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Coach CockStud

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Sometimes, when my wife isn’t home, and I get horny from watching too many half naked 20-somethings on cable tv, I play with my cock until it starts to grow just a little. Since I don’t have underwear on, the crotch of my basketball shorts starts to dome, and one of my hands reaches underneath to feel the naked skin of my semi-hard cock. With my free hand I reach for the mouse and keyboard of my computer. At this point, my dick grows into a nice healthy hard on, with it’s bright pink head. I stroke it slowly because I want the sexual endorphins to last all afternoon. I imagine what the tip of my own cock would taste like, imagining a clone of myself, standing naked in front of me. His thick veiny cock resting on my lips.

With my free hand I type in the keyword: craiglist… with the intention of reading some of the ads in the personals section. I always start out under casual encounters, looking to see if any of the mw4m ads turn me on. They all seem to do so, in one way or another. Pretty soon I am imaging myself sucking some middle aged husband off, while his wife whispers from the corner of the bed how much it turns her on to see him sliding in and out of my O-shaped mouth.

I end up clicking on the mm4m link next. Never finding too many ads there (I guess the happy gay couples don’t often want to share), I click on the m4m section where I can see cock pictures, and read about other bisexual and gay men’s fantasies. Most of the time I blow my load within a few minutes of the gay imagery activating my sexual subconscious. On very rare occasions, often when my wife is gone for a weekend or to a sales seminar across the country, I will post my own ad in the m4m section on craigslist. I posted one last week, with more luck than I usually have. I wanted to be graphic, in case some other closeted cock-sucker was jacking off while reading it. It read like this:


Married w/weekend free. Horny to suck on other bi/gay men.

I will be so turned on by the thought of your cock. I’ll be even more horny if you let me touch it, kiss it, and put it in my mouth. I want to explore some gay fantasies. Maybe I could suck you off in the back seat of your car. Drinks and/or 420 at your house until I can’t resist it, and reach for your cock while it is still in your pants.

One of my favorite sexual memories is of an older man starting out massaging me, part way through the touching, I grabbed his cock. He took a small step toward me, and he put his half-hard cock within Sakarya Escort an inch of my face. I could smell the the sweaty aroma that he had been building up all day. It smelled better than a BBQ’d steak. All I could do was put my tongue out and lick the tip.

We ended up 69ing and he licked and played with my ass until I begged him to put a condom on before he fucked me in the ass. He stretched my asshole so wide that every time he thrust into my bare cheeks, My midsection was forced into the bed. If he hadn’t cum so quickly, I would have left my nut on the top of his pastel covered sheets…

Me: 5’9, 185, 32 years old. white married man with 6-7inch cut cock. Short dark hair, facial hair…. neatly trimmed/shaved down below. Dominant with women, mostly submissive in my few gay sexual experiences. Open to regular hook ups if we get along well.

You: Be able to host. Be between mid 20’s up to retirement age. Any ethnic background. Please be aware of my need to be discreet (as I am married). Knowing what you want me to do, sexual imagination, and a hard cock to suck are the most important things.

Send me a message. Tell me what you want to do with me tonight/tomorrow…


I attached a couple naked pictures of my erection and midsection and hit post. What happened next was only the fourth man on man sexual orgasm I have ever had. It started when a man with the username of studcockcoach sent a reply to my ad. He simply said:

This masculine studcockcoach is just getting in from family all day, and you sound like a good, obedient cock whore! I love fags like you that sneak around with fags like me. Hope you have fun and get a few men off! Love the beach front view I got here on the peninsula esp when a man like yourself cums by!



He had sent a picture of a large black cock, held in his hand while it was still soft. I didn’t think I could get it all in my mouth, even in it’s still limp state. I wanted to try though, and felt like my creamy white skin would look like dessert next to his chocolate shaded butt. His legs where muscular and I could tell he had a six-pack from the small portion of his stomach that showed in his picture… I replied by asking:

Thanks for the message Coach. Can I please suck your fat cock? I can’t travel far from home. Let me know how to proceed from here. I am pretty new to this.



Well you couldn’t have asked for a Adapazarı Escort better “coach.” Some one taught me, so it’s only fair I do the same for a bisexual slut of your caliber… There are some “tricks to the trade” and I know them! We live in the same city. When is best for you, and do you have any kinds of pics??

Coach out



I am so turned on by the thought of your cock. Can I stroll by your house around 10pm, and give you a nice relaxing Blowjob before bed time? I think it would be real fun to get to know you better in that way. I have been fantasizing about a little roleplay with you. I am pretending that my wife/mom is gone and i have eaten all the food and spent all my allowance for the week. I could sure use a nice meal coach. Can I stay with you tonight, sleep in your bed? I am hoping you have something to put in my mouth to fill me up. What do you think Coach CockStud?



I am near Wave St. and Beach front. Great when those who run, bike, or walk by… they see that I’m shirtless, already working out! You can catch me like this. If you like what you see, just smile and say “hello Coach.” Alrighty then … Tonight would be great. Stroll by and I’ll give you a special private workout. You can park anywhere on Wave St. Just walk toward life-guard tower #8. I’ll be on my patio warming up with barbells and no shirt.

Coach out


Leaving now coach. I can’t wait to touch your dick to my soft pink lips.


When I arrived at the life guard tower. There he was, standing shirtless with a dumbbell in his left hand as he performed a few arm curls. He was probably 50 or so, but a hard muscular body like someone half of his age. His shoulders were broad and tanned. He was a very attractive man.

“Hello Coach,” I said while my cock began to tickle against my underwear.

“Brian,” He asked? Over the next 10 minutes we exchanged handshakes, small talk, and deep sexual looks that the anticipation of hot gay sex was putting into our eyes….

“I don’t pre-cum much,” I remember him explaining, “which is good for you….”

He was starting to ask if I wanted a drink when I got up from the edge of the bed, where I was facing him as he sat in an office chair next to his computer desk. His skin was as sexy of a contrast as I could have hoped for. As I got closer to him, he reached out and put both of his hands on my waist like we were dancing. My cock was already hard when Serdivan Escort he brushed one of his hands against it on the way to my hip.

“Already hard?” He asked. “You must really be wanting to see my big black cock. It isn’t hard yet. You can touch it through my shorts if you want to though. I want you to hold it before I let you taste it”

It didn’t take any more small talk before my hand had reached out and cupped his flaccidity. I will never forget how it felt as I rubbed his silky shorts and felt the thickness starting to enter through the dark veins in his penis.

“You can reach under my shorts if you want to.” He was giving instructions in a soft, direct voice that seemed ring in my ears so sexily that my own dick started to throb, the way it does when it’s already hard, and I just want to ram it against a pillow for two seconds, just to calm it down.

“Ohhh! Yeahhhhhhh Brian! Lick the tip a little more. Don’t put it in your mouth yet. Pretend it’s a candy cane for a minute and just lick it up and down. Ohhhh Yeahhhh!” He was closing his eyes and leaning his head back so I knew he was enjoying the warmth of my tongue as it ran along the shaft of his milk chocolatey cock. It tasted that good too. I felt that if I had the chance I could suck chocolate milk through the veins in his gorgeous cock.

“Goooooooood. Let’s move to the bed now. I want to be on my back so I can thrust all the way up and into the back of your thoat.” He had said that to someone before, it sounded practiced, but all I cared about was getting the rosy erd tip of his cock into the hungry cock sucking mouth that I use to kiss my wife. He pulled his socks off on the way so that he was completely naked accept for a silver bracelet on his left hand. It was rubbing against ny right ear when I finally made it into position between his legs. His cock was so big, I rubbed it all over my face as I started to kiss and lick his fat cock again. I even ran my tongue up and down the crack of his ass before I opened my mouth, did my best to cover my teeth with my lips, and I put his cock as deep into my married white mouth. I rested the beating head of his cock as close to my tonsils as I could stand before sucking like his dick was a straw and I hadn’t had a drink in weeks.

“Brian… Brian, I’m gonna cum. I can feel it. Ohhhhh yeahhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God! Ohh my God! Brian. Oh suck my cock Brian, suck it. Suck my Brian. You are such a good little bitch. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuck!”

With that f-bomb came the sweetest salty taste I can ever remember oozing down the back of my throat. I had left the fantasies on my couch. I had given into my bisexual fantasies, entered the cum guzzling world of timid cock slut, and felt on the back of my throat, the cum of my new Coach… CockStud…

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