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Coming Home

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“OH, MY GOD! YES, YES, YEEESSS—AHHHH!!!” she squealed, burying her head in his shoulder as he exploded deep inside her…


“Ok, we’ll pick you up at the airport at eight o’clock sharp. I’ll see you soon—Bye” said an older gentleman, putting down a cell phone as he sat near a computer.

The man was of average height and weight for his age of forty-five, with slightly graying hair and wearing a work coat that read ‘Bill’ on the nametag. Turning his attention back to the screen, a video resumed playing showing a pair of cute girls engaged in an orgy with a group of black males. The first was a brunette with plump breasts, her long hair sleek and shiny: she was kneeling on the ground surrounded by three large cocks, moaning as she sucked them greedily, taking in as much as she could in turns. The other, a blonde, was leaner and a little taller than the other with round, petite breasts and short hair that framed a pretty face. Bent over on a couch, she was double-penetrated by two men with equally massive cocks, her screams of pleasure increasing in volume as they stretched her wide.

Stroking his cock, he envisioned what it’d be like to fuck those girls himself, how good their tight pussies would feel around his hungry, neglected cock. Neglected neither from the size of his cock, nor his stamina in bed, but rather by the sharp decline of his wife’s sex drive over the past few years. It seemed like they never had sex anymore and Bill had to resort to masturbation to get any kind of sexual satisfaction. Nevertheless, he was optimistic that his luck would improve someday soon. As the men in the video showered the girls in white goo, who swapped hungrily between themselves, Bill also climaxed and shot bursts of sticky cum all over the screen. After cleaning it off with a towel, he closed the window and shut down the computer.

Hundreds of miles away in a university dorm room, a girl began packing clothes and other items into a couple of suitcases. Standing five foot six inches, Anna was a beautiful sight to behold with long, wavy hair whose curls resembled the graceful curves of her body. To be sure, she owed a lot of her beauty to the daily runs and workouts she performed in the morning hours before class; a routine that hadn’t gone unnoticed by the neighborhood boys. Joining Anna in these exercises was her friend and roommate Kaitlin, whom she’d grown close to over the past year. Having a slim, toned figure, Kaitlin had a more athletic appearance than Anna, being a track star on the school team; however, both girls had developed nice tans over the summer break. As her golden hair rested unfettered on her shoulders, she talked to Anna with heated opinion.

“I can’t believe your parents are making you go down there; this is going be the best weekend EVER!” she whined with malcontent.

“I know, right?” Anna exclaimed, a mixture of anger and jealousy at the unfortunate loss of an opportunity to party and get wasted. “They said they missed me, but I don’t believe them. My mother probably just needs her fix of bitching at me for whatever reason, while my pervert father just sits there watching. Ugh, this is why I moved three states away.”

“This couldn’t have come at a worst time; those guys we met a couple days ago are throwing a huge party, Saturday! I got a peak at the guest list before we left and it looks like there’s gonna’ be some hot guys showing up.” Kaitlin said with a smile, lying back on the bed.

“Don’t remind me. Just promise you won’t take ALL the hot guys: try to leave some for me when I get back.”

“Sure thing, but I can’t make any promises. You know how I get when I’m drunk…”

“That’s what I mean.”

“Speak for yourself! I was lucky to get Big and Bigger on Sunday, though I’m not complaining: at least you shared the drinks.”

“Fair enough; those were good, too. We’re gonna’ have to get some more soon.”

“Speaking of, I got somewhere to be. Catch me before you leave, ok?”

“You know I will” she said, smiling.

With a wave goodbye, Kaitlin skipped out of the room and Anna finished packing her things. Soon enough Friday came and she left a little late for the airport, wearing a low cut t-shirt and a pair of scandalous short-shorts that drew the lust of many a man at the gate check. It was evening soon and the time drew on as she waited to touch down, spending the few hours listening to music and eating crappy snacks. Once she arrived, Anna left for the luggage check where she found her father waiting for her: already remembering why she hated coming back home, Anna wondered how her stay could get any worse.

It was a long ride home for the both of them, filled with awkward attempts at conversation from Bill and even greater silences when that failed. For the most part, Anna tried contenting herself by listening to the radio and wondering what kind of fun her friend would be having without her on Saturday.

“Listen,” said Bill, “I Nevşehir Escort know you’d rather be with your friends this weekend—”

“You think?”

“—but it’d really mean a lot to us if you could try and pretend to have a good time; at least for your mother’s sake.”

“Pffft! There’s nothing to do in that town and why should I be nice to her anyways?” Anna replied, rudely.

“Because she’s your mother damn it and it wouldn’t kill you to be nice for a few days!” he said, annoyed and frustrated.

“She’s the one who attacks me all the time. I just want you to leave-me-alone!”

Considering the way she dressed, Bill couldn’t fault his wife for reproaching their daughter on her sense of fashion, or decency for that matter. Although her breasts were proportionate to her frame, the push-up bra she wore nearly made them pop out of her shirt for all to see or grab. On top of that, the shorts that covered her heart-shaped ass were so short and tight that at any moment it looked as if they’d rip apart, leaving nothing but the black thong underneath.

“She just doesn’t approve of the way you dress is all…”

“Whatever, I can wear what I like; I’m not a little girl anymore. Thank god…” she mumbled. “And besides, just because she can’t pull it off doesn’t mean—”

“That’s enough, Anna! Show some respect for the woman who gave birth to you. Just…sit quiet until we get home.”

“Fine by me” she replied, crossing her arms and looking away.

It only took a couple of hours to get home from the airport, but to Anna it felt longer than the flight to get there. Pulling into the driveway, they got out of the car and Bill went to retrieve his daughter’s luggage, but was stopped.

“I’ll get these, if you don’t mind?” she said, taking her bags and walking towards the door.

After he unlocked it they entered the house and Bill, feeling hungry, went to the kitchen to fix him something to eat. Opening the fridge, he gave its contents a look-over and asked Anna,

“You hungry; want anything to drink?”

“I ate on the way.”

“Fine, help yourself when you are” he said, now agitated.

While he made himself a sandwich, Anna walked upstairs to get settled in, her ass jiggling deliciously all the way up. She walked inside her room, standing in it for the first time since she left for college: she couldn’t place it, but something felt wrong and it unsettled her. Setting the bags down on the bed, she unpacked her things and took of her shoes and socks; grabbing a few essentials, she exited towards the bathroom. After walking inside and turning on the light, she closed the door and locked it behind her. Gently bending over the bathtub, she turned the shower knob and checked the water’s temperature periodically with her hand.

Looking around the small, brightly lit room, Anna was appreciative of the fact that she had one all to herself for once and didn’t have to share one with the other girls in the dorm; that was reason enough to come home. When the water felt warm enough, she slowly began undressing. First went her shorts, which she shook free with a little wiggle of her hips letting it fall to her ankles. Stepping out of them, she crisscrossed her arms and grabbed hold of her shirt. With a single graceful motion she lifted it over her head and threw it near the hamper. Finally she slid down her thong and unclasped her b-cup bra, releasing her soft, firm breasts from their confines as they rested naturally on her chest.

Looking herself over in the mirror, she evaluated her features for a few moments; the way her legs transitioned perfectly into her luscious ass; how her slender neck was just the right height; how her pink nipples stood at attention at her merest touch; the curvaceous shape of her hips; her graceful arms and legs. Stepping into the shower, she closed the curtain and a warm, inviting cloud of hot steam enveloped her in a fog of comfort as she rinsed herself down thoroughly. She reached for the loofah, pouring on it a generous amount of body wash that smelled of fruits and femininity.

She took her time running the loofah over her teenage form, letting it glide over every wondrous curve. Her breasts, ass, her sexy legs…all were covered with the sweet smelling soap, whose pleasant aroma caught the attention of Bill as he passed by the door. Inhaling deeply, he imagined what his daughter looked like at that moment: nude, beautiful, the soap dripping of her wet body as her hair stuck to her smooth skin. As his cock became rock hard at the thought, he walked down the hallway as Anna continued to enjoy her rare moment of luxury.

Pampering and pleasuring herself, she ran her hands all over her body: from her feet up to her meaty thighs; over her ripe ass, squeezing both cheeks; past her flat abdomen up towards her breasts, caressing her nipples and teasing them with her finger as she ran it over and around each rosebud. She pushed her breasts together, kneading them with her hands Nevşehir Escort Bayan before moving down, leaving one to fondle as the other carried the loofah to her pussy. While massaging it, a low moan escaped her lips as the soft fabric brushed against her clit, rousing it awake. Her revelry continued for several more minutes, breathing heavier and moaning louder as she got her pussy nice and wet for the vibrator that awaited her back in the bedroom. She only hoped her annoying father would go to sleep soon so she could enjoy some alone time, dry and without interruption.

Her father…how was she going to endure an entire weekend with him, she thought? She had trouble spending a half hour with him, let alone three days. How did she ever manage to survive in that house for eighteen years? These questions stressed her out and feeling that thoughts of her father were turning her off, she put them out of her mind and relaxed for a few more minutes before the water turned lukewarm and it was time to get out.

Turning off the shower, Anna stepped out and wrapped her dripping wet body with a soft, white towel. Doing the same for her glistening hair, she opened the bathroom door and the cool air hardened her nipples under the towel. She walked in her room, curious to why the door was ajar when she remembered closing it, to find her father standing by the computer with a stern, yet wanton look on his face; a browser window was open on the screen, but it wasn’t clear what was on the page.

“What the fuck, Dad; I’m not dressed? Get the fuck out of my room!” she yelled, pointing to the door.

“You have a lot of explaining to do, young lady.”

“For what?”

“I don’t know, how about some of your extracurricular activities at school?”

“Extracurricular act—”

“Come over here and see if this jogs your memory” he said, nodding his head towards the screen.

Stepping forward with trepidation, Anna watched the screen with rapt interest, dubious about what she was about to see. After Bill clicked ‘play’ with the mouse, an interracial movie loaded on a porn site showing a pair of cute, teen sluts being fucked by a group of black guys; one was sucking three cocks, the other being fucked on the couch. On any other day she would’ve just been disgusted with her father’s perversity, but today was different. In an instant she recognized the girls as herself and her friend Kaitlin, remembering their drunken escapade earlier in the week. Unfortunately they were unaware of the video camera, hidden on a nearby shelf, which was taping the entire event. With a look of horror and surprise she exclaimed,

“Oh my god, how did you get this?”

“I came across it while browsing for porn a few days ago and believe you me, I was surprised at what I saw; I never thought my little girl could be all up in something like that!”

“That’s fucking disgusting, Dad! You didn’t jack off to it, did you?” asked Anna, revolted, but considering it a rhetorical question.

“You bet your sweet ass I did: watching you girls screaming with pleasure and swallowing all that jizz made me cum harder than I have in a long time!”

“You’re fucking sick, Dad! And for your information, I’m not a little girl anymore; I can fuck whoever I want to!”

“I know, which is why you’re going to slip outta’ that towel, come over here and suck my cock” he replied matter-of-factly.

“Ewww, gross, I’m not gonna suck your wrinkly, old cock! You’re my fucking father; that’s incest. It’s totally wrong and…I could have you arrested just for asking!”

“The hell you won’t! You’ve been giving your mother and I shit for years, dressing like a tramp in public. Now that I know just how much of a whore you are, it’s time I put a slut in her place!”

“Fuck you, asshole!” she yelled, looking aghast. “I’m calling the cops!”

Making her way towards the door, she stormed off towards the bathroom to retrieve the cell phone still lying in the pocket of her shorts. Standing in the doorway, Bill suddenly proclaimed,

“ANNABELLE JULIE BAKER, you get in this room right now!”

Anna froze in her tracks, taken back by her father’s tone. It seemed like every time he yelled her full name like that he got her to do what he wanted, injecting her with a palpable amount of fear. Unbeknownst to her, he’d hypnotized her as a child and used her full name as a trigger word to be used only by him whenever he had trouble controlling her. Now he was using it to force his daughter to have sex with him against her will; but that would soon change. Doing as she was told, she reluctantly walked back in her room before Bill slammed the door behind her.

Approaching her from behind, he untied the towel on her head and cast it aside in a crumpled heap. Carefully he wrapped his arms around her and unfastened the knotted cloth at her waist, letting it fall to her feet as he brought his hands to her supple breasts. As he groped them he played with her nipples, teasingly Escort Nevşehir pinching and pulling them while he kissed the bronze skin at her neck. When he was satisfied, he took a step back and playfully slapped her ass before walking back to the computer chair. Taking off his pants and underwear, he made himself comfortable as he sat down and stroked his cock in anticipation.

“Ahhhh, that’s better. Now, come over here and get on your knees.”

As if in slow motion she walked forward, positioned herself between her father’s legs and looked into his eyes.

“Good girl, now grab hold of this cock and suck it like it’s the best thing in the world: suck it like you sucked that black dick in the video” he said, adding insult to injury.

Anna curled her fingers around his shaft and was surprised to see how thick it was. Momentarily turned on, she gave it a couple of strokes before wrapping her sensuous lips around its bulbous head. Although his cock wasn’t as big as the black guys’, she had difficulty taking it all in as she greedily sucked his fat cock. Letting her tongue slide along its underside, she varied her speeds and lightly flicked the head occasionally. For fifteen minutes the incestuous blowjob went on, all the while Anna bobbing her head as Bill sat back and enjoyed the feeling of his dick lodged in her throat. When he felt his balls tighten up, he grunted

“I’m gonna’ cum, Baby: swallow it all!” he said, Anna’s eyes growing wide.

‘Umph!’ she protested, shaking her head and trying to get away. Grabbing a fistful of her hair, Bill pressed her face against his pelvis and shoved his dick in deeper as it began to throb. Seconds later, the dam broke and he groaned with pleasure as a river of hot, sticky cum flooded her mouth and threatened to drown her. To her surprise it actually tasted pretty good, but she had great difficulty swallowing all of it: a small portion escaped her lips and cascaded down onto her breasts. As she coughed up a little of it, he said,

“Fuck ya; that felt good! Great job hunny, now stand up and face the wall.”

Despite the disdain and shame she was now feeling, Anna couldn’t help but feel good hearing her father praise her for once; he never complimented her on anything. Perhaps it was for this reason that she was less reluctant to follow this new command. Getting up, she turned around and made her way to the wall, knowing full well what was going to happen next; she felt confused, defiant and scared all at the same time. After removing the last vestiges of his clothing, Bill took a moment to admire his daughter’s backside before he walked up behind and embraced her.

Pressing his cock between the cheeks of her ass, he began fondling her, kissing her neck and shoulders; feelings of arousal rose up in Anna as her body betrayed her conscious desires. ‘Mmmm’ she moaned as he rubbed her clit with the experience of an older man. Spreading her legs, he guided the tip of his fat cock to Anna’s pussy and grabbed her hips as she braced herself against the wall. Suddenly he rammed his cock inside her, making her yelp and moan as her vaginal walls were forced to accommodate seven inches of her father’s meat.

“Oh god, you’re so tight, baby!” Bill groaned with satisfaction, thrusting in an out of his daughter.

After developing a steady pace, he was still met with resistance and decided it was time to be more aggressive. As he continued fucking her he wrapped an arm around her waist and grabbed her throat with his other hand: squeezing just hard enough, he increased the intensity of his thrusts.

“You’re starting to like this, aren’t you, sweetheart? I bet you wanted to this to happen all along…”

“No…” she lied, unconsciously grinding her hips against his cock. “You could never please me!”

“Stop resisting, Anna, you can’t win…”

“Yes I can; I will!” she yelled defiantly.

“It’s all over, baby…”


Bill’s power over her was fading and he quickly reasoned that if he couldn’t find a way to break her spirit, she’d use what little willpower she had left to try and escape; thinking hard, an idea came to him. Recalling how successful the video on the computer was in getting her to comply, he figured he’d take a more direct approach this time around and really let her see the truth of her reality. Letting go of her, he pulled out his cock and pointed to the bed.

“Get on all fours right now, young lady, and face the end of the bed!”

Looking over her shoulder at him murderously, she got on the bed and into position. Bill followed close behind and immediately placed his cock at her entrance, grabbing her hips and penetrating her once more. Her head hung low, he took hold of her hair and yanked it back, lining up her eyesight perfectly with the tall mirror sitting on her vanity.

In the scene before her was a sultry brunette, sweaty, her hair sticking to her face, being fucked from behind by a hairy, older man like a worthless cockslut. The dominance was clearly visible as the man rammed his cock in her over and over, eliciting moans of ecstatic pleasure. It began to sink in when she looked in the girl’s eyes and saw a truth reflected back through them; she loved it.

“Do you see now, Anna, do you see what you are?”

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