refusal.

A sense of playfulness overcame Emma, reacting to the stimulus of the moment and an underlying but always present admonition by our tormenter and my boss, Hank Allenby, to keep the teasing and sexual atmosphere in the house at a constant peak.

“Let me make this very clear to all of you, Emma,” she remembered Hank advising her before my family left that sad day of the office celebration. “This ain’t a one-time deal. You’re a family that takes care of each other’s needs – all of them. Everything you’ve done, keep doing ten-fold. Understand?”

Hank’s message was clear, and Emma kept the need to stimulate our son in the forefront at all times, hence the scanty bedroom attire she’d never dare wear in community areas of the house prior to our indenture.

“I need more of you awake than just this big boy,” my wife chided, returning her thoughts to Kellen, and grasping the rigid length of his swollen cock through the sheets.

“Oh, mom,” our surprised son gasped, his eyes shooting open at the pleasant assault on his erection.

Unsurprisingly, Emma didn’t relinquish the inflamed span, and instead squeezed the meaty staff again before running her fingertips firmly along either side of the pulsing flesh.

“Wake up, Kel. Rise and shine, and I promise to make it worth your while,” she insisted with matronly authority, issuing a very unmotherly offer she’d never imagined speaking merely months ago.

“Really?” he replied with the disbelieving voice he used when promised a cool gift for his birthday.

“Yes, sweetheart, really,” Emma confirmed coyly.

“Mom will take care of this big guy, but first we need to talk about something that Hank wants us to do,” she promised, turning on a mischievous vixen persona that secretly turned her on, even if the very nature of it made the act she was to perform so much naughtier.

“Mr. Allenby? You mean like, an assignment?” Kellen asked, sitting up in the bed, pushing the sheets down to his ankles and freeing his stiff cock twitching openly between his thighs.

“Ummm, yes, I suppose you could call it that,” my tenuous wife stated, casting a quick glance at the impressive staff, and uncertain how to approach this next bursa escort task, but curious to see how our usually conscientious son reacted to the nefarious deed my boss desired they complete, sooner rather than later.

Squaring her shoulders and drawing a deep breath, Emma consciously forced her huge tits into the chemise, embossing her aroused nipples into the diaphanous fabric knowing Kellen couldn’t avoid staring in a move designed to keep the sexual tension bubbling and the scandalous nature of their conversation on the surface.

“Kellen, you have a lot of friends, right?” she asked rhetorically, knowing of his many acquaintances from his participation on the school sports teams and not bothering to wait for an answer. “So, tell me, which friend do you think has the prettiest mother?”

“Huh?” our confused son questioned, drawing his gaze reluctantly from her giant boobs to look her in the eye, clearly not expecting her unusual line of inquiry.

Deliberately, she paused, thinking through how to lead Kellen down a path that was a new direction in our subservience to Hank, and therefore more difficult to manipulate and successfully accomplish.

“You heard me, son. Remember, you told me you often checked out the MILFs, as you called them. That must include some of your friends’ moms,” Emma deftly countered his puzzlement.

“Well, yeah, I suppose so,” he shrugged, still not getting the gist of the odd inquisition but willing to play along if it resulted in what he hoped was his reward. “Randy’s mom is pretty hot. You know, attractive.”

Emma noted the tension creeping over Kellen, uncomfortable speaking to her so frankly about another guy’s mother, so she stealthily slipped her hand between his parted legs, taking his sturdy tool between her slender fingers and gliding them sumptuously along the pulsing length.

“Ahhh,” he sighed contentedly.

“Yes, I’ve met Mrs. Harrison at a few of your games,” his purposeful mother agreed, languidly toying with his pulsating cock keeping the sexual temperature high and his illicit confessions forthcoming.

“Cassie’s very attractive, and with lovely brown eyes, but she’s kind of skinny, don’t you think? You know, flat-chested? I thought you like a woman with ‘curves,'” she rebutted gamely, playing on their previous conversation that unholy Saturday when she’d initiated him into the fold of our licentious family plight.

Emma didn’t particularly care for Cassie Harrison, thinking her pretty, but something of a snob. While they were always pleasant socially with one another, my exacting wife didn’t want to be involved with the woman, or even more so for Cassie to learn of our family’s disreputable situation.

“Umm, sure, most guys like, umm, big breasts,” Kellen admitted susceptibly as his breathing grew shallow and irregular under his clever mother’s manipulations of his tensing shaft.

“You mean ‘big tits,’ Kel? Like mine?” his outlandish mother teased with a hint of ego gratification for her own benefit and desiring to keep the terminology coarse in pursing her end.

Seizing the moment, Emma momentarily released our beguiled son’s aching staff, grabbing the hem of her chemise, and fluidly pulling it over her head, setting her enormous DD melons free and giving a subtle shift of her shoulders for his viewing pleasure, leaving her only in her blue panties.

I was in our bedroom dressing for work so didn’t see it, but if I had, my only comment is that for a woman who’d spent her entire adult life deflecting attention from her spectacular chest, my resourceful wife sure knew how to use her big tits to get what she wanted.

“How about Mrs. Bradley?” Emma asked, sensing she had Kel in a good place and cutting to the chase. “You’ve known Tim forever, so you have to know how pretty Anja can be in an exotic, European kind of way, and her body is killer. You must have noticed that?”

“Yeah, for sure, but, you know, she’s Tim’s mom,” our suddenly bashful son responded, staring mesmerized by his mother’s unbelievable jugs only a foot away and uncomfortable talking about his best friend’s mother in such an overtly physical way.

“Well, heck, Kellen, I’m your mom, and Tim told you he thought I had a ‘great rack,'” my wife quickly retorted using the soft curse in her inimical manner. “If he can think of me that way, why can’t you think of Mrs. Bradley the same way?”

Emma almost literally saw the switch flip in Kellen’s head and took advantage, assertively stroking her supple palm up and down the smooth surface of his erect shaft, then drawing her fingertips to the responsive crown with a gentle twirl, before continuing the motion second-naturedly.

“Ohhhhh,” his breathy sigh indicated his obvious gratification at his mother’s intuitive provocation.

“It’s true, Anja has a unique look,” she conceded, setting out the Finnish native’s many positive attributes, “but I think she possesses a simple, clean, and natural beauty with that clear, ivory complexion and bursa escort bayan those sparkling crystal blue eyes under that short, straight hair.”

Kellen pondered the image of his friend’s mother in a different light, even as his own mom was selling the deal.

“She’s got a classically Nordic face – high cheek bones, a chiseled nose, and prominent chin, but it’s her jet-black hair that’s just so unusual for someone up north,” Emma pressed her enticing description unabated with a flourish of adoration. “I think there’s an Asian influence in her family history if you think about her heritage from eastern Finland.

Emma depicted the late-30’s mother in a sultry way Kellen subconsciously understood but had never openly considered, immoderately sexualizing the sweet wife and mother, wanting our impressionable son to develop a new appreciation for his best buddy’s mother.

“Of course, it’s Anja’s body that’s really rockin’,” my wife gushed, portraying the lovely woman’s appearance as if marketing her for a modeling agency. “She must work out a lot. I mean, no one can be that naturally blessed, what with that trim tummy, tight ass, and oh my, those marvelous tits.”

Kellen was dazed by his uncharacteristically effusive mother, struggling while listening to her speak so openly about the sexual appeal of Anja Bradley, especially while topless and stroking his rigid column of male flesh.

Our son met Tim when his family first moved into a large house down the street years ago.

His father, Frank, was a businessman and entrepreneur, traveling the globe for his many semi-successful ventures. It was in Mikkeli where Frank met Anja – a dozen years his junior at 19-years-old, bringing her home to be his bride.

Just as Emma had with Tim, Mrs. Bradley accepted Kellen into their home as the good-natured, big-hearted friend of her son and always welcomed him for playtime, dinner, or to spend the night. Open-minded and worldly with her intriguing Finnish accent, he’d always thought of her simply as Mrs. Bradley – Tim’s mom and a kind person.

Sorrowfully, Emma felt horrible destroying that image, cornering our decent son and using his strong sexual urges against him to compromise another innocent woman – the congenial mother of his best friend. It pained her to conspicuously sexualize Anja in his naïve mind, but she had her orders made crystal clear by my unapologetic boss.

“It’s pretty simple, Emma. I need you to train Kellen as an Alpha-male. Seducing the mother of his friend makes for a helluva test,” Hank had stated unequivocally, foreshadowing an inglorious fate for the honorable woman. “I don’t care who, but she needs to be pretty, and I want you to help. That should make it easier his first time dominating a woman.”

Hank’s awful portent for poor Mrs. Bradley truly scared Emma, but she’d deal with that later, as successfully completing the mission itself was her most pressing concern.

Now, here she was contriving to ensnare Anja Bradley – a friendly, charitable soul she’d grown to know well through their sons’ friendship. She’d do it by convincing Kellen how badly he wanted the older woman without his even realizing it, while also knowing that, like she, he had no choice.

“So, you know what I mean? Anja’s hot, isn’t she?” my wife insisted. “I bet you’d like to ‘get into her pants,’ as your buddy Brian said about me?”

Kellen shot her a doubtful look, probably wondering where this unexpectedly wanton woman was hiding all this time in the body of his revered mother. Still, the pleasurable stroking of his cock left him at Emma’s mercy, and he found himself nodding his head affirmatively without saying another word.

“Good, then it’s settled. Hank wants it that way and we can’t afford to disappoint him,” she decided, adding the underlying subtext inescapably driving every sinister act we all performed.

Kellen gazed at his half-naked mother and thought about the impossible task they’d been given, guessing Mrs. Bradley wouldn’t so easily succumb to their designs but leaving it to his crafty mother to devise a plan for getting his best friend’s pretty mom out her clothes and on her back.

“Don’t worry about it, Kel,” his mother offered her assurance. “I know Anja better than you think. I understand her hidden needs as a woman. We can get this done and Tim won’t need to know if that’s what you want?”

Spying his anxiety over the matter, Emma dropped the subject and turned to the more urgent matter, quite literally at hand, in the form of our son’s preening cock pulsing in her fingertips desperately in need of relief.

“Okay, then, relax and let’s take care of this so you can get to school,” Emma said with false cheer, recognizing her duty of sucking Kellen’s cock to start his day.

‘I’m doing this for our family,’ she recited the mantra internally, just as she always did in alleviating her moral angst.

Pushing Kellen flat on his back, Emma briefly admired the intensely jerking target of escort bursa her attention, and regretfully assumed her role as incestuous siren, placating my boss and our family’s master.

“Yummm, those big balls look ready to explode. You have such a lovely cock, son. I think this will be a reward for me too,” she cooed in her best smitten voice, reassuring him of her desire to suck him off even if under Hank’s influence.

Although his bright green eyes lit aglow with anticipation, Kellen’s expression indicated he too was still adjusting to recurring sex with his sainted mother as a regular part of his home life, at least for the foreseeable future.

Deep in her heart, Emma was doing the same.

It hurt my wife emotionally, corrupting their pure mother-son dynamic, and despite the innumerable sexual encounters – the raucous fucking, erotic blowjobs, and mind-blowing orgasms they shared, she simply wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sex with Kellen.

Nevertheless, driven by Hank’s orders and an increasingly well-trained, easily-ignited libido, the rush of illicit sex and our son’s burgeoning masculinity left her damp between the legs and anxious to take his manly staff into her mouth, draining his virile balls of every drop of semen they possessed.

“Huuhhh,” Kellen inhaled deeply.

Any uncomfortable thoughts soon vanished with the pleasant swipe of Emma’s moist tongue, with the slippery flat embracing the warm girth and tantalizingly drawing up the underside of his swollen shaft from the base, deliberately teasing the expansive crown.

“Ahhh,” he sighed as she pressed the meaty stanchion into his pelvis with her tongue, before surrounding the inflamed cockhead to the rim.

Skillfully, Emma then divinely swallowed each inch of the fleshy pole at a leisurely pace until the spongy tip bumped the back of her throat, reversing direction with her plush lips trailing along his saliva-coated staff and her sultry emerald eyes tracking his awed gaze the entire time.

“Ohhh, jeez, mom, I swear, I love seeing your pretty green eyes with my cock in your mouth,” he gasped disgracefully, apparently no longer feeling guilty at all.

“Umm, don’t swear, young man, but thank you, I suppose,” she acknowledged diffidently after briefly pulling away.

Newly accomplished at giving head, while also understanding Kellen’s predilections and favorite techniques after sucking him off more times than she remembered in just the last week alone, Emma decided to make fast work of our enthralled son since he was already running late for school.

“Sorry, baby, but mommy needs to make this a quick one. I don’t want you to be late for school,” she lifted her mouth to apologize, erotically drawing a strand of her saliva from the tip to her bottom lip.

“Awwwhh, mom,” Kellen complained immaturely, but otherwise conceded, knowing she was right.

“Now, now, no complaining. Do you have any idea how lucky you are having a mother sending you off to class so, um, affectionately?” Emma scolded playfully, taking another swipe up his dancing shaft.

“Why, I bet not many young men are so fortunate,” she opined in the understatement of the century, sweetening the offer with a promise for the future. “Now, if you’re good and just let me do my thing, I’ll be sure to give my well-hung son a more enjoyable cocksucking this afternoon.”

“Ohhh, o-kay,” our bewitched youngster agreed, falling under the oral spell of his talented mother’s wonderful mouth when she returned to sucking his twitching cock in earnest.

Applying suction marvelously with each retreat up the thick stalk, Emma attentively swirled her tongue around the sensitive crown before dipping down his length again developing a regular cadence, but this time forcing the supple knob into the entrance of her throat with each dive.

“Uck, guck, gugg,” she gagged only a little, and partly for effect, knowing how much Kellen responded to the choking sound she emitted when throating him.

“There you go, stud,” she gurgled seductively upon withdrawing again, lowering to lick his hairy scrotum before encapsulating each heavy testicle between her luscious lips to suckle gingerly just as he liked it.

“Cum for me, baby. Give mom your yummy spunk,” his mother cooed in returning to his stalwart cock, sucking the robust shaft to the base three more times.

Emma was duly impressed with Kellen’s staying power, expecting she’d have coaxed his incestuous semen from his full balls by now. Shrewdly, she decided one last persuasion was needed to put him over the top and finish the nasty deed for the morning.

“Please cum for mommy, Kel. Cum for me now and I promise you with a memorable blowjob later, and maybe even a special treat,” she urged with a pouty, girlish whimper, slipping her tongue around the tender cockhead again accompanied by a forbidden promise certain to pop his cork.

“OHHH, YEAH!!!” I heard Kellen exclaim exuberantly from my bedroom down the hall and I knew whatever deviant act my sexually-controlled wife promised was a success.

“Mummm, mmphh, slup,” Emma’s muffled voice gained a notch in pitch as the first creamy burst of our son’s illicit jism splashed against her tongue, followed by a second filling her cheeks.

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