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Copping a Feel

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Rebecca and I had been friends since she transferred to our school shortly after Christmas break. We immediately bonded over our mutual hatred of that god-awful series Twilight. We had both just turned 18 and we had been talking in our Creative Writing for a few months about some of the most random things. We discovered that we had the same basic sense of humor. And that sense of humor was mostly sexual humor. We would often tell dirty jokes, make dirty gestures and occasionally rub our hands on each others legs or arms. But that was as far as we ever went. Until recently.

Rebecca was a short girl with a tight body. She had medium length red hair and deep green eyes. Her face was smooth and clear of acne. And her breasts were amazingly supple and full. You could practically feel how soft they were just by looking at them.

We were sitting in class when the teacher told us we would be watching a movie based on some book we had just read. Rebecca and I had our phones out before the lights went out. We flipped them open and began texting as soon as the movie started. Most of it was pretty boring stuff:





This stuff continued for a while until we started the dirty talk:







Finally it happened. The conversation segued to me talking about her boobs. She brought up the fact that I was talking about her boobs a lot. She asked me if I had ever touched a girls breasts. Not knowing where this was going, I answered that I had in fact never even seen a girls tits before. I had never even looked on the internet at porn. Aside from the dirty jokes, I was a quiet almost shy kid. This surprised Rebecca. She then texted something I didn’t expect:


Was she serious? We had never gone so far before and I was apprehensive to answer. After a moment, I responded:



She closed her phone and pocketed it and faced the front of the room, waiting. I put mine up as well. Should I do it? Was she really serious? My hand twitched and slid forward slightly and resting on her shoulder. I felt her bristle and saw the corner of her mouth twitch. Other than Maltepe Escort that, she appeared to be watching the movie. I moved my hand to the base of her shirt and slipped my fingers under it. Her skin was soft as I ran my hand slowly upward. I paused temporarily about an inch from her bra to consider stopping and thanking God that we were in the back of the class away from second glances. Finally I moved my hand upward and wedged it underneath her bra and stretched my hand over as much of her breast as I could. I squeezed gently and got my first feel of a girls tits. The feeling was amazing. It was soft and warm. A virtually indescribable feeling as I squeezed slightly harder and massaged her nipple. I reached my other hand up and forced it under her shirt and bra to squeeze the other one. Her shirt was practically off as I played with her boobs. She shuddered and moaned quietly and placed her hands on mine, guiding me over her body and she quickly undid her pants and forced my hands into her pants guiding me to rub her clit through her panties. I fingered her quickly and nudged her panties down to insert a finger into her tight pussy. It was already sopping wet and I suspected she was close to an orgasm. While I may be shy, I am actually quite sexually knowledgeable. I finger fucked her until her back arced in her seat and exploded in my hand. I continued to rub until I knew she was spent. I lifted my cradled hand filled with her juices to her lips and probed past her lips forcing her to drink the contents feebly. After she consumed it all, I pulled her shirt back down and zipped her pants for her as she was too tired apparently to do it herself. Time passed and the class ended and everyone was leaving. I got up and waited for Rebecca. Apparently she was still at a loss for energy. I held out my hand and helped her up. When we were out of the classroom, I leaned over and said:

“Do you maybe want to go to a movie this Friday? Maybe we can continue this and finish what we started.”

She answered with new strength. “Oh God yes.”

“Then I’ll call you tonight.”

The days following went by quickly as the night of Rebecca and my date approached. I pulled up to her house and knocked on her door. She answered the door after one ring of the bell. She was dressed in a slutty yellow tank top and a tiny pair of shorts that went about Anadolu Yakası Escort an inch down from her crotch. And yes, of course I noticed that. I did look at her crotch. Deal with it. She stepped out and took my hand as we headed to my car. We got in and drove off to the theater. Fifteen minutes later, we were seated in the seats of said theater, waiting for the movie to start. We passed the time by making out and subtle groping. Most of the theater was empty except for a few people seated near the front. Finally the lights darkened and the previews began.

Rebecca wasted no time in kneeling between my knees on the ground, undoing my pants. My dick bounced out of my pants to meet her face. Her mouth immediately engulfed my slightly hardened cock. She sucked until I was entirely engorged and jacked me off for a while. I placed my hand on the back of her head and forced her up and down on my member. I pulled her head off and moved her up to her seat and crouched between her legs. I undid her skanky shorts and slid them completely off. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. That dirty girl! I buried my hand in her pussy and ate her out. I lifted my hand and fingered her tight snatch while sucking gently at her clitoris. She was pulling at her spaghetti strap top to get it off. When she did, she began playing with her tits and moaning softly. I lowered my hand and began to insert my finger into her ass hole and fuck her sphincter quickly as I kissed at her twat. When I felt a trickle of warm liquid enter my mouth, I moved away from her and sat up in my own seat. She moved my pants down and pulled them off. When her job was accomplished, she pulled herself onto my lap and straddled my dick.

Slowly, she lowered herself onto my cock. When my dick was met with the resistance of her cherry, she did not hesitate to shove herself all the way down my pole, puncturing the hymen and deflowering us both. Her head flew back as she bit her lip to avoid disturbing the movie-goers. I lowered my head to suck on her tits while she gathered herself. Finally she looked at me and pulled my head away from her breasts and kissed me passionately. I gently raised her a few inches from my lap and lowered her again. She took over and went at a pace of her own. The feeling was amazing. I felt the soft walls of her vagina sliding and contracting on my dick. İstanbul Escort I felt her thighs meeting mine every time she re-lowered her body. Her boobs rubbed against my chest, causing me to get impossibly even more horny. This was the best feeling in the world, hands down. Finally I felt a tightening in my balls as I grabbed her ass and came right in her pussy. When she felt me fill her stomach with my seed, she erupted on my lap. She moaned loudly, and I was glad the movie was on an action scene to avoid being heard. When we were both done, she hopped off my dick and eagerly lapped the remaining cum from it. She sat in my lap and we looked at the movie screen. We hadn’t been paying attention and saw no point in starting. So I whispered in her ear:

“Wanna try the ‘forbidden sex’?”

“What’s that?” she asked.

I responded: “Anal.”

She bristled slightly at the idea. After consideration, she smiled and said, “For you, I will.”

I grinned and slid her from my lap and onto the floor where I propped her on her hands and knees. I knelt behind her and tapped my rock hard dick at the entrance of her ass. I pushed gently into her and felt her hole tighten at the sudden intrusion. I pushed in a little further, an inch at a time, until I was balls deep in her poop chute. I pulled out until only the head remained in. then I pushed in and built a pace and fucked her, doggy style. I quickened and hardened my thrusts while she moaned loudly. I felt her ass tighten and milk my cock as I went. Finally I was at my climax again. I pulled out and flipped her on her back. I bent over her face and jerked myself off until my cream poured out and into her mouth. She sucked it all in as fast as she could. We were both sweaty and tired. I collapsed beside her with my hands on one of her breasts and the other fingering her clit. We laid there on the floor and made out until we felt the movie was coming to its own climax. We sat up and pulled our clothes on. When the movie was over, we left and got into my car. The entire ride back to her place, she spent with her head in my lap sucking my dick. This girl had an insatiable hunger for cock. I knew I would be sore tomorrow, but I let her continue. We arrived at her house and I regretted watching her go up the walk to her porch. Mainly because I could see every curve of her body through her clothes, making me hard for the umpteenth time today. Before she opened the door to her house, she looked back at me and grabbed her breasts and she pulled the top of her shirt down to reveal her perfect areolas to me. She made a kissy face at me and entered her house. Oh, this girl. This was definitely not over.

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