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College Girlfriend Cheats Ch. 02

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For a while, things were good with Jimmy. We had moved in together, and everything was great between us. The events described in my last story became pretty commonplace. I can’t even count the number of times Jimmy ate me out at a party to get my cunt ready for somebody else.

Things got complicated real soon when Jimmy asked me to marry him!

I told him I really did not know about that, and I felt like a free spirit who wanted to fuck around more before settling down with any one guy. He told me he was OK with my fucking around, but we are not going to find anyone else that we are happier with.

This made sense to me. I was almost convinced, but then I realized I did not know if Jimmy was going to keep accepting my fucking around. Maybe after we were married he would start to pressure me to be faithful.

I told him that I’d think about it over the course of the next few months. I also told him I was going to use these few months to test him. I was going to start cheating on him a lot more, and if he could take it without complaining, I knew we would be meant for each other.

He claimed to have no problem with this.

The first thing I did was to set up a profile on a dating site. I made Jimmy help me set it up. He also took some nice pictures of me; my profile pic showed quite a bit of cleavage!

Naturally lots of guys messaged me, and I went out on lots of dates.

I found way to include Jimmy in all this. Whenever I would go on a date, Jimmy would move into the guest room. We set up a lot of hidden cameras in the living room and bedroom, so that Jimmy could watch me getting it on live.

Usually, having invited the guy to our house, I would excuse myself before the sex under the pretext of freshening up, and then pop into Jimmy’s room to have him eat me out. Once I had orgasmed and was nice and slippery, I would go have sex with my date. After my date had left, it would be time for seconds with Jimmy.

It was very erotic to ride Jimmy right after he jacked off watching me and another guy. I also enjoyed telling him details about our date; how far I allowed Nevşehir Escort the guy to go during dinner and the movie, and, naturally, how his cock felt when it was inside of me.

Jimmy passed his test with flying colors; he didn’t complain once. Even after I fucked a different guy every day for two weeks, he did not complain. Of course, I did give him special treatment. I made all the guys wear condoms; Jimmy was the only one I let shoot into me without a rubber.

I decide to take a different approach next. Jimmy seemed to be pretty turned on by the idea of me fucking so many guys. I decided to see if he was so cool about it if I consistently got it on with the same guy.

I picked one of the guys I had fucked the previous couple of weeks. I made sure to bring him home every day for sex for two weeks. I even introduced a lot of dirty talk that I knew would piss Jimmy off. I regularly told this guy I loved him during sex. I also had a habit of screaming that I wanted to have his babies.

Naturally I told Jimmy it was all for show.

I could tell Jimmy was riled up by all this, but he said nothing. I was very satisfied with how well he was passing the tests I was setting for him.

My next step was to start having sex with guys Jimmy knew. This felt like crossing a line, and I was very eager to see how Jimmy would handle it.

The first guy I did was an instructor for a course Jimmy and I were taking. We weren’t doing too well; both of us were getting Cs. It was not much work to convince this guy to give both me and Jimmy A+ if I let him fuck me.

So pretty soon I was getting pounded by our instructor in the living room while Jimmy was watching it from his room, as usual. Our instructor was not very good, to be frank; his penis size was below average. On the plus side, he did run off at the mouth during sex, calling me dirty names every few seconds: whore, slut, fuck toy, prostitute.

It felt pretty exciting to walk in to his class the next day holding hands with Jimmy. I felt like such a slut!

I then went through a few more guys I knew Jimmy was friends Nevşehir Escort Bayan with. His roommate from the previous year. A couple of high school friends. A teammate from the college basketball team Jimmy played on.

Next, I started going to all of Jimmy’s games next. I told him that if our team lost, I would try to fuck one of the star players from the opposing team. Sure enough, after every loss I’d be home with a basketball player I’d pick up during one of the post-games parties. “You played so well,” I’d tell him as I was riding him, “so much better than my boyfriend who played for out team. Would you like to be my new boyfriend?”

Obviously I’d never return their calls afterwards, but it was exciting to fuck with Jimmy’s mind like that.

A few months of this had passed and Jimmy seemed pretty accepting. I decided on one final test; something that would cross a few more lines.

I wanted to see if he would still be OK with my regularly fucking someone who lived with us.

I first suggested that we rent out one of the spare rooms in our apartment for the summer to make some extra cash. I think Jimmy suspected what my plan was, but he never said anything. I made sure that a nice-looking buff guy named Chad ended up being our renter.

I started fucking Chad the day he moved in.

Basically, I just started flirting with him right in front of Jimmy. Pretty soon, the two of us were making out on the couch while Jimmy sulked and watched us. One thing lead to another, and I was soon riding Chad’s cock while Jimmy watched us and wanked off.

The whole summer I was a slut for Chad. We had really nice sexual chemistry, and we fucked two times every day. By contrast, I only made love to Jimmy once a day, and not every day.

I would be cruel to Jimmy. Sometimes I let him watch, and sometimes I told him to leave the room. I wanted him to wank off as he listened to our lovemaking. When I did let him watch, both me and Chad would talk to him during the sex.

“I love how your girlfriend is tight, bro” Chad would say. “I don’t know how given how Escort Nevşehir many men she has fucked.”

“I could never date such a slut,” Chad also liked to say, “but good for you that you get off on watching your woman.”

As for me, I liked to make Jimmy say things he did not want to say. I would tell him I wouldn’t let him watch us unless he thanked Chad for fucking me. Sometimes he would leave, and sometimes he would sigh and thank Chad.

Other times I would make him take a more active role. I would make Jimmy undress me in front of Chad and lube me up before I would let Chad pound me.

Sometimes I would make Jimmy sleep in the guest room while me and Chad fell asleep together.

Sometimes I felt bad about doing all this to Jimmy who I loved but the fact is that when I did have sex with him he was more horny than ever. So he must have been enjoying it somewhat.

Jimmy knew that I would never say no to anything Chad asked. I was a total whore for him, and I was ready to fuck him anytime he wanted. This created some exciting situations sometimes. For example, I would be sucking Jimmy or riding his cock when Chad would come in and demand some sex. Naturally, I would leave Jimmy and take care of Chad first.

Chad also loved to fuck me while I was on the phone. Sometimes I would be talking to one of my girlfriends or to my parents when Chad would just come up to me and start finger-banging me. When I was wet enough, he would just slide his cock inside of me.

He loved to do it when I was talking to Jimmy on the phone. Then he would make me describe to Jimmy everything that was happening.

Finally, the summer was over. It was August 31st, Chad’s last day here. Of course, Chad was quite happy with our arrangement and wanted to live with us indefinitely, but I said no. My test for Jimmy was over, and he had passed with flying colors.

I decided to tell Jimmy in my own way. I told both of them that I would have a last fuck – for old times sake – with Chad and it would be very special and I wanted Jimmy to watch.

This time I let Jimmy participate. I was bent over a chair, getting fucked from behind by Chad, and making out with Jimmy at the same time. I was wanking Jimmy’s dick with my hands. As Jimmy was coming – and as Chad was shooting a load inside of me for the second time – I said to Jimmy, “Yes, I will marry you.”

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