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College Love Meets Cuckold Family Ch. 02

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She held out her hand and I grabbed it. She walked me toward a different door. Mr. Anderson was still huddled over. He hadn’t moved the entire time. When we got to the door I looked and saw that on the other side of the room it looked like Mrs. Anderson was bent over a couch and Mr. Johnson was pumping her hard from behind.

We went out the door and up some stairs. I just followed behind Jenna, both of us nude. We went into a door into what appeared to be Jenna’s room. We sat down on the bed. Jenna must have seen the look of confusion on my face.

“Ok, let me speak,” Jenna said. “I know you must be very confused right now. But let’s just say that the Anderson life is somewhat…complicated.”

“Complicated!?” I said loudly.

“Please,” she said, “Let me finish. You see, my parents love each other very much. They always have. There is nothing my father wouldn’t do for my mother, please believe me.” She paused and took in a breath. “It’s just that although they have a wonderful marriage, they really do, my mother’s body belongs to another man…”

“Mr. Johnson?” I answered still very confused.

“Exactly,” Jenna said nervously, “And it’s more than that. Because Mr. Johnson owns my mother’s body, by extension his son owns mine…”

I must have looked absolutely shocked, because Jenna stopped so I could absorb what she was telling me.

“What?!” I answered.

“I know, I wanted to tell you earlier,” Jenna said passionately, “But I was so worried as to what you would think!” She looked right in my eyes, “Look at me…look at me. I love you darling. I really do! You are the greatest guy I have ever met. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And I think you feel the same way, or I wouldn’t have shown this too you.”

I looked down, “Umm… I don’t know…”

“You have my heart,” Jenna said somewhat desperately, “You will always have my heart…so long as you accept the fact that Jake has my body…”

We sat there in silence a little. It was a very strange moment in my life. I really did love her. She was my everything. But, could two people really live like this?

I took a deep breath and looked at Jenna. “Jenna,” I said, “I really do love you. I would marry you. But how on earth can this…”

“Listen,” she interrupted, “My parents are two of the greatest people on earth. They loved me very much my whole life. I know they will be together forever. It’s just that they live a little differently than most people. But, trust me, the love they have is real.” She paused before saying, “And I know what we have is real too. Please, for me, can we make this work?”

I looked at Jenna. She looked lovely. I really did love her. I thought to myself for a moment. Then, like a İstanbul Escort weight had been lifted I decided.

“Yes Jenna,” I answered, “I would do anything for you. You know that. And if this is what it takes to be with you…then so be it!”

Jenna smiled excitedly and we hugged in joy. “I’m so happy! I just knew you were the one.” She jumped up and went over to her dresser. She got out a pink little plastic contraption. She hopped up onto the bed with me.

“Lean back honey,” she said softly. I did so and my shrunken penis was exposed on my shaven body. Jenna like me shaven so I did so. She grabbed my penis with two fingers. “This is your new little piece of jewelry,” Jenna said.

“What is it?” I asked.

“This is part of our marriage vow,” she answered, “It’s your cock-cage. Jake needs to know that I am true to him. This is the only way to insure it.” With her two fingers she placed the cage on my dick and closed it tight. It sure was tight. She pulled out a little lock and put it through the loop. She paused and looked right into my eyes. “I love you honey,” she said.

“I love you too,” I replied.


The lock went into place and my cock-cage was securely on. I looked down at my little guy all tied up in its pink prison. It looked very feminine and feeble. Jenna just smiled at me and gave me a big hug.

Just then there was a knock and the door. “Come in,” Jenna said.

Mrs. Anderson, in just a thong and a bra, popped her head in the door. “Is it on?” she asked.

“Yes!” Jenna answered. “I told you I had met the one!”

“Oh honey,” Mrs. Anderson, “You don’t know how happy I am! You two are very lucky people!” She looked at me, “Well, you weren’t lying when you said that you would do anything for my daughter. I’m so glad that Jenna can trust you. You two will have a wonderful life together!”

Jenna pulled me to her and gave me a big kiss. “Ok let’s go,” Mrs. Anderson said. “He has to meet the men.”

Jenna hopped off the bed and I followed behind her. The two of us were naked as we walked behind Mrs. Anderson. We walked out the double doors into the pool area. On the far side of the pool, Jake and Mr. Johnson were sitting in lounge chairs drinking beers and smoking cigarettes. They watched us as we walked up to them.

When we got close Mrs. Anderson went over to Mr. Johnson and sat down on his lap. Jenna and I stood there nude holding hands. Jake’s long, thick cock was laying against his leg. Suddenly, I got extremely terrified. If it wasn’t for my loving girlfriend, I would have run out of there immediately.

Jenna handed Jake my cock-cage key.

Jake looked right at my pink cock-cage. “Great,” he said, “That little fucking nub is Bayan Escort tied up tight!” He and Mr. Johnson laughed. Mrs. Anderson and Jenna just gave big smiles.

Jake looked right at me. “So bitch,” he spoke with a commanding tone, “You know Jenna’s mine right?”

His presence was extremely self-assured. The guy was ripped, and I had definitely not forgotten what he did professionally. I tried to be brave however, “Well, she’s uh… she’s my girlfriend…”

Everyone there let out a collective sigh. Jenna gripped my hand tighter and whispered in my ear, “Honey please don’t…”

Jake addressed my girlfriend, “I thought that this bitch was trained?”

“He’s new to this Daddy,” she said somewhat meekly, “Please be patient with him.”

“Fuck that!” Jake said rising from his chair. As he approached me and got right in my face I could feel a hole in the pit of my stomach. This was an Alpha staring down his prey. He glared right into my eyes. “I don’t give a shit what you call her boy. Jenna is my slut. I will fuck her and use her when and where I want. You understand that right?”

I hesitated a bit. “Right?!” he bellowed. For some strange reason, perhaps a combination of dwindling pride and intense fear, I lunged at him. Big mistake.

“Honey no!” Jenna cried out in fear.

Jake for his part simply enacted a backhand slap across my face that instantly dropped me on my knees at his feet. I was huddled in a puddle as Jenna dropped down beside me as I cowered below the Alpha’s presence.

She consoled me as best she could, “Honey, please stop. Jake is right. We discussed this.”

“Do the right thing honey,” Mrs. Anderson said from Mr. Johnson’s lap.

I pulled myself together and looked up at the adonis looming over me. He leered down at me in contempt with a smug look of earned superiority. “Do you understand now boy?” He mocked.

There was no point in resisting. I lowered my head in submission and nodded.

“Well prove it,” he said, “Get your bitch ass up and plant a big, fat kiss on my cock. I want you to thank it for fucking Jenna.”

“What?” I somehow whimpered.

“Honey please don’t!” Jenna squeeze me tighter in solidarity.

“But… I’m not, I’m not gay…” I managed to say.

“What your really aren’t a man, are you son?” Mr. Johnson spoke up for the first time. He indicated to my newly attached cock-cage. Drawing attention to my new pink fixture, everyone seemed to find that argument wholly compelling.

I shook my head ‘no’ in defeat and acceptance.

“Well then, get on with it boy,” Jake commanded.

Something in me gave way to utter submission. I was naked on my knees cowering at the man who had been and would be fucking Eskort the love of my life for the foreseeable future. My tiny cock was tied and I was agreeing to the entire arrangement. It just made sense to surrender to the better male.

“Do it for us honey,” Jenna said sweetly holding me tight.

All my submissive instincts kick into high gear. I looked up at his cock. The cock that had and would be giving my love so much pleasure. Suddenly, I looked at with almost a sense of awe.

His cock was like half-way to his knee. I slowly raised myself to the big head. Everyone was watching me. I got really close to this dominant male and placed my lips on this huge cock-head. I gave it a sincere kiss.

“What do you tell it?” Jake said mockingly.

“Um…” I stammered, “Thank you for fucking Jenna like I know she needs.”

Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Anderson applauded in delight.

“Well just so you understand that you are worthless,” Jake said, “This family has a totem pole and you are coming and staying at the dead bottom. Got it??”

With lowered eyes I nodded again.

“Oh, and one last thing,” Jake said, “Whenever I decide that my seed is going to impregnate Jenna, your bitch-ass is going to raise the child. That is something else we will eventually add to your house-duties. You got that boy?”

Again, I nodded in submission.

“Good fucking job bitch,” Jake said smugly. “Now get the fuck out of here!”

Jenna motioned for me to come with her. “Take him with the other bitch!” Mr. Johnson yelled.

“So long cuckold!” Jake yelled before they all broke out in laughter.

“I’m so proud of you! I know that must have been tough, but you did it!” Jenna said to me as we walked off naked. I felt extremely emasculated having had kissed another man’s cock in front of my girlfriend and her mom. My head was swimming in submissive thoughts.

Jenna took me into one of the upper hallway. Both her and her parent’s rooms were within earshot. There was a little foyer there. Again I saw Mr. Anderson. He was collared and handcuffed and in the same position I had seen him before. Again he didn’t move. But, this time I could clearly see that he was wearing a cock-cage too.

“Turn around,” she said.

I listened and she put handcuffs on me. Jenna pulled out a collar and fit it around my neck. She pulled the attached chain so I had to go down onto the ground with my face between my knees. She then tied the chain to a metal pylon that seemed to be there for just that purpose. I was in a tucked up position with my head between my knees, just like Mr. Anderson. My bare ass was sticking up behind me.

“Don’t worry honey,” Jenna said to me, “I’ll be back. Just know that I am so proud of you and I know that we will have a wonderful life together.” She started to walk off. She turned one last time to me, “I love you honey!” With that she walked off and out of sight leaving me chained, cuckolded, helpless, and with my nub tied tight.

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