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College Awakening

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Big Tits

Anne: A True Love Story

It was an exciting, stressful and freeing experience. Moving out of the house and into a giant public university campus had Percy’s head reeling. He had moved in, his parents had left and he had the tiny, cinder block room to himself; at least for the time being. It was the 80’s and he had his stereo speaker set up in the window blasting Ministry’s “Every Day is Halloween”. This attracted several new faces to his room. He quickly started making acquaintances. It was only 11:30am and he felt gassed. Looking across the courtyard, to the other dorm wing, he could see people moving in, hugging parents good-bye, hugging new roommates and other students sitting on their beds with hands covering faces.

In one room a petite, curly blond woman was hanging a British flag in the window. He called out, “Hey, Limey!!” Then he recalled it wasn’t considered a compliment. He saw the woman look around. In a stroke of genius, he pulled out a sheet board and wrote, “It was me!” He placed it in his widow. She saw it and pointed at him. She waved. He waved back. She disappeared and a few minutes later posted

her own message.

“That’s not nice, you know.” She stood hands on hips.

“I’m sorry,” Percy replied. Flipping it over he wrote and displayed, “Uncivil American,” and shrugged. She laughed. He got another sheet and wrote, “Meet in the lobby?” She nodded and they both left.

When he saw her he was impressed. She was tiny but had a spring in her step, literally. Her shoulder length curly hair bounced with each step. She had big, blue eyes, thin face, pointy chin and a sharp nose. She was thin but when she turned in the lobby, searching for him, he noticed her bottom was full and round. He jogged up to her and said, “Hi, I’m really sorry. I totally forgot it was an insult. I’m Percy.”

“Hi! I’m Anne. And yes, that is an insult. But I kind of asked for it putting up my flag,” she said in a sharp British accent. It wasn’t an upper crust accent but certainly wasn’t cockney. He was hooked. Like most Americans, Percy found the British accent alluring. He decided to take a chance.

“You wouldn’t happen to be from Southern England, would you?”

“Hah!” She replied. “How did you know? I’m from Southampton.”

“It’s a dialect thing that I have. No, no, I just guessed,” She threw her right fist out and playfully punched him in the left shoulder.

“Look,” Percy said, “I want to hang but I have to finish unpacking and I haven’t met my roommate yet. Can we meet for dinner? They open at 5. How about 5:30?”

“Percy, I would love that but my roomie, Christina, and I already made plans. How about after, like 8?”

“OK, dat…deal!” stammered Percy.

At 3pm Percy’s roommate arrived. He was a giant. Jerry was at least 6′ 9″ and while not fat, he was stout. His parents were tiny. Percy thought to himself, “Did they find him in the forest?”

Introductions were made and after Jerry’s parents left it was time for the floor meeting. All 60 residents of his floor were present. Some were clearly nerds; some were average and a few were Goths.

They represented all races and nationalities. It was like the UN. Their RA was a Junior; his name was Rick. He was African-American, studying Business. He was very likable and easy going. They played ice-breakers and by the end of the meeting several groups of men were gathering and chatting. Then someone pulled out a pack of cards and a giant game of Hearts broke out. Percy watched and tried to learn. He was making a lot of new friends. He didn’t understand the game at all but that was fine because a lot of guys weren’t playing and just hung out and watched. What Percy didn’t know was that one of the residents would become a best friend but this friend would also harbor a giant crush on Percy.

Percy heard someone say, “I’m hungry. What time is it?” It was almost 6pm. Everyone else agreed it was time to eat. Everyone in the lounge got up in unison and headed to the cafeteria. It was ridiculous, as 25-30 guys headed to the cafeteria together. There were no tables to seat them all, so they merged three tables together. Percy saw Anne and Christina across the room and raced over.

“Hi, I’m Percy,” he said to Christina.

“Hi! I have heard of you,” Smiled Christina. She was taller than Percy and Anne, maybe 5’9″ and African-American. She was beautiful. Her skin was flawless and she had big brown eyes. When she smiled it was infectious. You couldn’t help but smile with her. Her body was thick. She had been a track and weight lifting athlete in High School. She was studying biology. But what caught Percy’s, and everyone’s eyes, was her body. She had huge breasts and an ass for days. When she giggled, her breasts jiggled. Percy was in awe. As they fell silent, he caught himself staring. He came back to the moment and looked at Anne; who had also caught him staring at Christina. She observed Percy, sitting back in her chair with her arms crossed.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked. Christina giggled and he looked up to the ceiling.

“Guys, you met, like a couple hours ago, chill,” said Christina. Anne started to laugh and Percy started to breathe again.

Anne said, “I guess I can’t blame him. I Anadolu Yakası Escort mean, I even keep looking at those big, beautiful globes,” she said while making a circular motion with both hands in the air.

Christina put her fork down, sat back and said, “Tell me more about that.” Percy stood there motionless.

“Well,” Anne said, “Your body is amazing, both as you approach and walk away.” She blushed and looked at her plate.

Christina looked at Percy. “Boy, you may want to sit this one out or just sit down because tiny Percy is appearing at the table.” She looked at his waist and back at his eyes.

“I’ll talk to you later,” said Percy. He quickly sat back with his floor mates. Percy would think of several images the next few nights. Anne nude, fucking Anne, Christina nude, Christina’s giant tits, fucking Christina and he’d stroke his cock at night. But he never jacked off because he was now sharing a room and his roommate, who was literally four feet away. There was no privacy.

The next four days was as whirlwind of orientation activity for the First Year’s and Transfers. Learning the layout of the giant Land Grant University, getting supplies and books, learning the history, myths and

traditions, took up all their time. But when they had any free time, Percy and Anne were together. They attended their first frat party together, got drunk together, shared their first kiss in the middle of the Quadrangle. Whenever they walked anywhere together, it was hand in hand. The real excitement of attending classes was 48 hours away. They were taking a stroll, hands joined, around campus that afternoon. There was no destination, they were just being together.

“Percy,” said Anne “I love being with you. These past few days have been wonderful. But I’ve broken two of the three rules my parents set for me. They were, ‘No boys, no drinking and no drugs!’ Come Monday, I can’t spend so much time with you. You understand, right?”

“Yeah, I get it. I do,” said Percy. “I was just hoping that as we settle into our classes and homework routine, we can keep finding time for each other. But I know we’re here to study.”

Anne stopped walking and stood in front of Percy. “How about we start studying tonight? I will have the room all to myself. Please spend the night with me.” Anne put her face in his chest as she hugged him. He could feel her breathing increase and then a small muffled voice said, “I can’t believe I just did that. If my mother knew she’d wring my neck.”

Percy felt his cock responding to her hug, as she pressed her body against his body. His dick sprung when his mind realized she was asking him to have sex with her. No one had ever asked him to

do that. It just kind of happened and he was usually the one to initiate sex. His final thought was, “College is great!!!”

He looked down at Anne, “Are you sure?” He asked. She quickly looked up at him, her brows furrowed, looking confused and at the same time….angry? “I want to spend the night with you!” He leaned down and kissed her forehead and hugged her tighter. “Thank you for the invitation.”

When they arrived back to the dorm, it was almost 6pm. “I’m not really hungry. I’m going to go get ready. Can you be over by 8pm?” Anne asked.

“Anytime you want, I’ll be there,” said Percy. She turned right to head to her wing and her turned left, to go back out of the dorm and pick up condoms at the student health center.

Having acquired his condom supply, showered and shaved, Percy called Anne before walking over to her wing. She met him at the security door and they sheepishly walked to her room. Percy felt everyone looking at them and felt they knew they were going to have sex. But in most instances, that’s what any couple would be doing. “So, where’s Christina going to be? Should I be out by a certain time?” Percy asked as they entered Anne’s room.

“She is the one who offered to be out because she met someone and they are also spending the night together; at HER place!” Anne stressed the part about it being another woman.

“You’re roommate is a lesbian?” Percy asked

“AHA!” exclaimed Anne “She’s Bi. But I get the feeling she’s open to anyone she finds attractive. What I very much like about her is that she’s so nice and she isn’t a letch. I don’t feel like she’s ogling me or

making me feel like I’m prey. We’re going to be great friends. And look, here we are having privacy.” Anne pronounced the last word like, “Prih-vaaa-see.”

Percy hugged Anne and said, “Yes we are,” and kissed her on the mouth. As she returned the kiss, they joined tongues and slowly swirled them together. His hands reached down and cradled her bottom and his erection was instant. Anne broke the kiss and looked down at his bulge.

“Oh, that was fast!” Then she looked to her right, “Oh shit! The curtains, close the curtains!”

“We’re not putting on a show?” Percy asked as he closed the curtains. Anne stuck her tongue out at him and then walked over to turn off the overhead light. “Can we have just a little bit of light? I want to see you.” Anne walked to her desk, which was at the end of her bed and switched on her desk lamp. “Can you point it over this way?” Percy Kadıköy Escort asked.

As Anne adjusted the light, she asked Percy, “Would you like the sheets to be satin too?” Percy began to answer when Anne sighed and commanded, “Just sit on the bed.” Percy sat on the side of the bed and his erection was now tenting his sweat pants. A clear pattern of moisture was evident on the material. Anne noticed and said, “Ooooo, what’s that?” She reached out to touch his cock. Percy felt embarrassed and tried to block her hand but she swatted his hand away and said, “Ah-Aa! Little Percy is telling me something.” The moisture pattern began to spread and liquid was starting to seep through the material. Anne’s index finger found the spot and she lightly circled the area. “Percy, it’s so wet,” Anne said. She then took her finger and sucked it in her mouth. Percy shuddered and squeezed his Kegels. More fluid escaped his engorged cock. He reached for Anne who quickly stepped away. “If you want to see me, just watch,” she said.

Anne wasn’t wearing anything sexy, just her college hoodie and black leggings. But she stood back and started to rub her vaginal area through the leggings. Percy reached for his aching cock, “No,” said Anne “Leave Little Percy alone. I want him leaking and begging for me.” She now pulled both arms out of their sleeves and he could tell she was caressing her tits. Then her right hand dropped into her leggings and it made the pants bulge. She was working her clit. Percy’s sweats now had a half dollar sized wet spot. “Ohhhhh Percy!” she moaned. She used her left hand to push the hoodie up over her head and for the first time, Percy laid eyes on her bare breasts. She hadn’t been wearing a bra. They were small, barely a B cup, but she had nice round areolas, a shaded pink color and nipples that popped from her excitement. He kept squeezing his Kegels and he felt he might actually come from just watching her. She used both hands to slowly push her leggings down. As she pulled them down, she turned her back to him, slightly and bent at the waist. He could see the pale, skin of her ass and her crack. Looking up he could see her underboob. He let out a sigh and moan. His pants displayed a streak of moisture that traced the path of his growing erection. Percy slowly pumped his hips, causing the wet head of his cock to rub against the fabric.

The leggings were off and on the floor. Anne stepped up to Percy and bent over to pull him to his feet. He reached out and cupped her breasts while kissing her hard and pushing his tongue in her mouth. It was met by her tongue with force. She pulled his pants down, catching his rigidity against the waistband. She reached in and pulled his shaft out of his sweats; she milked it slowly to bring up a gush of precum. She extended her tongue to the bubble of precum and as she licked it off the helmet she looked up into his eyes. She lifted her tongue off his dick and let the precum make a long unbroken string of fluid from the tip of her tongue to his shaft. She then lowered her face and sucked his turgid member as deep as she could take it. Just as he thought she was as far as she could go, Anne shook her head slowly as if to allow her to deep throat him as much as she could. “HooooooGod!” Percy said as he involuntarily looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes. She muffled a cough or a gag and then slowly raised her mouth up to the tip of his pole and the slowly repeated the process. She placed her right hand on the base of his shaft and stroked him as she bobbed up and down, while cupping and squeezing his balls. Percy’s breathing was ragged and increasing in rate, “You’re going to make me cum, YER GONNA MAKE ME CUM!” he said louder. Anne pulled her mouth off his cock and stood up, smiling.

“Get undressed and lie down. I want to ride your face. I’ve never done that before,” she said. Percy obliged. Her inner thighs straddled his face and they felt so smooth.

As she lowered herself, Percy said, “Wait, stop. I want to look at that beautiful pussy.” Anne giggled. Percy reached up from behind her body and moved his hands between her thighs. His hands felt everything between her legs near her engorged labia was wet. Her labia were shiny and the scent of her fluid was intoxicating. He separated her lips to find her completely soaked and swollen. Her clitoral hood was bulging. He moved his hands to her ass and pulled her to his face. His mouth was already open, tongue extended and entering her as her pussy landed. Anne was rocking her hips back and forth drenching his chin up to his nose in her wetness. She felt how smooth his face was from shaving her pussy and his shaving his face. It felt amazing. His tongue flicked around her labia, to her vaginal opening and then to her clit as she rocked back and forth. She finally settled and left her clit on his tongue and she grasped his shoulders, her head down, eyes closed to maximize the feeling. He licked fast and consistently in and up/down lapping motion. He felt her squeeze his arms, her knees clenched his head and her breathing was so fast she wheezed a little and then she…..jumped off his face.

“I can’t! I can’t! I can’t!” she said as she laid down next to him. She was panting İstanbul Escort hard; her face was flush and her cheeks were redder than the rest of her face.

“What happened? What can’t you do?” Percy asked with worried look. “Are you still dating someone? Why’d you stop?”

“No, that’s just it; I can’t cum. I’ve never had an orgasm. Never!” Anne said matter of factly. Percy’s erection imploded. “Oh..tsk, tsk, look at Little Percy,” said Anne.

“Did I do something wrong?” inquired Percy. His erection was completely gone.

“No,” Anne giggled, “You didn’t do anything wrong. I just can’t make that final move. It’s just too overwhelming. I feel like I’ll lose total control. I also feel like I am almost passing out. It’s like, fifty percent feeling great and fifty percent feeling like I’m going to pop a vessel in me head. I’m scared to push it further. I do feel like I might die.” The way she talked about it; Percy understood this wasn’t new. The sting of feeling like he’s an incompetent lover dissipated. “It, uh, may sound insulting, but it has nothing to do with you. I can’t even masturbate to completion. I just get to that point and have to stop. Everything feels so good and then I can’t finish. I stop.” By now they were side by side, her head resting on his chest, his right arm around her. She languidly rubbed his chest with her right hand. “I probably should have told you before but how does one work that into a conversation? ‘There are so many cool buildings on campus. Oi, by the way, I can’t orgasm. Cheerio!” They both laughed.

She supported herself on her left elbow and looked at him. “You’re not mad, are you?”

“No, of course not,” said Percy “I just thought you still had a boyfriend somewhere and then I thought I messed up but now I don’t know what I can do for you. I just want to make you feel good.”

“And you do,” said Anne. “When I tell you to stop, just stop. If I jump off you or do something to break up the activity, just know it’s because I can’t take it anymore.”

“Ok,” said Percy with a pensive look on his face. Anne climbed onto him straddling his hips. She kissed him and started grinding her hips. Little Percy came to life and she quickly climbed off to stroke him to full rigidity.

“Where are the condoms?” Anne inquired. Percy pointed to his pants. She reached to the floor, searching his pockets. Then she pulled out a string of twelve. “I’ll keep these. You’ll only be fucking me, right?”

Percy laughed and said, “Of course!”

Anne unwrapped the condom and stroked his cock. When it was fully engorged, she placed the condom on his cock and unrolled it to the base of his shaft. She climbed back on, in Cowgirl, and guided his shaft in. “Ooooh…slowly, slowly,” she cooed. Percy felt her slit’s warmth steadily engulf his pole. He moaned and reached up to cup her breasts. He cradled them and used his thumbs to rub her nipples. Anne started to pump her hips up and down and when she increased the speed of humping, Percy started thrusting deep into her pussy. She leaned forward and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pinning her body to his and he started pumping his cock into her fast and deep. She broke the kiss and buried her face into his neck. He was slamming into her, making an audible slapping sound. Anne started groaning and let out small semi-shouts of pleasure. She started saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” over and over again in a high-pitched voice and it made him feel an orgasm was imminent. Suddenly Anne became rigid and she looked up with wild eyes and yelled, “Nooooo…AAAAAHHHHHHH!” and forced herself off his cock. She was panting and rolled side to side. Another orgasm avoided. Percy didn’t know what to think.

“I’m sorry, really,” Anne said as her panting subsided, “I’m so close and then I can’t.” After a few minutes, she laid on her back. “OK, come on. You need to cum and I want you to come in me,” quickly Anne added, “But wearing a condom!!”

Percy laughed and said, looking at his penis, “I need a little help to get back up.” Anne looked at him and spread her legs open. She started to slowly play with her pussy. Percy reached for a condom and opened a package. He stroked his cock and quickly got hard. He put the condom on and positioned himself between Anne’s legs. He slowly pushed into her pussy. Anne closed her eyes, while moaning, and bit her lower lip. Percy took her legs and put her feet up onto his shoulders and pumped his meat in at a steadily increasing speed. There was no holding back. He was in a race to shoot his load before Anne couldn’t take the stimulation. He leaned forward forcing the back of her knees onto his shoulders, her feet now dangling wide. He pounded into Anne in an almost punishing manner. His balls slapped against her ass. Anne grabbed and clutched the sheets while starting a high pitch moan and squeal. Her face contorted in a mix of pleasurable pain. “Aaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeee…aaaaaaahhhh…” She looked down to watch his meat pump her and she yelled, “Fuuuuuuuuuck!” and then Percy exploded, “Uuuuuuuunnnnnnnnggghhhhhhhh!…Yeah, fuck yeah!…AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” His thrusting lessened and his body quivered as he felt the orgasm flow over his body. He squeezed and squeezed his Kegels and felt his spurts of semen explode out his cock. Eventually he had nothing left and his erection began to wane. He let her legs back down off his shoulders and started kissing her neck and her face. He reached down and held the condom in place as he withdrew his softening boner.

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