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Author’s note: All story elements contained herein are fiction and for fantasy purposes, remember to obey all legal and consent laws in real life, thank you and have a nice day.


Ophelia’s Daddy became a behind the scenes presence in her life, an oddly compelling addiction that feeding brought her to new heights and lows she found herself craving in her downtime.

“Daddy wants pictures,” he would often text her at work, knowing she was alone. Ophelia would sneak into the bathroom and pose topless in a stall, feeling both dirty and turned on at the same time. She loved the feeling.

Sometimes Daddy would just send her a picture of his hard dick, demanding wordlessly that she bring him off without asking if she wanted to.

It left her wet and throbbing, being used like this, and all of her pictures and sexts to him ended with her coming to orgasm so hard she saw stars.

“I should be there, choking the tease right out of you,” Daddy wrote, “I wouldn’t care if you said no.”

Ophelia moaned loudly, the idea of Daddy forcing her to be his toy making her nearly cum on the spot. One of her most secret fetishes was him forcing her to fuck.

“Mmm, Daddy I wish… you were here to rape me,” Ophelia was barely able to groan aydın escort out before she was lost to an incredible, bone-shaking orgasm that she send to him over video.

He saved it and wrote back, “Good little slut, cumming for Daddy.”

Ophelia found herself addicted to the dark desire of pleasing Daddy and being controlled by him. So much so that she soon began to dream of him at night.

The most common one was of him finding her home alone at night, playing with herself on her bed in the dark. He’d steal in, find her vulnerable, and immediately decide to have his fun right then and there, wrestling her down beneath him as she fought against this mystery intruder, forcing her to take his cock as she was pinned down and helpless.

Ophelia would awake with a shuddering start, pussy aching for release at the steamy dream. She would often have to get herself off twice before she was settled enough for sleep.

It became so intense that one day, Ophelia decided she couldn’t possibly continue. The sick, secret pleasure of being Daddy’s plaything was a guilty one, even though that almost made it more exquisite.

“Send me something sweet to cheer Daddy up,” he wrote one day, around the usual time.

Thinking to stall aydınlıkevler escort him and perhaps put him off forever, she wrote back, “I can’t”

“Can’t… or won’t?” he asked, seeming to sense her hesitation.

“Both maybe,” she wrote, heart pounding as she waited for a reply.

“I said, send me something sweet. Now.”

“No.” was all she said.

Seemingly without hesitation, a screenshot of her naked, face full in view, lust filled eyes clear as day as she moaned to the camera, flashed across her screen.

“Don’t forget that Daddy has all the power and I know you don’t want these made available. Someone would not appreciate his little wife being my little whore.”

God, this turned her on even more, what was happening?

“Now go in the bathroom and play with yourself. Send me a video, call me Daddy in it and let me see your face as you cum, just for making me go through all this trouble.”

Then another, almost immediately: “Daddy does not like to wait.”

The heat between her thighs was at a fever pitch, she barely had to touch her clit and she was already shivering. Being forced to be his camgirl like this turned her on more than she’d ever been in her life.

Doing this ayrancı escort video for him would be just another nail in the coffin of proof he had on her but she couldn’t help herself as she slipped her fingers deep into the tight slickness with a pitched groan she could not control.

She slipped them out again, licked them carefully as she looked at the camera and whispered, “Do you like this Daddy?”

She sent it, still so close to the edge.

Daddy wrote back: “mmm yes. Now finish for me, slut. Remember what Daddy said.”

And with that thought driving her over the edge, she came to a crashing climax, all but screaming his name into the camera.

“Very good,” he wrote her. “You like being forced to be my slave, don’t you?” Without waiting for an answer, he wrote again: “I know you do. Show me that pussy.”

Still trembling, but flushing at the truth of his words, she felt her sensitive pussy gingerly. The picture she sent him showed how she had soaked through the panties she’d worn that day, and how drenched she was, arousal trickling down her thighs.

Just showing him on command made her burn again, and he seemed to know it.

“Mmm I knew my little toy liked being controlled. You don’t get to say no to me, ever again. I will be done with you when I say I’m done, is that clear?”

Trembling some more, she wrote back: “yes Daddy.”

“Tomorrow, I want you to bring your vibrator with you to work. Daddy has some plans for you.”

Somehow, that made her want it all the more.

“Yes Daddy.”

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