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College Guy Forced by an Older Man

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The week went by fast and it was Wednesday again and I had a stressful day at college and needed to relive some stress by playing some sport. Luckily today was soccer practice and so I went to my dorm and changed into my soccer clothes and went to the local park. Practice was tough and I was exhausted the coach pushed us hard as we had a game on Saturday and he wanted to win. It was getting dark when practice finally finished and everyone started to leave a buddy and I stayed for a bit for a bit of 1 on 1 and later he went home. I needed the bathroom and decided to go before I started walking back to my dorm.

I went to the public bathroom to relieve myself, as I went in, there was a tall guy at the urinal he looked old, around 40 with a bulky body build and short black with some gray hair. I walked past to go to a cubicle and as I did I stared at him as his ass was exposed and I caught a glimpse of his cock. He turns around and looks at me and asks what I’m looking at, I look away and say nothing and go into a cubicle. I close the door but the lock is broken I try to push it shut as I relieve myself. As doing so I hear the man walking around the bathroom. I wondered what he was doing as I didn’t hear him turn a tap on to wash his hands or go out the door. I finish and flush the toilet, I then hear him outside the cubicle and as I open the door he pushes his way in and puts his hand over my mouth, I can smell and taste a faint of urine on his hand. Under his breath he says “I’m going to teach you what happens to boys when they look at a man the way you did”. I was terrified, I wanted to scream, I wanted to run away but I didn’t know what to do or what was going to happen.

He held his hand over my mouth and pushed a piece of cloth into my mouth and pinned me against the wall. With his other hand he roughly pulled down my shorts and after a brief struggle he had his pants down too. I felt his cock rub against my leg it is hard and large. He whispers in my ear and asks me if I’m turned on. He didn’t need an answer gaziantep escort my cock was harder than it has ever been. He smiles and lets out a mischievous giggle. He then forces me to turn around to face the wall; I panicked as I realized what was going to happen. I felt so vulnerable and weak, I was unprepared. I was a virgin. I didn’t want his, but now I am here, with a man pinned against a wall in a public bathroom I let out a sob.

I feel a hand running up my thigh and moving up over my ass, he grabs in firmly and rubs it with he course hands, I feel a finger sliding in between my cheeks, I gasp as he touches my virgin asshole and try’s to push his finger in, but there is too much resistance. He whispers in my ear to relax and to push out otherwise it will hurt a lot more than it needs to. In fear I do what he says and I feel the finger slowing sink into my hole, tears form at my eyes as his finger begins to move around and in and out. He pulls out and puts the finger by my mouth he removes the cloth and tells me to get his finger as wet as possible, I take it in my mouth and try to get as much saliva as I can onto it. He then takes it from my mouth and puts the cloth back in, dripping in saliva he places his finger back at the entrance to my hole pushes back into my asshole. Thankfully this time it doesn’t feel so bad and there is a lot less resistance.

He moves it around in a circular motion I guess to loosen me up, I tremble at the thought of having him put his cock inside of me. After a while the finger is removed and a few seconds of scuffling around and it is time. He bends me over and pushes my shoulders down, my ass cheeks spread wide and my hole dripping with saliva is in full view of him. I lower my head and close my eyes and hop it is over soon, I feel the head of his cock running up and down my ass crack until it stops at my entrance, with a bit of pressure the cock head pops into my hole. I felt pain as I stretched around him; I try to spread my ass cheeks to take the pain away and to make it more comfortable. He withdraws his cock and I sigh.

I feel him spit on my ass and hear him spit again on his hand and rubs his cock in his saliva. Again I feel the head pop into my ass easier this time, he leans forward and whispers to me “get ready”. And with that he thrusts hard burying his cock inside me and holds there. My scream is muffled by the cloth in my mouth and tears stream down my cheek, I adjust myself and place my hands on the wall. Slowly I feel him withdraw his cock, until only the head is in and again he thrust it back in. Again he does this several times and as he does the pain slowly fades. He then grabs my hips with his large hands and starts to move faster, as the speed picks up the slapping sound of flesh fills the room.

I feel his balls slap against my body and I feel my erection, still as hard as a rock. He is pounding into me with a perfect rhythm a fast pace with long deep thrusts. I’m feeling a mix of emotions, disgusted, scared, ashamed and……pleasure?. I’m feel sensations I have never felt before, my cock is throbbing and leaking, never have I had so much pre cum drip out of my cock. I hear him starting to breathe heavily and I look at him over my shoulder, he has removed his shirt revealing his large hairy chest and his face is red and sweating, his eyes are closed and I hear him grunting and moaning. I see the pleasure in his face and I let out a long lingering moan as I realize I am the cause of that pleasure. I drop my head down again and feel his long hard cock drive deep into me, the feeling of being so full and in a place that is supposed to be so wrong makes me moan louder. His thrusting rhythm is still at a high rate I’m surprised he doesn’t become exhausted. He grab my hips harder and adjusts his cock it must be at a different angle now as I suddenly feel very different, my cock grows harder and a tingling sensation flows around my groin. I shiver and my eyes open wide. He grunts, “You like that boy?” I look over my shoulder to see him grinning as he continues to fuck me relentlessly.

I give in, and push back into him with each stroke and he groans loader, he picks up the pace and we are now fucking each other. After a passionate fifteen minutes I feel he is close to cumming, and he starts to rub my back and caress my ass, a hand find its way to my cock and I feel a warm gentle hand wrap around my hard cock. He begins to pump it up and down I groan as the immense pleasure from being stimulated in so many ways. I push back faster onto him as he thrusts harder and faster into me, suddenly I feel a wave of pleasure in my groin, my balls tighten and my cock throbs as I pump load after load of cum onto his hand and onto floor. He pumps harder into me as my orgasm rushes through my body.

My ass tightens and I hear him gasp, it clamps and throbs around his cock, almost forcing him out of my warm wet hole, but he pushes back hard and fast. I feel pain, I feel immense pleasure I groan again as I bring him the ultimate pleasure. I shiver again and I feel light headed, he takes two deeper thrusts and moans loudly as he grips my hips hard and pulls me into him. I feel his cock grow and throb deep inside me and know he is cumming; he holds me close to him and then relaxes. My legs feel weak and he holds me still, his cock becomes limp and exits my hole followed by a steady stream of his warm cum. He lets go of me and I fall to the floor into the now wet floor from our cum, I look up at him and he removes the cloth from my mouth and tells me to lick him clean I grab his cock and close my mouth around it, this is the firs time I have done this I just wish I could do it properly, I do as I’m told and clean him up.

He then pulls his pants up and as he buckles his belt he smiles and says, “I’ll see you around,” and leaves. I slowly find the strength to stand up and pull my shorts back up, I feel a wet patch form as his cum still drips out of me and I smile. I wash my face in the sink, straighten up my clothes and walk out of the bathroom. I wonder if I should ever go to soccer practice again, as I walk back to my dorm going over in my head what happened.

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