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College Visit Ch. 05: Night Continues

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Time to move things to the bed at last!


Lexi’s slender body was tight against mine as we knelt in front of the window. Over her shoulder, I could see the Charles River and lines of cars headed along the roads on either side. Closer to hand, I could see her pale, smooth skin glowing in the reflected city lights. Her hair had started to come loose from her earlier arrangement, and a few tendrils hung down enchantingly along her neck. I worked around them as I bent my head down to kiss along her shoulder and up to her ear-she tipped her head back and purred encouragingly as my lips wandered along her delicate skin. My hands, meanwhile, were tracing the taut curves of her hips and waist.

“Hey-” she said softly, drawing back to disengage my lips. “You know what?”

“What?” I asked, looking into her shadowy blue eyes.

“You are wearing entirely too many clothes right now!”

With an imperious tug, she grabbed my hand and rose smoothly to her feet, drawing me with her. I crossed my arms between us and pulled the hem of my sweater up and over my head, tossing it to one side. Lexi stepped forward so that her firm belly was nudging my erection and began to unbutton my shirt.

My hands continued to explore her back, shoulders, waist, and hips as she worked silently to undress me. I took the opportunity to kick off my shoes without interfering with her actions. When my shirt was open, she pushed it back off my shoulders, drawing my arms away from her behind me. Quickly I shook it off and let it fall to the floor, bringing my arms back to hold her tightly against me. She nestled her cheek against my chest for a moment, and I felt her hands skimming lightly up and down my back.

“You feel so nice and warm!” she murmured against me.

“So do you,” I assured her.

“You’re still wearing too many clothes, though!” she added. Her hands moved off my back and slipped between us. With a few quick moves, she unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and lowered the zipper. My cock was rigidly erect, standing vertically to poke out the waistband of my boxers, but she ignored it for the moment. Instead, Lexi sank to one knee, drawing my pants down as I had done for her while I steadied myself on her shoulder. I lifted one foot and then the other to step out of them and they joined the growing pile beside the window.

Smiling seductively, Lexi stood up again and I felt the full length of her delightful body against mine for the first time. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and bumped herself quite intentionally against my trapped erection. Her face tilted up and we kissed again, both savoring the heightened sensation of skin on skin.

“That’s better!” she mumbled against my lips. “Now we’re even!”

I sucked her lower lip into my mouth for just a moment, bit it lightly, and then let it go.

“Not exactly!” I told her.

My hands went immediately to her back and with the deftness of long practice, I unsnapped her bra. She grinned in response and leaned her upper body back a little bit. There is something utterly bewitching about watching a woman curve her shoulders in to let her bra slip down her arms-I can’t explain it, but the vulnerable pose, the sensuality of emerging pale skin, and the sudden exposure of both nipples is always arousing to me. My heart pounded as Lexi went through the process. She looked ataköy escort so young and beautiful in my arms, and her breasts were no exception-they were not large, but firm and full and capped with small areolae and tiny, tight nipples. The bra fell to the floor and Lexi looked up somewhat shyly.

I pulled her arms back up to my shoulders and hugged her tightly, mashing her breasts between us. My whole body shivered with pleasure as I felt her nipples drag against my chest hair. Lexi squeezed me right back, savoring the new and intimate contact.

“Now we’re even,” I whispered in her ear.

Her smile returned full force, and she looked up at me again.

“I want to see all of you!” she said throatily.

“I can do that!” I said with a smile. I bent slightly and lifted my lovely former student into my arms and turned away from the window. She held on as I turned away from the window and carried her toward the bed. With one hand, I flung the covers down and then set her gently on the crisp white sheets. She settled back happily, drawing her knees up to her chest.

“I only have one rule, Lexi…” I said in a stern voice.

She looked up at me, a questioning look on her face. I set one foot up on the bed by her feet.

“No…socks…in…bed!” I said, whipping mine off in quick succession.

She laughed and pushed her own socks off as well, tossing them aside. Standing beside her, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers.

“You ready?” I asked her in a teasing voice.

“SO ready!” she chirped.

I bent and pushed them down quickly, obscuring her view intentionally. When I straightened, my cock rose nearly vertical, swollen with desire for her. A drop of precum glistened at the tip, and I wrapped my hand around my cock and then spread the droplet with my thumb, making the whole head slick and shiny.

Lexi’s eyes were wide and her lips parted slightly as I stroked myself.

“Take off your panties, Lexi…I don’t want anything in the way!”

In a flash, she arched her hips up and slipped the delicate fabric down her thighs, over her knees, and down past her feet.

“Now come over here!” I growled. I was momentarily interested to see how she would position herself-would she present her ass to me, or did she want to be face-to-face? Happily, she whirled around to kneel on the edge of the bed. Her perfect ass was at just the right height, and the sensuous sweep of her back curved downward in front of me. Lexi rested herself on her elbows and turned her head to look back at me.

“Lexi…” I began as I stepped forward, “I have been waiting all day for this!”

My cock was drooling with anticipation, and I leaned forward to rub the tip along her glistening pussy. At the first contact, Lexi bit her lip and groaned. I teased her just a bit, sliding the head of my cock just inside her and then moving it up and down. When it bumped across her clit, she whimpered and her eyes closed. When I sank a few inches into her, she groaned again.

“Oh my God…I want you inside me!”

Her hips pushed back as I pushed forward, and with an effortless glide, I was buried completely inside her slick pussy. I don’t know what noise I made, but it was an expression of awe-the heat, the slippery tightness of her depths, and the thrill of experiencing a young and beautiful and eager woman hit me all at once and I stayed still, letting every detail fill my senses.

Lexi, bakırköy escort for her part, groaned happily deep in her throat. “Oh, God…it’s SO big!”

I kept still for another moment to let her get used to the fullness, then my hands went to her hips. Still buried inside her, I pushed against her firmly, feeling the taut muscles of her ass and thighs against me as I rocked us in unison. The head of my cock moved deep within her, reaching every millimeter while the tight ring of muscles along my shaft pulsed briefly at the sudden intrusion and then began to expand. I felt her whole body relax slightly and took that as my cue.

Pulling back my hips, I withdrew from her until my cock head rested against her opening. Then, as she rocked back to meet me, I sank slowly to my full length inside her. Another groan escaped her and she began to move faster. With long, steady strokes I kept pace and filled her eager pussy repeatedly. Her breasts swung with each movement-a sight I always love-and her petite body was a vision of coordinated muscles and silky skin as we pushed each other along.

How had this happened? Twelve hours ago, I was driving my son to Boston for a college visit. Eight hours ago, I was having coffee and flirting with my former student. Four hours ago we were making out at the Aquarium. Now we were here, and the thrilling sight in front of me combined with the overwhelming feelings from my groin were threatening to end this all to soon!

Pushing into her abruptly, I held myself still and pulled her back against me hard.

“Lexi,” I said heatedly, “I want you to get on top of me!”

“Anything! I just want to keep you inside me!”

Quickly I disengaged from her and she moved toward the middle of the bed. I threw myself full length on the sheets beside her and rested my head on one of the firm pillows. She kissed me quickly and then straddled my thighs. Her hands wrapped around my cock, stretching it vertically to lie against the soft brown curls on her mound, the base bumping against her clit. With a firm grip, she stroked me for a moment, watching my reactions and smiling to herself. Then she leaned nimbly to one side and raised herself up, dragging the head of my cock through her pubic hair, across her clit, and down to her opening once more. With a contented sigh, she sank down onto me fully. When she reached the bottom, she began to swirl her hips, rotating them hypnotically. Every inch of my cock was gripped tightly and caressed by her inner muscles and the changing angles she created.

The image of this beautiful young woman, her eyes closed in pleasure and concentration while her hands rested on her thighs and her lower body rocked sensuously is one that I will never forget. I took it in for a long while and then, unable to help myself, I reached up and grasped her breasts, letting my thumbs flick back and forth across her nipples. Lexi’s eyes opened and she tilted her head back, savoring this new sensation. The motion of her hips became stronger and she started to rock straight back and forth, grinding her clit against my pubic bone with each forward thrust. My hands stayed with her breasts as she leaned forward, planting one hand on either side of my shoulders. I felt their full weight filling my palms and began to pinch her nipples simultaneously.

A gasp of pleasure broke from Lexi’s lips, and she leaned forward even more, arching her back to drive my cock deeply inside herself while she ground down on me.

“Oh my God…oh my God…I’m gonna cum again!” she moaned as her motion speeded up.

“Do it, Lex…make yourself cum on my cock…I want to feel you cumming all over me!”

As she pushed herself frantically against me, I pinched and twisted each nipple, pulling them to add to her pleasure. Sweat glistened on her face and chest and I could see a deep flush rising across her sternum. In time with her rapid thrusts, I squeezed her breasts hard, still trapping her nipples. Her breathing grew ragged and finally, with a long “yessssssssss!” she froze above me, her pussy pulsing wildly as her body shuddered. Slowly, she collapsed down onto my chest, murmuring “oh, god…” as each wave of pleasure moved through her. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, not moving as she writhed on top of me. Her hair was coming undone even more, and long locks fell across my face as she quivered in my arms.

When I felt her body begin to calm down, I twined my fingers in her hair, guiding her face up to mine for a kiss. Her mouth sought mine hungrily and our tongues darted and teased. To reach me, though, she had to raise her body slightly and move up. This left her breasts dangling just above my chest, her hard nipples dragging once again through my chest hair. It also gave me room to manoeuver my hips, and as we kissed, I began thrusting up into her once more. Lexi kissed me hard for a moment and then broke away.

Looking down at me, her hair framing her face, she exhaled every time I pushed up into her slick young pussy. Each exhalation became a word.

“Yes…yes…fuck me…please…fuck me…I want…to feel…you cum!”

That was on my mind as well. I had held off when she was first riding me, letting her grind herself to orgasm and holding her tightly throughout. Now the built-up tension of our day and the erotic allure of her naked body were pushing me toward an explosion as well.

“Oh, fuck, Lexi…I want to cum inside you…you’re so fucking sexy!”

“Do it…” she moaned in time with my quickening thrusts. “Do it…fuck me…fuck me hard…cum inside me…cum inside me!”

Her desire to feel me explode added to the rapid approach of my orgasm. My hands fell to her ass again and I pulled her down onto me with every upward thrust, burying my cock all the way into her slippery channel. Finally, I felt my balls begin to tighten and I knew I was close. My back arched, and my hips rose off the bed as I pushed hard against her nubile body. Her internal muscles gripped me tightly and with a powerful groan, my body locked up, throbbing powerfully as pulse after pulse of cum raced through my cock to splash against her cervix.

“Oh, fuck…” we moaned together.

“Oh, God…I can feel you cumming inside me!” she moaned happily.

I was too rigid with pleasure to respond, but I held her tight against me as the waves began to abate. Slowly, my hips sank back to the mattress and her body came with me, keeping me fully engulfed. My heart raced as she laid her head on my chest and let me come down slowly.

When my breathing returned to normal, she tilted her head up to me, her chin resting on my breastbone. Sweat darkened her hair, and a flush of satisfaction still colored her cheeks.

“That,” she said softly, “was the best thing I ever felt in my life!”

I wrapped my arms across her back and kissed her forehead-that was all I could reach without moving her off my softening cock, which I was reluctant to do.

“I couldn’t agree more!” I told her with a grin.

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