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Confident, Older , Powerful Men Ch. 03

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This section is about brother/sister lust.


When he first talked to his sister a week before about shooting some pictures of her and that he wanted to submit them to the famous modeling agency in Los Angeles she flat out said, “NO WAY.” Even with his consistent persuasion, telling her that she was so beautiful and that she blew-away all the top models on the site she still said no to him.

Being persistent, he wouldn’t relent and kept following her from room to room trying to persuade her. When told her that they could start with what she had on (which was a very long, unflattering skirt that went to her ankles and a loose fitting sweater that absolutely hid her amazing 36DD tits and a pair of sandals) and if she didn’t like the pictures he’d erase them right in front of her. After an hour of wearing her down with, “Please sis,” and “Come on sis,” and “Think of all the money you could make with your beautiful looks,” and ‘You are really are gorgeous sis, with an innocent boyish look on his face she hesitantly agreed.

He had cunningly planned this for over a month. He knew that their parents were at a religious retreat for a week they were hosting which would give him and his knock-out sister lot of time to be together and for him to get her in a comfortable and relaxed mood. He knew he had to take it really slow with her to build her confidence if he wanted to get her to take pictures that he could send to the modeling agency, and especially model in the outfits that he bought for her to wear.

His sister had a killer body that turned heads everywhere she went, even the conservative cloths she wore couldn’t hide the fact that she had an amazing and sinful body. Because she was very traditional and extremely conservative; participating in every religious service that their community had, which was almost daily he knew that he was going to have to proceed with ‘caution,’ to get her to pose for him.

There was another plan; the true motive that went beyond taking pictures of his sisters flawless body. For years he had wanted to fuck her bad, but he knew that the only way that was going to happen was that he had to first convince her to model for him and then had to be really smooth and make her feel really sexy before that would ever happen.

He drained his entire bank account and even stole a hundred dollars from his father’s best friend for his well thought-out plan, buying five different outfits; ranging from slightly conservative to ultra-naughty. He had worked his plan out in his mind over and over, rehearsing how he would approach her and how he would convince her to pose for him, and hopefully to get her hot enough to fuck him.

After discovering the modeling site on his computer a month before advertising “Sexy teenage girls 18 or 19,looking to make a lot of money as a professional swimsuit model,” he instantly saw the way he could finally get his big cock into his smoking-hot sister, and a way to make a lot of money too.

He knew if he could get his sister to pose for him that he could get her to loosen-up and hopefully by the time he had her dressed and posing in the sexiest outfits she’d be really horny and so ready to fuck. By now he had hoped that his sister knew that he had a really big cock. In the last 6 months he purposely fucked three of her close girlfriends hoping that they would tell her about his really big dick.

Just as planned, all her girlfriends freaked when the saw his big dick, one of them actually running out of the room in horror before she came back and sucked him off, not letting his monster near her cunt. In all that time he never once caught his hot sister looking at his crotch, even when he had a huge, bulging hard-on in front of her. He couldn’t believe that she didn’t know he had a huge cock. He knew all girls talk and share their secrets or things they hear about other girls.

He even caught his smoking-hot mother taking more than a few glances at his bulging crotch. He knew that her two boyfriends that she had had small dicks, not more than a few inches, just like most of the guys in school. They were on the basketball team with him and in the shower he saw that they had these little thimble-sized dicks and that his huge down He was fairly certain his sister wasn’t a virgin and that she had fucked both guys and that she at least had blown them.

Unknown to her was that, he had jerked off his 11 inch cock hundreds of times at the thought of her amazing body especially after he stole glances of her huge tits and perfect nipples when she would bend forward and her loose fitting sweater or blouse would open and expose her massive, fleshy mounds encased in her white bra as they huge down sinfully. One time she was braless under her sweater and when she bent forward he feasted his eyes on her perky nipples. He knew her measurements and read her bra tag a million times and knew she was 36DD.

The one time he saw her step out of the shower topkapı escort through the cracked-open bathroom door and saw her perfect, wild ass and her huge swaying tits and her thin waist before she reached for a towel. The sight of her nude body was enough to keep him locked in his room for a week stroking his huge cock with his eyes glued shut as his mind played that scene over and over in his head.

Unknown to him was that she always found her brother really sexy and had heard all the stories from her three close friends that he was really hung. She herself had masturbated herself to sleep hundreds of times at the thought of what his cock would look like.

She only had two boyfriends and they were very average in size measuring about five inches. She could not imagine what 11 inches would look like, or what it feel like in her hands, or what it would fuck like and every time she thought of her brother having a cock that big she became instantly wet and messaged her hard clit to an explosive orgasm that shook the bed. As much as she knew it was wrong to think about her brother that way, she just couldn’t help herself. The idea of him having such a huge cock haunted her.


He started the shoot in the living room with her dressed in her conservative church-like cloths. At first he just took headshots of her while she sat on the sofa. After a while he wanted to try getting her to move around the room and to see how she reacted to his directing her. When he told her he wanted to take some candid shots with her in different parts of the room she protested a little.

“Jason, I don’t feel comfortable walking around the living room with you snapping pictures of me. The sofa is one thing, but I’ll feel self-conscious walking around.”

“Come on sis, it’ll be fun. Let’s just pretend that you are a professional model doing a shoot for a real estate magazine, showing different rooms in a house,” he said in an innocent voice that convinced her to do it.

As she walked around the living room he had her put her hands a certain way on a chair or a table, and as she did he began to direct her.

“Ok sis, look at me and show me that amazing smile of yours.”

At first she frowned, and shot him a weird look of annoyance, but then she did smile.”

“That’s great sis. You have a perfect smile…and such a beautiful face,” he added as a compliment to ease into his directing her the way he wanted. “Wow-you really are incredibly photogenic.

“Thank you,” she said softly as she smiled for him.

She knew her brother was good at taking pictures because of being the schools photographer in High school and now majoring in photography in college.

“Ok sis now I want you to put your lips together as if you were giving the camera a kiss,” he said in his ‘professional photographer’ type voice.

“What! That’s not how people sell real estate,” she to him annoyed again.

Thinking fast, because he knew this could easily break down on him and his ‘BIG’ plan would be finished before it started.

“Ok, I’m sorry, I was just trying to act like a professional photographer, and I thought the way you were taking such beautiful shots and the way you were taking my direction so perfectly that you were imagining being a professional model too,” he said with his head tilted down, pretending to act embarrassed.

“Wait. I’m sorry.” She said thinking she hurt his feelings.

Pausing for a second, she said in a soft voice that had a slight hint of sexiness to it,

“I was actually starting to feel like I was a model.”

“That’s great sis, because you do have a beautiful look, and I think you are a natural at this,” he said wanting to boost her shy, conservative ego.

Looking at him she pursed her lips and shot him a kiss like he asked. She hated to admit it, but pa big part of her wished she was really kissing him.

“Maybe later Jason and I will sit on the sofa and really kiss,” she thought to herself sinfully.

As she thought to herself about kissing her brother she pursed her lips and made a pretend kiss for him again.

Seeing her make a pretend kiss had him instantly turned on, as he felt his big cock stir in his pants.

“That’s great sis,” he said as he snapped away while she did it repeatedly.

“Ok, now run the tip of your tongue really slow over your upper lip,” he said in a calm, matter-of-fact professional voice, knowing he was taking a big chance here.

To his surprise she did what he asked without any resistance, in fact when she did it she even changed her facial expression to look incredibly seductive. He could tell that she was really starting to get into this which was making it hard for him not to get a raging hard on.

Not wanting to go too fast he changed his strategy and had her sit back on the sofa. When he asked her to go back to the sofa she was a little disappointed, because she was just starting to get into the sexy side of being a model, but more into fatih escort the idea of showing her brother her sexy side.

She was really starting to enjoy posing for the guys she had masturbated herself to sleep so many times, the guys she knew fucked her friends, and the guy she knew had a massive cock. When she was licking her lips and blowing pretend kisses at him she noticed a large imprint forming in his pants. Seeing that he was getting aroused by her was turning her on like crazy.

Disappointedly, but wanting to continue posing for him she went to the sofa like he said.

“Ok sis now tilt your head just a little and show me that beautiful smile of yours.”

As he snapped away he would tell her she looked so pretty. At that point he did not want to tell her that she looked really hot or sexy because he didn’t want to turn-her off. He was smart enough to know that he had to move really cautiously with his sexy sister because of how conservative and sheltered she was.

As he directed her to toss her hair in different directions and to look at the camera in a seductive way she began to get more and more comfortable posing for him, following his every direction without the slightest hesitation.

As he told her to turn her head from side to side or toss her wavy, brown hair different ways while smiling he was being very encouraging, telling her she ‘looked fantastic,’ and that she was a ‘natural,’ for the camera.

His next step was to see how she would respond if he asked her to raise her skirt. He wanted to see how she would respond if he asked her to pull up her ankle-length skirt just to her knees.

What he really wanted to tell her was to hike her skirt all the way up to the tops of her thighs but he knew that might make her uncomfortable and put her off to this posing idea altogether. That would shatter is month-long plan totally.

When he asked her to pull her skirt up to her knees he spoke in professional voice that didn’t sound excited.

Although he knew that this could be the deal-breaker, he had to try. It was the only way he’d know if she’d go the distance in his devious plan to ultimately fuck her.

“Ok now cross your legs and pull up your skirt-but just a little-just to your knees,” he said holding his breath, thinking to himself, “Well this is it.”

Surprisingly, he watched her take the hem of her skirt and pull it up to her knee without any resistance.

“That’s great sis, now put your hands on your knees and smile,” he said while he snapped away.

“Great, now make that pouty kiss for me,” he said and she instantly did, once again making his big cock stir in his shorts, which of course she noticed.

“Ok,” he paused, “Now pull your skirt up so that I can shoot your thigh from the side,” he said kneeling on his knee as he once again held his breath, almost willing her in his mind to do it.

“Come on sis-show me those incredible legs of yours,” he said to himself as if he was willing her in his mind. “Do it baby,” he said to himself as he crossed his fingers in his mind in hopes that she would.

To his surprise a second later, and with a sly smile on her face as she looked right at him she reached for the hem and pulled her skirt up high on her thigh.

As his hands shook a little from the sight of his sisters amazing crossed legs he told himself to ‘calm down’ and snapped away as his lens picked up the length of her incredible, tapered leg showing the perfect curve of the top her upper thigh.

“Beautiful sis. Incredible legs,” he said in a professional and complimentary way.

“Thank you. I’m glad you like them,” she said almost seductively as she blew him another pouty kiss that caused his cock to fill out his shorts almost obscenely.

“Ok, now I want you to run your right hand from your ankle up to your upper thigh,” he said again in his professional voice as his massive cock began to really strain in his pants noticeably right in front of her seductive eyes.

She was now in a place where she was loving posing for her brother, loving the way he directed her, and loving the way she felt inside.

“He’s being very professional and totally respectful,” she thought to herself, as she had a naughty thought and wished he’d be a little more unprofessional.

“Ok now I want you to do that again but this time I want you to run your tongue over your sexy, upper-lip.

Taking to the camera like a natural, who had been modeling all her life she did exactly as he asked, without the slightest hesitation.

“Beautiful sis. Absolutely beautiful!” He said as he snapped away, capturing her long, sexy legs like an artist would paint a picture.

He could see that she was totally into the role of being a model. He could tell she was ready for more, but he still needed to be cautious. His end goal was to fuck her and he knew he was a long way from there, or so he thought.

“Ok sis, now I want you to lay way back one the sofa keeping eyüp escort your legs crossed and pulling up your sweater just under your ( he wanted to say, ‘Big Tits’) breasts.

Grinning at him slyly she pulled her sweater up under her huge 36DD tits and revealed her flat stomach.

“Wow,” he said, breaking his professional demeanor, then instantly caught himself.

“Great sis. Perfect,” he said as professionally as he could, without cumming in his shorts as he watched his smoking-hot sister bunch up her sweater and pull it tightly, showing the dimensions of how perfect her huge tits really were.

With her sexy long legs crossed she pursed her lips and kissed at him while he shot frame after frame. As he clicked away her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she saw his big cockhead pop out at the bottom of his knee-length shorts.

“NO WAY,” she thought to herself as she realized that her brother’s cock was as big as her girlfriends said, way bigger than she imagined.

As her brother went behind the sofa and took shots of her from an angel above her he began to alter his words. He wanted to really make her feel uninhibited.

“Really sexy sis- you’re burning a hole in this lens,” he said in a deep voice, which had her moaning and licking her lips so seductively that he wanted to jerk off all over her amazing body

As her eyes were rolled back in her head she imagined her brother’s great big cock and actually felt her body tremble slightly knowing she just had a mini orgasm without even touching herself. As he shot her seductive poses he looked down and saw the head of his cock sticking out of the bottom of his shorts. He quickly pushed it back into the side of his shorts and tried to calm himself. He wasn’t sure if his sister saw his cockhead sticking out of his pants.

“Maybe that’s why she has her eyes rolled back into her head,” he thought to himself proudly as he ran his hand along the length of his 11 inch shaft.

At that point they had been shooting for almost two hours. He thought that this would be a good time to get her on the sofa with him and look at the pictures together. He knew that this would be the best way to get her to model the outfits he bought for her. He’d use the time sitting beside her to tell her how sexy she looked and persuade her to model a different outfit for him.

“Ok sis let’s look at what we shot so far. I can’t wait to look at the pictures with you.”

“Me too. I have to say I’m pretty excited myself. You made me feel so relaxed and so comfortable,” she said as he took her by the hand and lead her to the sofa.

As they walked to the sofa, a big part of her wished he was walking her to his bedroom, especially after seeing his big cockhead stick out from the bottom of his shorts.

Looking at the pictures was really fun for her as she admitted to liking posing for him and how well he captured her.

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m looking at me,” she said surprised when she saw the more provocative pictures with her licking her lip or blowing him pretend kisses.

“Yeah-you really look like art sis,” he said in a sincere, complimentary voice, amazed at how incredible she did look.

Moving with caution, and feeling he had her where he wanted her, he asked her if she would model some outfits he bought for her.

Curious to see what he bought for her he went to his bedroom and came out with 5 boxes.

“Wow. All these for me,” she said in a surprised voice.

“Yeah sis. All yours.” “I took a lot of time shopping and picking out what I thought you might like and what would look great on your amazing body.”

“You mean what ‘you’ would like?” she said playfully after she opened up the first box that had a very sexy looking one piece bathing suit.

After she opened the second box she was stunned to see that her own brother had bought her a sinful string bikini that looked more like it would fit a Barbie doll.

“Are you serious? She said in a surprised voice. “Where is the material?” she said holding up the tiny bra top and the thong bottom.

“Come on sis. This would look incredible on your body,” he said in a convincing voice.

“I don’t think so. I feel too self-conscious. “

“Come on sis. It’s just you and I remember, and if you don’t like the photos I’ll erase them right in front of you.

“I’m not sure,” she said half-heartedly, which he knew he could get her to with a little coaxing.

She then opened the third box and saw a pair of ultra-short jean shorts, a tiny red thong and a sheer white blouse and a sheer white lace bra. She saw the size of the shorts, size 1 and the thong small and grinned when she saw the bra size 36DD.

“So, you’ve been going through my things big brother,” she said with a sly grin then kissed him on the cheek when she saw him blush a little and tilt his head down for effect.

“So let’s see what’s in this box,” she said with a hint of excitement in her voice.

When she opened the box and saw the short, white lace corset with the long garter straps attached to the bottom of it and the sheer white stockings and tiny white thong she looked at her brother for a second and licked her upper lip then made the same pretend kiss at him.

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