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Co-worker’s Man Ch. 23

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I kept my head down as I headed for the washroom, hoping nobody would see the glazed layer of Lori’s juices covering my face and praying that the load I’d shot into my shorts hadn’t leaked thru my pants. Fortunately the washroom was empty again. I went into a stall and took off my underwear and wiped myself off with them. I licked as much of my warm semen off of them as I could before throwing them into the garbage. I was too freaked out even to think about taking them home and washing them. I then washed my face at the sink and got myself together before I went back to my cubicle.

Lori seemed pleased with my oral talents and hinted at getting together again. I was so happy I was just glowing. Hopefully my dream of being able to serve both her and Frank at the same time would someday come true. She seemed so strong and confident when she talked to me and ordered me around. I loved her taking command and telling me exactly what she wanted me to do and where she wanted me to do it. Like the others, she even seemed to have her own pet name for me; “Girl”. It made me feel like I was her possession, that I was her “girl” to order around and do with as she pleased…..I loved it! And I also loved that she made me call her “Miss”. It reminded my of a strict teacher I’d had when I was younger that I just worshipped. And worshipping Lori was what I was hoping she’d give me the chance to do.

I settled back in to my work for the rest of the afternoon with no further incidents. Lori had told me that she spoken with my supervisor, Derek, that she would be needing me to assist her with work on the Newman account. That was one of our biggest accounts and took a lot of her time. Hopefully it would allow me to work directly “under” her for considerable lengths of time. The idea of working under Lori for long periods of time brought a smile to my face.

I finished the last of my thermos of Mr. Wolfe’s piss at break time in the afternoon. It was still slightly warm and the salty acrid flavor seemed strangely comforting as I swallowed the last of it. My phone rang late in the afternoon and I noticed that it was Lori calling again.


“Yeah, Jon. I need you to go into The City and do some work on the Newman account on Wednesday.” From our own smaller city, we always referred to the major metropolis about 200 miles away from us as just “The City”. “You’ll be going straight from work tomorrow. And just for your interest, Frank will be taking you. He’s been called to iron out some problems on a project for his company there on Wednesday too. I figured this would be a good time for you to meet with the Newman people and get the information I need while having the pleasure of ummmm……how should I say this…..straightening out a few things between you and Frank at the same time. So bring anything you might need for helping to “straighten things out” between the two of you and for staying overnight.”

I felt a rush go thru me and my cock started instantly swelling in my pants. “Yes, that sounds great. Yes, I’ll bring everything I need.” I almost blustered with joy over the phone and I’m sure Lori could sense the excitement in my voice.

“Okay. Frank said to make sure you brought the kit he bought you but I’m sure you have that at number one on your packing list.”

“Yes Miss. That was the first thing I thought of.”

“Good girl. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said as she hung up.

Thrilled with the idea of going out of town with Frank, I stopped at the drug store on the way home and bought a big jar of “Vaseline-Baby Fresh Scent”. I wanted to make sure I would have everything necessary for an overnight stay with Frank. I’d have to remember to bring the dildo he bought to help loosen me up the first time too in case he wanted to use that on me as well.

As soon as I got into my apartment, I kicked off my shoes and washed out Mr. Wolfe’s thermos. As I was drying it, there was a knock at my door. I looked thru the peephole and saw Mr. Wolfe leaning against the doorframe looking back at me. I opened the door wide and he breezed past me. He turned as he got to the middle of my living room and dropped his hands and started undoing his belt.

“I’ve gotta go and see the building owners tonight about some stuff and so I’m gonna be gone for most of the evening. I just wanted to make sure you had something to eat,” he said as he drew down his zipper and drew out his meat. “So get down on your knees and crawl over here, cocksucker. It’s suppertime.”

I dropped to my knees and crawled towards him as I watched the big mitt he had wrapped around his cock slide slowly back and forth. He used his other hand to push his work pants down off his firm round ass and they slid down to bunch up at his ankles. I watched the big orbs of his balls come into view as his bag hung low and heavy and I hoped they were swollen with cum that he needed gaziantep escort to unload.

“C’mon faggot, I got something you want,” Mr. Wolfe said as I watched his dick thicken and lengthen under his masturbating hand. I saw the glistening eye open and as usual with him, a generous amount of precum started to flow to the tip and drip down. As I brought my mouth up towards his jacking hand, a different aroma hit my nostrils. He saw me hesitate and laughed softly as I breathed deeply thru my nose while looking at his lengthening cock.

“That’s Mrs. Gibson from 4D that you smell. She wanted me to “check her pipes” this afternoon. So yeah, I checked out her pipes good and deep to make sure there were no blockages. She’s got a load inside her and I guess she left a little present right here for you,” he said as he laid his broad cockhead onto my tongue. Her smell was strong and womanly and if it was the woman I thought it was, she was one of the older widows in the building. I inhaled deeply and her strong scent thrilled me as the nastiness of Mr. Wolfe fucking some of the older women in the building seemed so dirty and yet so thrilling.

I slid my lips past his crimson corona and swirled my tongue all around the spongy membranes of his cockhead. I moaned with pleasure as I tasted her tart pussy juice. No, this wasn’t delicate pussy juice like I had tasted from Lori or Claudia. This was the strong, tart taste of a mature cunt. Either way, I loved it and pulled my mouth off his crown and slid my tongue all along and around the entire length of his hardening cock.

“So you like that snatch juice eh faggot?” he asked. “The old girl was creaming like crazy and she sure knows how to fuck.”

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned in agreement as I took his heavy bag in my hand and licked every drop from his wrinkled sack. Once I had his cock thoroughly clean of her yummy residue, I brought my mouth back to the dripping tip and licked up the drooling web of precum. His cock had continued to fill with his pulsing blood under my attention and the full thick 9 ¾” stood proudly over my face.

“I don’t have much time so let’s go,” he said as he took his hand and pointed his engorged penis downwards towards my waiting mouth. I tilted my head upwards as he slid the broad head between my lips. He grabbed my head in both hands and gripped firmly as he shuffled forward slightly.

“Here you go cocksucker, get ready to get that throated fucked,” he said as he pushed downward with his hips and his cock slid further into my unturned face. I looked upwards and saw his lust-filled eyes looking down at my stretched lips wrapped snugly around his descending shaft as he fed his throbbing weapon into me. His wide crown slid right past the entrance to my throat and I felt my throat fill and distend as he pushed downward and inch after glorious inch of that steel-hard rod disappeared into my mouth. He didn’t stop until I felt my lips pressed flush against his muscular groin. I swallowed a few times rapidly as I knew Mr. Wolfe would like the feeling of my throat muscles massaging his turgid member.

“Oh, you fucking little cocksucker! That is so good. Let’s try that again,” he said as he raised himself up and his cock slid up out my throat. He pulled it all the way out but kept his hand on the top to point it straight downwards. I must have looked like a gasping fish as my open mouth tried to draw in his cock.

“Give me a target to aim at, faggot,” he said as he smiled down at me and teasingly flicked a web of precum onto my face. Remembering my session with Lori from this afternoon, I formed my mouth into an inviting “O” and ran my tongue suggestively around the opening.

“That’s perfect, you fucking cum-lover. So that’s right where you want it, eh?” he asked as he flicked another trail of his glistening fluid across my lips.

“Mmmmmhmmmm,” I hummed in agreement as I nodded my head slightly. He lowered his hard erection directly into the “O” of my pursed lips and I felt them spread and stretch around his hot cock as he slid it downwards into the depths of my throat once again. He withdrew it fully again and I quickly formed my lips into the inviting “O” as soon as he was clear of my mouth.

“What a good little cocksucker. Is that where you want this load of cum too?”

“Mmmmmmmmhhmmmmmm,” I moaned even louder this time as he flicked more of his drooling precum down upon my upturned face. He plunged downward again and his cock slid into my ravaged throat right to the hilt. He started pistoning away rapidly as he thrust his cock again and again into me. I kept my hands holding tightly onto his jackhammering hips and he gripped my head with both hands as he pounded his cock down my clutching throat. He kept this up for about ten minutes as I continued to swallow and use my tongue whenever possible when he would slow down occasionally. Basically, this had become just a brutal throat-fuck and I was loving every second of it.

“You want that cum, fucker?”

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned around his thick invading tool as he kept pounding it into me.

“Well get ready faggot…..here….it…..comes!” he accompanied every word with a downward thrust and I felt his pulsating cock seem to get just that little bit harder and I saw his balls drawn up tightly against his body. Just as he said “comes” he pulled up out of my throat until I felt the thick corona defining his cockhead press against the inside of my stretched lips. His first blast of cum shot forth against the roof of my mouth and I felt the heat of it seem to sear the sensitive tissues there. It was quickly followed by a second and third rope of his thick creamy cum and I felt the growing pool of his milky semen gathering at the back of my tongue.

He wrapped his big hand around his pulsating shaft and he jacked away at it as he unloaded gob after gob of his potent semen into my waiting mouth. I purred and moaned as I swallowed as he filled my mouth again and again. His sliding hand kept bumping into my lips as he milked his erupting cock into my eager mouth. Finally, his stream of discharge diminished and I captured the last oozing drops on my tongue. Through half-closed eyes, I moaned with pleasure as I swallowed the final sperm-laden morsels of his delicious creamy semen.

He left his cockhead in my mouth as he relaxed his grip on my head. Looking up, I saw his broad muscular chest heaving beneath his shirt as he drew in lung-fulls of air. His huge cock started to slowly deflate as I kept my lips nursing softly at the spongy tissues of his crown. I looked up to see Mr. Wolfe smiling down at me as I kept softly sucking away at his softening manhood.

“That should keep you fed for a little while, cum-boy,” he said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to pull up his pants. “I might be around to give you another load later. It depends on what time I get back.” He zipped up, walked over and put his hands on the door. “Where do you want my cock, you little cum-slut?” he asked as he paused and looked back at me still on my knees. I pursed my swollen lips into an inviting “O” again and slid my tongue once more slowly around the red opening. “That’s right, and that’s where you’re going to get it,” he said with a smirk as he opened the door and pulled it closed behind him.

I rose from my knees and went into the kitchen. With my throat sore and ravaged from Mr. Wolfe’s oral assault, I popped out one of Frank’s piss ice cubes and let the cooling salty liquid soothe the raw membranes of my throat. I busied myself in the kitchen and made myself some dinner; all the time anxiously thinking about going to The City tomorrow evening with Frank. The yellow liquid slowly dissolved in my mouth as I made a quick but hearty meal.

After eating I pulled my overnight bag out of the closet and got my stuff ready to go away. I made sure I included the 7″ dildo Frank had bought me and the Vaseline I had just picked up on the way home. I would put the enema kit into my bag tomorrow morning after I used it.

As I sat on the bed stuffing some clothes into the bag, I looked over at the business card and piece of paper on my night table. They were the phone numbers of Claudia and Evan. My hand picked up both and the more I read Claudia’s words, “Jon, I’d like to use that mouth and tongue of yours again. Call me…..Claudia”, the more I kept looking back at her number.

I thought about her long legs and her seemingly perfect shaped breasts and my cock started stirring in my pants. I remembered the succulent flavor of her juices mixed with Frank’s cum and the smoldering sensual look she always seemed to have on her beautiful face. I reached over and picked up the phone and called the number she had written down.

“Hello.” I recognized the sultry tone of her voice immediately.

“Uh…hi Claudia. This is Jon. From the other day…..with Frank,” I almost stuttered trying to get the words out.

“Oh yes……Jon. Thanks for calling. I assume you got my card and note?” her sexy voice purred over the phone.

“Yes, thank you very much. Ummmmmm….that’s why I’m calling.”

“And why is that exactly, Jon?” she asked with a teasing tone to her voice.

“Ummm….well….your note said you’d like to use my mouth and tongue again and ummm…..I was wondering if I could come and do that for you?” I asked breathlessly.

“Well Jon, I was just about to try out one of the new vibrators we got in today but I think using your mouth might be even better. What do you think I should choose to do Jon?”

“Umm…I think you should choose me Claudia.”

“Let’s get one thing straight right now Jon,” she said with a sterner tone to her voice. “From now on you will call me Mistress Claudia or just Mistress. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said as her commanding words caused a lustful rush of blood to surge into my cock.

“Good, now get over here. Here’s the address. I’ll leave the gate open.” I wrote down the address she gave me. I went into the bathroom and gave my face a good washing and then changed into some nicer clothes.

The address she had given me was in the most expensive neighborhood in town and it took me awhile to get there from my apartment. All the houses in this area were huge and hers was no exception. There was a brick wall running around the property and the iron gate was in the open position when I arrived. I drove up the curving drive and stopped in front of a beautiful huge home. The grounds were immaculate and the whole place just reeked of money. I rang the doorbell and I was almost surprised to see Claudia answer the door herself.

She looked absolutely stunning! Her frosted hair looked full and wild as it framed her gorgeous mature face. She wore a soft mauve cardigan with a number of small little buttons running down the full length of the front. The top few were undone and my eyes were immediately drawn to a hint of cleavage visible there. The sweater hugged her body tightly and had sleeves that came halfway down her forearms. Her perfect breasts thrust against the fabric straining to contain them. Thru the sweater, I could see the outline of a bra cupping those tremendous mounds.

The hem of her sweater covered the waistband of her skirt and looking further down, I could see a tight black skirt that ended at about mid-thigh, stretched tightly across her thighs. Below her skirt, the long columns of her gorgeous legs were encased in sheer black gossamer stockings. I followed the shimmering line of her long legs down until my gaze ended at a pair of incredibly sexy pointy-toed black sling-back shoes with 4″ stiletto heels. I shivered in anticipation as my eyes swept over her.

“Come in Jon,” she said as she turned and motioned with her finger for me to follow her. I closed the big entry door behind me and followed her into a room which looked like a library. My eyes had been glued to her luscious ass swaying seductively under her tight skirt all the way into the room. She stopped and turned to face me and I looked all around the huge room which seemed bigger than my whole apartment.

“You’re wondering how somebody can afford all this when they work at a sex shop, right?” she said sweeping her arm around the expansive room. I could only nod as I kept looking at the tall walls lined with books. “Well, this is just part of what I got in the divorce from that asshole. As you can imagine, he does pretty well so I felt entitled to my share. The housekeeper and gardener are gone for the day so we are alone. I just work at the store because I like to. You meet some interesting people; like you and Frank. Now, sit there,” she said firmly as she pointed to one of the side chairs.

I sat in the chair she pointed to and she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips. As she stood facing me with her feet shoulder width apart, I let my gaze drift up from her sexy sling-backs, up her shapely calves, over her firm thighs and tightly drawn skirt, rising over the soft mauve of her tight sweater encasing her full breasts, to her gorgeous face framed by her silken frosted locks. I felt my heart beating rapidly in my chest as she looked down upon me.

“So Frank said you would do anything he wanted you to do. Is that right?”

“Yes Mistress,” I answered.

“Yes Mistress, that’s right. You learn quickly Jon. Now, are you willing to do anything I ask you to do?”

“Yes Mistress Claudia,” I answered immediately.

“That’s good. I require obedience from my slave,” she said as she let her eyes drift over me.

She had just referred to me as her “slave”. I felt the blood rush into my cock at the same time my face was turning red as her words entered my consciousness. “Slave”…..? I was more than willing to be her slave. I was willing to do anything and everything this beautiful mature woman wanted me do.

“Are you willing to be my slave, Jon?” she asked as she swayed her hips seductively before me.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Are you willing to let me use that mouth and tongue of yours anywhere, anyway I want?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Are you willing to let me ride that face all night long if I want?”

“Oh yes Mistress!”

“Have you ever had a woman take you with a strap-on Jon?”

“No Mistress,” I answered hesitantly.

“Are you willing to let me use a strap-on and fuck you?”

“Yes Mistress,” I answered confidently.

“That’s good. Now let’s go upstairs slave.”

I rose from the chair and followed obediently as my eyes were glued to her succulent ass undulating under her tight skirt as she gracefully made her way up the curving staircase. My cock was rock-hard in my pants and I wondered what the rest of the evening would hold for me…

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