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Confessions Ch. 06

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Chapter 06 – Carly

Thank you Jordyn Castell for editing.


I was preparing myself for my ten year class reunion a few years back, and as my excitement grew, I realized that I also dreaded going to it. The first problem was that I was going alone, my husband was on a business trip and would not be able to make it. Secondly, I was a stay at home mother, unlike many of the women that I had graduated with. Thirdly, I had not been a popular girl in school. I played in the band all four years, and even played on the volleyball team in my junior year, but really, I kept to myself.

I smiled at and cursed to myself for thinking like a teenager again. This wasn’t high school any more, we were all adults, grown up. It was ten years ago, there was nothing to worry about. I laughed, just thinking how silly I was for having to convince myself to go. I knew there was no reason not to, the kids were at my folks house for the night, no doubt wondering how my night would go. The night was mine, and I was going to have a good time

So, I finished my make-up, rolled the lint off of my skirt and headed out the door. I laughed again as I entered the car and drove off. It would be fun seeing what everyone was up to these days, even if my life was not as exciting as theirs, I had three kids, two dogs, two cats and a very successful husband that I supported, that was a job in itself.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the Broken Crown, the venue for the reunion, I relaxed, seeing many of my classmates walking inside. I got out, put on my best smile, and entered the building. I moved quickly to a little book and signed my name right under Amanda Johnson Fetricca’s, a fellow band member that married just two years ago, and was now expecting her second child, she was one of the few classmates I had kept in touch with.

I gazed around the room to see if I would recognize anyone other than Amanda right off, half expecting that no-one would look the same. Oddly enough, most looked as they did ten years ago, perhaps a little more weight or a little less. Then of course there were those with a little less hair, or more, as I noticed John Mensburg now sported a full beard.

I floated around the hall and mingled with a few of the girls that I had played with, either in the band or in my short stint as a student athlete. It seemed that most were married with kids, some had been divorced , maybe even twice. Or if you were poor Heather Gastin, divorced three times and working on your fourth marriage. I guess being a housewife wasn’t to bad.

I moved to a corner of the room and watched as my classmates mingled, finding it rather entertaining to see the spectacle before me. As I was standing there, I saw a bottle of beer move in front of me and looked up to see a tall muscular man. He smiled as he spoke to me, “Damn Carly, you are still looking great.”

I smiled back and took the drink, as I felt my face flushing, “Thank you Jack, you do tease.”

I just about managed the words. Jack Kelton, captain of the football team and all-state linebacker. He was one of the hottest men istanbul escort in the entire school, and my heart throbbed every time I saw him. I wanted to be with him so bad, I cut his picture out of the paper and hung it on my wall. I had hearts drawn around him in my yearbook. Back then, he was the man of my dreams.

He grinned to me, the boyish grin that he often sported back in high school,

“I’m not teasing Carly, you look great.”

I gave a smile and sipped at the beer he had given me,

“Thank you Jack, you look great as well. I am surprised you remember me though.” It was the truth, I was a band girl, and he was very popular, I wasn’t sure if he even knew I existed back then.

He laughed and looked around.

“Its loud in here, and crowded, do you want to take a walk on the golf course, we can talk and remember old times.”

How could I say no? It was an innocent request, and it was stuffy inside, so I let him lead me out to the course, and we walked onto the green of the third hole. It was beautiful out, the moon was full, the stars were bright, and the light wind was warm and comforting.

We stood still, talking for some time, and drinking a few more beers that he had brought along, then he took my hand and his tone became more serious.

“You know Carly, I wasn’t kidding up there. You looked great in school too. The only girl in school that could make a band uniform look sexy.”

I lost my breath for a moment, and felt my face flush once more. Here was the man that I had a huge crush on in school telling me that he had looked at me the same way, and I felt my heart skip a beat.

He looked up to the sky and back down to me, “Truth be told,” he stopped and released a chuckle, “I wanted you pretty bad. I went to all the volleyball games when you played just to see you. I would walk past your band practice for a glimpse.”

I laughed lightly.

“You were with Sandi, the captain of the cheer squad, why would you look at me? Hell, you were getting laid more often then I was getting an A on an assignment,” I don’t know why I said it, but I did.

He laughed again and moved his hand to caress my cheek.

“Yes, we did that a lot. But that wasn’t who I wanted to be with. Back then it was all about popularity, and I let that control what I did. Her and I were wild, but not in love in any way. She was always looking at other men, and I was always looking at you.”

His hand moved to my neck and he stepped closer to me, “I always wanted you, wanted to be near you. I missed a tackle more then once because my eyes were on you, sitting in the bleachers, blowing at your trumpet.”

I took in a breath, and held it for a moment. I was a happily married woman, and here was my high school crush telling me that he had wanted me as bad as I had wanted him. Here he was, inches from me, his hands touching me, and I was excited. I was overjoyed to have him close to me. After all these years, he still made me weak.

He licked his lips and looked into my eyes, his voice was low, and rhythmic, “Carly, kadıköy escort can I kiss you?”

I didn’t answer right away, how could I say yes? How could I let him kiss me? I bit my lip and felt my heart jump as his hand released mine and slid onto my side. My mind whirled, my body ached for him, and I nodded slowly.

He lowered his lips and kissed mine softly, then he moved his hand around me to my lower back, and pressed into me, deepening the kiss. His hand slid from my neck over my ear, to the back of my head, and I felt myself bending to his will. I moved my arms around him and took his tongue when he offered it, savoring it, caressing it with my own.

His hand moved down my back and rested on my ass, squeezing me lightly. His lips moved off of mine and he smiled once more as he spoke softly, “I have always wanted to do that.”

He guided me to the ground and laid facing me. I tried to control myself as he leaned over me and gave me his lips once more. Tingles of excitement filled me as his fingers slid up my thigh, slowly moving under my skirt and then teased at my panties. I felt my legs spread and his hand clasp onto my crotch, his finger tapping at me. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers slid under the fabric and slid over my bare pussy. His fingers were long, and smooth, and I wanted to feel them, I moved my hips as he slid one inside me and began to finger me.

I moved my hand to his crotch and stoked him over his pants, he was hard and large, larger then I had imagined in my girlhood fantasies. I fiddled with his button and zipper, then slid my hand to his cock and stoked it slowly.

My excitement was building fiercely, my hand started to move faster on his shaft, and I felt my hips moving up to meet his fingers, causing him to push them deeper inside me. I moaned again and moved away, pressing my hand to his chest. He responded to me, rolling onto his back as I had wanted and smiled up to me, “You are so sexy Carly.”

I giggled, more to control my excitement then anything else, and kissed him again. I slid down his body, pulling his pants from him as I went. I heard a small moan escape him as my lips touched his shaft, and I licked around him. As I swirled my tongue on his cock I moved my fingers and caressed his balls. I wondered how I would fit him in my mouth. I giggled again as I opened my mouth wider and started to slide down him. I felt his hand touch the back of my head and I slid him deeper into my mouth. I sucked him in as far as a I could and licked at him inside my mouth. My hand moved to his shaft and I stroked him as I began to bob my head.

His breath began to quicken as I sucked him and I felt my excitement grow, I could feel the heat between my legs. The air, the grass, the stars, the moon, everything took me in, everything tantalized me, everything made me want him more.

His hands stopped my ministrations and I looked up to him. His smile was larger and his hands moved my mouth off of him. He whispered to me, “I want to feel you, I want to be inside you Carly, just like in all the dreams I kağıthane escort have had about you.”

I moved back up his body, hiking my skirt around my hips as I moved. I kissed his mouth, hard and passionate. My hand slid to his shaft and I lifted it as I pulled my panties to the side. My excitement grew as I lowered myself onto him, placing the tip of his cock inside me. I released him as I moaned. His hands moved to my waist and he pushed his hips up, sliding deeper inside me, and my breath escaped me. His was so large, yet so gentle.

I slid down him until my ass hit his thighs and I stayed still for a short time, collecting myself as I kissed him, my breath hot and heavy on his mouth. I could feel myself swelling already, and was not sure how, was it the place, the person, the size? It all came to together so well for me and I lifted up and lowered myself again, moving my hips and slow circles.

He moaned back into my mouth as he lifted his hips to meet me. His breaths were short, matching my own and I felt myself, forgetting about rotating my hips and moving up and down his shaft, his hips matching my body. I heard the slapping of our skin echoing over the golf course and smiled through our kiss. How was this happening? Two married old classmates, making love in the night air, on the golf course of the class reunion. Out in the open of the green of the third hole, anybody could have seen us, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was him, to please him, to have him in me for as long as possible. My schoolgirl fantasy coming to life ten years later, and it made me feel sexy. And I was hotter then I had ever been.

I tightened myself on him as I felt him beginning to grow, my hips moved faster, and our breathing increased. We were no longer kissing, just pressing our mouths close as we rocked together, both unable to control ourselves, our moans entwining with each others, our lips vibrating against each other.

Then it happened, he shot inside me and I came instantly, an orgasm that could rock the very ground. As I felt his grasp on me tighten, as I felt his sperm, as I heard the slapping of our bodies, my own body released. I had wanted this for so long and my entire body shook with pleasure, I pressed down on him as we came together, holding each other tightly, neither being able to breath, nether being able to control the passion of our releases.

I laid there for sometime with him still inside me after our eruption of joy. I felt him going limp and savored the feeling. I rested my head on him and kissed his chin. His hands caressed my back and his lips kissed my head.

Finally, I lifted myself from him, shivering slightly when I felt him fall from me. I stood before him as I fixed my panties and lifted my skirt. There he was, Jack Kelton, captain of the football team, laying on the grass before me. Exhausted as I was, from me, unpopular Carly Harris. I smiled as I found my words.

“Thank you Jack.”

He slowly fixed himself as he stood. He moved close and kissed me softly. His fingers brushed my cheek and he returned my smile.

“Thank you Carly, I will never forget you.”

Slowly we walked back to the Broken Crown and resumed our mingling with other classmates. The night wore on and eventually I said my goodbyes. All the way home and as I cleaned and readied myself for bed, I thought of him. How great it was that I went tonight. Suddenly I was looking forward to the twenty year reunion.

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