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Rachel quietly reached over and started rubbing my crotch. I quickly became hard under her persistent hand. The movie provided enough distractions for the other movie goers that no one noticed her boldness. She lightly stroked my cock captivated my by jeans. I struggled not to make a sound so as not to give the act away. Rachel had a way of finding just the right way to touch me to make me cum hard. As she skillfully focused on the tip of my penis it wouldn’t be long before I would be making a mess in my underwear. I arched my back reflexively and slammed my eyes shut. She squeezed hard on the head of my cock as the semen gushed out leaving a wet spot on my jeans.

As I recovered the fear of getting caught set in. I gave her a panicked look but was only greeted with a wicked smile. She knew what she had done and seemed to really enjoy the control. Rachel leaned over an coyly whispered in my ear, “Ah…did someone wet his pants?” We had been dating for about four week and it seem that with each passing week she got more horny and more kinky. Noticing my concern she said, “Don’t worry. I’m sure it will dry before we leave.”

All I could focus on was the wet spot on my jeans. I was sure that everyone would notice and think I was either a pervert or I peed myself. As the movie ended and the light came up I remained seated. Rachel was getting impatient and nudged me to move. I Just sat there with my hand over the wet spot. She looked down at me and sighed. In one swift move she loosened the lid on her drink and “accidently” dumped it into my lap. That drew a few gasps and chuckles from the people around us.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to get him home and get him changed,” Rachel said playfully over her shoulder but I could tell that she wasn’t happy with me.

“I’m sorry.” I said as I held the car door open for her. “I’ll get changed quickly and I’ll take you to a nice restaurant.”

“No need,” she said coolly and that was the last thing she said to me until we got to my apartment. By the time I parked my car I was sure my Friday Fun Night had turn out to be my Friday Angry Girlfriend Night with no more fun that weekend. I opened the car door for her and she popped out with a wild look in her eyes and a devilish grin. “I thought you were mad at me,” I said surprised at the change.

“Disappointed but I’m over it.” She grabbed the keys from my hand and sprinted off to my apartment. I couldn’t keep up and when I managed to get to the door I was out of breath and shocked to find Rachel and the apartment manager standing there.

The manager explained there was a gas leak in the building and under no circumstances could I enter my apartment not even to get a change of closes. Rachel hooked my arm and lead me off, “Looks like you’ll be coming home with me tonight.” The bright side was that my jeans were drying out fast but the down side was the stain from our earlier activity was becoming more visible.

“You were naughty tonight,” Rachel said playfully.

“Was I? You were the one the was rubbing on me.”

“Yes but you made such a big deal about it the I had to be the mature one and take change of the situation.”

“Mature one? You dumped your drink in my lap.” I couldn’t tell if she was playing or trying to pick a fight.

“I’m just saying you didn’t man up and take responsibility for cumming in your pants.” Her tone was getting a bit edgy and I didn’t want to fight about it.

“Well I suppose if that’s the way you want to look at it.” I was confused as to where she was going with this.

“Well that’s the way I see it,” she retorted peevishly, “and I think you should be punished.”

My heart jumped to my throat. “Don’t you think so, too?” She added sweetly.

I would be a liar I said that I didn’t question her mental health but despite her craziness we did have a good time together and it wasn’t all about the sex. “What did you have in mind?” I asked relaxing a little.

“I don’t know yet, but you got to cum and I didn’t so we’ll start by correcting that injustice.”

The moment we got through the door her hands were all over me pulling off my clothes. I soon found myself completely naked and being pushed down to my knees so that I was eye level with her crotch. She quickly reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. Flipping her skirt up over my head she commended, “Get busy!”

Rachel was wet, almost to the point of dripping. I could smell the musky aroma of her sex and feel the heat of her raw desire. I got to work probing her pussy with my tongue. She grabbed my head and pressed it hard into her. I was gasping for air as she literally humped my face. I was rock hard and could feel my cock bouncing. I wanted desperately to grab hold of it but with her riding like she was it was all I could do to keep my balance.

When her breathing became hard and she started a low moan I knew she was almost there. A hot liquid flooded over my as she came hard. She held my head in place as shivers ran through ardahan escort her body. I expected the gushing to stop but it didn’t. I then realized she was peeing all over my face. I struggled to get free falling back into a sitting position. Still standing, she lifted her skirt up and continued to pee on me, splashing my now shrinking cock with her urine. I started to back away when she growled, “Don’t!” To my shock I froze in place as she continued to empty her bladder into my lap. My horror quickly turned to fascination. I’d never seen a girl pee let alone pee standing up. I watched as her stream flowed out of her crotch.

Once she was done neither one of us moved. Finally, she dropped she hem of her skirt and winked at me. “Thanks. I’ve always wanted to do that.” It took me a moment to recover but I got up from the floor and out of the pool of her urine. She lead me to the bathroom where she stripped and we both got into the shower.

– 2 –

Suddenly Rachel began to laugh. “What so funny?” I asked

“I think my roommate is home” She couldn’t contain herself

Cindy was Rachel’s roommate and she didn’t like me much. She thought I wasn’t good enough, didn’t have any ambition and was a bad influence on her sweet innocent roommate. I thought she was a lesbian and was secretly in love with Rachel.

“I don’t care if Cindy is back or not.” I said defiantly

“Well,” she began, “Your clothes are in a heap out there on the floor next to a big puddle of piss. And you jeans are wet in the front.” She was really enjoying the idea of Cindy thinking that I wet myself all over their floor.

“Great! What are we going to do?” I exclaimed

“We? What you mean we?” She said playfully, “This is your punishment.”

“My punishment is having Cindy think I pissed myself and peed all over your floor?” I was getting a bit worried that she wasn’t joking.

She turned off the shower and stepped out. “It is now. So if Cindy thinks you peed yourself you are not to correct her or try to defend yourself, got it?”

“Why would I do that? I can’t have her thinking I did something like that!”

“Well my dear, then are you going to explain that I stripped you naked and forced you to perform cunnilingus on me then after my orgasim I urinated all over your face and penis?” She said it so matter of factly that I was stunned. I hadn’t thought about what I would say to Cindy to correct her impression.


“I guess Cindy has discovered ‘your’ mess.” She said wrapping a towel around herself and tucking it expertly into her firm breast. “Now do you want me to go talk to Cindy or would you like to come with me?” She extended her hand to me.

I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist and followed her. Cindy was holding up my jeans and examining the puddle. When she caught sight of me I could see the anger radiating off her. “Are these yours?” She demanded, shaking the pants at me. “Did you do this?” She pointed at the floor.

Rachel spoke up, “He peed himself,” she said flatly “and I had to give him a shower to get him cleaned up.”

So much for letting Cindy draw her own conclusions. My mind was racing.

“When I was a nanny and a naughty boy did this I would turn him over my knee.” Cindy was almost shaking with anger. All I could do was stand there wearing only a towel and hope that wasn’t what was going to come next.

“Well, Cindy,” Rachel started, “maybe you should do just that.” Both of us looked at her with confusion but Cindy’s mind cleared faster than mine. “I think you are right, Rach. I’ll do just that.”

Cindy grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me over towards me. I was caught off guard and off balance. I quickly found myself over Cindy’s knees getting the spanking of my life.

She was strong and quick. She landed blows to my backside in quick succession and with such force that she had to be hurting her hand as well as my ass. I didn’t quite catch all the things she was saying but in between swats I caught a rant about how immature I was, how naughty I behaved, how real men don’t act like this and a range of other humiliating comments. After about fifteen swats Cindy took a bit of a rest but I didn’t get the impression she was quite done. Up to this point I was still covered with the towel.

“Now young man,” she began, “I’m sure your butt is quite red and sore AND you think you have paid for your bad behavior…” she lifted up the towel to expose my naked ass, “but to ensure that you will make it to the potty on time and NOT pee all over my floor I will administer a few more swats to your bare bottom.”

The punishment so far was more humiliation than pain but the at the thought of getting a spanking on my bare ass was my breaking point, I began to whimper and beg. “Please Cindy, I’ve had enough. It’s been a big misunderstanding…” It was at that point that she started to spank in earnest. I broke down and cried. Moments later she was done. “Now artvin escort stand up and put your hands on your head.” Without hesitation I complied. During the whole ordeal I and completely forgotten that Rachel was in the room watching the whole thing. As I stood there exposed Cindy was looking me over. She seemed proud of her work and pointing to my crotch said to Rachel, “You can do better than that.”

I winced as Rachel ran her hand across my well spanked bottom. “He’s more fun than you think.” She replied to her roommate. Cindy gave me a stern look and said, “You are going to pay to have this rug cleaned.”

“Yes I will,” I replied

“Ma’am” Cindy corrected.

“Yes, Ma’am. I will.” I said humiliated

Cindy went off to her room leaving Rachel and I alone. She gathered up my clothes and said, “I’m so horny right now.”

“I’m not,” I said putting my arms down. “That was horrible. Why did you do that to me?”

“Me? You’re the one that went along with all of that. Don’t you think at any point you could have just stood up and told her to stop?

I was dumbfounded. I guess I did let all that happen to me.

“Looks like you’ve got a kinky streak too. Come on let’s go to my room and put some cream on that cute butt of yours”

– 3 –

Putting cream on my sore ass turn into sex pretty quick. But the discomfort from my spanking left me not enjoying myself as much as Rachel was. She seems to be really turned on by the events of the evening. Just about any position we tried seemed to be uncomfortable for me. Rachel was willing to be accommodating and so she fingered herself while giving me a blowjob.

She was very skilled at giving me pleasure and soon I was filling her mouth with my sperm. I completely relaxed and closed my eyes. I could feel her moving on top of me but I remained motionless completely drained. Without a word she started grinding her pussy on my deflating penis. She moved to kiss me and instinctively I reciprocated. Maybe I should have thought that through better because as she kissed me she pushed the content of her mouth into mine. She was making me taste my own cum. I tried to move out of the way but Rachel was not having it. She continued to press passionately against me.

“Why did you do that,” I finally managed.

“Fair is fair,” she replied

“Fair? That was gross!” I exclaimed

Her mood changed a bit. She leaned back still straddling me an my flaccid cock. She looked like she was upset but I could still feel the heat of her pussy and knew she was aroused. “Do you think that I’m some kind of little whore that you can just dump your cum in my face and go about your business!” Her roughness and vulgarity scared me a bit. “If you want me to take your cum in my mouth I think it’s only fair that you get some of it too.” She reached down between her legs and grabbed my shrunken cock. She as she tugged on it she said as her mood changed to playful again, “maybe I should be fair to you too.”

As she toyed with my limp penis she pressed on my bladder. “Maybe you should get to pee on me like I peed on you.” With the pressure on my bladder and her coaxing. I finally agreed and we switch places. I knelt over her pointing my dick at her crotch but nothing came out. I could feel the need to pee but just couldn’t manage to let it go. Moments passed and nothing happened. Rachel was encouraging but seems a bit disappointed. “You stay here and I’ll go get something to drink,” she said crawling out from under me. The moment she left the room I felt really silly for even trying. I sat at the end of her bed reviewing the events of the evening. I got a hand job at the movies, piss in the face, spanked by a roommate, force fed my own semen and tried to pee on my girlfriend. I decided that it was time for me to go home. I stood up and looked for my clothes. I thought Rachel had brought them in with us but I couldn’t seem to find them anywhere. She returned with two big cups of water while I was still searching. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“Rachel, I think I need to just go home. Where are my clothes?”

“Oh Honey, don’t go. I thought we were having fun. Anyway, you can’t get back into your apartment and I’ve just put your clothes in the wash. Unless you wanted to borrow some of my clothes why don’t you stay until the are done.”

I sat back down on the bed. “It just been a lot to swallow…”

“Not so much,” she interrupted with a wink, referring to the incident earlier.

I sighed and continued, “I like to think of myself as a pretty adventurous guy that is open minded and all but it’s been a bit much for one night.”

Rachel sat next to me and said softly, “I’m sorry. It’s just that I was raised in a pretty conservative home and my parent were religious nuts so sex was something evil and bad. When I got out on my own eyes were opened to a great big world. When I met you I felt that you were the kind of person I’d feel safe experimenting sexually with. I didn’t mean ataköy escort to freak you out, I’m sorry.”

I felt like a real heal. Jokingly I said, “You said I could borrow some clothes?”

We both laughed. Things lightened up from there. We talked until late into the night about her upbringing and family. I felt such a close connection with her and glad was that I stayed. With the ground rules of no piercings, cutting, or tying up I agree to experiment with her as she explored her sexuality. When we were both too tired to talk we lay there cuddling until we fell asleep.

– 4 –

When I awoke Rachel wasn’t there but my clothes were. I got dressed and went looking for her. I encountered Cindy right away but instead of her normal greeting for me which consisted of a grunt and to look away in disgust, she was absolutely beaming. I was nervous how amicable she was being towards me, maybe the previous night’s experience softened her feeling about me.

“Rachel told me about your problem,” said Cindy, “I almost feel bad for give you a spanking but you did pee all over the floor. Even if you do have a incontinence issue you should make an effort to get to the bathroom or wear some protection.”

My jaw dropped. Rachel came out of the kitchen, “Well good morning, Honey.”

“You told her that I was incontinent?” I tried not to raise my voice.

“Oh don’t be such a baby,” she giggled at her little joke. “Cindy understands but she’s right, you’ll need to make a more of an effort not to have accidents like this again.”

I glared at her. “Oh I don’t think we’ll ever have an accident like this one again.”

“Perfect,” Cindy chimed in, “and don’t forget to get the carpet cleaned.” Cindy patted me on the bottom as a reminder.

“I need to go check on my apartment,” I said heading for the door. I was bit upset that Rachel would lie to Cindy like that and hurt that she would humiliate me in front of her roommate.

“I call you later,” Rachel called after me. I just waved over my shoulder and trudged out to my car.

When I arrived back at my apartment complex I was shocked to find that the most of it was closed off with police and firemen everywhere. I was told that there was an explosion and they were working on getting the fire under control. They had no way of knowing if my stuff was destroyed but the recommend that I find somewhere else to stay for awhile.

I drove slowly away from the carnage and wondered what was going to go wrong next. I drove around for awhile and ended up at a park not far from Rachel’s place. I was taking a mental inventory of all the stuff that I’d lost if my place burned down. Time passed both fast and slow at the same time; it felt later in the day than it was. I wasn’t even noon yet but a lot had happened. My cell phone rang and I dug it out of my pocket. It was Rachel, “I just saw on the news that your apartment complex has burnt down. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s just stuff,” I said trying to convince myself, ” I’ve got insurance so it will get replaced.”

“Well you’re welcome to stay with me until it gets all sorted out. Where are you now?”

“I’m at that park just up from you.”

“I’ve got some errands to run today, how about you join me? It will take your mind off wants happened AND you’ll get to spend some quality time with me. I’ll even drive.”

It sounded better than just sitting there all day worrying about my stuff. “Sure, sounds good.”

When Rachel got there I was glad to she her and comforted by her company. She was wearing a skirt and tank top. Although she was wearing a bra I could still see her nipples showing through the fabric. “You know,” she said as we drove off, “you never told me what your sexual fantasy was. I’d be willing to help you out with that… for a price.”

“Fair is fair,” I said mockingly. “Anything?”

“Anything with in the same guide lines.”

“Hmmm… I guess I’ve always want to try anal sex.”

Rachel paused, “Okay. I think we can give that a try.” We drove around town making a few quick stops here and there. I was feeling a lot better and the promise of anal sex wasn’t far from my mind.

“Only one more stop then we’ll get some groceries to make dinner,” She said. I was glad to hear that because I was getting tired of shopping and a bit hunger. The last stop was a thrift store. Rachel grazed through the clothing and I gravitated to the used books. Every so often she would come over and check on me, each time with growing stack of clothing in her arms. Eventually she was done and we got in line to pay. “You’re about 5’11”, right?” She asked casually.

“That sounds about right,” I wasn’t really paying attention.

“About a 36″ waist?”

“Right around that area, why?”

“I got you a pair of jeans so you’d have something more to wear,” she replied.

The line moved quickly and we were on our way. Rachel had a glint in her eye as we shopped for dinner. I would catch her looking me over and smirking. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking but whatever it was it was making her horny because her nipples were pressing hard against the fabric and were very noticeable. We picked up all the fixings for a chef salad and a box of condoms.

– 5 –

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