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Community College Call Girl Ch. 03

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Nicole lay naked on an unfamiliar bed, next to a similarly nude older man she had met only today, vigorously tugging on his semi-erect penis. They were already significantly over the one hour mark, and Nicole was hoping this would end soon. Numerous breaks to catch his breath and waiting for his pills to kick in had added up. He wasn’t unattractive, but her hand was cramping and this was, after all, a job. One of the less glamorous aspects of her newfound career.

“I’m sorry, dear,” the man apologized. “Those blue pills just haven’t fully kicked in yet.”

She paused for a moment to reassure him. “Don’t worry about it. Would you prefer it if we tried again another day?”

“I think we’re getting there… maybe you could try again with those gorgeous lips of yours?” He caressed her face, running his calloused fingers along the side of her cheek before pressing his thumb onto her lower lip. Nicole responded by sucking his thumb, which was more satisfying than his cock at the moment. Her client seemed to like it, so she continued for a while before switching to his index finger.

“There we go, there we go,” he repeated as his cock started to swell again. Those pills must have kicked in finally. Nothing to write home about, but Nicole could at least do something with it. She popped his finger out of his mouth and replaced it with his dick. In just two minutes he went from limp to on the verge of orgasm.

“Yes, yes!” he moaned, his hand groped at her naked body, and Nicole could feel him smearing her saliva all over her ass and thigh with his thumb. “Look out, dear… I’m close now…”

Nicole sped up slightly as she awaited his load, but it never seemed to come. Another minute passed and he fell silent. Nicole was getting frustrated.

Coming up for air and a jaw break, she resumed stroking him. “You were so close, what I can I do to bring you over the edge?”

Her client looked her in the eyes. “Beg me for it. Tell me you want it. Say my name.”

Nicole’s stomach sank. Was it Victor? Kevin? The classic John? She really had no idea what this dude’s name was. Fuck enough old men in a week and they all sort of blend together.

“Give me your cum… I want your cum,” Nicole pleaded with him as she gave him a handjob. She punctuated each statement by popping him in and out of her mouth a few times. “Please… I want your cum. I need it!”

It seemed to be helping, as he returned to the brink once more. “Yes! Almost… almost…”

More time passed and her hand cramped again. In a last ditch effort she decided to play one card that she generally avoided unless specially requested. “Daddy!” she yelled. “Give me your cum, Daddy!”

His warm load finally flooded her mouth just as she took it back between her lips, the salty taste of a hard fought victory oozing over her tongue. Once he was finished, she managed to avoid spilling anything on him or the comforter and dashed for the bathroom. There’s no way she was going to swallow for this guy after she already gave him so much extra time.

Nicole checked the time on her phone. “Shit, I’m definitely going to be late.” She had been texting with Anthony for a few weeks, mostly catching up and gossiping about people from school, and they had traded some late night risque photos. After numerous hints from Nicole, he finally asked her to join him at the end of his shift for the closest thing to a date she’s had since Mikey. Yet again, he had her at “free drinks”.

After a few swigs of mouthwash, a quick wipe down, and re-doing her makeup, she bolted for the door. She almost forgot to check in with Emily on her way out for her pay.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Emily called out as Nicole stepped out the door. She ran back and grabbed the envelope from her boss, looking away and blushing as she grabbed the evening’s take. “Big plans?”

“Yep, uh, just meeting up with some friends for dinner! Bye!” Nicole didn’t bother with small talk and instead darted back for the door. Things between them had been awkward ever since their threesome with a client a few weeks back. Emily had acted like nothing ever happened, but it was a big deal to Nicole, and she was a little hurt by Emily’s complete lack of reaction. Despite this, she had seen Emily watching her twice now while Nicole pleasured clients.

Nicole traded the keys to her beater car to the valet for a ticket and speedwalked inside trying to make up time. The normally frugal girl decided to splurge on a valet to save the five minute walk from street parking. She stopped right outside the door to put her heels on while leaning against the glass window. Inside the lobby bar, there were only a few patrons, mostly older folks sitting alone. She spied Anthony in the back and went over to him, wobbling unsteadily in her heels.

“I’m so sorry I’m late,” she apologized. “Got held up at work. Don’t ask.”

Anthony stood up and hugged her hello. “Don’t worry about it. My shift’s over, but I made you a double.” He gestured towards the drink at the table.

Nicole almanbahis slid into the booth and was surprised when Anthony scooted in next to her rather than across. “So, how was work…” Nicole asked in a sing-songy tone as she sipped the whiskey and diet coke. It tasted more like a triple.

“Slow. Real slow. None of the regular tippers showed today. Just the, uh, you know. Ladies.”

“Ladies?” Nicole raised an eyebrow.

“The hookers.” Anthony said.

“Oh,” Nicole said, raising her eyebrows. “I didn’t know.”

“Really? I thought you said that you…” Anthony cleared his throat and abandoned his sentence. “Nevermind.”

“So this is where the classy ones hang out? Good to know.” She took another deep pull on her drink.

“I mean, there’s an arrangement with my boss. He runs the bar, makes sure no one bugs the women. They give him a kickback. We kick out anyone they want us to kick out. Unfortunately they think that means they don’t have to tip the bartenders.”

“That sucks.” Nicole stared at him while she sipped from the cocktail straw.

“I told you I’ve seen your boss in here, right?” Anthony said as he stared at the empty glass in his hand.

“Does she tip?”

Anthony laughed. “I’ve only seen her on the weekends when I barback, so I don’t really know. Is she keeping you safe? It’s a rough profession. I’ve seen things go bad before.”

Nicole nodded. “So far no trouble. She has a whole system. Most of them are…” Nicole stopped herself before she said anything else. “Do you really want to hear about this?”

Anthony shrugged. “No judgment. I just want to make sure you’re safe.”

Nicole smiled, putting her hand on his knee in his black work pants. “You’re sweet.” She was already feeling tipsy, and not even halfway done with her boozy drink.

Once they had broken the ice and started talking about subjects other than the world’s oldest profession, Nicole loosened up and started enjoying herself. She forgot how funny he was. It was always fun to reminisce about teachers they shared, and gossiping about who got knocked up. After a lull in the conversation, she reached into her purse, fished out a bill from tonight’s pay, and slid it in front of Anthony.

“What’s this for?” he asked.

“You know, twenty. I can’t give you a ride, though.” Nicole smiled. “Your fault. I was overserved.”

“How the tables have turned,” Anthony said, chuckling. The reference to their high school days of Nicole getting a ride and twenty bucks for a blowjob did not go unnoticed. He balled up the bill and shoved it into his pocket. He looked around for a minute and grabbed her hand, helping her out of her seat. Her short dress gave anyone who was paying attention a brief flash of her panties as she stumbled out of the booth. “Shall we head out?”

“I guess,” she said. “Do you have a roommate?”

“Yeah, um, roommates. Sorry. Do you live alone?” Anthony asked right back.

“No, I live with Jamie, remember? She’s probably there with her boyfriend.”

“Oh yeah. Shoot.” The pair leaned closer and closer together as they spoke in hushed tones. “I can find us an empty room again…”

“Maybe one with clean sheets this time?” Nicole scrunched her face up as she thought about the last room he brought her into.

“Let me see what I can do, I saw my boss a few minutes ago. Hold up.” Anthony walked over to the bar and spoke to the guy at the register. As they talked, Anthony’s boss stared at her and gave her a quick smirk and a nod. Nicole shifted her eyes and blushed. He kept staring and beckoned her over to the bar.

Anthony introduced the two. “X, this is Nicole. Nicole, this is my boss Xavier.” Xavier was much taller than Anthony, and had a meticulously maintained hairline and thin goatee. Surprising Nicole, Xavier didn’t seem much older than Anthony.

“Pleasure to meet you Nicole, how are you doing tonight?” he asked with the cadence of someone trying overly hard to hit on her.

Nicole gave a polite smile and a quick “Hi, I’m fine.”

“So you guys want a room for a little privacy, huh?” he smiled.

Nicole blushed further. Anthony gave his boss a gentle smack on the arm. “C’mon now, don’t scare her off, X.”

“No it’s cool, I got you, I got you.” he said with a big smile. He started to poke at the register’s touch screen. “Just a little jealous, I guess. Been a minute since I’ve had a date with someone as ‘fine’ as this one. You gotta share your secret, T.”

“T?” Nicole asked, assuming he meant Anthony. In school he had never gone by Tony.

Xavier ignored the question. “Got any friends? Anthony’s not the only one with the hookup here you know.”

Nicole looked over at Anthony for support but he was no help, he just stared at her stone faced, waiting for her to answer his boss’ question. “Um, yeah, maybe. I could ask around.” Nicole humored him.

“Alright, we’re both here every week.” Xavier turned back to Anthony. “Key’s over at the front, room’s under ‘Nicole Fine’. Have fun kids.”

Anthony gave him a quick, almanbahis giriş overly complicated handshake before heading over to the front desk with Nicole.

Nicole laid back naked on the hotel bed, legs spread wide as Anthony pleasured her with his mouth. He was going very slowly at first, and Nicole was getting impatient as she stared at the ceiling of the hotel room. Reaching down, she ran her fingers through Anthony’s hair and tugged him closer, guiding him upwards to her clit.

“Right there,” she moaned as he finally picked up on the hint. “Yes, now you’re earning that twenty, baby…”

Anthony stopped for a quick moment and shot her a dirty look.

“Nothing YOU haven’t said before,” she shot back at him. “Don’t give me blue balls here!” Nicole rubbed her clit with her fingers to continue where he left off and put on a sad puppy dog face.

Anthony went back to work. Nicole laid back and closed her eyes. Memories of Emily between her legs briefly came to mind as a wave of pleasure rolled through her body. She put her hands back on Anthony’s short hair to ground herself in the moment as he continued.

Every time she was getting close, he would pull away for a moment or change what he was doing. He sucked hard on her clit, and she squeezed her legs shut as she cried out at the sudden intense sensation.

“I like it when you go slow and steady,” she offered as a hint to Anthony who had backed off too much and was now kissing her all over, his stubble tickling her smooth inner thighs. When he didn’t get the hint, she pushed him back where she wanted him.

“Lick my clit, please, it feels so good when you make circles on my clit.” The direct approach was more successful. He continued hitting the same spot with the same rhythm until Nicole was tugging the sheets and writhing in pleasure.

“Yes! Fuck yes, I’m cumming!” Anthony didn’t relent as Nicole came, eventually being pushed away as she clamped her knees shut. Nicole gasped for air as she caught her breath. Anthony laid next to her on the bed, now naked. His cock poked her in the side as he spooned her.

“That was so good, T,” she smiled while lightly grabbing his cock and feeling how hard it was. “Does someone want a blowjob?”

Anthony shook his head and leaned in for a kiss. Their tongues swirled together in Nicole’s mouth, with a hint of her own musk on Anthony’s tongue. As he aggressively pawed at her modest breasts, he broke free and said into her ear, “I think it’s time I fucked you.”

Anthony wasted no time. He pushed Nicole to roll over onto her stomach, then got on his knees and pulled her hips back to meet his own. His dick pushed between her cheeks, sliding over her wet, sensitive vagina but also tickling her ass with his slightly curved cock enough to make her involuntarily clench. Nicole wasn’t sure if he did that intentionally or not.

He wasted no time inserting himself and bottomed out. It slid in without resistance, but having cum just moments ago, Nicole whimpered at the intense sensation. Anthony paused for a few breaths, holding himself deep inside of her as he firmly squeezed her cheeks. She could feel her asshole spread apart again. The earlier poke in the butt was definitely intentional, Nicole noted to herself.

Anthony began at a modest pace but after only a few strokes began fucking her harder and faster. His hips slammed into her while his fingers dug into her waist. It hurt a little bit, but Nicole enjoyed it. She felt powerless as her old friend roughly took her from behind, and that made her want to cum again.

She did her best to stimulate her own clit but found it hard as she was pushed forward into the bed. She rubbed herself with desperation as Anthony’s cock pistoned in and out of her. Finally, the oversensitivity faded and she got into it, her dripping pussy making obscene noises with each thrust.

“Fuck! Your ass is so fucking fine!” Anthony said breathlessly as he pounded away. Nicole turned her head to the right side, her left ear smashed into the bed. She tried to watch him in the mirror but couldn’t quite see.

“It feels so good!” she moaned in encouragement. “Fuck me, baby.” Somehow, he went even faster. Nicole’s mouth hung open gasping for air between whining squeals brought on by her unrelenting lover.

Nicole shrieked when she felt Anthony’s thumb press down on her asshole. Only a few thrusts later, before she had a chance to tell him to stop, he removed both his thumb and his cock. The bed bounced around as he changed positions. Nicole opened her eyes just in time to see him stroking himself inches from her face, still pressed into the pillow, her ass still in the air behind her.

He gave her no warning to the torrent of cum that cascaded down over her cheek, into her mouth, and some into her hair and even in her ear. She would not have objected, but the sudden warmth coating the right side of her head took her by such surprise that her first instinct was to rub herself off. She stayed in that position well after Anthony almanbahis yeni giriş had drained himself on her and brought herself to the second orgasm of the night.

Anthony gently slapped her ass as he sat on the edge of the bed. “God, you’re such a hot fuck.”

Nicole swallowed the cum that landed in her mouth and on her lips before rolling onto her back. Before she could muster a response Anthony stood up and went to the bathroom.

Days passed, and Nicole went back to her routine of naughty texting with Anthony and attending class. Her period had just started, which put her mostly out of commission at work and with Anthony. At the last class meeting before finals, Jamie and Jayla let her in on their weekend plans.

“Apparently it’s a big deal at the dorms, they have a hookup for both kegs and vodka. Should get pretty crazy! I hear they’re going to make one of the hallways into a slip and slide.” Jamie explained, passing along the information she got from Paul. “Should be a lot of guys there, Jay.”

“I don’t know if a dorm party is what I had in mind, I was hoping for dinner and a movie!” Jayla said as she scribbled down notes from the whiteboard. “Besides, shouldn’t we be studying the Friday before finals week?”

“Pssh, not on Friday.” Nicole laughed. “You’re still looking to be set up?” Nicole asked. “If you don’t meet anyone at the party I might have someone your type.” Nicole pictured Xavier, Anthony’s boss. They had a few things in common, but more importantly it was a great excuse to set up a real double date with Anthony that hopefully wasn’t just in a hotel room.

“Oh yeah? Hmm, OK. I might pass on the party but maybe the weekend after we could chill.” Jayla said, trying to suppress her smile. “You got any pictures of him?”

Nicole pulled out her phone and started swiping through Anthony’s socials looking for a picture, only finding a grainy group shot. “I could set up a double date with him and my friend, we’d go together.”

Jayla looked him over. “He’s a little short… but cute I guess. OK, let’s do it.”

On Friday, Nicole tried on some clothes for the party. She opted for short shorts and a tiny tank top over any of her newer, fancy slutty clothes she bought for work. She was finally around boys her age again and was eager to dress down.

She locked the door on the way out, as Jamie had left already to hang out at Paul & Mikey’s room while the party got going. She was a little pissed, because now it meant she’d have to walk by herself. Jamie and Nicole had just recently had an argument because Paul was hanging out so much in their tiny apartment. Jamie wanted even more alone time with him and Nicole was feeling hurt, like she was being pushed away.

As she approached the dorm, the telltale signs of a party were already apparent. This was definitely going to be a rager, at least until the cops would inevitably show up, so she vowed to get it going quickly in case it ended suddenly. She walked upstairs looking for Paul’s room, and passed the floor RA doing a kegstand. She picked up a red solo cup and splashed some vodka in it, shot it down, then replaced it with beer. Nicole shook her head in disgust at the taste while pushing past the crowded hallways of fellow underage drinkers.

She knocked on Paul’s room and let herself in. All she found was Mikey, wearing a headset playing some shooting game on his computer. She closed the door behind her for a partial reprieve from the pounding dance music and leaned over Mikey’s shoulder. “Whatcha playing?”

A startled Mikey jumped in his chair and threw down his headset. “Holy shit, you scared me!” The screen flashed red a few times, before his character perished. “Fuck, and you got me killed!”

“Uh, hi to you too Mikey. Where’s Jamie?” Nicole grabbed the other chair and pulled it next to the computer.

“Not sure. Paul and Jamie had an argument then they both left.” He put his headphones back on and started talking. “Sorry about that guys, had an unexpected visitor.”

Nicole turned her attention to the monitors on the desk. She noticed her own face on the screen. “Are you streaming?” she asked Mikey.

“Yeah, I’m finally starting to get an audience.”

Nicole leaned in more to inspect. “Two people? You’re streaming for two people?”

“Well… yeah. I mean you gotta start somewhere.” Mikey said, slightly embarrassed.

“who’s the babe”, user ‘Dolphin_QuickAttack’ typed into the chat.

“Oooh, your viewer thinks I’m a babe!” Nicole blew a kiss at the camera and gave an over the top wink. Mikey rolled his eyes and respawned into the match.

“prolly his sister”, the other viewer responded, named ‘muntio’.

“She’s not my sister,” he said defiantly. “Definitely not my sister.”

Nicole took a deep pull of her beer, kicked off her sandals and put her feet up across Mikey’s lap and onto the desk as she watched him play.

‘oh shit she shows feet’ muntio commented.

‘you stream girl?’ Dolphin followed.

“They’re talking to you,” Mikey explained.

Nicole stared at the reflected image of her and Mikey on the stream window and adjusted her position so her legs were fully visible. “No, sorry Dolphin I don’t really stream. I’ve been meaning to try it out though. I’m pretty bad at games… Would you still watch me?”

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