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Come for Dinner

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Come for Dinner

By Alex Barton


Daniel was desperate to masturbate. His long, thick cock was hard against his belly, quivering with the strength of his arousal, and his balls felt hot and heavy they were so full of cum. The only problem was he was sitting on a bench in the changing room of his local rugby club with a towel strategically placed over his lap, and the object of his lust was a naked Australian postgraduate trainee teacher named Ryan he had only just met.

Closing his eyes and forcing himself to think of what his girlfriend Laura would have prepared for dinner when he got home, Daniel smiled when Ryan said, “I really appreciate your introducing me to everyone. They’re a good crowd.”

“Yeah, they are,” Daniel said. “But it helps that you’re a damn good player.”

“Thanks,” said Ryan.

Daniel watched as the young man dried himself after showering, unselfconsciously rubbing his towel vigorously between his legs and over his thick circumcised prick and large, pendant balls covered by a dense mass of blond pubic hair. Daniel noticed there were no tan lines at the top of Ryan’s muscular thighs or across his taut buttocks; his bronzed skin was the same golden color all over.

Spaghetti Bolognese? or maybe lasagna, Daniel thought desperately, his mind filling with the erotic image of Ryan stretched out beneath him on the bench, those long, strong legs hooked over Daniel’s shoulders, Ryan’s eyes closed in ecstasy as Daniel slowly sank his cock to the hilt in the young Australian’s asshole. Daniel sighed in frustration, his fingers itching to stroke the swollen shaft of his prick so he could bring himself to a hugely pleasurable orgasm.

Ryan had been standing outside the clubhouse when Daniel drove up, obviously wondering who to approach to ask if he could play with the club. Offering his hand to shake, Daniel had introduced himself and taken the Australian to meet Andrew, the club secretary.

“God, lad, you must have a death wish if you want to play with this lot,” Andrew said with a broad grin. “They won’t pull any punches just because you’re a visitor, you know…”

“I’ll take my chances,” Ryan had said, looking around at Daniel’s teammates with a shy grin.

An hour and a half later, with two tries and a conversion under his belt, Ryan had earned the respect of the other players, endured many obscene jokes about Australian rugby players, and been invited back for as long as he was working in the area.

Daniel’s cellphone rang and he reached in his locker to answer it. It was Laura, wondering what time he’d be home.

“Half an hour,” Daniel said. Then he looked at Ryan and said, “Sweetheart, there’s a handsome young Australian here who’s just your type. Any chance there’s enough food for three?”

Ryan mouthed the word, “No, that’s okay,” but Daniel knew it was only out of politeness.

“That’s great. See you soon,” he said with a laugh and hung up. “Come on. Her Spaghetti Bolognese with a decent bottle of red is to die for. That and the fact she’s bloody gorgeous.”

Daniel was surprised to see Ryan blush and he suddenly realized the young Australian was lonely and grateful for the friendship Daniel was showing him. For a moment he regretted the intensity of his desire for Ryan but only for a moment. He couldn’t help his bisexual nature and he was extremely attracted to the blond boy from Bondi Beach…


Later that evening Daniel lifted his face from between Laura’s buttocks and swallowed a delicious mouthful of his own sperm, the result of not one but two climaxes he’d needed to spurt into her asshole before his desire was finally sated. Laura moaned softly in response, unable to speak because she was lying in a soixante-neuf position on top of him, her mouth filled with his still-hard cock, fresh from the depths of her bowels.

Laura lifted off Daniel and turned around so she could lie in the crook of his arm, her lips, slippery with lube and semen, meeting his, salty with the creamy cum he’d sucked from her rectum. She sighed with pleasure and snuggled against his body.

“I know where that came from,” Laura said into his chest. “You wanted to fuck Ryan, didn’t you?”

“In the worst way,” Daniel said with a soft laugh. “You should have seen his cock. Not long but very thick. And his balls hang low, the way you love.”

Laura sat up slightly so her eyes met Daniel’s and she smiled at him. “Do you think he’d be up for it?”

“Not with me alone, no. But with you as well –?” He let the words hang in the air.

“You’re asking me to seduce that nice Australian boy…?”

Daniel kissed her softly. “Yup,” he said with a grin.

Laura glanced down at Daniel’s cock which was standing up hard against his belly once more.

“Okay,” she said. “But only because I love you…”

“Oh yeah,” Daniel said, rolling over so he pinned her body under his, his chest crushing the soft weight of her breasts. Laura’s legs opened in need. “And not because you’re a horny slut who wants Ryan’s Etiler escort cock in your asshole while I’m fucking your cunt?”

“God, yes please … OHHH,” Laura cried out which quickly turned to a gasp of pleasure as Daniel thrust the full length of his prick into her gushing wet pussy in one smooth motion.

“Mmmm, that’s what I thought,” Daniel said, his mind filling with the happy thought that, even if he didn’t manage to fuck his prick into the tight heat of Ryan’s muscular ass, he would at least be able to enjoy the nakedness of the young Australian as he and Ryan gave Laura’s mouth, pussy and asshole the thorough fucking he knew she would greatly enjoy…



Daniel had to smile. Ryan was obviously doing his best to hide his erection, squirming slightly as he sat next to Laura on the sofa and looked at the photo album with her. But then the tight, low-cut sweater, no bra and short, bum-hugging skirt she was wearing would have given a statue a hard-on so he could hardly blame the young Australian for being aroused.

As part of his plan, as soon as he and Ryan finished their mid-week training session Daniel had invited the Australian to dinner on the following Saturday and suggested he spend the night. Ryan had objected for about fifteen seconds but Daniel knew the chance to see Laura again would be too tempting to resist. And he’d been right: Ryan had been glancing at Laura all evening, hanging rapt on all she said, his eyes on stalks every time she leaned forward to reveal the fullness of her breasts, the deep cleavage between the heavy globes dark and inviting.

Laura mischievously made things worse for the young man when Ryan mentioned over drinks before dinner he was planning to spend a fortnight in southern Spain over the Easter break. She immediately jumped up and hunted for the photo album she’d put together after their last holiday in the region.

Daniel could see Ryan desperately attempting to hide his arousal the moment he started looking through the album, mainly because in almost all the shots Laura was either wearing an indecently small bikini or topless with just a tiny piece of yellow material covering her mons, the cheeks of her gorgeous ass left bare.

“Sweetheart, why don’t we leave Ryan to look through the album while I help in the kitchen?” Daniel said, catching Laura’s eye.

“Help yourself to wine,” Laura said and followed as Daniel led the way. She paused for a minute and said, “Do you mind if I push the door to, Ryan? If I don’t the cooking smells will go all through the house.”

“No, please, that’s fine,” and Daniel could almost hear the relief in the young man’s voice that he’d be left alone with the album. Daniel had no doubt Ryan was desperate to masturbate but would probably stroke himself through his trousers in case either he or Laura suddenly came back in the room.

As soon as Laura closed the kitchen door, Daniel made her gasp in surprise as he grabbed her and pushed her sweater up roughly to expose her breasts. Then he got to his knees, hooked the hem of her skirt with his thumbs and pushed it up to her waist, baring her smooth-shaven mons. Laura was trembling with lust as she opened her legs and Daniel buried his face between the glistening lips of her pussy, his eyes meeting hers as he pushed his tongue as far as he could get it into the dripping wet hole.

Laura responded by kneading her breasts in her hands, closing her thumb and forefinger round her nipples, heightening her arousal by pinching the rubbery tips, making them almost painfully hard.

For several minutes Daniel licked his tongue into Laura’s cunt, sucking the stiff bud of her clit, knowing it would make her frantic to be fucked. Then he stood up, his mouth slippery with her juices, and kissed her hard, giving her chance to reach down and unzip him, pushing his trousers and briefs down to enable his cock to rear up, hard and ready.

Sliding his hands under the back of her thighs, Daniel lifted Laura onto the kitchen table and thrust his prick into her very wet cunt. She cried out in pleasure, both of them aware Ryan would hear, exactly as Daniel intended. A few strong strokes and Daniel groaned in orgasm, his spurting prick setting off Laura’s climax. Even lost in their own pleasure they still heard the sudden sound of Ryan moaning and knew their guest had found his own release.

Still shaking from the intensity of Daniel’s desire, Laura said, “God, you were turned on, weren’t you?”

“Sorry if I was a bit rough,” Daniel said, kissing her softly.

“We’ll give him a couple of minutes to clean up,” Laura said with a grin, pulling her sweater back over her breasts. “Then you better go on back in. I know you; you’ll want to fuck me in the ass next and one of us has to finish making dinner…”

Even delayed by the impromptu fuck, the meal Laura prepared was wonderful and it was when she served a lime cheesecake for dessert that Daniel said, “Have we still got that Muscatel, darling? A dessert wine would be really Beşiktaş escort nice with this.”

“No, we drank it about a month ago,” Laura said. “I made a chocolate soufflé, remember?”

“Damn,” Daniel said and then stood up. “Look, I’m just going to the all-night supermarket. They have a good selection. It’s a shame not to drink something special with this and it’ll show Ryan how civilized we are compared to the Aussies…”

“Daniel, you don’t have to bother on my account, mate,” Ryan said, looking at Laura. “I couldn’t tell a dessert wine from a six-pack of Foster’s.”

“Right, that settles it,” Daniel said and he fetched his coat from the hall. “Won’t be long,” he said, giving Laura a quick, sharp smile.


“That’ll be £11.99, sir,” the sales assistant said.


“£11.99, sir,” said the sales assistant again, his face showing his impatience with Daniel being preoccupied.

“Oh, yes, sure,” said Daniel and handed over a £20 note.

He took the bottle of wine and walked back to his car, checking his watch. He’d been gone twenty minutes and, knowing Laura, the handsome young Australian would have his hands full of her bared breasts, her curvaceous bottom or the smooth skin of her thighs, his fingers holding open the swollen lips of her pussy so he could push his tongue deep inside her dripping wet pussy lips. Daniel smiled: he wondered what Ryan’s reaction would be when his mouth suddenly filled with Daniel’s salty semen.

He guessed Laura would have started her seduction by suggesting she and Ryan sit together on the sofa. Using the excuse she was a little drunk, she would have pressed her heavy breasts against the young man’s arm. Her eyes smoky with arousal, she would have lifted her face towards his and opened her mouth slightly, inviting him to kiss her. It would take a stronger man than Ryan to resist Laura when she was in heat.

With luck, Ryan’s usual shy manner would be replaced by a hot, rampant desire, especially when Laura immediately straddled his lap, her lips seeking his as she rubbed her mons against the hard bulge of his cock. She would whisper in his ear, “Suck my breasts,” and pull her sweater up over her head, taking pleasure from watching Ryan’s eyes widen when she revealed the smooth creamy globes tipped by her stiff pink nipples. Daniel would have taken bets Ryan couldn’t resist mouthing their soft weight, first one then the other, his eyes closing in pleasure as he suckled, his desire mounting as Laura skillfully rubbed her cunt lips against his erect cock.

Naturally Ryan would have hoped Laura was up for a quick fuck behind Daniel’s back and he might have been disappointed when she gently pulled a hard nipple-tip from between Ryan’s teeth and told him she didn’t cheat. But his eyes would have lit up when she quickly added, “But you can share me with Daniel if you like…?” and he expected Ryan’s imagination would have gone into overdrive with the sexual permutations possible with two horny men and a highly aroused woman.

A moment later she would have taken him by the hand and led him upstairs. Clothes stripped off in haste, Laura’s eyes would have opened in appreciation when she saw Ryan’s muscular body, circumcised prick and large, full balls, and her mouth would have watered to suck the swollen glans, just as Daniel’s had when he first saw it in the changing room of the rugby club.

As he parked the car Daniel felt his heart thumping hard, his cock fully erect as he anticipated Laura kneeling between Ryan’s legs slowly sucking the thickness of the Australian’s cock, something he desperately wanted to do himself. Very quietly, he opened the front door and closed it behind him.

Quickly Daniel slipped off his shoes and then padded upstairs, pausing on the landing to strip off his clothes. His cock, quivering with his arousal, jutted from his groin. An oily drop of precum already oozing from the tip, Daniel closed his hand round the shaft, stroking himself as he moved to the bedroom door and pushed it open.

Daniel’s breath caught in his throat as he saw Laura was lying face-down on their bed, Ryan lying with his head between her legs, sliding his tongue back and forth along the length of her cunt lips and then past the tight muscle of her anal sphincter and as far as he could get it into her ass. Laura’s eyes were shut, her mouth open, her buttocks quivering, and Daniel knew she was already close to a climax.

For a moment Daniel watched Ryan, taking pleasure from the way the young man ground his cock into the bedspread in the intensity of his desire for Laura. Ryan’s buttocks, taut and muscular, flexed in rhythm with his licking and Daniel yearned to bury his face between them, his tongue greedily rimming Ryan’s anus in the same way Ryan was pushing his tongue past the tight opening of Laura’s rectum.

Laura must have sensed Daniel was watching because she suddenly opened her eyes, smiled softly at him and said, “Hello, darling.”

Ryan’s head came up and Daniel knew he would be wondering what Daniel’s reaction would be Taksim escort to seeing him lying naked between Laura’s spread thighs. Daniel decided action would be better than words and walked across to the bed, straddled Laura’s head so his cock was pointing down inches from her lips and sighed with intense pleasure when she opened her mouth and took his prick deep into her throat until her nose nestled in the black curls of his pubic hair.

Slowly withdrawing and then sinking his prick back between the sucking oval of Laura’s lips, aware the flexing cheeks of his buttocks and winking anus were presented to Ryan’s eyes, Daniel closed his eyes with pleasure. He was close to an orgasm himself and heard Laura swallowing the steady flow of precum produced by his balls. And then Laura suddenly slid her hands round Daniel’s muscular thighs and gripped the firm flesh, her body shuddering and jerking as she climaxed into Ryan’s mouth. Her orgasm made her suck all the harder and Daniel cried out as his prick swelled and a huge gush of semen spurted from the tip nestled in Laura’s throat, his balls pumping out wave after wave of hot cum in a rush of liquid ecstasy.

Daniel slid his cock from between Laura’s lips to enable her to swallow. She did, repeatedly, while Ryan lifted his head from between her legs to grin at Daniel, his face wet with Laura’s cunt cream.

“Hey, no fair,” he said. “You two came before me — “

“Oh, you poor baby,” Laura said with a laugh and she reached down, pulled Ryan up so he had to lie on his back, climbed over him, her fingers reaching between her legs for his erect cock, and then slowly, with an audible squelching sound, sank her cunt down until her pussylips were nestled on his balls.

“Better now?” she asked in a husky voice.

“God, yes … perfect,” Ryan said, his voice thick with lust.

Daniel laughed and stretched out next to Ryan. “Mind if I watch for a moment?” he asked, his eyes meeting Laura’s who gave him a wicked little grin.

“Err… Be my guest,” Ryan said, obviously surprised at Daniel’s relaxed attitude to his girlfriend sitting astride another man’s prick.

Daniel watched, fascinated, as Laura rode Ryan, enjoying the way she kept grinding her mons round the base of the young Australian’s cock. Daniel knew all too the combination of her tight pussywalls and creamy wet heat would bring Ryan off quickly and he decided not to wait before starting the next part of their session together.

Daniel climbed off the bed and opened the drawer of the bedside table where he kept the lube. Then he moved round behind Laura, enjoying the sight of the length of Ryan’s thick prick appearing and disappearing into Laura’s stretched cunt as she slowly rode up and down, prolonging her and Ryan’s mutual pleasure. A big dollop of the lubricant on his prick and Daniel was ready to double Laura’s pleasure by sodomizing her at the same time as Ryan was fucking her pussy. The added pressure on Ryan’s cock would undoubtedly make him come, but Daniel figured the young Australian was so horny his cock would harden again almost immediately.

Laura turned her head, her lips meeting Daniel’s in a passionate kiss as he climbed between Ryan’s legs, his cock in his hand. Her breath was hot against his cheek, her tongue slid hungrily into his mouth as he pressed the thickly lubed head of his cock against her anus. Daniel knew she loved the moment of entry, when his glans slid past the sensitive nerve-endings of her anal sphincter, and he stayed still for a moment, letting her savor the exquisite pleasure of having his cock where she loved it best, fucking its way into her back passage. No woman Daniel had ever met enjoyed being sodomized as much as Laura and he took great delight in satisfying her desire for her preferred sexual pleasure on a daily basis.

Laura groaned into his mouth with delight as Daniel pushed the shaft of his cock into her asshole, the entry made tighter and more pleasurable by Ryan’s cock filling the adjoining passage. Daniel wasn’t surprised when Ryan suddenly heaved his hips off the bed, groaning and shuddering as his balls pumped his cum into Laura’s pussy. The sensation of another man’s cock pulsing and throbbing in orgasm against his own was incredible and gave Daniel a deliciously dirty idea for later.

Slowly but firmly Daniel sank his cock into Laura’s rectum. As he did so Laura leaned forward so her breasts were close enough for Ryan to suck her nipples, keeping the young man on the boil to ensure his cock stayed hard inside her. Daniel knew what Laura needed and, as soon as he felt the head of his prick was buried deep in her bowels, he began to give it to her.

Time and again Daniel plowed the length of his cock into Laura’s asshole, withdrawing until only the head was gripped by the tight muscle of her anus, pausing while Ryan thrust his re-hardened cock deep into her pussy, and then thrusting his cock back deep into her ass. Lube and semen oozed from the stretched sphincter, sliding down to coat the shaft of Ryan’s cock, easing its passage into the slippery grip of Laura’s pussywalls. With Laura’s cunt and ass filled to capacity with his and Ryan’s cocks, Daniel felt Laura quiver and shake in response to the double invasion, powerless to resist as he and Ryan made her moan, whimper and spasm in orgasm time and again.

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