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Claudia’s Lessons

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My story really needs me to paint something of a pen picture if you are to believe how a man in his mid-fifties came to be fucking a group of young women, so here goes. As I said, I am in my mid-fifties, living with my partner Jo for the past ten years. She is a nurse who works night shifts, always at weekends, and when this happened we had all three of her children living with us. The eldest, Julia, has now been at university for two years and is twenty years of age. Jessica, her younger sister is now just nineteen, and getting her university options sorted. The youngest of the brood is Justin, who is twelve years old.

Jo knew very little about how fulfilling an active sex life could be prior to meeting me, but sex is now a very important part of her existence. She does not want her children to grow into adults with the same sexual hangups that she had, so we have raised the children in an open atmosphere. Jo’s shifts and my regular hours mean that we do not have a great deal of time together; so we have always been very honest about going to bed for a love-making session in the middle of the day. The children know not to disturb us, and accept things for what they are. Our bedroom is always open to them after knocking. The paraphernalia of sex is there for all to witness; there is a large mirror above the bed with various lubes visible on bedside tables. Bedside cabinets contain a large collection of sex toys, dildos, DVDs, bondage gear, etc. — nothing is locked away, and anyone could explore our room during our absence. We are of the belief that sex ought not to be hidden either. We want them to know that a healthy sex life is part of ordinary living. Questions about sex are welcomed, whether at the dining table, or in private.

That kind of sets the scene enough for you to understand how things unfold, so I shall begin to recount my tale. This all took place a couple of years ago when Julia was eighteen and still at home. She was one of the oldest in her year at school, and always had a large circle of friends who were always welcome in our modest home. One day she asked me whether some of her friends could sleep over at our place at the weekend, as they were all planning to go out on the town to celebrate someone’s eighteenth birthday. This was a common occurrence; I agreed, of course, and explained that her mother would, as usual, be working.

Late on the following Saturday afternoon her friends started to appear at the house, and they began to prepare themselves for their evening out. This involved a lot of time being spent in front of the large mirror in our lounge, as they did their makeup and decided how to dress. One of the girls whom I had met on a couple of occasions before was Claudia; she was the oldest in the friendship group, and was the daughter of two medical doctors. She was brilliant at school, holding the record for the number of exam A* passes with her older brother. She was also a natural athlete, and a talented musician; in short, she was one of those amazing children who shine at everything they do. However, you would hesitate to describe her as pretty; her looks were quite ordinary, but her taught body, honed by years of competitive sport, more than made up for her other shortcomings.

As she got herself ready, I noticed that she was not the same as the others in some strange way. She was a woman, while the rest where still girls. Claudia was always two steps ahead of her peers; she was the first to pass her driving test, and on her first attempt to boot. There was always an interesting opinion to be had if you engaged her in conversation, and she had a quiet confidence that the others simply did not possess. Her ambition at the time was to study medicine at Oxford, and it was no surprise to anyone who knew her that it was achieved in due time. As she put on her high heels, I could not help noticing that she had really shapely legs with beautifully shaped calf muscles. I could not stop thinking to myself that some lucky young man was going to fuck Claudia in the not too distant future.

So, as any parent would, I asked their arrangements for the evening, and was told where they going, that Claudia was the designated driver, and what time I could expect them home. Julia knew the score; when she came home, she was to knock on my bedroom door to inform me that they were safely home, so I wished them a good time and settled down with a book until bedtime.

At about 02:30 I heard Claudia’s car pull up outside the house, and Anadolu Yakası Escort disgorge its slightly tipsy contents into the street below my bedroom window. I heard Julia’s key in the lock and the kind of noises that four girls returning from a night out might make. Moments later Julia knocked at the bedroom door, and softly informed they were home after having a fun time. I heard their banter and giggles for a few moments as they made up their beds on various sofas in the lounge where they were all to sleep, and then drifted off to sleep again.

Some time later, there was another knock at my door, so I drowsily answered, ‘Yes.’ Claudia’s voice replied, ‘May I come in David?’ I did not know what the problem might be, but there obviously was one, so I asked her to come in. I turned on my rather dim bedside lamp, and saw Claudia, dressed in a distinctly unsexy pair of fleecy pyjamas, at the foot of my bed. I enquired, ‘Is there a problem, Claudia?’ She merely said, ‘Do you think that I could talk to you for a while David?’ I told that I did not have a problem with that at all, and sat myself up slightly in bed. Claudia sheepishly asked whether she could sit on the edge of the bed, so I slid over a little and patted the bed next to me. She placed herself quite close to me and began to explain herself. Her forthcoming university life was beginning to concern her, specifically the fact that she was a virgin and that she would undoubtedly be faced with situations in which she might have sex. Despite the fact that her parents were doctors, sex was not mentioned in her home, and she told me that she really envied Julia. On many occasions Julia had mentioned the matter of fact way that sex was treated in our home, how I had trained her how to put a condom on a dildo, etc., as her strict Catholic school did nothing in the way of sex education. I listened patiently, but my curiosity got the better of me, so I asked where I fitted into all this. Claudia informed that she knew from her talks with Julia that I had a vasectomy many years ago, and that she was also aware that I had a lot of sexual experience, including threesomes, gang bangs, etc., so she had decided to ask me to assist her in losing her virginity. The idea of her first time being with a fumbling young man who was going to shoot as soon as he entered her did not fill her with desire; she wanted someone to teach her how sex could and should be, and that was me apparently.

Naturally, I was more than somewhat taken aback by this turn of events, and admitted as much to her. I stated that I found it quite flattering that she had chosen me, and I went on to say that I was not sure about the project. At this point Claudia reached out and took my hand, placing it on her right thigh beneath her own right hand, calmly telling me that it was a great idea; she knew that there would be no prospect of any emotions such as love clouding issues. This arrangement was to be about her learning the ways of sex without worrying about contraception. I swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and said that if she was really that set on things then I was willing to help. She looked at me, smiled sweetly, and told me just how much thought and planning had gone into this request. There was simply no time like the present she said, and with that she stood up, stepped out of her pyjama bottoms, removed the jacket, walked slowly around the bed, pulled back the covers and slid in next to me on my left side.

She had been naked under her pyjamas, and as I turned to face her I took her head in both my hands and moved to kiss her. I got an eager response, and within seconds she had stuck her tongue into my mouth. A virgin she might have been, but she seemed to be aware how to give a passionate kiss. As we kissed I made a plan: I was going to take my time; this was to be no rush job, I would spend ages getting her wet enough for penetration. With that end in mind I began to explore her erogenous zones, such as her neck, shoulders, backs of knees, etc. without making a direct move on either her breasts, or cunt. It was not long before she began to moan softly as I caressed her velvet smooth flesh, and her purring with pleasure told me that I was on the right track.

I eventually moved my fingers down to her jutting, firm breasts as I maintained mouth contact with her. By now she was eagerly ramming her tongue into my mouth and nibbling on my lips with her white teeth. When my fingernails traced around the aureole, near Kurtköy Escort her left nipple but not quite touching it, she sharply drew breath and whispered into my ear that she was becoming very excited. I devoted time to her breasts, concentrating on taking her ripe nipples between my teeth and gently pulling on them, feeling them harden beneath my influence.

My judgement told me that now was the correct moment to move towards her cunt, so I traced a line with my index finger down across her taut, flat belly into the springy thatch of hair she sported on her pubic mound. In accordance with my plan, I set to work on gently stroking her outer lips without actually touching her most intimate areas. Her moans became much louder, and she started to beg me to stop teasing her. I paid no attention to her request, but continued with more of the same for a few more moments until at last I briefly touched her inner labia at the entrance to her soaking wet cunt. There was a shudder that coursed through her body, accompanied by a gasp from the back of her throat as my fingers stroked her. I immediately returned to her outer labia, and she now writhed under my hand as she tried to direct me to her cunt; I briefly dipped my fingers into her wetness and then sought out her clit. I pulled back the hood and began to her work on her with small, light strokes. The moaning now stopped as it was replaced by four-letter words; she obviously enjoyed talking dirty as I speeded up my movements on her clit, occasionally dipping into her moist cunt for a bit of Nature’s lube. After only a couple of minutes, I felt her pelvis buck beneath my hand and she told me she was coming. I changed down a gear and went for it, increasing my stroke rate, and she shook and trembled with her orgasm.

As she came back down to earth, I caressed her softly and asked whether she had enjoyed the experience. She honestly admitted that she masturbated on a daily basis, but had never been brought off by another’s hand. Apparently, a couple of boys had got as far as getting into her knickers, but their amateurish fumblings had not resulted in anything really pleasurable; this was something else though.

I now put my hand back between her legs and after a spell of teasing around her entrance, I slowly inserted the thick middle finger of my right hand until it could go no further. She arched her mound up to meet the pressure of my finger. My thumb maintained contact with her clit which had lost that extreme post-orgasm sensitivity and was able to be stimulated once more. Gentle finger fucking was the order of the day, and her moans of pleasure soon became apparent once again. I was about to use two fingers on her when I felt a hand encircle the shaft of my erect cock.

Now it was my turn to make sounds of joy as she gently explored what my reactions were to different stimuli from her. I continued using two fingers to exercise her cunt muscles while her clit was being massaged by my thumb, slowly increasing the tempo in response to her reactions. Claudia whispered to me, ‘I cannot take much more of this. I want this cock in me right now, fuck me David, fuck me now.’ I withdrew my fingers from the grip of her tight cunt, and knelt on the bed to enable me to put a pillow under her pelvis. I then took hold of her two ankles in my left hand and held both legs aloft at right angles to her body; her moist cunt looked like a ripe plum as I nuzzled the head of my cock into place between her lips, and I slowly, but with some force, eased my length into her. Her squeals of delight were a joy as I slid my whole cock into her pussy, so much so that I withdrew in order to repeat the experience. For me, the actual moment when I bury my prick inside a woman for the first time is an intense pleasure.

My thrusting continued, but I desired to fully plumb the depths of her gorgeous cunt, so I put her knees up by her shoulders and placed my hands on the back of her thighs just above the knees themselves. I then let her legs take all of my weight through my arms as she was pinned to the bed; this position demands a lot of flexibility and more than a little bit of pain tolerance on the woman’s part. Claudia took to it like a champ, and I was soon pounding into her with a lot of force. I could feel the helmet of my cock nudging her cervix as I reached the end of each thrust; this would mean that my own orgasm would not be far away if I allowed it to carry on, so I withdrew, rolled over onto my back and Pendik Escort instructed Claudia that it was her turn to be on top of me. She eagerly sat astride me, reached between her legs, took hold of my swollen cock and placed it against her lips as she gently eased herself down onto my erection. She was certainly someone who did not take too long to learn lessons; her self-assurance paid dividends when she got into bed and she was certainly not scared to take charge of a situation. Now that she was squatted over me I could enjoy the movement of her firm breasts as she ground her pussy into me. I lifted my pelvis up to meet her and increase the stimulation on her clit. She decided on the tempo and depth of insertion, except on those thrusts when I had to get my cock as deep in her as was humanly possible. I think we all know the feeling as you want nothing more than to split a woman in two with your power.

With Claudia sat astride me, grinding her clit into me for all she was worth, and me enjoying her perfect, youthful body I was in Heaven. I asked her whether there were any doubts in her mind, or whether she still thought she had made a sensible move in losing her cherry to me, a man three times her own age. She answered that she never thought of me as being so much older than she was; she just considered me to be the kind of man who would respect her, and not take advantage. Claudia went on to say that she had definitely made the correct decision, and that she had reached the conclusion that this would be the first of a series of lessons, just as soon as she had got into bed beside me. I was indeed flattered by her statement, and I repaid the compliment by telling her that she was a quick learner who was already proving to be an enjoyable fuck, even at this early stage.

I was careful not to get too carried away with conversation, so I told her that I wanted her doggy style. I explained that she was to kneel at the corner of the bed with her knees tucked well under her body and her shoulders flat on the bed; this position would ensure that her spine was curved in the right way to present her cunt to me at the correct angle for fucking. Claudia complied with my instructions, and I stood behind her, parting the cheeks of her arse with my left hand, while my right held my rigid cock. I swung back and forth so that my cock’s helmet rubbed over her anus and cunt lips, before I entered her with a swift thrust that took her breath away momentarily. Placing my hands on her hips, I plunged in and out of her, relishing the sight of my shaft glistening with her juices as I pulled back from her sodden cunt. This continued for quite a while until Claudia spoke through her soft moans to tell me that she wanted to feel me shoot my load into her. I was certainly not in a position to refuse her cream pie request, so I quickened my pace, slapping my balls into her lips on each push forward into her wetness. After a couple of minutes I got that unmistakeable message that I was soon to unload into her, so I thrust deep to flood her with my semen and grunted violently as I emptied the contents of my prostate into her. I collapsed forward onto her, kissing the back of her neck, whilst her pussy kept a vice-like grip on my softening prick. We lay together until I cleaned her up with a tissue. She then asked me to set an alarm, so that she could be awake and showered before the other girls stirred from their slumbers, and naturally I obliged. We cuddled together until we drifted off, only to be roused after what seemed like a few moments of rest. Claudia scooped up her pyjamas, and before going off to the bathroom, she leant over and kissed me, thanking me for her first lesson. She also hinted that she would pressure Julia for another sleep-over in a fortnight’s time if that was convenient. I said that would be fine with me, and with that she left the room, pausing only to turn and blow me a kiss as she went through the doorway.

I lay there, listening to the shower in the downstairs bathroom as she no doubt washed my fluid from her pussy, and wondered whether it had really happened at all, or whether it had all been a particularly vivid dream. I did not hear her leave, or the others get up for breakfast, as I had a well-deserved lie-in.

The remainder of the weekend passed without incident, but on Monday Julia came home from school and said that Claudia had requested that she organise another girls night out, followed by a sleep-over. Julia said that she would have to ask me first whether it would be OK, so did I mind having her friends around again? With a shrug of my shoulders, and as much acting ability as I could muster I muttered, ‘I suppose so.’

The story of Claudia’s next lesson will have to wait, but for now I hope you enjoyed my tale.

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