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Cocktail Dress

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It had been a hard long week so I decided to go to the local strip club to unwind. I come by every few months to check out the new dancers, but especially to see my favorite, Natalia. I was beginning to think she had moved on as I had not seen her the last couple of times I was there. After a short time a girl stopped by and asked if I was here for anyone. I asked if Natalia was still working and she perked up and said yes, she was here tonight and offered to send her my way. She explained that Natalia had had a breast enlargement and looked fantastic.

About a half later Natalia sauntered by and sat on my lap. The other girl was right, Natalia looked fantastic indeed. We went off for a private dance where I commented on her beautiful breasts and hoped they had not touched her long perky nipples. She laughed and said no. We talked a little about her breasts while we waited for the next song to start. She said she could not wait to get in her cocktail dress to show them off. After several very seductive dances, and a close inspection of her nipples and new breasts, I got up to leave. Ironically, my company was having a cocktail party next weekend to celebrate some new clients joining our business, so on a whim I asked Natalia if she wanted to go. She enthusiastically said yes so I gave her the information and told her to wear her most seductive dress.

The cocktail party and event was at a pretty high class local hotel and the company was springing for rooms for the employees so they could enjoy the evening without concern for getting safely home. The party was into its second hour and I was thinking something had come up, or Natalia was just blowing it off, as she had not yet shown up. Then the guy I was talking to just stared past me with a look of lust in his eyes. I turned and saw Natalia walk into the room. She was absolutely stunning. Natalia is tall and lean with a firm body and shoulder length jet black hair. She was wearing a very short silky black dress with spaghetti straps Beşevler Rus Escort that rode high on her firm thighs and barely covered her tight ass. She was wearing black stilettos that accentuated her beauty.

Her new breasts filled out her little dress quite nicely and as she moved you could glimpse her long supple nipples through the thin material. Our eyes met and her smile lit up the room, and hardened many cocks! I made my way over to her and got her a drink. We spent the next couple of hours together, drinking and talking as she casually but purposely showed off her drop dead gorgeous body. The combination of drink, the atmosphere and her silky dress rubbing against her nipples must have turned her on as they stood out proudly from the inside of her dress. As the party was coming to a close I offered to see her home or if she wanted she could spend the night as I had a room upstairs. She looked around then leaned in close putting her hand on my crotch and said the room upstairs was perfect as her nipples needing sucking very badly.

I was breathing heavily as we got to my door and I almost dropped the key as the thought of making love to her was making my hands shake. Once inside the door, we passionately kissed as my hands caressed her breasts through her dress. We continued making out as I slid my hands to her ass and lifted her dress to rub that firm ass. She was wearing a black thong that left nothing to the imagination. The smell and taste of her body was overwhelming as she guided my hand to her pussy. I slipped my hand under her panties and slowly started caressing her clit. It was obvious she was enjoying this as her hips ground against my hand, and her juices soaked through her panties and started running down the inside of her thigh.

I wanted to make this night last so I removed my hand from her sopping mound and let her greedily lick her juices from my fingers. I then slipped the straps off her Cebeci Rus Escort shoulders and let the silky dress fall to the floor exposing those beautiful breasts and long hard nipples. I almost creamed my pants as I took her left nipple into mouth while fondling her right breast slowly rolling her nipple between my finger and thumb. This was a real turn on for her as her breathing increased and her chest started heaving against my mouth and hand. While it was hard to leave those sweet nipples I kissed my way down her body then seductively removed her panties.

She spread her legs further apart as I kissed her slit and flicked my tongue across her clit. I moved to her thigh and licked up her pussy juices before going back to her slit and clit. Natalia started moaning softly and put her hands on my head pushing it hard against her pussy. I reached around and inserted a finger into her ass causing her hips to increase speed grinding hard against my mouth as her moaning got louder. A few more flicks of the tongue and she shook violently gasping out that she was cumming. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body as my mouth hungrily devoured her pussy swallowing her free flowing juices.

After she stopped shaking she pulled me up and gave me a deep tongue filled kiss enjoying the taste of her own cum. She then quickly removed my clothes and started kissing her way down my body. She seductively ran her tongue around the head of my cock and down the length of my shaft sucking each ball in turn into her mouth. She continued to work her mouth over my cock and took the whole length into her mouth deep throating me. I was in ecstasy, especially as she looked up into my eyes and I could see her nipples still hard as can be.

Natalia was craving my cock someplace other than her mouth as she led me to the bed and had me lay down. She laid down on top of me so her breasts were once again at my mouth as she knew I loved Kolej Rus Escort to suck her nipples. She was moaning softly again so she too was enjoying my attention to her nipples. She eased up and positioned her pussy over my cock ready to get impaled. Natalia then slowly lowered herself onto my throbbing cock and I felt electricity shoot through me as her pussy gripped my cock tight and proceeded to move up and down on my shaft.

She increased her thrusting as I put my hands on her hips and she pressed down on my chest with hers. I was approaching climax with every quick thrust of her hips when she screamed out that she was cumming. That sent me over the edge as I buried my cock as deep as I could into her pussy and came hard shooting my load deep inside her. As our orgasms waned she collapsed against my body trembling. Then she eased off of me and moved up my body until her pussy was against my mouth. The intoxicating smell of our juices mingling was too much for me and I hungrily ate my cream pie. Not to be out done, she moved to where we passionately kissed and shared each other’s cum.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and slept until early morning. She said she needed to get back home and declined my invitation to breakfast, for she had her own breakfast for me. With a twinkle in her eye she again moved so her pussy was over my mouth and lowered herself onto my waiting tongue. She then rotated so she could take my now swollen cock into her mouth. We 69’d until she came again. I got her on her hands and knees and moved in behind her rubbing my cock over her clit getting her even wetter than she was after her orgasm. I entered her from behind and started a slow fuck moving in and out deliberately. I increased my pace and was soon fucking her with no abandon. She collapsed on the bed with me still slamming in and out of her. She was getting close to another orgasm as she gripped the sheet hard with both hands. This time it was me that shouted out that I was cumming and dumped another hot load up her pussy. I kept pumping hard and Natalia soon followed with a shaking orgasm of her own. After we caught our breath she rolled over and gave me one last taste of her still rock hard nipples.

Natalia got up and slipped into her cocktail dress, but left her panties for me and told me I could return them at the next cocktail party. I happily agreed.

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