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Company Coming Ch. 1

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This was great. Finally after a number of years the kids had grown and left to make their way in life and my wife, Bev and I had the house to ourselves. It was almost like the early days, I could walk around naked and Bev could suck or play with my cock, as she wanted. We had come to really enjoy having sex whenever and wherever we wanted. But as they say ‘all good things come to an end.’

“Jon!” Bev called as she hung up the phone and walked into the living room. “I was just talking with Betty and she is leaving that jerk of a husband of hers. She needs a place to stay so I told her she could use the spare bedroom for as long as she needed. I hope you don’t mind but she is my best friend. It will be two or three hours before she gets here, but we need to get the spare room ready.”

“Sounds good to me.” I responded, but thought to myself. Yeh, real good! There goes our freedom.’ Even though Betty was nice enough she and I never really got along. I always felt that she acted like a snob. She and Bev had grown up together and even though we lived a few hundred miles apart, they had always stayed in touch and visited each other. Betty did have a nice body and even getting close to the 50 mark as Bev and I were she still looked good. Matter of fact there was more than one time that we had ‘used’ Betty in our fantasies.

Bev headed upstairs to get the room ready and my mind thought back to the times we had fantasized. We always had used fantasies in our lovemaking, especially when Bev wanted to use her favorite vibrator or watch me masturbate. I had never known a woman could find it erotic to watch a man jack-off but she would sit mesmerized, pouring oil down over my fist and shaft. It never took long before she would be riding a dildo and masturbating her own erect clit. She loved to tell me how she would straddle my mouth with her wet pussy while Betty would take my hard cock up inside her and ride me until I unloaded inside her. All the time she would be watching my fist slam up and down my cock shaft, the closer I would get the more verbal she would become…”that’s it honey, fuck her wet pussy!…ohh yes! Lick my pussy…cum inside her!…” Her voice and the mental images wouldn’t take me long before I was blasting cum. Bev would lean over and let it spread between her breasts or onto her clean shaven pussy lips.

I shook my head and chuckled to myself bringing myself back ataköy escort from my thoughts and talking to myself ‘I better get the extra blankets down from that upper cabinet’. Walking upstairs I noticed that my thoughts had excited me as my cock created a tent in the front of my sweatpants.

“Oh what’s this?” Bev glanced up from making the bed as I stood on the chair to gather the bedding from the cabinet. “You having thoughts of getting into Betty’s hot little pussy?” She smiled and stepped towards me and pulling the elastic band of the sweats down over my erection held the base of my cock and sucked the swollen head between her lips. “mmmmmmmm…this tastes good, why don’t you tell me what you were thinking.” Her fingers began stroking the shaft as her lips licked and smacked over the head of my cock.

“ohhh…yeh I was…thinking about me licking your pussy while she pounded up and down on my cock…ohhh damn Honey, you’re going to make me cum!!”

Smiling Bev slipped her lips off my cock, the fingers kept stroking the shaft. “You’re going to give me a hot load of your cum?” Taking my hard cock completely in her fist she began stroking the entire length. “Were you thinking about fucking her hot pussy or watching her and I get off together?”

Her grip tightened on my cock and I could feel my balls beginning to fill. Damn! She knew I enjoyed that fantasy of two women together and she knew exactly what it was doing to me. “OHHH DAMN BEV! You know what that does…ohhhhh damn!!”

“That’s it my love” With her free hand she began undoing the top buttons of her blouse exposing the rise off her breasts held close together by her bra. “Yes Jon…put it all right here on my breasts…” Her hand moved faster. “cum for me! Think about walking in and finding the two of us…naked…playing with each other’s wet pussy slits.” My cock began to swell in her hand. “you’re almost there Jon…unload on my tits…did I ever tell you that I’ve seen Betty naked?” Her hand moved faster and now she had cupped my balls and was gently squeezing.

‘Naked? What was she saying?’ I thought to myself. Thought was becoming increasingly difficult. My cock was ready to explode! “uhhhh…noooooo…” I managed.

“Oh yes. We’ve changed into our bathing suits and seen each other naked lots of times over the years. Her breasts are a little bigger than mine and her nipples and areolas bakırköy escort are much larger and darker.” Her grip tightened around my cock holding back the load that was screaming for release. “Her pussy is different though, you can almost see the hood that hides her clit…ohh!! You’re ready to cum for me!” Squeezing the base of my cock she continued with her other hand up and down the shaft. “Her pussy is covered with soft…curly…” Releasing her grip she pumped my cock the first load of cum splattering into the crevice between her breasts. “ohhhh yes! YES LOVER!! It’s really soft and curly and covers her pink pussy slit.” My cum was gushing from my throbbing cock covering her breasts and soaking into her bra.

“ohhhhhhHHHHH…FUCKKKKKKK…” My cock emptied onto her and I collapsed down onto the chair. My now rapidly deflating cock slipped from her fingers. I was at eye level, looking directly at her cum drenched breasts.

“Honey, put your hand between my legs. See what has happened to me?” She opened her thighs and placed my hand tight into the crotch of her jeans. “I’m soaked through my panties and my jeans. I need you to push the dildo in there and help me get off. Can you help me?” She ran her fingers gently through my hair. I couldn’t believe how wet she was…how turned on she was!

“Sure lover, I’d be glad to help.” I smiled up at her.

“I thought you would, I really need to cum.” She smiled down at me and then suddenly pulled my face against her breasts. I tried to pull back but she held me tight. “Make one of my fantasies come true, lover. Lick your cum off my breasts…yes sweetheart, that’s it…lick them…”

I wanted to pull away but as she held me against her breasts my tongue slowly began to lick and taste my juice that coated them. It was different than the taste of a woman’s juices…’more salty’ I thought to myself as I continued to clean her breasts.

“oh that feels so good, I’ve wanted you to do that for so long.” Bev now caressed my head softly as I continued licking along the rise of her breasts. Slowly she knelt before me and holding my face in her hands pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue licked my cum from my lips and explored the inside of my mouth tasting the leftover. “ummmmmm… that felt good, and you taste so good. Take me to bed and satisfy my hot pussy.”

I followed her into the bedroom, a trail of clothes left behind. “Those things you said… about Betty… were they true? How come you have never told me before?”

Bev had laid back on the bed. Her vibrator beside her as she held the dildo out to me. “Yes it’s true. We’ve never done anything together… stand here beside me so I can look at your soft prick while you fuck me…” I stood next to her and watched as my hand pressed the head of the dildo between the swollen folds of her slit. Her left hand cupped my balls and flaccid cock as her right turned on the switch of her vibrator and she pressed it lightly against her clit. “… But we have talked about experiences we have had, nothing specific, just girl talk… uhhhhhh…”

I had begun working the dildo deep into her slit and I could see her press the vibrator tighter to her clit. I could tell she was rapidly approaching the peak and it wouldn’t take her long to begin humping her wet pussy against the fake cock. “Damn! I just came, but you are getting me horny! I’d love to cum again!” My mind was racing, and probably blowing everything out of proportion, thinking of what they ‘talked’ about. I was getting turned on, but there wasn’t much response from my cock! Her grip tightened on my balls and the lips of her pussy began to turn a deeper shade of pink. I increased the pumping of the dildo.

“She… uhhhhhh… loves to…ohhhh damnnnn…” The tip of the vibrator disappeared between her slit and her hips arched up against it. The dildo was coated with her juices and you couldn’t mistake the slick sounds as I fucked her with it. “she enjoys masturbating-g-g-g-g… oh gawd Jon-n-n-n!!!… you licked the cum off my breasts…” Her hips raised off the bed and the muscles of her pussy began sucking the dildo in and out. “a-a-a hhhhHHHHHHHHHHH…”

Her orgasm overtook her. “fuckkKKKKKKK…AHHHH… ahhhhhhhohhhh…” Slowly she relaxed onto the mattress, her hard nipples softened and the dildo slipped wetly from her. She laid the vibrator beside her and took a few deep breaths. “Thank you lover… I haven’t cum like that in forever!” Her finger trailed along the outer folds of her wet slit. Pulling me closer she opened her lips and pulled my flaccid cock into her warm mouth and gently sucked. Laying back she looked up “We should get the house ready, she’ll be here pretty soon.”

“Yeh,” I said rather dejectedly as the reality came back that we had company coming, “At least we can close our door and enjoy our fantasy time together.”

Bev hopped off the bed and began dressing. She laughed “Yes lover, THAT we sure can do…”

To Be Continued…

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