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Coffee and the Bookstore

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I love coffee, especially with a shot of Carolans; some call it “camp coffee”. Actually it’s a morning ritual; I French Press a cup of coffee and toss in the Carolans. But today I was running behind for a meeting with my agent so I filled my stainless flask with Carolans and headed out.

After the meeting I stopped by this little coffee shop that I frequented and ordered a doppio – double espresso. After the barista gave it to me I had a seat. Thinking about what my agent had said I nonchalantly poured a shot into my cup. I closed my eyes, smiled, and took a sip. Opened my eyes and saw a guy sitting at the table across from me looking at me with a smile. I smiled, pulled the flask back out and offered it to him.

He got up, came over, sat down and said, “Thanks, don’t mind if I do.” He grabbed the flask from me and poured a shot into his cup.

“Hi Tom,” he said. “My name’s Jason.”

“How do you know my name?” I asked.

“I heard the barista call it out,” he replied. Then he leaned in slightly and continued. “I knew your name from before. I’ve seen you in here quite a few times.”

Okay, so this was getting creepy, I thought. “Really?” I said.

“Yeah,” he said. “I own this place and its part of my job to memorize the names of my customers. Well, some of them.”

That’s better, I thought. “So you own this place? Does well?”

“Yeah, well enough,” he said. We had a conversation for a few more minutes then it got interesting.

“You have a lot of stress with your job Tom?”

“Sometimes, but not really,” I replied. “You?”

“Yeah; sometimes. What do you do when you’re stressed?

“I don’t know; have a drink, walk, nothing specific,” I said. Where’s this going I wondered. I’ll bite. “What do you do?’

He grinned and said softly, “Well, I feel I can trust you Tom so I’ll tell you. I like to suck cock and I’m pretty stressed out today.”

I rubbed my chin with my hand, looked at him and didn’t know what to say. He continued very apologetically, realizing he might have fucked up.

“I’m sorry Tom, I don’t know why I said that,” he fumbled a bit. “You just seemed like a nice guy and…”

I cut him off. “Jason; want to suck my cock?” I said softly with a smile. I could feel my cock getting hard. He was nice looking, come to think of it.

Now it was Jason’s time to stop. He looked around and said to the barista, “Tim, I’ll be in the store room doing inventory if you need me.” Jason got up and our eyes locked, “Come on Tom, I’ve something to show you.”

I followed him and we went down a hallway to a locked door marked private. He unlocked the door, I went inside and he followed. Locking the door he said, “I wish I had more time, but I don’t. Let me suck you off.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice! I unzipped my pants and getting my hard cock out of my pants took a bit. When I had got it out Jason grabbed it and stroked it a few times. “Oh yeah,” he said. “Nice and hard.”

He dropped to his knees, opened his mouth and slipped the hard head of my cock into it. He made a yummy noise and swirled my head with his tongue. As he did, he grabbed my pants and shorts and pulled them down gaziantep escort about my knees, sliding his mouth a bit lower down my cock. His hand went up to my balls and he began to squeeze them, softly at first, then a bit harder. As he did his mouth went lower then up, squeeze; mouth down, release; mouth up. Fuck, it felt good.

After a few minutes I could feel cum rising from my aching balls, up my cock. Jason was on a mission. His hot, wet mouth glided up and down my cock, up and down, faster and faster. He held it tight, sliding it roughly in and out. If he wanted cum, I was going to give it to him! I exploded when he had my cock deep inside his mouth. I shot one, two, three and more hot gobs of cum into his mouth and he didn’t miss a drop. I had to force myself not to yell as he milked me dry, finally pulling away as I slipped back a bit.

“Thanks man,” he said, “I needed that.”

“Fuck” I said. “Let me suck your cock!”

Jason smiled and shook his head. “Not now,” he replied. “I can’t leave Tm alone for long.”

As I pulled my pants up he stepped forward, grabbed my head softly, but firmly and slipped his mouth over mine, His tongue darted inside; I could taste cum as we kissed. Fuck this guy was hot! I’m not really a kisser, rarely if I ever did it, but I was enjoying this. He pulled away and smiled.

“Got your pants zipped?” he asked. “Good; let’s go,” and he opened the door. When we got to the dining room there were three people in line and Jason said “Gotta go Tom. Thanks. Come by here tomorrow around 10 in the morning if you can. I’d like to see you again and, well, you know. You do owe me one.” He smiled and headed behind the bar.

Oh yeah, I’d be back.


Six guys; does that make me a cum slut? LOL, I don’t care, life’s too short. Anyway, I had six different cocks to suck and here it was the middle of the afternoon and none of them were available. And I wanted a dick in my mouth; bad. Well, there was the bookstore and maybe I could get lucky. So I figured I’d give it a try. I didn’t like it that much, but had used it in a pinch and today was definitely a pinch.

So I got to the store and there was nobody there, nada, zippo. Nobody was there except the older lady who worked behind the counter. Well I thought I would hang around for a bit and maybe, if I was lucky. I went over to check out some DVDs and after a while one guy came in. But he didn’t stay long and left. I was getting ready to leave when a younger guy came in and said “Hi” to the cashier as he walked around behind the counter.

They had a bit of a conversation, looked my way a couple of times then he walked over to me.

“Looking for anything in particular?” he asked and smiled.

“Not really,” I replied. “Just browsing.”

“Gloria,” he pointed towards the cashier who was smiling, “Says you’ve been here for a bit and have stayed in the afternoon blowjob section, as I like to call it, the whole time. Anything look good to you?” He paused for a bit then said, “I mean anything?” He licked his lips and made a quiet smacking noise.

Okay, I wasn’t sure if he was talking about what I was thinking about, but I thought I’d take a chance. “You look pretty nice. Want to go watch a video?”

The young guy smiled and said, “I’ll be in booth 1, you get booth 2.” He turned and walked over to “Gloria”, said a few words, then headed towards the booths. Gloria made eye contact with me, smiled and winked. Holy shit!

I followed young guy in, heard him lock his booth and I did the same. I had some quarters and as I slipped some into the viewer I heard his video coming on. Wonder how this was going to work? I didn’t have long to find out.

Young dude slid his cock through the hole and it was hit. Long, thick and hard. I dropped to my knees, grabbed it and began to stroke it. I wet my other hand and switched hands. I could feel it throbbing. After a few strokes I slipped my tongue out and circled the head of his cock. It tasted great, a bit salty. Around and around I went on his cock head as my hand found its way to the bottom of his shaft. I couldn’t reach his balls, but I continued to stroke his cock slowly. As I did I opened my mouth and took the head inside. My wet mouth slid down slow and easy; then back up; only an inch at a time. I wanted to enjoy this and from the soft sounds he was making, so did he.

Up and down, slow, slow, slower; I took it as deep as I could, the glory hole limiting how deep I could get. I moved my hand up to my mouth and used them to suck, lick and squeeze. After about five minutes I went to my mouth only; I wanted some cum!

I started to move faster and faster and as I did I heard a door open somewhere else in the room. Not caring, I continued faster and faster and I could feel his cock thicken up and begin to shoot, and shoot, and shoot! Large gobs of cum flooded my mouth, I could feel it starting to ooze out of the sides of my mouth. I swallowed faster and wiped it with my hand. After what seemed forever he stopped cumming and pulled his drained dick back away for the hole. I licked the cum off of my hand.


I pulled my head up and listened.

“Psst! Hey, uh, you interested in doing that again?”

I looked around behind me and saw an eye looking at me through the hole. I almost started laughing, but instead replied, “Yeah, what you got?”

The eye was gone and a cock replaced it. And a nice size cock at that! I slid over and dropped to my knees. This was going better than I had imagined!

I wet my hand and grabbed the hard dick, stroking it up and down. I heard the guy moan a bit and figured this wasn’t going to take too long. Opening my mouth I took the head inside and swirled it with my tongue. He moaned again. Okay, I could see where this was going and if he was going to cum, it would me when I was ready for it, so I went faster. Up and down, wet and hot, my mouth and tongue moved faster and faster. I was in the zone and didn’t miss a stroke and sure enough he gasped loudly and started to cum. This second load wasn’t as large as the first, but I loved the taste and the heat! I sucked him dry and he pulled away.

By now I had sucked off two guys and hadn’t been sucked myself. Now it was time to see what would happen next. The last guy I had just finished off slipped his fingers into the hole and said “Your turn bud.” How could I say no?

I unzipped and stepped up, sliding my throbbing cock through the hole. I felt his hand on it as he began to stroke it. After a bit, his mouth took over and he went to work. Very basic cock sucking; up, down, up down, at a steady speed. No tongue to speak of, pretty pedestrian. But he was sucking my cock so how could I not enjoy it.

As he sucked I played with my nipples, my hard nipples. As he sucked by balls began to ache and I could feel cum building up. This was going to be good and bam, I shot a large load into his mouth! He took about two spurts into his mouth then finished me off with his hand. Man, I needed that.

As I zipped up my pants I heard him apologizing, saying he was sorry he couldn’t take it all, but he had just cum and, well you know. I told him no apology needed and unlocked the door. Stepping out into the hallway he stepped out as well and smiled shyly. I stuck out my hand.

“I’m Tom,” I said.

He stuck his hand out and then wiped it off on his pants, before shaking my hand. “I’m Gary.”

“You come here often?” I asked. He shook his head no and said “Not as often as I’d like to.”

We walked out the back door to the parking lot and shot the shit for a bit.

“Can we do this again?” he asked.

“I’d like that,” I replied. “You have a phone?”

“Who doesn’t?” he said and pulled it out. We exchanged numbers and he said he would text or call me sometime soon and I could as well.

As he left I went around to the front of the bookstore and then inside. Young guy was behind the counter and said, “Alright man, I was hoping you’d come back.”

Speaking softer he continued, “Dude; that was a great blowjob. I mean, hell, I haven’t been drained that well in a long time. Things work out with you and Gary?”

Surprised, I asked, “You know Gary?”

Young dude laughed and said,” Oh yeah. He’s one of the regulars here. When your dick didn’t come through the hole, I thought maybe you didn’t want your dick sucked, but Gloria told me Gary had gone into the other booth.”

Gloria turned around and said, “Yeah, he wanted a BJ so I told him this would be a good time for it.”

“What?” I asked. This was crazy shit. Gloria explained that she had been working here for quite a while and she offered to help set up guys with blowjobs. When one of her “regulars” came in, she would send them in the right direction; “If you know what I mean”, and they would give her “gifts” in thanks.

“Gifts?” I asked.

“Yes, gifts,” she replied. “Small things; maybe a latte, or a couple of bucks.”

I nodded and asked “So, you don’t,” and left it hanging.

“Oh no,” she said with a smile. “I have a husband and he fits me just fine. Besides, Ben works here part time and he’s more than willing to suck a cock. Right Ben?”

“You bet Gloria,” he replied. “Give me your phone.”

I handed it over to him and he typed in a number. His phone rang and he answered it then hung up. “Now you have my number and I have yours. I go to college full time, but send me a text and maybe we can do this again. Heck, it doesn’t have to be here either.”

I nodded and thanked Ben and Gloria then took off. This was getting really interesting.

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