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Community College Call Girl Ch. 02

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“It all started a couple years ago when I was trying to sell 104 Brunswick Drive,” Emily explained as she swirled her straw in her icy glass of coke. “It had been on the market for six months when I got the listing. Three more passed without a single nibble. I was getting desperate. It was too nice and priced too high for flippers, and there weren’t many families in the market with a price range that I could work with. I was in way over my head.”

Nicole munched on a plate of fries while she listened intently to Emily speak. Emily, who she had only just met in a bizarre turn of events that ended with Emily’s client ejaculating in Nicole’s mouth, was opening up about her own experiences with sex work. Emily was wearing a blouse under a blazer branded with the company logo, just tight enough to show off the curve of her ample chest. Besides that, the only thing that hinted at her being a sex worker was her choice of pink eyeshadow.

“I had a showing with a guy I’d never met before. He was handsome, well-dressed, a couple years younger than me, and looking to buy a really expensive house. I was smitten.” Nicole smiled at the realtor’s honesty.

“He liked the house after the first showing. Just not the price – go figure. We’d been trying to get the sellers to drop the price for months. I told him as much, and suggested he at least put in an offer.”

“Did he do it?” Nicole offered, keeping the story going with a mouth full of french fries.

“Sort of. That’s when he started to get… flirty. He said things like ‘I like the house, but I love the way you look in it’. It’s not uncommon for men to flirt with me when I’m touring houses with them, it can sort of feel like a date sometimes. Wine and cheese, dressed up a bit, and all alone in a big house. I was married, and not looking to cheat on my husband. But my husband and I… well, we’d hit sort of a dry spell…”

“How long had it been?” asked Nicole, listening intently.

“Year and a half.” Emily replied with a grimace. “I asked the guy what it would take for him to at least make an offer on the house… and he asked me to sleep with him. No euphemisms, no hinting, just a transactional proposition.” She took a long draw off her soda and took a deep breath. “I said no, initially…”

“What made you change your mind?”

“Honestly, I was horny. I couldn’t stop thinking about the offer for days. I’d stay up late every night until my husband and son fell asleep to get some… ‘alone time’ to think about him. I wasn’t looking to have an affair, but… I needed to sell that house and it would scratch my itch at the same time.”

“No judgment here. I told you how I was in high school. And, uh, yesterday.” Nicole’s face flushed a bit. “Was it worth it? Was the sex as good as you had imagined?”

“Yes and no. I liked it quite a bit, but it was clear it was not for my enjoyment. I was there to pleasure him, not the other way around. I was just his… whore.” Emily’s face turned red as well, underneath the heavy makeup. “But I enjoyed being used, being fully owned by another. I liked the things he did to me, even if I would never want my husband to ever do the same.”

“What sorts of things?” Nicole asked, leaning in and speaking softly.

Emily narrowed her eyes. “I’d rather not say, but I think you can probably guess.”

“Anal?” Nicole said, a smidge too loudly.

Emily sighed with a glare. “I didn’t mean for you to literally guess.”

“Sorry. Continue.” The college student went back to her french fries.

“The deal was one more ‘date’ if the offer was accepted, and a full sleepover after the escrow closed. But after our deal concluded, he decided he wanted more.”

“Damn, you did him so well you got him to buy a whole ‘nother house?” Nicole asked with a mouthful of fries.

The blonde seemed to ignore Nicole’s badgering. “He offered to pay me cash at first, but I hated that idea. It was one thing to do this to help my career, but cash made it seem like a complete career change, and I was never looking to be a… professional.” Emily continued..

“A month went by without hearing from him, but he showed up one day when he booked more property tours with my office. This time it wasn’t for him, it was for his business. A cheap fixer-upper that they could renovate was the criteria this time. But the deal was the same.”

“Your price dropped, that’s not good.” Nicole’s commentary didn’t seem to be winning her any favors with her new boss, but that didn’t seem to faze the young woman..

“Anyway… I sold a few to him that way. Eventually he grew tired of me, or ran out of money, or who knows, as I stopped hearing from him. My sales dried up, so I went for it again with the next guy who flirted with me. Turns out, the trick to being a successful realtor is to get men to think with their little head rather than their big one.” Emily sighed and finished her drink. “That’s how I became the slutty realtor.”

Nicole chuckled. “So they buy a house and you come demetevler escort with it?”

Nicole’s boss shrugged. “Not that often, but occasionally. Sometimes it’s cash, sometimes it’s gifts. Whatever it takes to get paid. I try to take the path of least resistance, you know?” Emily paused and took a deep breath. “My husband doesn’t know or doesn’t care, and I’m making way more money than I used to, for the same job but with an occasional… fling. But I feel like I need to get out of this situation before I lose myself and my family.”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Oh, I thought you were looking to expand.”

“More like retire. There’s just too much risk. But I think if I screen the guys, I’ll set them up…” Emily began.

“And I’ll suck them off,” Nicole finished.

“I don’t think that’s quite how that idiom goes. But… yes. You’d be my assistant, but I won’t make you do much actual work, just enough for the sake of appearances. Mostly just servicing clients. You’ll get paid a generous salary for a few hours of work per week,” the realtor explained.

“So taxes and shit, yeah?” Nicole said, popping the last french fry into her mouth.

“Yep, you’ll get paid through the agency, so you’ll pay taxes, except for ‘tips’. That will keep the police out of our hair.”

“ACAB,” Nicole said, holding up her fist.

Emily rolled her eyes. “I can trust you, right? This is not something to brag about to your friends or to take lightly. We can both get in serious trouble for this.” Emily mouthed the word “prison” with a concerned look.

“Of course, of course. When can I start?” Nicole asked with a wide-eyed smile.

“I’m glad you’re eager, but I don’t want to spring you on any of my clients and have a repeat of earlier today. For the rest of this week, just come with me and work the regular job to make it look legitimate.”

Nicole sulked. “Damn, I thought I was done with 9-5. I haven’t been to my classes in a while.”

“Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time for school soon. The office ladies will think something’s up if I don’t run the new girl ragged for a week or two, though.” Emily picked up the bill and reached for her purse to pay. “But I’m glad to have you, Nicole.”

“Uh, also I kinda need the rest of today off, boss,” said Nicole.

“Fine. I’ll text you the details later for tomorrow. Oh, and don’t worry about telling George. It’ll piss him off more if he thinks you no-showed today because I scooped you out from under him.”

“Ugh, George. I was just gonna ghost him anyway. You don’t charge a ‘binder fee’ on the first paycheck, right?” Nicole responded.

“The binder fee! That asshole still does that?” Emily exclaimed, and the two spent the rest of their time together roasting Nicole’s former boss and his shady business practices.

Jamie said hello to Nicole as she entered their shared apartment. “Hey Nic, how’d you beat me back here?”

Nicole sat on the couch in nothing but a towel looking at her phone. “Got fired. Got a new job. Had lunch. What were you doing?”

“Paul,” Jamie said with a self-satisfied smirk.

Nicole laughed. “I’m glad it wasn’t just the booze. Way to go getting back on the horse! I knew you would love it.”

“Mikey asked me a million questions about you,” Jamie said as she sat down next to Nicole, pushing her bare feet off the couch. “I think he has a real crush on you.”

“Based on how much cash he dropped on me last night I’d say so. But I may not need him anymore with my new job,” Nicole said, bringing it up again intentionally, hoping that Jamie would prod her further.

“Oh yeah? Did you get a big promotion for being late?” Jamie said sarcastically, not really believing her.

“No, butt-munch, I went into the wrong house by mistake and stumbled into a better job. Same thing, but a better boss and fewer hours.”

Jamie shook her head in disbelief. “Sounds like the Nic I know. You love to fail upwards.”

Nicole playfully kicked Jamie in the boob and rested her legs on Jamie’s lap. “Have you even showered since last night?” she said, changing the subject.

“Not yet, but that’s next on the list.” Jamie gave her own armpit a sniff and grimaced at the smell. “Blech.”

Nicole showed up for work with the idea that she’d be able to take it easy, hoping that Emily would let her off easy since it was mostly for appearances. But after a full day, Nicole was tired and ready to change out of her work outfit and into something more comfortable, and maybe even have a little ‘evening alone time’ fun with herself. As she turned the key in the lock, she heard the sound of people laughing from inside her apartment and sighed deeply, knowing her plans of relaxing just went out the window.

Putting her phony work smile back on, she opened the door to find Jamie hanging out with two of her classmates from the Communications class they were both enrolled in. One was Arin, a flamboyant otele gelen escort guy who loved being the center of attention in class. The other was the tall girl with the short hair who sat in the back, whose name escaped her.

“There she is!” Jamie said as Nicole entered.

The tall girl waved from the couch. “Hey Nicole! Haven’t seen you in a little while. Glad to hear you didn’t drop the class.”

“Yeah, work’s got me going a little crazy recently. Jamie’s been signing in for me and getting my assignments. What are you guys up to?” Nicole tossed her stuff into the corner and got a soda from the fridge.

Arin laughed. “Your group project! Bet you didn’t even know you were in our group, huh?”

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Oh shit, no, I had no idea. What do you need from me?”

“Don’t worry about it, Jayla actually wrote your part. You just need to show up when we give the presentation,” explained Jamie.

“Jayla, Jayla, Jayla, Jayla…” thought Nicole, trying to memorize her classmate’s name using the technique Emily had shown her today. “Wow, thank you Jayla, that’s great! It’s been a challenge not dropping any classes this semester with my work schedule.”

“Maybe you can pay me back by setting me up with one of your friends. Jamie says you introduced her to Paul?” Jayla asked.

Nicole laughed slightly with a mouth full of soda and almost choked.

“Yeah, she won’t stop talking about him!” Arin teased. “Jayla’s jealous.”

“Oh, I kind of just lucked out with Jamie and Paul…” Nicole trailed off as she felt her face getting flush, thinking about the circumstances in which they hooked up.

“Just let me know if you think of someone. Not many guys are interested in you when you’re taller than them and on the girl’s basketball team,” Jayla pouted.

Arin rolled his eyes. “Yeah, why would they think you’re gay, just because you spent most of last semester walking down the halls holding hands with your girlfriend?”

Jayla punched Arin on the arm enough to make him wince. “You bitch!” he exclaimed, not really joking. “That’s gay bashing.”

Jamie broke into a giggle fit as the group work session devolved into laughter.

It was closer to four weeks of real, hard work, rather than the “one or two” Emily had promised, before Nicole was “called up to the big leagues”, as Nicole had been referring to her preferred line of work. Emily gave Nicole a time and address for the ‘VIP showing’, which was Emily’s preferred term.

Nicole was excited, not only to start making some real cash, but also because she hadn’t been fucked by anyone besides Mikey in almost a month. She put on the new outfit she had bought weeks ago for just this occasion, a tight, brown club dress, the highest heels she’d ever worn, and a heavy black peacoat to cover it all up with until she met her client. Between the heels and the dress, her legs looked incredible, and although she’d gained the traditional ‘freshman five’ the shoes made it look like it had all gone to her backside.

Nicole pulled up to the address Emily had given her, and remembered the house from the previous week. A modest 2 bedroom house in a newly gentrified area, walking distance from the nightlife area surrounding the nearby Theodore Hotel. After seeing McMansion after McMansion, Nicole had deluded herself into thinking this was the house that would be more in her price range, until she actually saw the price and realized that anything with four walls and a roof was likely to be forever out of reach.

She was ten minutes late by the time she finally arrived inside, thanks to the busy Saturday night crowd. She had to park a full block away and hoof it, opting to walk it barefoot rather than making herself even more late wobbling along in heels.

Emily stood in the entryway in her work clothes, chatting with a short, broad shouldered man in his 40’s wearing jeans and a polyester short-sleeved button up. “There she is,” the realtor offered as a welcome to Nicole. “Nicole, I’d like you to meet Mr Rossi,” she said, helping her remove Nicole’s heavy coat, revealing her.

“Call me Chuck,” the man said as he held out his hand for a handshake, but Nicole went in for a hug and a polite kiss on the cheek, as her boss had suggested earlier.

“It’s VERY nice to meet you, Chuck,” she said, pressing her body up close to the shorter man. In heels, she was a little taller than him.

“You’re gorgeous, babe,” Chuck complimented her as he openly eyed her up and down. “Killer legs!” he added, in what Nicole assumed was a New York accent.

“Chuck’s from out of town looking for a long term rental. Think you could show him around?” Emily asked.

Nicole smiled and nodded. “Let’s go check out the kitchen.” Nicole gently grabbed Chuck’s hand and led him through the entryway to the kitchen, making sure to point out all the same features Emily had during her legitimate tours. Chuck wasn’t paying balgat escort much attention to the crown moulding or the countertops, instead pouring all of his attention on Nicole’s young body.

Sensing his disinterest in the tour, Nicole fast forwarded a bit. “I think you’ll love the master bedroom. Shall we take a peek?”

“I’m right behind you,” Chuck said as he put his hand on the small of her back. “Lead the way.”

“The master bedroom was actually expanded in the renovation,” Nicole said, still parroting the information Emily gave on tours. “The garage was moved out, giving an extra few feet for the bedroom and expanding the closet to a full walk-in.”

Chuck’s hand on her waist crept downward to her butt, giving it a little squeeze as he pulled her in close. Standing at the edge of the bed, he started to kiss her neck, his stubbly chin tickling her shoulder. Nicole moaned performatively to encourage him further, rubbing the back of his neck gently.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Absolutely,” he said emphatically. “I want to see everything.”

Nicole eased off and guided Chuck backwards so he was seated on the edge of the bed. “Unzip please,” she said, and Chuck reached up and slid the tiny zipper down. Nicole stepped away to undress, facing away from him to hide her flushed face as she stripped in front of a complete stranger old enough to be her father. Now just in her ‘fancy panties’, she feigned modesty by covering her chest with her hands.

Chuck’s feet dangled off the edge of the bed, his tattered New Balance dad shoes on full display. He reached out to grope at the nude young woman, but instead she knelt down and gently removed his shoes, his socks, then reaching upwards she returned the favor and pulled down the zipper on his jeans.

Chuck dropped his pants and pulled Nicole up on top of him, pushing his face into Nicole’s small breasts with his hands cupping her butt. His tongue danced sloppy circles around her left nipple while his hard on poked out from his boxers into her thigh. His teeth grazed her nipple as he moved to take her whole boob into his mouth. Slurps and suction noises filled the room while Chuck tasted

“You like my little titties, don’t you?” Nicole said, moving her strong thigh up and down over his groin. He was being a little rough with her breasts but she didn’t really mind.

Chuck removed his mouth with a pop. “Gorgeous, babe. Perfect.” He took the opportunity to pull her over further to switch to her right breast and his boxers shifted, causing his erection to poke out of the fly. Nicole fished it out with her free hand and gave it a few tugs to size it up. Definitely one of the smaller units she’d handled, but that did not matter to her. He didn’t seem to react to the casual handjob and kept on nursing.

Nicole sped up her hand movements slightly as she spoke up. “So what would you like to do this evening, Chuck?”

Another loud pop off of the right breast and Chuck responded. “I want you to ride me,” he said.

“That can be arranged,” she replied, taking the opportunity to escape from his hungry mouth. Nicole got up and opened the nightstand, finding the condoms and lube Emily had provided. Once they had that settled, Nicole climbed on top of him while he leaned on the massive pillow pile and guided him inside. She didn’t actually need the lube; she had been excited since leaving the car.

Nicole slowly slid his cock in and out of her, watching his eyes squeeze shut as he concentrated on holding back. Her first instinct was to ride him hard and fast, like with most of the boys she’d been with, but when she saw him struggling to maintain himself already she decided to take it slow and gentle.

Chuck placed his hands firmly around her waist and butt and steadied her movements before pulling her down to kiss her. He treated her mouth and tongue roughly the same way he did her breast and nipple, which Nicole found unpleasant and shifted to offer up a boob instead, which he leaned forward to suckle. The pair found a sweet spot where Chuck could nibble on nipples and Nicole could gently ride his dick.

Minus the noises from Chuck’s mouth, it was dead silent. Silent sex was always awkward to Nicole, so she opted for some dirty talk. “Does that feel good?” she asked. “I love the feeling of your cock inside me.” He didn’t respond.

“Your tongue feels so good on my boobies,” she said, trying a different approach. Chuck moaned, so Nicole continued. “Take the whole thing again,” she suggested. He gnawed on her breast flesh again, and squeezed her waist tightly to counter thrust into her.

Suddenly they were fucking much faster. “Yes, keep going! Fuck me harder and suck on my titties, Chuckie!”

In a flash, it was all over. Chuck bit down hard on her boob while he filled the condom deep inside of Nicole, grunting through his orgasm. Once he was done, he finally relented and Nicole took the opportunity to move her boobs out of biting range. “Mmm, you’re so sexy when you cum,” she said.

“Can you get me a towel?” Chuck requested, ignoring Nicole, his eyes starting up at the ceiling and avoiding her. Nicole slid off of him, surprised at how disinterested he was already. Through the awkward silent walk to the bathroom she heard the faint sound of the bedroom door clicking shut. “Was Emily watching?”

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