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College Photo Project

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Chris was a year through a two year photographic course at university, he had finally gotten to the interesting stuff, he had always wanted to be a glamour photographer and was now able to realise the first part of his dream. The next project he was to work on was to feature a live nude model. Chris thought that the university would supply the model and was shocked to learn that he would have to find one, the university said that it was part of the learning curve to have to find their own models.

Chris found out that the usual fee for a model was in excess of £10 per hour, knowing that the course required at least ten rolls of film, from which to select his portfolio, he knew he would need a model for at least ten hours, maybe more if you included the setting up of the set, he knew he couldn’t afford this as he had already blown most of his grant on equipment and booze, well he had to have fun and unwind. He asked a few of the other students if they would pose for him but to no prevail. He went back to his mums home for a weekend break, depressed as he had only another two weeks until his completed portfolio had to be handed in.

He arrived home on a Friday evening, to be greeted by his parents and two older sisters, also on a break from their own universities. His oldest sister, Helen, was 20, and had a great body. The middle sibling, Kerry, was 18, and also had a nice body, but not as well built as her elder sister. Chris himself was 18, and the youngest. He had always gotten on well with both of his sisters and they knew all was not well with him.

They took him out for a meal on the Saturday night and quizzed him on why he was so miserable, he told them of his problem adding that his course was to be cut next term, and only the top ten, of twenty-five currently, would keep their places, and so this assignment was crucial for his dream of being a glamour photographer. They asked why he couldn’t get a model, he explained his lack of money, and they sympathised, they both had gone through the same money troubles during their first years at uni. They had both taken on jobs to help with study costs, but knew that Chris’s college didn’t allow first year students to take on jobs, as the tutors thought it would affect their studies.

Chris was miserable throughout the weekend, and no matter how much the girls tried, they could not shake him out of it. They hatched a plan, they loved their brother and it cut them as much as it did him to see him so unhappy. On Sunday afternoon the girls approached him, telling him to bring his equipment over to Helen’s flat on the Tuesday night, he asked what was the point, but they insisted and he told them he would be there.

On Tuesday, Chris made his way over to Helen’s flat, laden down with his camera bags and tripod. Entering her flat he was welcomed by Kerry, she said that Helen was in the shower and would be out in a moment. He settled down on the couch with a coffee and asked Kerry why he had Şişli Escort been told to bring his cameras, he visited them often, but never with his equipment. Kerry said that they were going to help out their little brother, he hated being called that and frowned at her, she laughed and apologised, he was always quick to forgive her she flashed him her winning smile, she could be forgiven most things if she smiled as she said it.

Helen came out the bathroom, dressed only in a towel, ‘Jesusss… sis!’ said Chris, ‘flash em at me why don’t ya’, he laughed, he was used to getting glimpses of his sisters as they wandered around his parents home while they were growing up, and they didn’t bother to cover up as he’d seen it all before. Helen was well blessed in the boob department, having D cup boobs above a slim frame, making them look even bigger. Her hair was a mousy brown colour, falling down her shoulders to end just below them.

Kerry had a good body, nice pert B cup boobs, and an equally trim body, her head was covered with a mane of golden blonde hair reaching halfway down her back, Kerry also had a round ass. Chris liked a round ass and was always sneaking glances at it as she waltzed around with next to nothing on. Helen told Chris that they had agreed between them to help him out, as he had already seen them naked it shouldn’t be a problem for them to pose for him, so he could get over this depression, and keep his place on the course. Chris was taken aback, he had seen them naked, but taking pictures of them naked worried him, he wasn’t sure it was right, taking pictures of his sisters in the nude. Both sisters reminded him how important this assignment was, and he decided he had little choice.

Helen was to pose first, and she went into her bedroom to change into some of her lingerie, she returned dressed in a white teddy with g-string knickers, and hold-up stockings. ‘Wow, sis you look fantastic!’ Chris commented, she just laughed, ‘Don’t I always?’ she asked. He had to agree but she wasn’t usually wearing so little that he could make out every curve of her body, he could clearly make out her pubic hair through the almost sheer g-string, and her hardening nipples were pushing against the cups of her thin teddy.

Helen didn’t seem bothered by this and got herself comfortable on the sofa as Chris set up some lights and put film in his camera. When everything was ready, Chris pointed the camera at his sister and started taking pictures, she changed her poses as he directed and seemed happy, Chris became more at ease and started telling her to adopt more erotic poses, as she dropped the straps of her teddy the top of her boobs came into view, stopping her before she revealed her nipples, he snapped away, he took a deep breath and asked her to let it fall, revealing her hardened nipples, sitting on top of her large pink aureole, he found his mouth drying up as he took in the sight before him, he had seen her naked before, Şişli Escort Bayan but now he was seeing her as an attractive model, not as his sister. This allowed his instructions to flow more readily, now seeing her as a model, and not as his sister.

By the end of the second roll of film he had her naked, taking in the sight of her lightly haired pussy as well as her erect nipples. Kerry seemed to be enjoy encouraging both her sister to pose more erotically, as well as telling her brother to get in closer for some close ups of Helen’s open pussy. Helen’s pussy wasn’t just open, it was wet.

A point not lost on Chris, he found his own body responding to this, his breath becoming shallower, his hands clammy, and his cock hardening. Kerry was the first to notice this, she teased Chris, pointing to his bulge, saying to Helen that he was enjoying himself, Helen just smiled, but didn’t close her legs. In fact she gladly went on to her hands and knees for Chris to shoot some of her ass and wide open pussy from the rear, gladly opening her legs wider than her brother had instructed. All too soon though, Chris has shot his five rolls of Helen, and it was now Kerry’s turn.

Kerry returned from the bedroom dressed only in a lace half-cup bra, g-string knickers, and hold ups. The whole outfit was a nice pale blue, and set her blonde hair and firm body off nicely. Chris and Helen both whistled as she came over to the sofa, Helen commented that her outfit showed more than it covered, Kerry said she’d bought it specially, as she didn’t usually bother with underwear, laughing as she clocked Chris’s reaction to this confession. Helen went off to make a coffee as Chris started to shoot Kerry, by the time she returned, he had her down to her knickers, Kerry’s small, orange shaped boobs were smaller than her own, but equally beautiful.

Instead of sitting on the other chair, as Kerry had done while Helen had been posing, Helen decided to stand by the side of her brother, getting his view of the action. As Kerry slipped off her knickers, she could see how turned on she was getting, her arousal obvious by the moistness of her pussy lips, shining in the bright lights. Helen could see her brother having the same reaction to his younger sister as he had to her, his trousers were clearly tenting out as his erection grew.

Helen lent over to whisper in her brothers ear, ‘So Kerry’s getting you hot then babes?’, Chris didn’t answer, his expression said it all, his eyes were almost glazed, and his voice was croaky as he instructed his sister on her poses. As he got Kerry to turn onto her hands and knees and pose as Helen had previously, she held her pussy open, glancing over her shoulder, as Helen reached for his bulge, squeezing it gently, Chris didn’t move, he knew it wasn’t right, but his hormones were telling him not to object, so far his only sexual contacts had been quick fumbles with girls in college, and he’d only had sex once, Escort Şişli fully, and that hadn’t lasted long.

Helen’s hand started to rub at his crotch as Kerry started to rotate her ass slowly, both girls now teasing him. Chris turned to look at Helen, she looked him in the eyes and told him she’d stop if he wanted her to. He couldn’t summon up the words, and if he could’ve his dry throat wouldn’t have let him say it.

Helen moved her hand to his zipper, finding the catch, she pulled it down, undoing the waist and let his trousers drop to the floor, the only thing saving his modesty were his boxers, they too were pulled down, his cock bobbed in front of him, Helen took hold of it, commenting that he’d grown since she last saw him naked. Kerry was now on her back, her fingers still holding her pussy open, sliding a finger along her glistening lips, rubbing her juices over her clitty.

Helen slowly rubbed her hand up and down her brother’s shaft, looking him straight in the eyes as he watched his other sister pulling her pussy lips apart, pushing first one, then two fingers in her wet pussy. Chris was lost to the lust of the situation, and let Helen lead him over to Kerry, pushing him to the floor beside her. Kerry took hold of his cock, pulling his foreskin back, before dropping her face over it and taking his cock in her mouth. While Kerry sucked on Chris’s cock, Helen removed her robe and joined them on the floor.

Helen went to her brother’s face and pulled his lips to meet her own, kissing him on the lips, pushing her tongue into his mouth, before he responded back, pushing his own tongue back into hers, not sure whether to concentrate on the kiss, or the pleasure he was receiving from his other sister’s mouth.

He decided to let things flow, and as he felt his cum rising he felt Helen’s finger pushing into his tight asshole, sending him over the edge, his spunk slashing his sister’s face as she tried to put it back into her mouth, tasting his fluids, before swallowing him and cleaning his cock, leaving it slick with saliva. Kelly lay back and pulled him to her wet pussy, forcing his face into the sweet scented opening, his tongue snaking into his sisters pussy, licking for all he was worth.

Helen meanwhile wanking his cock back to hardness, before Kelly pulled him on top of her, demanding that he fuck her as hard as he could. Chris hammered into her, ramming his cock as far as he could, forcing yelps out of Kelly’s mouth. She turned him over, mounting him, allowing room for Helen to sit over his face, plunging his tongue into her while Kelly pounded up and down on him. All three came together, Helen’s pussy juices nearly making him choke, as he filled Kelly’s pussy with his spunk.

During the next two hours, Chris took both his sisters, and enjoyed every minute of it. Afterwards, both girls agreed that this was to be a one off, but he actually met up with both of them, separately for further sex sessions, and after selecting the tamer pictures, actually passed the assignment. Eventually passing the course, before becoming a photographer for a top fashion magazine. Eventually, Chris married, but still met each of his sisters on occasion to fulfil their incestuous desires.

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