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Confession of a Preacher’s Wife

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Before I get into the story of what happened between my son and me, you need to know a little bit about me. My name is Deb and I’m 39 years old, though everyone thinks I’m younger. I have long, raven black hair and crystal blue eyes. I’ve always felt good about my body, which I have worked hard to keep in good shape.

Anyway. I was raised in a strict, fundamentalist family in the Midwest. Nevertheless, I’ve always had this penchant for sex. I must have only been four or five when I discovered the pleasure of rubbing myself and would look forward to playing with myself every night, though I was deathly afraid of being found out. In my family, sex was never discussed. It was always considered a shameful topic, so I kept my nightly ritual and sexual thoughts to myself.

With two older, very rebellious brothers, I was the compliant child. I was the “good girl.” I hate that label, but I’ve been stuck with it my whole life. I was always the “good girl.” My brothers would smoke and drink and get their girlfriends pregnant, but not me. Deborah was always the little angel. They would freak if they knew what their little angel thought about. They could keep me from dating, dancing, listening to rock music, or any of the other activities they deemed “evil” but they couldn’t shackle my mind. I had a very active fantasy life.

I remember when we’d go on vacation and would stay in the same hotel room. I would always try to sneak a peek of my dad’s penis or my brothers. Occasionally I did and found it so hot to think about them in sexual ways. But it was always fantasy.

Because of my overbearing parents and compliant nature, I never dated in high school and went off to the same Bible College my dad went to. They were very strict there, too. I soon met my husband, Jonathon. Jonathon was, and is, a sweet guy. He is very kind and I love him. On the surface, we were the perfect match. Jonathon was dashing and was always the “good boy.” He never did anything wrong and was headed into the ministry. My parents were overjoyed when we were quickly engaged and married.

Of course, I had looked forward to married life. Finally, I would have sex whenever I wanted it and it would be okay. It quickly became apparent that this would not be the case. Jonathon was awkward and shy. I tried to let him know that I was willing to do anything sexually that he wanted to do – but he let me know that what I suggested was “dirty” and “disgusting.” Sex became infrequent and when we did have sex it was in bed – in the dark – under the covers. It has always been the same. Kiss – Kiss – feel – feel – climb on – thrust – thrust – cum – roll off and fall asleep. I would always wait until Jonathon was asleep and sneak into the bathroom to finger fuck myself to orgasm.

It was disappointing, but we had two beautiful children. Sara came 10 months after we were married. Ten months later, David was born. I quit school to take care of the babies while Jonathon finished school. He was soon the minister of a small town church and I became the preacher’s wife. Of course, I was such a “good girl” that I played the part very well. I’ve played it well for 19 years. I play the merry hostess. I sing in the choir. I run the Sunday School committee. My husband is still sweet and straight and boring.

If the people of our church only knew that I picture them in every conceivable sexual situation. I sit in the choir and look out at the congregation. I fantasize about what it would be like to fuck different men. I’ve fantasized about keeping some of the young boys after Sunday School to give them a lesson they’ll never forget. I’ve fantasized about having them men’s quartet gang-bang me – all of their cocks pushing into every one of my holes. Even though it’s hard for me to admit, I’ve even fantasized about having sex with women in the congregation. There are a few young mothers who I absolutely have the hots for. I’ve pictured us getting together for the Nursery Committee meeting and ending up in a wild Sapphic orgy.

Then there’s my son. David has always been a sweet kid. I’ve always felt a special relationship with him. He’s like me. He’s so sweet and so compliant. I had the normal mixture of feelings as he grew. I had to fight off the sexual feelings I had when breastfeeding. I’ve admired his growing body and fought off occasional thoughts that would come into my mind like they did with my father and brothers.

Of course, nothing happened. I would never bring myself to do anything. They were just thoughts. However, when David was 16 I was deep cleaning Halkalı Escort his room and found a sex magazine under his mattress. I was shocked at first and wondered what I should do. Then I began to think how hypocritical it would be for me to punish David for having the same sexual desires that I had. To be honest, I flipped through the magazine and became very wet as I looked at the pictures of people fucking. I’d never seen a magazine like this up close and I had to admit that it turned me on. I masturbated several times that day in my son’s room before replacing the magazine.

It was at this time that we got a computer and my husband got an on-line service to keep in touch with seminary friends and download sermons he could use. Our children were never allowed to get on-line, of course. But I soon learned how to get on line and my curiosity led me to many erotic sites. I would wait for Jonathon and the kids to leave in the morning so I could get on-line. I began reading stories like you find on this site and my sexuality began grow more and more.

I couldn’t get the thought of David jacking off to his sex magazine out of my mind. I must confess that I couldn’t control the thoughts. I would catch David looking at my body as I would walk past him. I would instantly get wet and more than once I went to the bathroom to frig dripping cunt to climax.

That was two years ago. I found myself doing little things just to tease David. Jonathon never responded to any kind of sexy lingerie or outfit, but I went out and bought some silky, lacy underwear just for David. I would wear a lacy black bra under my blouse. When David got home from school I would unbutton an extra button or two and then serve David an after school snack, letting him get a peek down my blouse. I found myself not locking the bathroom door, secretly hoping that David would accidentally barge in. A few times, I would check the bathroom door while David was showering to see if he had locked it (unfortunately he always did). I started wrapping a towel around myself after a shower and walking to my room to get dressed just so David could see me. I often saw the bulge in his pants that these efforts of mine created.

David is now eighteen and a senior in high school. Sara is off at her first year in college. Just last month Jonathon announced that he was going to a week-long conference in another state. That left David and I home alone for a week. The weeks before Jonathon left I couldn’t help but think about David’s young cock. He was so much like me – I know that he had to be thinking about sex all the time. I had developed several on-line friendships with people who were in sexual relationships with their family members. I kept thinking about the possibilities.

The first night Jonathon was gone, I put on my sexiest bra and panties and a white cotton pajama teddy that was fairly sheer and form fitting. David was in the living room watching TV and I went in to watch with him. I could tell that he was having a hard time concentrating on the TV. I felt his eyes on me and I could hardly keep from smiling. My heart was pounding. Thoughts and doubts raced through my mind, but I was determined to turn my fantasies into reality.

I got up to make David his favorite snack. I brought it into the living room and bent over to give him his pop and brownie. I knew my pajama top was totally gaping to give him a peek at my 49 DD breasts. My nipples were achingly hard and I wondered if he could notice. I played innocent (I’m good at that) and just smiled at him. “Here you go, honey. I love you.”

“Thanks, mom.” He said.

I tussled his hair playfully and went over to the couch where I lay down so that he could catch a peek up my pajamas. I pretended to watch TV, but I knew that he was doing everything to look at me. The bulge in his pants was obviously growing and he ashamedly tried to cover it.

I took a deep breath. Was I going to go through with this? My mind raced. My heart pounded. It was now or never. I took another deep breath to try and calm my beating heart.

I stood up and went back to David’s room. He remained in the living room watching TV. I felt under the bed and pulled out the magazine. I opened it up and laid it on the bed.

“David! Come here please!” I said. My voice quaked with nerves and fear. But it was too late. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but this desire to fulfill a lifetime of lurid desires had taken over.

David walked in the room and stopped with horror as he saw the magazine.

“Mom…I…uh…” Halkalı Escort Bayan he stammered with total shame and fear.

“Stop. David, look at me.” I said.

He looked at me slowly. Shame was in his eyes. I knew that shame.

“David. I know what you’re feeling. Our family has never been good at being honest about sex, have we?” I tried to smile at him as warmly and lovingly as I could.

“No.” he said quietly as he looked into my eyes.

“David. Honey. I know how you feel. I have the same sexual feelings you do.”

He looked at me curiously.

“I’ve always thought about sex. I think about it all the time. Just like you. I’ve been finger fucking myself since I was a little girl. I still finger fuck myself all the time while I fantasize about all sorts of things,” I said. My heart was still pounding. My voice was still quaking, but it began to get easier.

“You like jacking off to these pictures, don’t you?” I asked.

David didn’t move.

“It’s okay, David. We love each other. I want to be honest with each other. I’ll be honest with you. These pictures turn me on. I found this magazine two years ago. I masturbated several times after I found it. I left it under the mattress because I liked thinking about you enjoying them and masturbating, too. I’m assuming you masturbate.”

David finally began to smile. “Yeah. I do,” he kind of giggled.

“Every day, right?” I asked with a knowing smile.

He nodded and I nodded with him as we both now laughed. “It’s okay, baby. I know! I don’t want you to be ashamed of it. I want you to enjoy your sexuality. Come here!”

I put my arms out and David came over to hug me. We embraced and I held my son tight. I pressed myself against him. I know he could feel my heart pounding against his chest. I pressed my hips against him and felt the bulge in his pants. Neither of us moved for a long time. We were both thinking the same thing. I knew that I had to make the first move.

I pushed David down on the bed and he looked up at me. I peeled off my pajamas and revealed my bra and panties. David swallowed hard and looked up at me.

“Is this okay?” I whispered.

“Yeah!” he said.

“Shall we stop thinking about sex and actually make our fantasies come true?” I asked with a sexy smile.

“Yeah!” David nodded with a smile.

I stripped off my bra and panties and enjoyed the lustful gaze my son gave me. I then reached down and unbuttoned his pants. I helped him out of his jeans and boxers and gasped as his hard cock popped up at me.

“It’s beautiful, David.” I said as I grabbed his cock. It was. I couldn’t believe it, but David was more endowed that his father. His cock was large and thick and perfectly proportioned.

“Ohhhhh mom!” David groaned as I squeezed his cock. I know it was the first time anyone had touched his cock. It was too much. Thick streams of cum began to spurt from the cock head. “Ohhhhhhh.” David groaned. I could tell he was embarrassed at coming so quickly.

“It’s okay, David. Your cock is beautiful.” I said. He just lay there blushing with his eyes closed. I felt this powerful feeling of sexual freedom and control. The door of my sexuality was finally cracking open and I was going to enjoy it. “David? Look at me!” I quietly demanded.

David looked down at me kneeling between his legs. I still held his wonderful cock as it throbbed. His cum dripped down across my hand and coated his cock and belly. I held his gaze as I lowered my mouth and licked his cock from the bottom of the shaft to the cock head. His prick twitched in response and more cum spurted out. I savored the thick, salty sperm and gave my son a show as I let him see the cum on my tongue. My husband would never let me suck his cock or drink his cum, but I had occasionally tasted his cum on my fingers when I’d finger fuck myself after he came inside me.

I determined to be the uninhibited slut for my son that I’d always known was inside me. The cyber slut who looked at filthy pictures and finger fucked herself to orgasm reading lurid stories on the Internet. There was some connection between us. I knew that he was just like me. I knew that we would share this sexual connection and be completely open with each other.

We just stared at each other as I licked up every drop of his cum. “Mmmmmm. I love it, David. I love your cum. Do you mind?”

“No mom!” he said.

I looked at him and smiled. “Don’t be afraid, David. I want you to be completely Escort Halkalı open with me. We’re going to enjoy each other completely. I want you to feel free to do anything you want and tell me what you want. Okay?”

“Okay.” He said.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but nothing is off limits as long as we both agree, okay?” I asked.

“Okay.” He agreed.

I climbed up on the bed and hovered over him. “Have you ever tasted your own cum?” I asked lustfully.

He shook his head. I lowered my face to his and kissed him deeply. I pressed my tongue into his mouth and he readily accepted it. We kissed lustfully as he tasted his own salty cum on my tongue. I felt his young hands wandering all over my naked body and waves of electricity rushed through me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was so powerful, so wonderful and so unbelievable. His hands played with my tits – the same tits that gave him milk when he was a baby. He reached down to feel my meticulously trimmed pussy and he felt the dripping wetness between my legs.

“You’re really wet!” he said.

“You made me that way, baby. What do you want? I’ll do anything. Name it!”

“I want to suck your pussy mom!” he said.

I got up on the bed and sat with my back against the wall. I spread my legs as my sweet son got up and lay down between my legs. I spread my pussy lips and looked lustfully at him.

“Here you go, David. Suck my pussy. Eat my cunt!” I said. I couldn’t believe I was saying the words, but it felt so wonderful.

David dove between my legs and began licking my pussy. I had always longed to feel a tongue against my clit and now I was. I immediately began to orgasm as his finger slipped inside me. I grabbed the back of his head and bucked my hips forward to grind my cunt against his active tongue.

“Ohhhhhh” I groaned. “You’re making me cum, baby! Suck my cunt! Lick me! Make me cum! Oh BABY! OH YEEEEEAAHHH.” I screamed. I let it go. I screamed at the top of my lungs as the most powerful orgasm I’d ever known ripped through my body. No more “nice girl.” No more sweet, innocent preacher’s wife. I was finally going to be the total fuck slut I’d always wanted to be. I was having my cunt eaten by my own son and in a moment I would welcome his cock into my pussy. Waves of pleasure rocketed through every limb and the room spun.

“OH DAVID! OH FUCK! SUCK ME! SUCK MY CUNT!” I cried as the orgasm ripped through me.

Enraged with lust, I pulled David up and kissed him deeply once again. My pussy juices coated his face and I licked eagerly before letting my tongue penetrate his mouth to taste my own cum from his. I could see his cock, once again hard between his legs. I looked at David and he looked at me.

“I love you, David.” I said quietly.

“I love you too, mom!” he said with a smile.

“You just made me cum sooooooooooooo good!” I assured him. He smiled with pride. “I want you to fuck me, David. We’re being honest with each other. I’m a total slut and I want you to treat me like one. I want you to fuck me good and hard! Now stick that cock in my cunt!” I demanded.

“I want to mom! I want to fuck you all the time. I want to do it all! I want to give you pleasure in every way!” “Then FUCK me!” I cried. My son wasted no time. He placed the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy and pushed that thick lance deep inside me with one thrust. I arched my back and leaned forward to meet his every thrust. “OH YEAH!” David groaned as he fucked me hard and fast. “THAT’S IT! OH FUCK!”

I groaned “FUCK ME DAVID! FUCK ME! FUCK MOMMY’S CUNT!” I didn’t care who heard me. I vowed at that moment to never be inhibited with David. Just as that thought ran through my mind another mind-blowing orgasm ripped through my body. My pussy gripped David’s cock. “OH MOM! I’M CUMMING!” He groaned. “CUM, Baby! FILL ME!” I cried. I grabbed David’s ass and pulled him tight against me. His body tightened and I felt his hard, teen muscles. Then I felt my cunt fill with hot, sticky cum. My pussy clenched and his cock throbbed and we screamed in mutual climax. All was quiet for a moment.

David collapsed against me. We were covered in sweat and gasping for air. “Sorry I didn’t last too long.” David finally said. “Don’t worry, honey.” I assured him. “I will never be disappointed with your sexual performance.” We smiled at each other.

“Love you, mom.”

He said. “I love you too.” I said. I’d never felt the words more truly. “Can we do this some more?” He asked with the same eager look he’d had since he was a little boy whenever he wanted something. “Honey. Your father isn’t back for a week and I have 39 years of pent up sexual frustration to get out. I think we’re going to be doing this A LOT more!” He buried his face into my chest and I held him tight.

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