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Confessions of a Saucy Housewife

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I could hear the chime of the large grandfather clock sound 8am and as regular as the time piece, my husband picked up his suitcase, gave me a reasonable peck on the cheek and left for work. I knew he would not even think about looking back at our very suburban white door. To tell you the truth it didn’t even matter to me, by that time I was too busy running up the stairs, feeling my breast gyrate up and down, up and down, moving to the beat of my footsteps.

I could feel that my tender tanned nipples were starting to become tense. Small, almost perfect circle shapes were now visible through my flimsy red silk slip on. My breasts were like a flashing siren, reminding the rest of my body about what was to come.

In my bedroom I was on my tip toes, too excited, scared and slightly jumping with glee, as I turned on the computer absolutely gagging as I waited for the computer to load. As soon as I saw it I clicked on the internet icon and waited for my homepage- an adult chat room full of sensuous people who knew how to tame the electricity that was Akbatı escort currently running through my veins.

I received a private message straight away-

HORNY_MALE4EVA: lollypop wanna cyber sex?

I had a bit of an online reputation for getting down and dirty, no small talk, straight to the point.

By this time I could sense my vagina getting moist, it was slowly oozing out pure sticky sexual nectar, that I had to use my finger to wipe it but it seemed to build up a resistance. My pussy flooded my hand in juicy water, I spread my smooth legs apart, lifted my buttocks in an arched position. I curved the very same finger that was used before and slowly beginning with the tip of my finger I pushed it into the inner soft lining of my vagina, moving it in a circular motion.

I let out a high pitched moan, feeling my vagina heat up as the intensity of my grinding finger increase. I held in my moans almost biting my bottom lip.

At that very moment I received a message from the chat room-

HORNY_MALE4EVA: Aksaray escort bayan turn on your web cam

My hand was drenched in my own moistness and was too sticky to be used so I swooped it over my breasts making them fully lubricated. They became stuck together, too excited to be separated.

My fingers trembled. Increasingly edging them towards the ‘on’ button of my Webcam 2000, I could feel goose bumps pooping up all over my arms which were heightened by the hot cauldron of passion bubbling in my vagina.

I could see it on the screen rigid and tense, his penis twitched in anticipation. I felt like a huge thick bubble has pushed inside of me with great force then exploded.

LOLLYPOP69: show me your cum


He pushed his muscular long penis on to the webcam and all I could was ejaculated sperm dripping all over his screen.

LOLLYPOP69: I will lick it off

HORNY_MALE4EVA: I will lick you and I wanna fuck you now

Just then I felt I was ready; Escort Ankara a tingling sensation shattered the last of my hesitation. I plunged my left thumb into my vagina and using my fingers I rubbed in a horizontal and vertical action, occasionally pulling at the lips of my vagina to increase my pleasure.

I was soaking wet so I grabbed an old lumpy pillow and used it as a wipe. The unusual texture of the pillow excited me even more that I threw the pillow on to the bed like it was a bought man. I dragged myself towards the pillow, my vagina left a wet trail as it rubbed against the velvet bed sheet.

I moaned as I jumped on to the pillow, moved my body, not be able to control my animal instincts anymore. Occasionally I pressed against the lumpy dense parts of the pillow which created such intense surges through my body that I had to bite the top of my pillow to prevent me from screaming too loud.

I grinded and grinded until I could feel myself coming, using the last of my energy I rubbed myself so hard and rapidly against the pillow I started to bounce, making the bed creek. It was like it was it was moaning with me.

I could not hold it in anymore; I let out a large groan as I felt an orgasmic kaleidoscope burst inside of me.

I panted, covered in sweat, sex, lust and more. I laid down next to the pillow and smiled.

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