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It was a cold and wet autumn day. I was happy to be able to spend the afternoon sitting inside, reading and drinking coffee. She walked in and sat down on the other side of the nearly empty cafe, against the wall, facing me. She lit a cigarette and gave the waiter her order, after which she reclined in her seat and propped her sinewy arm upon her other, cigarette in hand in a classical pose. Her eyes, set below her black Bettie Page bangs studied me from across the room. She raised her cigarette to her thin ruby lips and took a drag, giving me a wry smile as she coolly exhaled.

The waiter brought her coffee and she thanked him, then quickly returned her gaze to me. As she took another drag from her cigarette she slowly uncrossed and parted her legs, giving me a clear view of her panties. She drank from her cup, put out her cigarette and rested her hand upon her thigh. Slowly she began to pull on her hem, giving me an even better view of her silk panties. Her gaze now bore into me, her devilish grin enticing me. He dress was now pulled up nearly all the way, she moved her hand from her thigh to her crotch. She began to massage herself through her panties as she closed her eyes and threw her head back.

I got up and headed for the back of the cafe. She entered the washroom on my heels and locked the door behind her back, without ever turning away from me or averting her gaze. As she was doing so I stepped up to her and pinned her against the door, our lips met and she forced her tongue into my mouth. I reached up to massage her smallish breasts through the velvety material of her dress, likewise she began to massage my penis through the fabric of my pants. I moved to kissing her neck between the base of her ear and her clavicle, she moved her hand from my penis to my buttocks, pulling me closer into her as she began to grind her mons into my leg. Her dress was now up around her waist and my tented penis was rubbing up against her panty clad vagina. I grabbed her buttocks and lifted her off of the ground, her legs crossed behind me pulling me even closer into her.

We stayed locked in our embrace for several minutes. I pulled her ataköy escort dress down below her shoulders, sliding the strap of her bra out of the way at the same time. I began kissing her acromion, eventually moving to the area of her chest that lay just above her soft breasts. She increased the intensity with which she was grinding against me and bit into my shoulder as she orgasmed. After which she pushed me across the room.

She relocked her gaze upon me piercing me with her lustful eyes and wanton smile. I had nearly come and would have had she not done so. She slowly came toward me, she placed her hands upon my shoulders and pushed me back into the wall. She ran her hands down my chest to my groin and firmly massaged my member, cupping my scrotum with one hand. She moved her hands back up my chest and unbuttoned my shirt half way down, she pulled it down past my shoulders over my arms to restrain me and then continued to work her hands across my body.

She eventually returned her hands to my waist and undid my belt, pulled it off and carelessly threw it away behind her without averting her gaze. Then she unbuttoned my pants and ripped my zipper open, pulling my pants and underwear around my ankle freeing my penis in one swift move. She grasped it firmly but gently and began to massage it with her right hand as she again cupped my scrotum in her left.

She began kissing my bare chest and slowly worked her way up to my mouth, again she forced her tongue past my lips and ran coolly along my gumline. She massaged my penis until I almost reached orgasm, she quickly stopped and then backed away. Slowly she began to undo her dress, she preformed a strip tease for me pulling the dress down her shoulders and then letting it drop revealing her pale, beautiful body to me.

She moved back toward me and she began to remove my shirt completely while I freed my ankles from the constraints of my slacks. Her mouth began attacking mine again as my now free hands once again went to massaging her breasts. I deftly removed her bra and began to rub her erect nipples between my fingers. I moved my mouth down to one of her pristine bakırköy escort breasts and began to suckle on her nipple, wonderfully hard in contrast to the rest of her pillowy breast.

I moved one of my hands away from her breast and down her body, I grasped her firm buttocks and pulled her closer into me. I slowly worked my hand to the crevasse between her legs and felt her labia through her warm wet panties. I began to tug at the wet fabric, inching her panties down until they were grabbed by gravity from the curve of her hips. Without missing a beat she stepped out of them and began grinding her mons into my leg once again, the juices from her vagina began to cover my thigh and run down both of our legs. The air of the room was thick with the sweet smell of her arousal.

She then deftly moved her labia from my thigh to the base of my penis, coating it with her lubrication as it nestled between her lips. She began sliding up and down the length of my shaft, pulling me closer into her as she slid nearer to the base of my penis. Her soft breasts mashed against my chest, she began to manipulate her breasts so that her hard nipples came into contact with mine in a most erotic dance. My penis quickly became well lubricated by her wetness. Without warning she dug her nails into my shoulder and pulled me down to the floor.

As I fell on top of her the head of my penis slipped into her the wet folds of her vagina. I slid into her easily and was soon wholly engulfed by her wet folds. Her exposed clitoris was in contact with my penis as I entered her until it came to rest against my pubis, immediately she burst into another orgasm. Her body began to writhe on the floor as she arched her back and lifted her pubis higher into the air, driving my penis into her body until my pubis pressed into her mons. She cried out in ecstasy as this time she did not have my shoulder to muffle her screams. I went over the edge as well as the contractions of her vagina pulled my penis deeper into her.

I collapsed onto her. Both of us were covered in an sheen of sweat and were breathing quite hard. As we regained our senses I gently began to move myself in and out of her vagina. She reacted to my actions by moving her innominate area in time with mine. Then she rolled over putting me on the bottom, placed her hands upon my shoulders to support herself and then slowly bent down, moving her mouth closer to mine so we could kiss once again. Limbs entwined we rolled around on the floor as our most intimate areas continued to move in concert with one another.

As I could feel me vesicles tighten up again she resumed her position on top and threw her head back as she continued to ride me. I reached up to caress her breasts and she pulled my hand to her mouth and began to lick and suck on my fingers. I pulled gently at her bottom lip as she did this. She groaned in ecstasy as she began to climax again, somehow in the throes of her orgasm she was still able to expertly keep me on the verge without letting me go over.

I began to move my hand down from her mouth, leaving a trail of saliva between her breasts and down to her neatly trimmed pubis. I moved my thumb down to massage her clitoris, her pubic hair was dripping with a mix of my semen and her own ejaculate. I gently began to roll her clitoris between my thumb and forefingers, taking control of her orgasm and prolonging it indefinitely.

She was still able to keep me on the verge for several minutes while her orgasm endured. Finally she couldn’t take my manual stimulations any more, she grabbed my wrists and pinned my arms to the ground as she began to ride me with a ferocity I have never seen, crying out in orgasm as I exploded into her once again. She collapsed onto me and we lay there, her delicious, slick body molding into mine. The sweat started to evaporate from her back and shoulders but she found refuge and warmth by pressing even harder into me as I embraced her. I moved my hands gently across the entirety of her body wiping the sweat from her sacrum and shoulders to help keep her warm.

Eventually he lifted herself from me, smiling her wry smile and gazing into my eyes with a look of extreme satisfaction. We then both got dressed and straightened ourselves. When we were ready I unlocked the door and stepped out of the washroom, holding it open for her. As she passed she pulled herself close to me and slipped her hand into my pocket, leaving me a memento of our encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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